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Health Care Productivity

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Health Care Productivity IN ALL OF THE INDUSTRIAL COUNTRIES, a high fraction of gross domestic product (GDP), ranging from approximately 7 percent in the United Kingdom to 14 percent in the United States, is devoted to health care. In recent years policymakers have been forced to try to trim health

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Dilating Health, Healthcare, And Well Being: Experiences

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On one hand, this study asks how the Thai sex/gender system affects the health, healthcare, and well-being of LGBTQ. To answer this question, I conducted 32 in-depth semi-structured interviews with Thai LGBTQ+ patients and healthcare providers. By analyzing these themes using Michel Foucault’s theory of biopower, Nancy Krieger’s eco-social

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Implementation Of 5S Management Method For Lean …

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now been applied to the healthcare sector as a systematic method of organizing and standardizing the workplace for lean healthcare (6), and it has been recognized as a low-cost, technologically undemanding approach that Global Health Action Global Health Action 2015. …

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Why And How Is Health A Human Right

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good health depends on health care, and health care is something that we can legislate about. But good health does not depend only on health care. It also depends on nutrition, lifestyle, education, women’s empowerment, and the extent of inequality and unfreedom in a society. A human right can serve as a

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Health Care Productivity

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Health Care Productivity.pdf Size: 1.143Mb Format: PDF. View/ Open. This item appears in the following Collection(s) HCA Scholarly Articles [606] Show simple item record. Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Google+. e: [email protected] t

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The International Charter For Human Values In Healthcare

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Diverse healthcare partners have joined in this work. Conclusion: We chronicle the development and dissemination of the International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare, the role of skilled communication in demonstrating values, and provide examples of educational and clinical programs integrating these values. Practice implications: The

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Food Is Prevention The Case For Integrating Food And

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interventions for improving health outcomes among eligible recipients. This paper explores the link between food and diet-related disease and discusses nutrition interventions that could be further integrated into delivery of healthcare to advance the goal of preventing or mitigating chronic diet-related disease. Specifically, Part II examines

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Improving Health Care Delivery: Patient Care Integration

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Improving Health Care Delivery: Patient Care Integration and Manager Commitment A dissertation presented by Ashley-Kay Fryer to The Committee on Higher Degrees in Health Policy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Health Policy Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts May 2016

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Network Administrative Organizations: Improving The

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Improving the Performance of Health Care Networks in A Developing Country Context A dissertation presented by Chinenye C. Offor Ogunro to The PhD Program in Health Policy in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Health Policy Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts September 2016

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Telemedical Education: Training Digital Natives In

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health care delivery because it helps address issues of both health care costs and access. Moving forward, digital health capabilities will only continue to grow. In order to most effectively leverage these tools, we must ensure providers use them effectively and appropriately. Today’s medical trainees

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Health Care Reform's Unfinished Work — Remaining Barriers

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health.1 But challenges for health care reform persist: millions of Americans are still uninsured, and even for those with coverage, sub - stantial barriers remain to obtain-ing affordable, high-quality care. More than 30 million U.S. chil-dren and adults still lack insurance (see pie chart). Who are they, and what policy options exist for cov-

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Four Social Theories For Global Health

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improving health and reforming health care. Arthur Kleinman Harvard University, Department of Anthropology, William James Hall Room 330 33 Kirkland Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA [email protected] Further reading Merton RK. The unanticipated consequences of purposive social action. Am Sociological Rev 1936; 1: 894–904. Berger P

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Health Care In The Suburbs: An Analysis Of Suburban

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health care access beyond simply lacking cover-age. Research has shown that residential context affects well-being and community health by shaping access and exposure to education, housing, social networks, transportation, employment, and health care.9 However, knowledge of how suburban poverty affects health is limited.

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Improving Women's Health Through Universal Health Coverage

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N Unequal access to health care contributes to shortcomings in women’s health at all ages. The post-2015 United Nations development framework must address these inequalities globally. N Universal health coverage (UHC) is considered a leading candidate among health-related targets. It is the one approach that reduces inequitable access

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Essays On Healthcare Provider Markets

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This dissertation consists of three chapters that investigate the productivity of health care providers. Chapter 1 studies hospital closure and the supply of healthcare in rural markets. Hospital closure can be welfare improving if it reallocates patients to more efficient facilities but can also lead to treatment delay and worsened health

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Organizational Innovation In Health Care

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This dissertation investigates whether differences in organizational innovation amongst health care providers can explain the huge variation in costs and outcomes. I specifically consider two facets of organizational innovation: the deployment of information technology and the relationships between hospitals and physicians.

