Giving, Receiving, Sharing – Advice For Healthcare Workers


In highlighting the Position Statement on Registered Health Practitioners and Students and COVID-19 Vaccination, co-chair of the Forum of NRAS Chairs and Pharmacy Board Chair, Mr Brett Simmonds, stated: · National Boards support the vaccine program and encourage all registered health practitioners to get vaccinated unless contraindicated.

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  • Table 1 shows, in order of priority, the 10 most important solutions to improve the delivery of rural health care according to the views of survey participants
  • The table also shows the corresponding ranking of each nominated solution among different practice groups.

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10. E Health AMA


  • Health care of the patient is best served when the medical practitioner has access to the full health record
  • Personally controlled electronic health records empower and encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own health, but their use may be severely limited for medical practitioners in terms of their content, accuracy, and the comprehensiveness of information.

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REPORT: Putting Health Care Back Into Aged Care


The AMA is championing for high quality medical and health care delivered by doctors and nurses to be at the heart of Australia's aged care system. Reform is desperately needed because the scale of the problem is growing.

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public or private undertaking) without which the safety, health or welfare of the community or a section of the community would be endangered or seriously prejudiced’. • The Essential Services Commission Act 2002 (SA) defined ‘essential services’ in the context of ‘the protection of

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  • Investment in health is the best investment that governments can make
  • We must protect and support the fundamentals of the health system
  • The two major pillars of the system that mean most to the Australian people are quality primary health care services, led …

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Improving Communication Between Health Services And


The AMA has released a new Guide, which sets out 10 minimum standards that should apply for communication between health services and general practitioners and other treating doctors to ensure the best possible health outcomes for patients.

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Safe Work Environments


Hospitals, health care organisations and management can show leadership and commitment to providing a safe working environment by developing and communicating a clear statement that articulates the organisation's commitment to a safe workplace, that they value the health and safety of their employees, and acknowledging the potential for unsafe

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Good dental and oral health is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing, yet the state of oral health among the Indigenous community is unacceptable, and there are fewer than 100 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander dental practitioners in Australia, a new AMA Report Card has found.

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Guide For Patients On How The Health Care System Funds


  • The Australian health care system supports hospital treatment for patients in two ways: 1
  • As public patients in public hospitals; and 2
  • As private patients in public or private hospitals
  • private health insurer will permit the medical practitioner to charge a fee …

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AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card 2020 Australian


Private health insurance is complex, the AMA Report Card tries to demystifies these complexities by explaining how out-of-pocket costs occur, how choosing an insurance policy based on the cost of premiums can result in higher expenses later, and how benefits and gaps vary across insurers, but also on a State-by-State basis, even with the same

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My Health Record Update AMA


The AN AO concluded there are robust systems in place to monitor and act on cyber security risk to the My Health Record core infrastructure. But the monitoring by ADHA of healthcare provider organisation’s compliance with My Health Record security and patient privacy obligations in the legislation, needs to be more proactive.

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AMA Prescription For Private Health AMA


  • AMA Prescription for Private Health Private health insurance is in trouble
  • The AMA has developed a list of policy prescriptions to improve the health of the system
  • Each proposal has one of two ultimate goals – to either make private health insurance more affordable for those who currently cannot afford it, or to improve its value proposition for consumers, and the wider health system.

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Health And Wellbeing Of Doctors And Medical Students


The AMA Position Statement on Health and Wellbeing of Doctors and Medical Students – 2020 replaces the Health and Wellbeing of Medical Students and Practitioners – 2011. The health and welfare of doctors and medical students continues to be a priority for the AMA.Doctors and medical students face a range of pressures and stressors over the course of their training and career and it is

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COVID 19: Mental Health AMA


  • COVID-19: mental health The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly changed the way we access health care, socialise, travel, work, learn, shop, and live
  • Isolation and other restrictions may increase anxiety and stress
  • Worries about finances, employment, and family, are common and natural
  • You can maintain your mental health with the general strategies and online …

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  • How health care is funded Working out the right private health insurance can be a difficult task
  • Private health insurance can be complex and, when buying a new policy or switching policies, it is important to try and understand what treatments are covered, and to what level

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Key Health Issues For The 2019 Federal Election AMA


  • Primary health care, especially general practice, must be at the top of the list of the health policy agendas of the major parties at this election
  • General practice touches all parts of the health system
  • It is the glue that holds everything together
  • It is the lifeblood that keeps people moving and healthy through the system.

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2019 AMA Report Card On Indigenous Health


Oral health care is an important part of primary health care. We urge governments to note the recommendations contained in this Report Card and put them into action to improve the oral health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia.

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Health Of Asylum Seekers


  • mental health impact on detainees,” Dr Hambleton said
  • “The remoteness of Nauru and Manus Island for offshore processing will make effective health care delivery more difficult
  • “Asylum seekers and refugees are at particular risk from a range of health conditions including psychological disorders such as …

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The Impact Of COVID 19 On Women Australian Medical


Within the health care sector, nearly four in five health care workers in the front line tasked with managing the pandemic were women, increasing their exposure and potentially their family members to the virus.ix As pandemic-related work responsibilities increased, women were more likely to manage increased childcare and schooling obligations

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AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card 2019 AMA


  • The AMA Private Health Insurance Report Card 2019 provides consumers with clear, simple information about how health insurance really works
  • It also highlights an insurance system under pressure
  • 2019 has seen the implementation of the Commonwealth Governments reforms to Private Health Insurance.

