Changing To A Career In Healthcare: How To Find The …


Healthcare Education Resources. Mayo Clinic – College of Medicine and Science – Explore Health Care Careers: While aimed primarily at students, the Mayo Clinic’s healthcare career exploration page is useful for anyone considering a healthcare

Healthcare Careers
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Patient’s Guide To Telehealth: How To Use Virtual Healthcare

Health This is the federal health insurance exchange website, where individuals can purchase health insurance policies and learn more about how health insurance benefits available. This is the official website of The Office of the National Coordinator for Health

Health Insurance
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How To Become A Medical & Healthcare Professional


People who want to work closely with patients can choose from a variety of healthcare professions. While registered nurses may spend their days assessing patient conditions, recording medical histories, drawing blood, administering medicines, directing rehabilitative treatments, and performing diagnostic tests, home health aides help patients with everyday tasks such as grocery …

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Students With Disabilities: A Guide To Healthcare Degrees


Medical and health careers are some of the fastest-growing and highest-paying available today, and people with disabilities often have special skills and personal experiences that would benefit patients in a number of healthcare settings.

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What Can You Make In Healthcare


Health information technicians manage both electronic and hard copies of patients’ records and ensure security, accuracy, and easy access for all relevant parties. The growing number of individuals seeking healthcare and the transition over to electronic health records ensures these technicians will be in demand for the foreseeable future.

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Healthy Sleep For Healthcare Professionals


  • Healthcare professionals are often subject irregular work schedules, shift changes, and high stress environments
  • Unsurprisingly, this can be a perfect recipe for sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep
  • Healthcare workers work on the frontlines, spending their days providing care and promoting the well-being of others.

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The Healthcare Professional’s Guide To


The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness. From developing a crisis plan to ensuring the continuity of patient care, learn how hospitals and healthcare professionals can prepare for different types of emergencies, develop crisis plans, and recover from surges safely.

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Transferring Professional Healthcare Licenses To Other


Healthcare Licensing Licensing in allied health professions can confuse even the most knowledgeable in the field, because states may use different terms to describe the same thing. According to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, occupations with a statutory or regulatory scope of practice definitions that mandate state

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Home Health Aide Certification Classes Online: Top


These individuals earn $70,000 annually. By getting on the path to a career in healthcare by becoming a home health aide, many individuals pursue various paths that help build their skills while also growing their salaries.

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Compassion Fatigue & Healthcare Professionals: An Online Guide


Compassion fatigue refers to the emotional, physical, cognitive, and behavioral drain that can develop in a healthcare professional, making it more difficult to empathize with those in their care. While burnout manifests in anger, frustration, or negativity towards others, compassion fatigue often results in sadness, avoidance, nightmares, and

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Volunteering In Healthcare: Make A Difference While


Volunteering in Healthcare: How to Gain Experience While Giving Back . The main purpose of volunteering is to make a difference (we can’t stress that enough), but for those who want to work in healthcare, helping out in a hospital can be a great way to acquire new skills, network, and improve your mental health in the process.

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Community Colleges & Healthcare Education


With cost a major concern for many students, community college is a good alternative for those pursuing health care disciplines. According to The College Board, students at public two-year colleges paid an average tuition of $3,660 during the 2018-2019 school year, compared to $37,430 for students at public four-year colleges and $35,830 at four-year private colleges.

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The Healthcare Student’s Guide To Internships


Future Health Professionals, an organization formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, offers a useful website with an extensive list of available healthcare internship opportunities. This site includes direct links to credible internship programs in …

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Accelerated Training Programs In Healthcare


  • Accelerated Training Programs in Healthcare
  • Learn about fast-track program options in medical and healthcare education and decide if they are the best option for you
  • Get expert info on how to succeed, how to speed up your education, and which resources could make a difference.

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Healthcare Careers You Can Work From Home


  • Emerging Medical Careers You Can Work from Home
  • More and more healthcare careers are turning to virtual consultation and telehealth services
  • While administrative positions (or administrative tasks) may be the fastest-growing, even patient-first …

Healthcare Careers
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Adapting To A Public Health Crisis: How Healthcare


Adapting to a Public Health Crisis. From patient outcomes to personal health and safety, learn how healthcare professionals can prepare for a public health crisis, what they can do to adapt, and where they can find support.

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Making A Difference In Medical: The Impact Of Healthcare


Given the discrimination they face, mental health is a huge area of concern – as is suicide prevention. In addition to general healthcare concerns, LGBTQIA individuals also seek specialized care in areas of hormone therapy, sex reassignment therapy/surgery, and HIV prevention and care.