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Health Care Providers’ Experience With A Protocol For The

Public Dash.harvard.edu

treatment of trafficking victims, and ultimately improve public safety and public health. Keywords: human trafficking, healthcare protocol, exploitation, trauma-informed care, violence victims Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the Via Christi Health, Inc. with particular

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Cost-Effectiveness and Social Values in Health Care Priority Setting: Normative Reasons and Public Deliberation  Magalhaes, Monica ( 2017-05-10 ) Paper 1 discusses the question of whether health policy should treat drugs for rare diseases (“orphan drugs”) differently from drugs for common diseases.

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Making Sense Of A Fragmented Health System The Health

Population Dash.harvard.edu

Important disparities in health care access persist between rich and poor countries and within countries between the first and the 5th quintiles. In Haiti, only 47% of the population has access to health care with only 25% of institutional delivery for the poorest population comparing to 78,2% for the richest [1]

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Achieving Universal Primary Health Care Through Health

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Seidman, Gabriel. 2017. Achieving Universal Primary Health Care Through Health Systems Strengthening: Lesotho’s National Primary Health Care Reform. Doctoral dissertation, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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Food Is Medicine Opportunities In Public And Private

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health outcomes and lower health care costs. Food is increasingly recognized as a core component of preventive and ameliorative health care. A variety of innovative initiatives aimed at embedding nutrition into medical care are underway, such as efforts by local food banks to package diabetes -appropriate food boxes for

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Identifying Health System Priorities for Equitable Access to Health Services in Low- and Middle-Income Countries  Feldhaus, Isabelle Maxine ( 2020-05-07 ) In 2019, the World Health Organization announced that up to 5 billion people will be unable to access health care in 2030 if governments fail to sufficiently increase investments in health

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Measuring The Quality Of Reproductive Health Services In

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From a public health perspective, a central premise underlying quality improvement work is that improving quality, including interpersonal aspects of care, will lead to better health outcomes. Good communication between providers and patients in various areas of health care has been shown to be highly correlated with adherence to treatment.

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Health Care In The Suburbs: An Analysis Of Suburban

Living Dash.harvard.edu

Abstract There are 16.9 million Americans living in poverty in the suburbs—more than in cities or rural communities. Despite recent increases in suburban poverty, the perception of the suburbs as areas of uniform affluence remains, and there has been little research into health care barriers experienced by people living in these areas.

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Stuck Between Health And Immigration Reform Care For

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in health care access between this population — particularly Latino immigrants — and U.S. citizens. Whereas approximately 15% of Stuck between Health and Immigration Reform — Care for Undocumented Immigrants Benjamin D. Sommers, M.D., Ph.D. I t is a time of immense change in U.S. health care and immigration policy. On the cusp of major

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Design Of An Impact Evaluation Using A Mixed Methods Model

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Traditional input-based forms of healthcare financing tend to invest relatively large amounts of funds into nu-merous healthcare input factors, such as health facility in-frastructure, healthcare personnel, technical equipment and supplies. In contrast, PBI strategies tie financial incen-tives directly to the expected healthcare outputs. To do so,

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Literacy And Learning In Health Care

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Health literacy is a broad concept that promotes public health and clear health communication, healthcare equity, safety, and quality. However, research is needed that further investigates the basic science behind how people learn within the context of healthcare. We frame health learning capacity as the component within the larger construct

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Health care spending growth challenges the budgets of governments, businesses, and families. In 2015, one in every six dollars spent in the U.S. economy was related to health care – twice the share in 1980. The rapid growth

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Occupational Deaths Among Healthcare Workers

Patient Dash.harvard.edu

6 million of whom are healthcare workers with potential patient contact (16,17). Approximately half of these are registered or licensed practical nurses. An additional 3 mil-lion persons work in healthcare-support occupations and may have patient contact, including nursing aides, order-lies, and attendants (1.3 million); home health aides

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Insurance Churning Rates For Low Income Adults Under

Coverage Dash.harvard.edu

3 Introduction The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) coverage expansion is now in its third full year and has brought the nation’s uninsured rate to an all-time low, from 16.0% in 2010 to 9.1% in 2015.1 However, obtaining coverage is only part of the policy challenge in improving health care.

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Health Care Spending A Giant Slain Or Sleeping

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health system. A Brief History of Health Care Spending Growth in national spending for health care es-calated rapidly after the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s, and it remained high in the 1970s and 1980s. Between 1970 and 1993, the real increase in health spending per person exceeded growth in the GDP per capita by 2.7%

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Health insurance coverage and politics are intertwined. This dissertation will examine how voters respond when there are changes to health care policies, why state legislatures and state executives act to address health

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Obama And The Transformation Of U.S. Public Policy: The

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and health care. In health care, the fledgling Obama Administration also quickly signed into law expansions of health insurance for children that had been vetoed under President Bush. What is more, the first Obama budget was a bold and readable document, not …

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Decisions Dash.harvard.edu

Essays on Provider Behavior in Health Care Markets  Fiedler, Matthew Aaron ( 2013-10-18 ) This dissertation consists of three essays that investigate the determinants of hospital and physician decisions and the consequences of those decisions for social welfare.

