Healthcare Provision Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Healthcare provision. Not all disasters strike without warning. Some are slow. They unfold over decades as a disease devastates a community, instability undermines an area’s health system or certain groups are actively excluded from …

Vision Healthcare
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What Is A Health Promoter


Community health. The HP teams are a link between our health centres and the community. Among other things, they explain the services that MSF can provide, deliver health

Health Insurance
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Communication, Expectation Blogs From Doctors Without


Demand for health care is not unlike demand for any household service - plumbing for example; we base our choice of provider on numerous factors including cost and reputation, and if the barriers are too high we are quite likely just to try and do it ourselves – …

Cats Health
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So, You Want To Work For An NGO


MSF has been running the primary health care project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and our presence here is coming to an end, so we are preparing to hand over the project to the ministry. I'm a project coordinator (sometimes known as a "field coordinator" or "field-co").

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When Fear Extinguishes Hope – A Report From Tigray Blogs


No access to health care. Health centres are closed. Staff have fled. The centres had been looted and often intentionally destroyed, sometimes hit by rockets. Often these were (or are) occupied by the military. Almost all of the ambulances were stolen and used for military purposes. It is near impossible to bring a patient to the hospital.

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Health Promotion Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Health promotion means providing people with information and advice on good health practices, treatment and care. For example, it can include advice on how to stop the spread of diseases, ensure a child gets the right nutrition, or help someone get swift medical care when they need it. Activities might include health promoters giving a talk in person; sharing messages

Health Insurance
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So, What Did You Actually Do Today


22 Dec 2017 / 6 minute read. Mike is in Jordan, where he's part of MSF / Doctors Without Borders team who offer health care to the thousands of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians who live in and around Irbid. With long experience of training family medicine doctors in the UK, Mike is managing several teams providing vital care

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Amy Neilson Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


My interest is in the optimal delivery of health care to complex populations in great need, and in the ethics of the delivery of this care. In 2015 I worked as the non-communicable disease doctor for MSF's projects with Syrian refugees in and around Tripoli, northern Lebanon. Our team there was treating complicated diseases in a population of

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'It's About The People': Why I Work For MSF Blogs From


After the Civil War the health system was on the floor, much of it was destroyed and there was slow progress with the reconstruction. And then came Ebola. Ebola killed so many people, especially health workers. This meant the health care system was broken even further. Many people were no longer able to get the help they needed.

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So… Where Does All The Stuff Go


After the MSF hospitals took what they needed, the requests from various health structures were reviewed. We kept prioritizing structures with a focus on maternal and child health and, with the local knowledge of the national staff, distributed according to population size served, the need of the hospital and public/free healthcare provision.

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Alvin Sornum Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


MSF currently has projects in the north and east of Rakhine State, offering a wide range of services including primary health care, HIV, TB and Malaria clinics and mental health. Countries . Topics . Apply. Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 . Chapter 6: Maungdaw. 21 Jan 2014 / 7 minute read

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Emergency Response Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


In conflict zones, natural disasters and disease outbreaks, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) teams respond fast in an emergency. From conducting a complicated war surgery to project managing a vaccination campaign for 40,000 children, our staff has a wealth of experience and practical skills to provide health care, quickly, to those who need it most.

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First MSF Mobile Clinic In Afghanistan Blogs From


HEALTHCARE. 15 Jul 2013 / 3 minute read. Two months ago our project launched the first MSF preventive mobile clinic in Afghanistan. The aim of the clinic is to meet the needs of people in the Ahmad Shah Baba area. There is a high load of patients coming to the Ahmad Shah Baba Hospital and the mobile clinic has been planned to provide

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"Hope On Wheels": MSF's Mobile Clinic In Sierra Leone


In places without health facilities, one or two people are selected by the community to provide volunteer health services for the whole village. They are called community health workers and are trained by the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health and Sanitation so they can provide rapid tests for malaria, as well as treatment for people who have

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Paediatrics Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Children are often the most vulnerable group in a humanitarian crisis. Depending on the need, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) provides both physical and mental health care to children and their families. Paediatrics in our projects can mean everything from neonatal care giving babies the best start in life, through to intensive therapeutic feeding

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The Importance Of Mental Health Care Blogs From Doctors


When we examine the statistics, it is clear that mental illness is a serious threat to public health globally. It is estimated that more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and in 2012 suicide was the 15th leading cause of death and the second leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds worldwide (WHO, 2016).