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Addressing Violence In Healthcare Facilities: How To Stay


Phil La Duke - Bio Phil La Duke is the author of Lone Gunman: Rewriting the Handbook on Workplace Violence Prevention. Prior to his current position as a global business consultant, Phil was a talent development manager for Trinity Health, one of the U.S.’s largest healthcare systems.

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Online Guide To Women’s Health Careers & Degrees


Amanda Gorman - Bio Amanda Gorman is a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner, specializing in primary and urgent pediatric care. An early adopter of health technology for the family, she founded Nest Collaborative in early 2017 to address the growing need for affordable and easy access to reliable health care for families with young children.

Healthcare Careers
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Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities In Healthcare


One of the ways that healthcare providers fail to support LGBTQIA+ is a lack of knowledgeable staff members. For many individuals, particularly those in remote and rural communities, finding a healthcare provider with the necessary training or professional experience to treat people from all walks of life, including members of sexual and gender minority (SGM) groups, can be extremely …

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Healthcare Careers That Don't Require Math Or Chemistry


Ultrasound technicians use sound waves to examine internal body structures or a developing fetus in the womb. Becoming an ultrasound technician generally requires an associates or bachelor’s degree specifically in diagnostic medical sonography.The prerequisites for this degree usually don’t require math and if they do, it’s usually only one basic course.

Healthcare Careers
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Careers In The Medical & Healthcare Field: Find Your Path


  • Home health aides usually help patients with daily living activities, including bathing, dressing, eating, planning appointments and other housekeeping duties
  • But unlike similar professions, such as nursing assistants, home health aides usually work in the patient’s home
  • You can earn home health aide certification online or on campus.

Healthcare Careers
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Healthcare Management Vs. Healthcare Administration


  • Healthcare management class can cover subjects like health informatics and healthcare organization
  • The program will conclude with a final a project or capstone
  • Typical classes in a master’s degree in healthcare administration include health policy, biostatistics, legal issues in healthcare, human resources, diversity, and healthcare program

Mens Health
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Minority Students & Healthcare Education: Resources For


Students of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and other minorities can face numerous barriers when training in healthcare. If you’re a minority and thinking about a career in allied health, learn about the resources and support you have available in higher education.

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Little Known & Unusual Careers In Medical And Health


  • Little-Known Careers in Healthcare
  • You want to help people, but you want to do something unique
  • Or maybe you have a certain skill that might crossover to medical and health with a little research and the right connection
  • Check out some of today’s unusual and under-appreciated jobs in medical and health that could be your calling.

Healthcare Careers
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How To Evaluate & Negotiate Job Offers In Healthcare


  • Skilled healthcare workers have more bargaining power compared to other industries
  • However, healthcare employment is complex and highly regulated, so people come to agencies like ours for help
  • Some health systems don’t even consider walk-ins.

Healthcare Jobs
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Online Health Science Degrees: Review Top Accredited


  • Required online courses are in health communication, healthcare ethics, geriatric health, health theory and contemporary issues, population health management, leadership and professionalism
  • Program Overview: Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Health Sciences
  • Credits: 120; Total courses: 19; Cost: $61,672/total program; Mode: Online

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A Health Professional's Guide To Surviving Self Isolation


And while some of us healthcare professionals may be familiar with occasional self-isolation, most have not experienced it to the scale we are dealing with now during the Coronavirus pandemic. To help you navigate through these strange and uncertain times and to ensure physical and mental health, here are some tips for surviving self-isolation.

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Mental Health & Medical Professionals: Warning Signs


  • The 5 Most Common Mental Health Challenges for Medical Professionals
  • Mental health challenges don’t discriminate, whether you work in finance, education, retail, or healthcare
  • But given the critical function that medical professionals serve, maximizing health and wellness (both at work and at home) becomes more important than ever.

Mens Health
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Allied Health Student’s Guide To Study Skills & Time


ALLIED HEALTH STUDENT’S GUIDE TO STUDY SKILLS & TIME MANAGEMENT. Begin your path to an allied health care career with medical expert advice on managing your time and energy, studying successfully, and accomplishing your educational goals.

Health Insurance
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Mentorship Guide For Healthcare/Medical Students


Stanford Health Care’s mentorship program aims to retain new nurses, help them put their education into practice and facilitate a faster understanding of facility culture. Seasoned nurses work with Nurse Residents, new Stanford Health Care staff nurses and nurses moving to …

Mens Health
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Healthcare Careers Working With Children: Explore 30


Working with expectant parents can be one of the most rewarding types of child healthcare, as it sets the stage for the rest of a child’s healthy development. Healthcare workers in prenatal and perinatal care play a critical role in the health of moms and babies before and after birth.

