Employers Seek New Health Care Cost Control Strategies


Employers expect health care cost increases of 4.9% in 2020 compared with 4.0% in 2019. Even so, 95% of employers are very confident their organization will continue to sponsor health

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FMLA: How To Define A 'Serious' Health Condition


Under the FMLA a serious health condition is an "illness, injury, impairment or any physical or mental condition that requires inpatient medical care or continuing treatment by a health

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Is A Health Insurance Opt Out Bonus Taxable


While a specific exemption exists for employer-provided health care coverage that allows those amounts to be provided to employees on a tax-free basis, this …

Health Insurance
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Telling Staff About Co Worker's Health Issues


Question: “Recently an employee had chest pains at work and was taken to the hospital. To respect his privacy, we did not make an all-staff announcement about what happened, but …

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Long Time Caterpillar Workers Lose Retiree Medical Benefits


In its 1998 collective-bargaining agreement, Caterpillar promised to provide retiree health benefits to its workers at no cost to them. By 2005, Caterpillar recognized it could no longer provide

Cats Health
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DOL Releases Updated FMLA Forms


Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition (WH-380-F) Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities (WH-381) Designation Notice (WH-382)

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FMLA Intermittent Leave: 5 Guidelines On Managing


The problem: Employees with chronic health problems often take FMLA leave in short increments of an hour or less. That can cause a productivity, scheduling and cost predicament, especially in time-sensitive industries like health care, public safety and transportation. These unscheduled, intermittent leaves, the DOL report said, are “the most

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Can FMLA Be Taken To Care For Parent Overseas


If that isn’t successful, you may have a health care provider, HR representative, leave administrator or management official contact the parent’s physician who signed the certification to

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What Happens If We Fail To Provide COBRA Notice Upon


An employer is subject to COBRA coverage if it sponsors a group health plan and employed more than 20 people on a typical business day in …

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Can We Put Travel Limits On Workers Taking FMLA


A. Employees are entitled to take FMLA leave to care for their own or a close family member’s serious health condition, or to care for a newborn or newly adopted child. If …

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Can We Request Doctor (not Nurse) Sign FMLA Form


A. FMLA rules say a “health care provider” must complete a certification form to ensure the validity of the employee’s (or the employee’s immediate family member’s) serious health condition.

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Are All Cancer Treatments Eligible For FMLA Leave


Under the FMLA regulations, chronic serious health conditions are ones that require “periodic visits” for treatment by a health care provider (at least twice a year); that continue over an

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When Do Minor Ailments Become Eligible For FMLA


Such conditions may indeed be covered by the FMLA, depending on whether the condition requires a health care provider visit and continuing treatment (as …

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Check The Medical Documentation: FMLA Doesn't


That bogs down care for genuine emergencies and drives up the cost of health care. Some employees, it seems, even assume that making a trip to the ER ensures they will get FMLA leave .

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Ensure Your Organization Offers Quality Mental Healthcare


1 day ago · The health care benefits system you establish is your infrastructure, the indispensable and essential component of your strategy to address behavioral health conditions and to promote mental

Mens Health
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FMLA Certification Guide For Employers


Certification of health care provider (Certification Form WH-380-E) Employers have the right to request medical certification, and employees typically have 15 calendar days to provide medical

Cats Health
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From The Courtroom: Take Care When Disciplining Whistleblowers


Beware firing health care whistleblowers. Texas state law protects health care workers and others from discharge for reporting potential health and safety violations to their employer or an

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Accept FMLA Proof From Foreign Doctors


A. FMLA regulations say that when a family member with a serious health condition lives in another country, employers must accept a medical certification from a health

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FMLA And Late Certification: Can We Fire For Missed Deadline


Q. As the law requires, my company provides FMLA leave to employees, provided they submit medical certification forms completed by their health

Cats Health
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Health Care Reform Act: Brace For Tax Onslaught


(A $5,000 limit applies to FSAs used for dependent care expenses.) Beginning in 2013, the PPACA caps the annual amount of health care FSA contributions at …

Health Insurance
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Does The FMLA Cover Leave For Cosmetic Surgery


From the U.S. Department of Labor’s regulations relating to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA 29 C.F.R. § 825.113): (a) For purposes of FMLA, “serious health condition” entitling an

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Handbook Revisions You Can’t Do Without For 2021


Employees receive the benefit at 100% of pay if ordered into COVID quarantine by a government official, at the suggestion of a health care provider or …

Vision Healthcare
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Cutting The Fat: Can Employers Just Say 'No' To Obese


In the past decade, two things have definitely grown: Americans’ waistlines and the desire for U.S. employers to reduce their employee-related health care costs. Those two trends have more

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How To Wipe Out Fraud And Abuse Under FMLA


If the employee cannot work, perhaps an ambulance is needed. 11. Aggressively pursue potential fraud and, if strong, concrete evidence of fraud is …

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Can Your Employer Tell You Where You Can – And Can’t – See


An employer can’t ask you ANYTHING about medical conditions, much less dictate any medical care. The only time choice of physician can be determined by …

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Employers Need To Lead On The Mental Health Crisis Or


Mental health can be an extremely costly issue to ignore. Forbes recently estimated that mental health and substance abuse issues have cost US businesses between $80 to …

Mens Health
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Health Care In The Crosshairs For Wage And Hour Lawsuits


Health care facilities are increasingly becoming targets of class-action wage-and-hour lawsuits. Alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, several recent lawsuits in Texas have

Health Insurance
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Could Smoking Be An ADA Protected Disability


In fact, many employers are attempting to curb rampant health care costs by implementing workplace “smoke-outs,” totally prohibiting the employment of smokers as a class.