Mens Health
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Health Promoter Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Health promoters work to share information with the community about staying well, avoiding illness, and accessing medical care. Finding the best way to get their messages across is a key part of the job, with tools ranging from puppet shows to Whatsapp videos. Organised, creative and great communicators, health promoters are a vital part of the Médecins Sans Frontières /

Health Insurance
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Mental Health Matters In Machar Blogs From Doctors


Mental health promotion had been a significant starting point through which the community learned about and became increasingly supportive of the mental health concerns of their loved ones. In our work, we actively tried to reduce stigma and …

Mens Health
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Pakistan Outside The Field Blogs From Doctors Without


Nathalia is in Pakistan, where MSF / Doctors Without Borders projects are helping to meet health care needs in rural areas and urban slums. In her first post she showcases the diversity of country, as her Pakistani colleagues introduce her to the vibrancy of Islamabad, the capital city

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COVID 19: What The Coronavirus Pandemic Can Teach Us About


COVID-19 is demonstrating how policy decisions of social exclusion, reduced access to free healthcare and increased inequality will now be felt by all of us. These policies are the enemy of our collective health. As MSF scales up its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will focus on the most vulnerable and neglected.

Coronavirus Health
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Alison Criado Perez Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


In the jungle of Colombia, accessible only by canoe, Ali helped provide health care to remote communities who had been subjected to years of violence and displacement by guerrilla groups. From South America back to sub-Saharan Africa: in 2010, an emergency call convened a small team to treat lead poisoning on an unprecedented scale, amongst

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Sierra Leone: Bringing Healthcare Closer To The People


Anthropologist Bernadette Schauberger has been on assignment with MSF/Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone since April 2016. Because of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the country’s health system has been badly hit – many health professionals died, limiting access to health care, and lack of routine vaccinations during the epidemic has lead to outbreaks of preventable

Health Insurance
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Health Promotion Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Working with the Yezidi in the time of COVID-19: Part One. Health promotion specialist Alice recently returned from assignment in Iraq, where she was part of a team offering vital medical services to local people, many of whom have lived through decades of violence. She writes…. 01 Mar 2021 / 4 minute read.

Health Insurance
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Welcome To Kam: Community Health In Dhaka’s Biggest Slum


In this densely populated slum, where small-scale factories and poor living conditions impact people’s daily health, MSF runs projects that are uniquely focused on occupational health, along with sexual violence and reproductive health. Currently, two MSF clinics provide medical care to the women and factory workers in this area. Welcome to Kam

Health Insurance
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"What I Observed Was A Great Deal Of Compassion And


Within the current model, patients attend the clinic at the same frequency and see all health care providers (counsellor, nurse, doctor) regardless of their health needs. This means long waiting times and high patient volumes in the clinic.

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“They Named Him After Me”: Saving Lives In Sierra Leone


As a clinical health officer, we aim to provide essential health care services, with the objective of reducing the number of deaths in our area. Working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, among other activities, we offer free health care services to children under five years old, and to pregnant women.

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Refugees In Jordan: Every Week Is Different Blogs From


Mike is in Irbid, Jordan, where MSF / Doctors Without Borders is providing vital health care to people who have fled the war in Syria, and to vulnerable Jordanians. This post was written in the run up to Christmas About a week ago we started what is going to be a gradual reduction in the size of the team as we come up to Christmas. E was the first to leave having finished the nine-month

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Central African Republic: Arrival And First Impressions


We also get a bit more detail about what MSF does in the Central African Republic. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health MSF is heavily supporting the Central African health system. All together MSF has around 12 projects providing free of charge health care to people with issues accessing health facilities.

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Pregnancy And Childbirth Blogs From Doctors Without Borders


Around the world, hundreds of women die every day from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Almost all of these deaths are in developing countries, and most would be preventable with appropriate medical care. Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is helping to save lives and improve maternal health by giving women a safe place to give birth: maternity

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"This World Is Beautiful With People": Mental Health In


Rosy Lee. The mother and child health care clinic in Kuchlak is a 20 minute drive out of Quetta down a dusty highway in a beige landscape that only recently sprang with bits of greenery. It’s desert country, and sits amongst a natural amphitheater of mountains. On clear days when the dust is settled, the mountains are breathtaking and remind

Mens Health
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TB & Me: 'If Someday I Have To Die Because Of This Bad


I'm woman in my early thirties, and am a health care worker at a general hospital. My experience with TB started seven years ago, when I studied at a medical faculty. Two weeks after I finished my round at the pulmonary ward I started coughing, then I had difficulty breathing.My chest x-ray showed massive pleural effusion at my right lung. The pulmonologist then evacuated the effusion and …

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“I Am Proud To Offer These Services”: How We’re Improving


We named our clinic for confidential reproductive healthcare and mental health care services "Tumaini", which means “hope” in Swahili. It certainly provides hope to our patients and community.--Read next: Stories about abortion and contraception The fight for family planning ER Mode: My last patient in Nigeria

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The Fight For Family Planning Blogs From Doctors Without


From there, other topics related to reproductive health were better understood and received, most notably family planning. The maternal mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are the worst in the world, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) amongst the worse, and family planning can greatly improve health outcomes for women and infants.

