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Part I: The Current State of Family Health Care Coverage. April 29, 2020. Medical expenses in the U.S., whether covered by private insurers, individual households or taxpayer-funded assistance programs, have skyrocketed…. health insurance, health insurance claims, healthcare.

Health Insurance
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Understanding Medicaid And Eligibility: A State By State


Finding affordable health insurance can be difficult for many people, and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to have health insurance you can count on. Medicaid allows those who can't afford private healthcare the chance to get their medical needs met.

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COBRA Health Coverage


COBRA Health Coverage. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) ensures that an employee who loses his or her job (as well as the individual’s spouse and/or children) will continue to receive coverage through the former employer’s group health insurance plan. Although typically more expensive for the former

Health Insurance
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A Guide To Long Term Care Insurance


Additionally, it only extends to skilled nursing home facilities and skilled home health care. The majority of long term care is focused on helping people complete daily activities like dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom, and these services, known as custodial care, are not covered by Medicare under any circumstances.

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The Real Costs Of Medical Tourism


With health care costs rising, it’s not uncommon for many Americans to venture outside their own borders for inexpensive procedures. According to the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), close to 1.6 million Americans will travel abroad to get medical procedures this year, and that number is expected to increase. A growing trend, medical tourism generates around $20-$35 billion per year.

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Actionable Ways To Protect Your Family’s Health


Actionable Ways to Protect Your Family’s Health. Fact-checked with April 29, 2020. As responsible adults, we can never assume that quality health insurance equates to happy, healthy children. No, we adults need to do the heavy lifting. As role models to our kids, we teach them that everyone must make their own healthy choices.

Health Insurance
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Understanding Hospital Indemnity Insurance


Health insurance isn’t a magical card the doctor’s offices swipe, absolving you of owing money for health care. Such “magical thinking” usually turns into one feeling as though they were a fool and had been duped by what some feel are one of the best magicians of all — insurers.

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Healthcare Reform's Policy Transparency Measures


Being able to understand health insurance and how healthcare works as a whole is undoubtedly the likely ‘first wish’ on many Everyday Joes’ tongues, and a Kaiser tracking poll confirmed this hypothesis. According to the poll, the uniform summary of coverage requirement is the most popular provision in the ACA.

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Medical Marijuana And Your Health Coverage


While medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket: even in states like Washington and Colorado, where the drug is completely legal, health insurance doesn’t cover it. The conversation has moved into the insurance realm after recent arguments about the drug’s classification as a schedule I substance under the

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Archives


Part I: The Current State of Family Health Care Coverage April 29, 2020 Medical expenses in the U.S., whether covered by private insurers, individual households or taxpayer-funded assistance programs, have skyrocketed…

Hiv Health
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Addiction Treatment And Your Health Coverage


Fortunately, under the new healthcare laws, addiction treatment is deemed “an essential health benefit” that commercial health plans must cover. In fact, the number of patients seeking treatment for drug and alcohol problems could more than double over the next year as the rolling healthcare reform measures come into effect.

Mens Health
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What Health Care Fraud Is Costing You


As health care takes the center stage at the forefront of contemporary politics, the state of American heath care is under scrutiny from several angles. One aspect of the health care system that has been garnering growing levels of interest is the rate at which medical fraud occurs.

Health Insurance
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Sit Longer, Die Sooner


Increasing activity would save $500 annually in the average American household, 20% annually to businesses on employee health care costs, and $102 billion annually to the U.S. health care system. So while inactivity is one of the world’s biggest killers, it’s also likely the easiest to combat. Just a little bit can go a long way.

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Essential Health Insurance Riders For Childhood Through


Essential Health Insurance Riders for Childhood Through Adulthood. It’s not engrossing material—certainly not a Steve Patterson book or a book from the 50 Shades of Grey series– but learning the best options for your health care coverage could save you a lot of money in the future. The discussion is necessary since the average American

Health Insurance
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3 Health Insurance Options For College Students


For those reasons, you need health insurance. Some schools may offer college students health insurance, but you also have other options, and these will continue to evolve now that health care reform is here. Student Health Insurance Facts. Everybody’s doing it — more than 1 million students have student health insurance coverage

Health Insurance
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How Do Medical Payments On Auto Insurance Work


If they’ll cover car accident expenses, consider the health insurance deductible you’re required to pay at the emergency room or if you’re admitted to the hospital. Even if you have great healthcare, you would have to pay your $2K deductible for in-patient care, or $1K for emergency room services, 100% out of pocket.