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FMLA: What Managers Need To Know


Managers need to understand whether a request for leave could qualify as FMLA leave, and how to respond once a worker is on leave. An overview of the FMLA and the top five things managers need to

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What Will The Workplace Look Like After The Pandemic


Focus on health care. Health insurance premiums will rise in 2021 and probably the year after. Insurers didn’t factor COVID-19 costs into their 2020 coverage plans, and they will want to …

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Can Mental Health Problems Be Covered By The FMLA In


One such circumstance is continuing treatment by a health care provider for a period of incapacity of more than three consecutive calendar days that also involves “treatment by a health care

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12 Ways To Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program


Spending on health care benefits was up in 50% of organizations surveyed in 2015. In contrast, only about a quarter of employers reported spending more on wellness programs and career development. Source: Society for Human Resource Management survey, October 2015. Health care 50% Wellness 28% Career development 26% Financial literacy 22%

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Mental Health Awareness At Work: Warnings Signs To Look For


Mental health among workers is essential not only for employee wellness but also for the welfare of your company. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults

Mens Health
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Beware Discipline For FMLA Related Tardiness


Advocate Health and Hospitals Corporation, No. 08-C-2754, ND IL, 2009) Advice: Employees are entitled to basic medical privacy. You can require employees to call in …

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Understanding The ACA Reporting Requirements CD


A complete primer on the health care information reporting rules, this is your last, best chance to learn the step-by-step requirements for completing each form correctly the first time, so you can avoid costly penalties. These IRS reporting requirements are the single most …

Mens Health
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COVID Long Haulers Are Likely Protected By The ADA And FMLA


However, a health care provider likely will certify that Jane suffers from a serious health condition related to COVID-19. Her symptoms likely substantially impair a major life function.

Covid 19 Health
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How Can We Cut Down On Employees' Smoke Breaks


Stick with a generic break policy – the norm is 2 10-15 minute breaks per 8 hour shift – and enforce it equally. We allow two ten minute break periods, plus a lunch break. Employees are

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Protecting Your Business From COVID Lawsuit Liability


The coronavirus poses a threat to both. Business liability may come from poor workplace design, lack of cleanliness, or an infectious employee. Employees may …

Covid 19 Health
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Update: What You Need To Know About Pandemic Leave


H as been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19. I s experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking a medical diagnosis.

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Workplace Violence Rules Out Unemployment Benefits


Recent case: Debra worked in housekeeping for a health care facility for over 20 years. The facility had a rule against workplace violence. Debra got into an argument with a …

Mens Health
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Personnel Records: Your Guide To ADA And FMLA Medical


The FMLA requires employees to provide a copy of certification of the medical condition issued by a health care provider. The medical certification must state the date on which the serious health

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17 Team Building Ideas: The Team Building Kit For Managers


Asked why health care so often lacks the team collaboration that makes Mayo famous, Cortese traces the problem to medical schools, where he says students aren’t trained to work in teams. Each student takes exams alone, and even in clinical practice, most rewards relate to things you do as an individual, such as specialized procedures and

Beauty Kit
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IRS Announces Implementation Of Families First Coronavirus


The IRS and the Department of Labor have released preliminary information to employers on the implementation of the FICA tax credit provisions of Families First …

Coronavirus Health
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Pay For Uniform Change Time If Job Requires It


In unionized workplaces, employers aren’t required to pay for clothes-changing time even if it’s necessary for the job if the exclusion is established by a past practice or a collective

Healthcare Jobs
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1099 NEC Vs 1099 MISC. Which Form Should You Use


1099-NEC is a new form, as of the 2020 tax reporting year that has replaced some of the functions of 1099-MISC. In short, use 1099-NEC to report Non-Employee Compensation payments totaling $600 or

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Maternity Leave Policy: Sample Policy And Laws To Know


Note: The Affordable Care Act—the health care reform law that was enacted in 2010—prohibits health insurance companies from denying insurance based on pregnancy as a “pre-existing condition” (i.e., a condition that existed when the insured worker’s coverage took effect).

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Overtime And FLSA


Health care in the crosshairs for wage-and-hour lawsuits October 06, 2017 Health care facilities are increasingly becoming targets of class-action wage-and-hour lawsuits.

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