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Holistic Health Care: Holistic Health And The Christian

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The holistic health movement encompasses a diverse range of alternative approaches to health care. Advocates of the movement view it as an antidote to the inadequacies of traditional medicine, which is accused of overemphasizing the physical aspects of health and healing while neglecting its psychological and spiritual dimensions.

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Holistic Health Care Christian Research Institute

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The term “holistic health” refers to a wide range of alternative approaches to health care which emphasize spiritual and psychological as well as the physical dimensions to personal health. The holistic health movement sees itself as a corrective response to traditional medicine’s almost exclusive focus on the physical dimensions of

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Alternative Medicine, Apologetics, And The Church

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Alternative health-care practitioners, on the other hand, are generally known for spending more time with patients than do conventional doctors, viewing patients as whole persons, and in many instances offering “just the right thing” for the condition in question.

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Care For The Elderly Christian Research Institute

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Beyond the advances in home health care, there are a plethora of choices available for elder care, each dependent on the level of independence enjoyed by the individual. 24 The least involved level is called Independent Living and requires that elders be mobile and able to care for themselves.

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Is Christianity Bad For Your Health

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  • “Even in the best studies, the evidence of an association between religion, spirituality, and health is weak and inconsistent,” 1 conclude R
  • Sloan and his coauthors in an important article published in one of the world’s most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet.The authors present their findings in this 1999 article as reflecting a “comprehensive…review of the empirical

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Healing Touch: Trouble With Angels Christian Research

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Nontraditional health-related practices that involve the hands, based on the assumption that people are energy fields, are becoming increasingly popular. One of the most widely used is Healing Touch, a practice rooted in a variety of belief systems, including Theosophy, spiritism, and Buddhism.

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A Summary Critique: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The

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  • books on ayurveda and related subjects
  • His books — including Creating Health, Return of the Rishi, Unconditional Life, and Quantum Healing — have been translated into more than 25 languages
  • Few would deny that Chopra’s approach to health care has had substantial influence
  • Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, published in

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The Christian, Energetic Medicine, “New Age Paranoia

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meridian therapy: Any health care method which, on the assumption that health consists in the balanced flow of chi (vital energy) through twelve bilateral channels (meridians) in the human body, seeks to balance this chi by stimulating — via puncture (acupuncture) or pressure (acupressure) — various acu-points along the meridians’ courses.

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President Bartlet’s Fallacious Diatribe Christian

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  • All dialogue adapted from The West Wing, episode no
  • 25: “The Midterms” (NBC), originally aired 18 October 2000 and rebroadcast 13 December 2000.; In his diatribe, President Bartlet tries to show that if we accept the Scriptures as the authority on the moral invalidity of homosexuality, we must also apply to ourselves in contemporary America everything Moses required …

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Postmodern Death: Organ Transplantation And Human Value

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  • Verheijde et al., “Brain Death, States of Impaired Consciousness, and Physician-Assisted Death for End-of-Life Organ Donation and Transplantation,” Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy 12, 4 (November 2009): 409–21

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Sexual Orientation Change Efforts: What’s Being Repaired

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  • Since professional health care practices and privileges are defined at the state level, the attacks began state by state
  • Not surprisingly, California became the first state to enact a ban on reparative therapy (SB 1172), signed by Gov

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Government Pressing Death Cases Of Six Children Against

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The cases — six of them in all, including three in California — represent the largest assault in history against Christian Science reliance on prayer instead of medical treatment to cure dis­ease, according to Rita Swan of the Sioux City Iowa-based orga­nization, Children’s Health-care is a Legal Duty (CHILD).

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AIDS Awareness: How Should Christians Think About AIDS

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  • Such testing would almost certainly drive people underground, away from the health care they need
  • 27 Thus such testing would be counterproductive and ethically questionable
  • Voluntary testing with confidential reporting of results avoids the above problems and helps to funnel AIDS victims into proper health care environments.

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ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE: The Mainstreaming Of The Holistic

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publication bearing the title, Journal of Holistic Health. Along with more than 2,000 health-care professionals and other interested parties, she had just attended a conference in San Diego entitled, "The Physician of the Future." In more ways than one, she had "got religion" at this meeting, and spoke with great enthusiasm about the new

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Psychology And The Church (Part One) Christian Research

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  • In 1988 Americans spent an estimated $273.3 billion on mental health services
  • 1 To handle this growth market, between 1959 and 1989 the number of practicing professional clinical psychologists increased by a factor of 16, from 2,500 to 40,000
  • 2 Additional kinds of mental health workers have proliferated, including licensed social workers

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Abortion And Health Care Reform Christian Research Institute

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For the moment—and perhaps only for the moment—health care reform legislation in at least one chamber of Congress does not allow funding for elective abortion. Thanks to pressure from a small number of pro-life Democrats and all House Republicans, the Stupak Amendment was attached to HR 3962 before initial passage on November 7.