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Health information can only be collected for the practitioner’s functions. Medical practitioners must also take reasonable steps to ensure that patients are aware of how their health information will be handled, that they are able to gain access to the health information, and the …

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COVID 19: Mental Health AMA


COVID-19: mental healthThe novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly changed the way we access health care, socialise, travel, work, learn, shop, and live.Isolation and other restrictions may increase anxiety and stress. Worries about finances, employment, and family, are common and natural.You can maintain your mental health with the general strategies and online …

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Health Care (Governance) Amendment Bill 2018 Thank you for contacting the AMA(SA) regarding the Health Care (Governance) Amendment Bill 2018, which was introduced in the Parliament by Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade MLC. The AMA(SA) has received an invitation from the Chief Executive of SA Health to a briefing

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Health In The Context Of Education


  • The links between health and education are well established
  • Healthy children are better able to learn
  • Higher educational achievement is strongly associated with better health outcomes.
  • Health promoting schools capitalise on this by embedding a range of health and wellbeing activities within the class room setting, as well as among the broader school community

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Getting Ready For The PIP EHealth Incentive And PCEHR AMA


The Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record System (the PCEHR) is an Australian Government program to provide Australians with a system of access to health information relating to consumers of healthcare.The AMA Guide to Using the PCEHR is available to assist medical practitioners to consider if they want to participate in the PCEHR system and if so, how they might use the PCEHR …

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AMA Guide To Employment Law For Medical Practices


  • Who is the guide aimed at? This guide is aimed at private medical practices employing staff such as practice nurses and reception staff in the federal employment system
  • It is not aimed at state or territory government employers (such as hospitals)
  • It is not intended as a guide to the employment of GP Registrars, although many of the key principles will still apply (please see the National

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Equity Inclusion And Diversity AMA


  • Anti-racism Statement Racism and discrimination have adverse effects and can contribute to the health burden of medical professionals and their patients
  • The AMA acknowledges that an ongoing and shared commitment across organisations, governments and individuals is required to eliminate racism in healthcare
  • The AMA declares its opposition to racism and practices that involve bullying, …

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The Role Of Doctors In Stewardship Of Health Financing And


Stewardship in relation to health financing and funding means ensuring health funding is directed to achieving health outcomes, does not have adverse impacts or involve wasteful expenditure, and is sustainable and able to meet future needs. Doctors must have an active role in the operation of healthcare financing and funding processes and be involved in decisions on the allocation of …

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Information On The Medicare Benefits Rules For Referrals


Health Insurance Act 1973 132A Regulations relating to the manner of patient referrals (1) If an item specifies a service that is to be rendered by a practitioner to a patient who has been referred to the practitioner, the regulations may require that, for the purposes of the item, the patient is to be referred in a manner prescribed by the

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Perth GP Wins AMA Excellence In Healthcare Award AMA


A Perth GP who developed a surveillance program to actively monitor vaccine safety in real time is the recipient of the 2019 AMA Excellence in Healthcare Award.AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, announced Dr Alan Leeb as the winner at the AMA National Conference today.“For more than three decades, Dr Alan Leeb has demonstrated his ongoing commitment to quality medical care and …

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GPs Play Key Role In Managing Mental Health AMA


GPs play an important role in looking after the mental health of their patients. AMA President, Dr Michael Gannon, said today that the established and trusting relationship that patients have with their GP allows patients to feel more at ease when discussing any mental health concerns.

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Bupa Agrees To Changes To Garrison Health Contracts AMA


As many members are aware, Bupa has been appointed by the Government to coordinate the provision of Garrison Health Services to Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel on and from 1 July 2019.In February, Bupa issued its proposed terms and conditions to doctors for the provision of off base medical services for ADF members. The AMA had significant concerns with these, particularly …

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The National Health And Hospitals Network COAG Agreement AMA


The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Agreement 2010 outlines the agreement reached by all jurisdictions, except Western Australia, to establish a National Health and Hospitals Network (NHHN). The NHHN Agreement incorporates structural reforms as well as additional investments in hospital, primary and aged care services, and preventive care in mental health and diabetes health care

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Social Determinants Of Health And The Prevention Of Health


There are large economic costs associated with health inequalities. The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling estimated that, in 1998, $3 billion in health care costs and $1.2 billion in disability pensions would have been saved if the health status of the whole population was equal to that of the most advantaged 20 per cent.

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Expansion Of Better Access To Mental Health Initiative In


This week the Government announced a range of new measures to improve access to mental health care and allied health support for residents living in aged care. This announcement is in response to the Aged Care Royal Commission’s COVID-19 Special Report after several COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes.

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Climate Change Is A Health Emergency AMA


The AMA has joined other health organisations around the world – including the American Medical Association, the British Medical Association, and Doctors for the Environment Australia – in recognising climate change as a health emergency.At its August meeting in Canberra, the AMA Federal Council declared that climate change is real and will have the earliest and most severe health

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Managing The Risks Of Fatigue In General Practice


  • For GPs working in small practices, or in locations where access to health care is difficult, this may not be easy
  • You may see your work situation as being inescapable and have become accustomed to thinking that you must soldier on regardless

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Advocacy & Policy AMA


The AMA promotes and protects the professional interests of doctors and the healthcare needs of patients and communities over a range of issues driven by the membership. Working with governments, the AMA is strategically positioned to challenge governments on policy, improve industrial relations issues, and provide informed, expert medical

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Doctors' Health In Queensland (DHQ) AMA QLD


QDHP was established as the service arm of the Doctors' Health in Queensland (DHQ) in 2016. Building on DHASQ’s compassionate care for colleagues since the 1980s, DHQ provides a 24/7 helpline for doctors and medical students, offering advice on health issues, including stress and mental health difficulties, physical health and personal crises.

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Closing The Gap Vital To Ensure Health Equity AMA


National Close the Gap Day The disparities between the health status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians continue to fall by the wayside and closing the gap is vital to ensure health equity in this country, AMA President Dr Omar Khorshid said today.

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