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Working With Refugees In Uganda: How Epidemiology Can Make


Palorinya refugee settlement in northern Uganda has become host to approximately 147,000 South Sudanese people since renewed conflict broke out in July 2016. Sam is a public health physician who has just returned from the settlement, where he's been helping MSF to understand the health care needs of the community.

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The Ordinariness And The Importance In The Everyday


The air is hanging heavy with humidity today. The wet season has brought challenges to the retrieval system between our secondary hospital in Agok and our Primary Health Care Centre in Mayom. So today, while the humidity lends me the small nausea reminiscent of my sticky Brisbane childhood, I hope the rain holds off.

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Refugees In Jordan: In The Clinics Blogs From Doctors


07 Dec 2017 / 7 minute read. Mike is a doctor from the UK who’s recently begun work at the MSF / Doctors Without Borders project in Irbid, Jordan. The clinics provides health care for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians, and Mike will be using his skills as a trainer and educator to support the medical staff at the project….

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Hope And Humanitarian Medical Care In Old Fangak, South


According to latest UNAIDS reports, about 190,000 people are living with HIV in South Sudan. Being the major health care organization in Old Fangak, MSF provides a comprehensive HIV care package via a six-days-per-week HIV clinic that provides counselling and testing services, consultations, in-patient management of opportunistic infections

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Mental Health: Treating Psychological Trauma After Cyclone


During our explorations and assessments of the medical needs in different areas, we noticed that some of the health care workers we spoke to had what appeared to be psychosomatic disorders. This is a condition whereby people often describe different complaints – commonly muscular skeletal pains – yet there is no clear pathological etiology

Mens Health
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One Special Day: My Time At A Medical Camp In Kenya


To keep the patients entertained and educated, health workers gave talks on mental health, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. While a security guard gave out numbered tickets, the organisers established the patient pathway, from registration, through the height and weight measuring area, to the blood glucose testing zone and on to a

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Iraq: Neutrality And Impartiality Blogs From Doctors


We have just started a clinic for people with chronic diseases in an area where people haven’t had access to health care for several years due to ongoing conflict. It was not easy to find a space for the clinic. The former clinic in the town was destroyed by an air strike and is under a pile of rubble, possibly still contaminated with

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Kibera: 20 Years Of MSF In One Of Africa's Largest Slums


After 20 years in Kibera, MSF is now in the process of handing over all responsibilities to the Ministry of Health. By June 2017, MSF will no longer have a physical presence in Kibera. It's a complex hand-over process, not without its multiple challenges and anxieties. Last week we transferred over the running of the TB department.

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Welcome To Walikale: Settling Into Life As An MSF Midwife


As the midwife activity manager in my project, I am responsible for the sexual and reproductive healthcare supported by MSF at the local hospital and five health clinics.. The hospital and four of the health clinics are a part of the national healthcare system while the fifth health clinic is …

Life Healthcare
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Health Promotion In Pakistan: "Where There Are A Hundred


Here MSF combines primary health care, including remarkable treatment of Hepatitis C, with empowering and strengthening the community through a behaviour change approach. This means helping to share understanding about small actions, like handwashing, which can make a big difference to people's health.

Health Insurance
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Treating Refugees In Tanzania: "The Hospital Is


MSF is the main health care provider here and runs a hospital with an emergency room, adult & pediatric wards, maternity, reproductive health, and an isolation ward. With the expanding camp population, generally poor health of many newcomers, and the impressive fecundity of Burundian women, the hospital is overflowing with patients.

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A Midwife In DRC: "The Roads Are Like Nothing I Have Ever


This is so I can check in with the sexual and reproductive health care provider at each health centre. This is usually a nurse. Each health centre reserves one day a week for initial prenatal visits, a second day for prenatal follow-up visits, and a third day for postpartum and family planning care.

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