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Anti Abortion Arguments: What Are Some Anti Abortion

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Of course, other questions surrounding the problem of the withdrawal of certain forms of health care are much more complex and fall outside the scope of this series. 31 In any event, the pro-life advocate does not absolutize biological human life and is willing to apply his principles critically and to think reflectively in morally challenging

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health implications.4 Gesturing in the direction of the ethical admonition that physicians, first, do no harm, the authors raise concerns about the possibility of health care professionals doing harm to patients by linking better health outcomes to religious practices, in virtue of …

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Articles Christian Research Institute

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Holistic Health Care Apr 22, 2009 The term “holistic health” refers to a wide range of alternative approaches to health care which emphasize spiritual and psychological as well as the physical dimensions to personal health.

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THERAPEUTIC TOUCH: Healing Science Or Psychic Midwife

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  • In January, Fred Ames was rushed to the hospital with acute abdominal pain
  • His wife, Anne, noted that his pancreas was completely necrotic by the time doctors did the first of seven surgeries
  • Fred wound up in the intensive care unit (ICU) with …

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Abortion And Rape: Answering The Arguments For Abortion

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It is argued that in these tragic cases the great value of the mental health of a woman who becomes pregnant as a result of rape or incest can best be safe-guarded by abortion. It is also said that a pregnancy caused by rape or incest is the result of a grave injustice and that the victim should not be obliged to carry the fetus to viability

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The “Whole” Gospel Has A Few Holes Of Its Own Christian

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  • This makes it sound like there is a fixed pie of health care dollars and all the rich countries raided the pie before the poor countries had a chance to get to the table
  • This is bad logic and bad economics
  • Third, Stearns continues to argue for more government aid
  • He suggests that if the rich nations would only divert five percent of the

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Viability: Is A Fetus A Person Once It Can Live Outside

28-week-old Equip.org

  • For some health care facilities are killing viable babies by abortion in one room while in another room heroically trying to save premature infants (preemies)
  • It seems only logical that if the 21-week-old preemie is fully human, then so is the 28-week-old unborn who can be legally killed by abortion
  • This is why philosopher Jane English, who

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The Christian, Energetic Medicine, “New Age Paranoia” By

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Ph.D., a former staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ who became a nutritionist and “wholistic health practitioner” after a personal bout with cancer. In his March/April 1988 Christian Health Counselor newsletter, for example, Kline devotes six pages to the subject of “New Age paranoia” in the church.

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their emotional and mental health needs met in addition to their spiritual needs. There are even study Bibles designed especially for people "in recovery." Indeed, some Christians argue that inclusion of psychological principles and teachings into a biblical counseling setting is the only way to provide competent mental health care to Christians.

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Protecting America’s Immune System Christian Research

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  • (Children from married homes are generally healthier physically and emotionally when they reach adulthood than children from unmarried homes.) 5
  • If these were the only benefits traditional marriage provided to society, it would be reason enough to give marriage privileged legal recognition.

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Visualization (Part One) Christian Research Institute

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Because the mind is potentially so powerful, proponents say, proper visualization methods can affect health, finances, educational abilities, relationships, vocation — and even one’s destiny. In many Hindu and Buddhist religions, for example, the thought or image one holds at death is believed to powerfully influence one’s next life.

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Category: New Age

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HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- Introduction Holistic health has steadily gained public acceptance. What exactly is it all about, and are there any reasons why Christians should steer clear from it? HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- Diverse Range of

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The “New Age Myth”: An Outline Of New Age Ideology

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  • For example, holistic health, in theory if not always in practice, is perfectly consistent with the principles of GST
  • While there are several movements that emphasize a holistic approach to a given subject (e.g., health care, the environment, defense), the advocates of GST are unique in their general approach

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The Problem With Prayer Research Christian Research

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Questions of ethics aside (neither the patients nor their health care providers knew about the existence of the study), analysis of the study indicated a mean score of 6.35 for the prayed-for patients and 7.13 for the control-group patients, a difference that was statistically significant.