Mens Health
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Insurance Quotes For Health Insurance


Shopping for Health Insurance. As of January 1st, 2014, you’ll be able to shop for private health care or enroll in the health insurance marketplace, which allows you to compare plans. Here are some screenshots of what an in-state comparison of plans looks like on the marketplace today.. You can see that when comparing plans, your age, income and zip are immediately taken into account.

Health Insurance
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Health Archives


health, health insurance, healthcare. Dangers of Online Self-Diagnosis. April 23, 2020. While people have always tried to figure out what's ailing them, today it's common to turn to the Internet for answers. Unfortunately, that's not always the best move. health, health insurance.

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The Complete Guide To College Students & Healthcare Reform


Individual/Private Plans: Another area of healthcare greatly affected by the ACA, individual health plans will still be offered, but there’s also the added choice of state exchange plans. While individual plans have traditionally been affordable for young, healthy adults, state exchanges will be an option perhaps even more affordable.

Health Insurance
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Part VII: A Healthy Family’s Guide To Health Insurance


Health Care Reform/ACA: This government-sponsored website provides a helpful, comprehensive FAQ for parents on the new Affordable Care Act and what this legislation means to families. Medication and Health Insurance Resources: This resource focuses on low-cost health insurance and medication access for families with low income.

Health Insurance
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Lack Of Health Insurance In The US


Tags - health insurance, healthcare, insurance. Related Posts. 10 Important Health Care Reforms That Will Affect You. April 20, 2020. Healthcare Reform’s Policy Transparency Measures. April 24, 2020. Mental Health and Insurance: Commonly Misunderstood Illnesses. April 22, 2020.

Health Insurance
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Big Data And The Future Of Healthcare


Big Data and the Future of Healthcare. Big data and technology has helped numerous industries vastly improve and evolve in recent years. The health care industry has even incorporated the move toward big data into its model, allowing for patient histories, diagnosis charts, and important medical information to be available within mere seconds.

Health Insurance
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Part I: The Current State Of Family Health Care Coverage


Recent legislative health care reform has changed the landscape in ways that are yet to be fully understood, and insurers have responded by raising costs. The average annual premium for U.S. families in 2012 was $15,745, a 4% increase from 2011. Out-of-pocket costs increased at a …

Health Insurance
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Consumer's Guide To Filing A Health Insurance Claim


Most reviews will fall under medical judgment, which includes medical necessity, appropriateness, level of care, effectiveness of a benefit, and health care setting. You can request a federal external appeal by accessing the electronic portal at You may also call toll free at (877) 549-8152, fax (202) 606-0036, email

Health Insurance
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12 FAQs About COBRA Insurance


COBRA coverage begins the date your health insurance policy ends because of a qualifying event. For an employee covered under a qualifying event, COBRA coverage can last for 18 months from the date you elect coverage. However, dependents can receive up to 36 months of coverage if you switch to Medicare, get divorced, or die.

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What Insurance Do I Need For A Home Health Business


Mike Loughran, the executive vice president of Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HSPO) says health and medical care businesses are some of the most common types of businesses to experience claims. Whether to buy professional liability isn’t a question though. “The real question is if there’s a risk of being sued.

Home Healthcare
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Healthcare Reform Archives


All insurance products advertised on (the “Site”) are underwritten by insurance carriers that have partnered with, LLC., LLC may receive compensation from an insurer or other intermediary in connection with your engagement with the website and/or the sale of insurance to you.All decisions regarding any insurance products, including approval

Hiv Health
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When Bundled Insurance Policies Are A Good Idea


10 Important Health Care Reforms That Will Affect You. April 20, 2020. 3 Health Insurance Options for College Students. April 23, 2020. 5 Reasons to Work With Wellness-Oriented Companies. April 23, 2020. Big Data and the Future of Healthcare.

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Mental Health And Insurance: Coverage For Severe And Life


President Barack Obama’s health care package known as “Obamacare” is expected to provide mental health coverage to 32 million people for the first time. According to The New York Times, insurers will be required to cover treatment of mental illnesses, behavioral disorders, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and other conditions.

Life Healthcare
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Understanding Health Insurance For Pregnancy


How Health Care Reform Affects Pregnant Women. Although health care reform has proven to be a controversial issue, it may have positive effects for women everywhere, especially those who are pregnant. One of the most notable changes that 2014 brings is the requirement for all individuals to possess insurance.