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Browsing FAS Theses And Dissertations By FAS Department

Growth Dash.harvard.edu

Health care spending growth challenges the budgets of governments, businesses, and families. In 2015, one in every six dollars spent in the U.S. economy was related to health care – twice the share in 1980. The rapid growth

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Access To Medicine: Pharmaceutical Patents And Public

Medicine Dash.harvard.edu

health care infrastructure die for having no access to medicines. However, not every kind of medicine can be legitimately claimed as a right to access medicine. According to the social value of medicine, it can be divided into three categories – essential medicine, new

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Essays In Health Economics

Mental Dash.harvard.edu

This result suggests that mental health, like education and physical health, should be viewed as an important part of human capital that can depreciate and be repaired through investment in mental health care. The third chapter shows that the decrease in patient demand after the cost-sharing reform led providers to treat patients for longer on

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Journal Of Telemedicine And Telecare Electronic

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rational appropriation of health care services. We define an e-consult as an asynchronous communi-cation between healthcare providers that occurs within a shared electronic health record (EHR) or secure Web-based platform. Referring providers send a consultation request to specialists, who can respond by answering the

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Designing Online Health Services For Patients

Users Dash.harvard.edu

Patients are increasingly interacting with their healthcare system through online health services, such as patient portals and telehealth programs. Recently, Shabrabani and Mizrachi provided data outlining factors that are most important for users or potential users of these online services.

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Calculating The Return On Investment Of Mobile Healthcare

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The primary predictors of inadequate healthcare are racial and/or ethnic minority status, female gender, rural resi-dence and extremes of age [1]. It is well documented that even a person's access to health insurance does not obvi-ate the pervasiveness of unequal treatment [2]. Mobile health clinics (MHCs) serve the full spectrum of at risk

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Comprehensive And Integrated District Health Systems

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Description of intervention The PHIT Partnership’s health systems support aligns with the World Health Organization’s six health systems building blocks. HSS activities focus across all levels of the health system — community, health center, hospital, and district leadership — to improve health care access, quality, delivery, and health

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Leveraging The Social Determinants Of Health: What Works

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Of 39 articles that met criteria for inclusion in the review, 32 (82%) reported some significant positive effects on either health outcomes (N = 20), health care costs (N = 5), or both (N = 7). Of the remaining 7 (18%) studies, 3 had non-significant results, 2 had mixed results, and 2 had negative results in which the interventions were

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Health Care Reform In Mexico And Brazil: The Politics Of

Programs Dash.harvard.edu

Health care reform in Latin America has been a continuous process over recent decades, and several countries have implemented programs of universal care. This dissertation looks at the implementation of universal care programs in Brazil and Mexico, and highlights the politics of implementing these reforms.

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Human Trafficking And HIPAA: What The Health Care

Health Dash.harvard.edu

Health Care Professional Needs to Know The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters Citation Powell, Clydette, Michelle Asbill, Samantha Brew, and Hanni Stoklosa. 2017. “Human Trafficking and HIPAA: What the Health Care Professional Needs to Know.”

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Health Impact Assessment And Short Term Medical Missions

Safety Dash.harvard.edu

health care to the developing world. Despite over 250 million dollars and thousands of volunteer hours dedicated to STMMs, there is a lack of standardized evaluation to assess pati ent safety, quality control, and mission impact. The ob jective of this project is to de sign and implement an assessment

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Where Are The Health Care Entrepreneurs

Health Dash.harvard.edu

industries are fairly different from health care. There are some industries with high productivity growth that are more similar to health care, however. Retail trade, for example, used to be a cottage industry like health care. In the last decade and a half, however, productivity growth in retail trade averaged 4.3 percent annually.

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Factors Influencing The Underutilization Of Mental Health

Health Dash.harvard.edu

Mental health care utilization outcomes were measured by any mental health care, minimally adequate mental health care, and intensive mental health care. The qualitative analysis explored the perceived barriers to mental health care among 17 participants from the medium and high-risk groups.

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Remoteness And Maternal And Child Health Service

Health Dash.harvard.edu

between distance from health facilities and rural health care utiliza-tion is important for post–Ebola health systems reconstruction and for general rural health system planning in sub–Saharan Africa. Methods Cluster–sample survey data collected in 2012 in a very ru-ral southeastern Liberian population were analyzed to determine as-

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Beyond Health Insurance: Remaining Disparities In U.S

Health Dash.harvard.edu

health care coverage and access related to income are also of significant concern. Moreover, widening income inequality19 – combined with the steady rise of health care costs over the past several decades20 – poses particular challenges for health care access, which the …

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