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Ipported Claim: The Unborn May Be Cal Results Of A

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  • health care legislation is question-begging
  • More than once, he simply assumes the unborn are not human
  • For example, suppose the bill in question was near perfect, but funded the destruction Of two-year-olds to provide comprehensive health care for the rest Of us
  • Can you imagine, even for a moment,

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What Is The New Age Movement

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They’ve already made significant inroads into such fields as education, business, and health care, and, to a lesser degree, politics and science. Eastern and occult mysticism provide the basis for New Age values, especially the belief that everything is essentially “one,” and that this “one” is God — a view known as pantheistic monism.

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Q&A: The Millennium, Euthanasia, And Prayer Christian

Support Equip.org

I am making out my will, and in light of the current health care in this country, how heroic do I need to ask my representatives to be if I end up on life support? I use your FACTS model for prayer every day; how do I know this isn’t the vain repetition Jesus spoke about in …

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Spare Parts From The Unborn: The Ethics Of Fetal Tissue

Tissue Equip.org

  • DeGiorgio, “Medical and Selected Ethical Aspects of Fetal Tissue Transplantation,” Critical Issues in Health Care(1989):2
  • James Bopp and James Burtchaell, “Fetal Tissue Transplantation: The Fetus as Medical Commodity,” This World 26 (Summer 1989): 67-68

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  • assimilate with conventional health care
  • One definition suggested is that alternative medicine in America consists of practices that generally are not taught in medical schools or practiced in hospitals and doctors’ offices and generally are not covered by health insurance

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Is Birth Control Unbiblical

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Medically speaking, preventing a woman’s body from normal reproductive cycles is not disease prevention, but wellness prevention. Strikingly, contraceptive use has morphed from the exercise of a personal, individual choice to a governmentally supplemented health

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The New Age Rage Christian Research Institute

Conspiratorial Equip.org

The whole gamut of New Age thought and activity is covered, including health care, science, politics, and psychology. Additional chapters are devoted to provid­ing historical background, examining Eastern influences, discussing the end-times and conspiratorial intrigue that many attach to the NAM, contrasting New Age and Christian views of

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Reiki_With Minds Wide Open Christian Research Institute

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Covenant Health Systems is a Catholic health care provider that offers elder‐care services throughout New England. According to its Web site, Covenant Health Systems is committed to providing its nursing home residents with “positive, life affirming care at the end of life which addresses the issues of pain, suffering and loss of control” by offering interventions that range from “high

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The Euthanasia Debate: Part Two: Assessing The Options

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  • O’Rourke, Health Care Ethics (St
  • Louis, MO: The Catholic Health Association of the United States, 1982), 199-205; Stanley Hauerwas, Suffering Presence (South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 1986).

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An Englishman Defends American Exceptionalism Christian

Should Equip.org

Nor should we Europeanize health care, given the abysmal record of England’s inefficient and bureaucratically sclerotic socialized system. We should shun the European model of welfare as well, because it makes no distinction between the deserving and undeserving poor, undercuts responsibility, and generates resentment.

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Q&A: The Millennium, Euthanasia, And Mormonism Christian

Millennium Equip.org

On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast, Hank answers the following questions:. Since you understand the Millennium to be eternal, how can Satan be released after the Millennium is over? I am making out my will, and in light of the current health care in this country, how heroic do I need to ask my representatives to be if I end up on life support?

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The Politics Of Abortion: Should Christians Vote Straight

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  • Suppose a political party is great on health care and the economy, but will fight to keep it legal for men to beat their wives
  • That alone should disqualify that party from leadership
  • Moreover, where’s the evidence that biblical truth mandates …

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The Best Books On The New Age Movement Christian

Conspiratorial Equip.org

The whole gamut of New Age thought and activity is covered, including health care, science, politics, and psychology. Additional chapters are devoted to providing historical background, examining Eastern influences, discussing the end-times and conspiratorial intrigue that many attach to the NAM, contrasting New Age and Christian views of

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Ethics At The Twilight Of Life Our Obligation To The

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  • interest against the needs of my parents
  • When we have family discussions about the different levels of health care available for my stepfather, every choice seems fraught with perils, and nobody wants to be the one to bring up the issue of checking him into a nursing home
  • That recourse seems terribly isolated and final

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The Art Of Dying: Living Fully Into The Life To Come

Journalist Equip.org

  • Rob Moll (1977–2019) was an award-winning journalist and the author of The Art of Dying
  • He wrote extensively on health and health-care issues, investing and personal finance, religion, and rural America
  • Beginning his career as a journalist in the suburbs of Chicago, Moll worked as a reporter and editor for the Grayslake Times and Citizen Media.

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