Healthcare Careers
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Succeeding As A Public Health Professional In The Private


  • Familiarize yourself with Healthcare in the Digital Age
  • As the use of technology in essential health services continues to rise, it’s fair to say that the future of healthcare and public health is digital
  • The tech world, including major corporations and tech start-ups, are no longer just for software developers and engineers.

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Diversity In Healthcare: How Increased Representation


Addressing Health and Health-Care Disparities: The Public Health Reports academic journal shares information on the role of a diverse workforce and the social determinants of health. A Diversity and Inclusion Framework for Medical Education : Academic Medicine provides this peer-reviewed tool for medical schools looking tor detailed information

Health Insurance
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College Students With Chronic Health Conditions: Rights


College students with chronic health conditions may be far from home and need help managing their health conditions. Learn where students can get support on campus, find out what their rights are, and how they can take control of their healthcare.

Health Insurance
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Online MHA Programs In 2021: Review The Best CAHME


These are in Health Information Management, Medical Practice Management, Public and Community Sector Health Care Management, or the Rural and Urban Hospital Management concentrations. For students maintaining a full-time job, it takes from two to three years to complete the degree; full-time students can finish in five semesters.

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Online DrPH Programs: Find 2021's Top CEPH Accredited Schools


The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) degree is the terminal degree for public health professionals working (or looking to work) in a practice-based setting. Students can focus their research and coursework on public health policy, global health, leadership, and a variety of additional tracks that line up with their career goals.

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The Value Of Preventive Health: Degrees & Careers In Early


  • The Value of Preventive Health: Degrees & Careers in Early Care
  • Preventive healthcare saves billions of dollars and millions of lives each year
  • Professionals with healthcare degrees and careers facilitate this care through education, screenings, and early intervention for …

Healthcare Careers
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Achieving Work Life Balance In Healthcare: An Online Guide


As the COVID-19 crisis has shown, healthcare workers and students pushed to the brink by expanding cases have suffered in both their physical and mental health. A May 2020 survey found that 59% of healthcare professionals stated their mental health had worsened since the pandemic began while musculoskeletal issues due to working with patients

Life Healthcare
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Online Master's Degrees In Health Science: Review Top


The Healthcare Promotion track features studies in Health Behavior Theory, Designing and Planning Health Promotion Programs, and Program Evaluation and Statistics. Applications are taken online and aspirants must hold a bachelor degree with undergraduate coursework in education, public health biology, exercise science or psychology.

Health Insurance
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Online Resources & Scholarships For Health Science Students


A degree in health science opens doors to a variety of medical and health careers. Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree often go into dental hygiene, occupational therapy, pharmacy tech, and a handful of other patient- and lab-focused disciplines.But enrolling in a health science degree program requires the time, energy, and funds to make it work.

Health Insurance
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Online Bachelor's Degrees In Healthcare Administration


Health insurance claims examiners make sure health care claims have been properly adjusted and submitted. The claims examiner will confirm the proper submission of a claim, double-check the analysis of the claims adjuster and either confirm, deny, or modify the original decision.

Health Insurance
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Online PMHNP Programs: Top Schools & Key Info For 2021


The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (lifespan) program at Vanderbilt University allows students at different educational levels the training to provide holistic mental health treatments. Registered nurses with a master’s or bachelor’s degree can enroll in this program, as well as registered nurses with an associate’s degree or diploma, and those who are beginning their

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Virus & Disease Prevention And You


Healthcare students have a greater awareness of infectious disease than many of their peers, so their peers may look to them as accessible trusted authorities on health issues. Getting familiar with your school’s infectious disease response protocol can provide useful guidelines and help you educate peers and lead by example.

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How Technology Is Changing Healthcare Education


Digital health and telehealth are such a significant part of the healthcare field today that colleges and universities often require their students to complete telehealth technology-focused coursework as part of the standard curriculum. Especially for learners studying pathology and radiology, the digital transfer and sharing of health

Cats Health
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8 Simple Questions To Help Find Your Nursing Niche


For example, ER nurses experience much faster paced work on a daily basis than home health nurses or diabetes nurses. Fast-paced roles are often best for those who perform well under pressure, can think and act quickly, and thrive in active environments.Depending on the specialty area and location of your nursing job, you can encounter

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Medical Careers For People Who Are Afraid Of Blood


Previously, for behavioral health treatment like mental health care or substance use treatment, an insurance carrier would have a flat number of days per year for which a patient was authorized for treatment, for example, 30 authorized days per year. While this sounds generous, it doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of a patient.

Healthcare Careers
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Finding The Right Mental Health Professional: Compare


  • Mental health care can be expensive, and sometimes insurance doesn’t cover what you need
  • In that case, it can be helpful to look for funding or low-cost options
  • Here are a few that might help: College mental health services These are often available on campus or there students can get a referral to a mental health clinic in the area.

Mens Health
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