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Archives Page 2 Of 2


Health insurance is very important because the cost of medical treatment can become very high. Unfortunately health insurance is extremely expens… health insurance, healthcare

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Part II: How Can I Best Protect My Family’s Health


The American Medical Association reports that 25% of every healthcare dollar is spent on activities linked to poor health, such as improper diet, lack of exercise, sun exposure, smoking, substance abuse and failure to use seat belts. So what can you do as a parent to decrease this statistic? Healthy habits begin in the home.Modeling healthy lifestyle choices is essential, as your children

Health Insurance
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Mental Health And Insurance: Commonly Misunderstood


That is why eating disorders must be treated with both medical care and mental health care.” Troubles with Insurance Coverage and Eating Disorders Beginning in 2014, mental health and substance abuse services must be included in the essential benefits package covered by all new health plans, but mental health parity provisions do not require

Mens Health
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Dangers Of Online Self Diagnosis


Dangers of Online Self-Diagnosis. Fact-checked with April 23, 2020. It wasn’t that long ago that whenever people felt ill, experienced unusual symptoms, or noticed physical or mental abnormalities, they used their health insurance to visit the local doctor’s office. With the rise of the Internet, websites, social media

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Mental Health And Insurance: New Diagnoses And Changes To


Mental Health Coverage After Release of DSM-5. Once the DSM-5 is released, it will certainly change the way mental health patients are diagnosed, how they are treated, and the way their insurance is handled. “We’re heading into uncharted territory with the DSM-5,” Brafman said. “Everything seems to be in the DSM as a legitimate

Mens Health
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Senior Safety And Health Guide


Senior Safety and Health Guide. Fact-checked with April 23, 2020. In our everyday life from the day we are born, we face a number of safety and health issues. From the dangers stemming from our curiosity as a toddler to the dangers we face in our later years, the world can be a hazardous place.

Health Insurance
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What Is An FSA Plan, And Will FSAs Change With Healthcare


Not to worry — this limit will change as needed to account for inflation. Fortunately, this proves to be more than sufficient, because according to an annual report about healthcare benefits from Mercer, the National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, the average HSA employee contribution is less than $1,500 annually.

Health Insurance
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Part III: Taking Charge Of Your Family’s Nutrition


Diabetes, the most common illness related to obesity, is a condition that must be carefully managed, and the associated costs are high. The American Diabetes Association reports that 10% of U.S. health care expenditures are related to diabetes; these patients commonly have medical expenses that are 2.4 times more than those without this illness

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Auto Insurance Medical Coverage


Auto insurance medical coverage. There are roughly six million car accidents in the U.S. each year, resulting in more than 38,000 deaths and 4.4 million injuries in 2019. With statistics like that, it pays to make sure your car insurance adequately covers you for medical costs in the event that you’re involved in an accident.

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Part VI: Consulting A Physician With Or Without Health


Part VI: Consulting a Physician With or Without Health Insurance. Fact-checked with April 29, 2020. Despite your best intentions as parents, children will get sick. A normal part of childhood, winter colds and flu bugs actually strengthen children’s immune systems as they grow older. However, it can be difficult to gauge

Physician Healthcare
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What Types Of Insurance Do College Students Need


Depending on their situation, a student may need auto, renters, life and health insurance policies. As a parent, check with your own insurance company to see if any of your policies will cover your child at school for free. Before your child starts college, ensure they have proper insurance coverage. For instance, students with a car on campus

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Health Insurance Claims Archives


Part I: The Current State of Family Health Care Coverage. April 29, 2020. Medical expenses in the U.S., whether covered by private insurers, individual households or taxpayer-funded assistance programs, have skyrocketed… health insurance, health insurance claims, healthcare. Health

Hiv Health
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Binge Drinking And Your Health


Binge drinking, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), is having five or more drinks in two hours for men and four or more drinks in 2 hours for women. For the purposes of this definition, one drink is defined as: 1.25 oz. Liquor or Mix. 12 oz. Beer. 7 oz. Malt. 4-5 oz. Wine.

Healthy Drink
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Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrition is important for everyone. When combined with being physically active...

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In order to stay healthy, you need to live an active and aware lifestyle. This means getting at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, eating a well balanced diet, and try and reduce stress in your lifestyle. Becoming more active will help with stress levels and eating a well balanced diet will help keep you healthy.

Is your healthy food really healthy?

Is Your Healthy Food Really Healthy? Give your salad a second look. While salads are a great way to get in your daily vegetables, it's surprisingly simple to... Avoid artificial sweeteners. While reducing the amount of sugar in your diet is always a positive move, artificial... Be picky about popcorn. Popcorn can be a great low-calorie snack when you make it at home. More ...

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Yep, being too healthy can actually be unhealthy . Orthorexia is an obsession with eating a "pure" diet, which can mean avoiding foods with unhealthy fats, added sugar or salt, genetic modifications, artificial colors, or flavors and preservatives.

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