Assessment Of Challenges Associated With Managing A


Health care industry is one of the fast growing industries in the world. Health care industry play a dominant part in country economy and it contribute 10.5% of GDP in most of the developed countries (Rubin, 2015). Health care industry is also referred as medical industry

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Prediction Of Patient S Health Risk In Critical Care Using


The Intensive care units (ICU’s) of a hospital comprise a large share of the health care budget as today’s lifestyle habits and environmental conditions contribute to the onset of chronic diseases. High risk patients in ICU require extensive monitoring and direct attention from healthcare providers.

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An Exploring Of The Factors That Cause Stress And Burnout


health care sector has been extremely valuable (as cited in Burns, 2006, p. 25). The national training programme developed in in the republic of Ireland in year 2000 was designed for HCAs to acquire more skills to benefit patient care (Mckenna, Keeney and

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Psychotherapy As A Treatment Option Within The Irish


other health care professionals (McDaid, 2013). It needs to be clear about what the medical model means since this can be ambiguous, and as Freeth (2007) describes, can be used sweepingly. The medical model is a way of looking at mental health, or any ill health, in terms of a breakdown of a biological process,

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Challenges Facing Home Care Workers And Assessment Of


The overall responsibility for health care in Ireland is with the Department of Health and the HSE is the implementing organisation. In Ireland home care has expanded but still remains under-regulated or unregulated (Migrant Right Centre Ireland, 2015; RTE radio 2014; Timonen, Doyle and O’ Dwyer, 2012).

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Burnout And Compassion Fatigue In Emergency Care Nurses


contributing factors mentioned above are evident within the Irish health care system and in particular within emergency departments across Ireland. In a report carried out by RTE news (2017) it was highlighted by the Irish Midwifery and Nursing Organisation (IMNO) that the situation in Irish emergency departments is at crisis level.

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The Relationship Between Exercise And Self Esteem


depression and anxiety (WHO, 2005). The promotion of positive mental health is concerned with the enhancement of well-being among the general population (WHO, 2005). In conclusion, health risks are shown to be reduced by exercise, and additionally those that exercise more have less health risks (CSO, 2006). In order to promote physical activity

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Is Absenteeism Related To Stress


Regan (2012) reported thatmore than 5,000 health service staff called in sick each day at a cost of €284m a year and that absenteeism rates climbed to an average of 4.98% among the HSE's staff of 104,000. This compared with a rate of 4.80% in 2010.The average days sick in

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and anxiety (Hofmann, Sawyer, Witt, & Oh, 2010) and in non-clinical samples and health-care professionals expressing stress (Baer, Carmody & Hunsinger, 2012), in the form of mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) after its breakthrough introduction by Kabat-Zinn (1982) at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in 1979.

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health. In particular, the present research study is focused on the analysis of digital applications related to the management of health, denominated Mobile Health Application (mHealth apps) and their predisposition of being used as a substitute to a traditional visit to a General Practitioner (GP) as the first line of health care. 1.2.

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Improvement of Mental Health Care adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1991, stating it is the right of every person to receive psychiatric treatment suited to his cultural background. Carta, Giovanni, Bernal, Hardoy, Haro-Abad (2005) state that of all the changes a human being faces in his life few are as wide and complex as those

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In contemporary Africa, health and healthcare is one of the fundamental development aspects of most governments. Providing sound healthcare for all Ugandan citizen is a key priority for the government of Uganda. However, in Uganda there is a lack of empirical research documenting

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The nine healthcare professionals, seven females and two males, were chosen because of their diverse roles; psychiatrist, clinical nurse specialist, nutritionist and psychotherapist, and all had a varied amount of experience (4 to 20 years) in the field. Results, obtained through NVivo and thematic analysis, showed that the Irish healthcare

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Where Do We Stand With OCD: Psychotherapists Recognition


people suffering with psychological distress, and no research conducted with health care professionals in Ireland. The aim of this research study was to examine psychotherapists interpretations of, and reactions to, a client who presents with OCD. Six vignettes referring to a client presenting with taboo

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misleading, for both the patient and health care professional (Ding and Kanaan, 2017; Cooper, Abbass and Town, 2017). FNSDs tend to be heterogeneous disorders in terms of cause, course and treatment (Luyten, Van Houdenhove, Lemma, Target and Fonagy, 2012). Historically, FNSDs have been

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Early Experiences Of Counsellors Providing An Online


Changing health seeking behaviours 7 Traditional Counsellors views Error! Bookmark not defined. Guidance for Online Counsellors 10 Resistance to Online Counselling 11 Literature on the benefits of Online Therapy 11 Writing Therapy 12 The Continued Growth of Counselling Online 14 The future of Mental Health Care and the Internet 14

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Strategic Thinking In Telehealthcare: A Possible Solution


The Health Service Executive (HSE) The Health Service Executive is responsible for the provision of healthcare, providing health and personal social services for Irish citizens with public funds. The National Health Service (NHS) Is responsible for the provision of healthcare in the United Kingdom. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

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Belongingness, Work Engagement, Stress And Job


healthcare staff with occupational health support networks and aims to promote the wellbeing of those in their employment. The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) are the inspecting and governing body for the provision of ethical and humane service in the Irish healthcare sector. HIQA aims to ensure healthcare providers and

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Mental Health In Irish Primary School Teachers: Depression


Mental Health Reform is a national coalition which campaigns to reform the out-dated Mental Health Act 2001. This act does not comply with international human rights standards including healthcare decisions for those aged 16 and 17, and no facilitation for advance wishes about treatment (Act, 2019). 1.4 Mental Health and the Workplace

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An Investigatory Examination Into The Relationships


and other health care professionals have been using the technique as a non-pharmacological way of dealing with depression, anxiety and addiction among many other illnesses. It is theorized that mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), a meditation based psychotherapeutic intervention designed to help reduce the risk of relapse of recurrent

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The Role Of General Practitioner (GP) Gender On Women’s


Lin, 2010). As individual patients are unique with specific needs and contexts, effective health care requires co-production and the involvement of the patient. For a number of years design thinking has been employed in non-health services using methodology that places the customer at the heart of designing a service.

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Factors Leading To Work Stress And Its Impact On Employee



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The Stigma Of Mental Illness: Generational Differences


of handling mental health care, which was Bellevue hospital, the institution in the current case. They expressed finality about being treated in an institution for the mentally ill, and perceived it as more serious than if you were offered treatment in a local medical centre.

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Effectiveness And Survival Status Of Patients Through


healthcare sector. This research includes data in the year of 2015 at the California Research development and health care service which has information about patients in terms of Robotic surgery. We used almost five machine algorithms mainly Random Forrest, MLP …

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Analysis Of Public Preference For The Development Of


Abstract. Having mobile apps on our phones is common, we use apps for uncountable activities, as such as gaming, business, and health. The aim of this research is to identify the public acceptability of mHealth apps to supply the primary health care traditionally carried out by the GP in Ireland. Research mixed methods were used.

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Psychotherapy As A Treatment Option Within The Irish


People in this group lack the funds to pay for private health care and are therefore at the hands of the public health system. Ireland in the last twenty years has seen the energetic rise of the Celtic tiger as well as its ugly fall from grace, pushing many individuals and …

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Browsing By Supervisor


Possible psychological benefits of chiropractic healthcare : stress, quality of life and health locus of control  Doran, Alan ( Dublin Business School , 2009 ) The aim of this study is to investigate previously neglected psychological benefits of chiropractic healthcare.

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A Qualitative Analysis: “The Effect Of Music Therapy On A


intellectual functioning (World Health Organisation 2001). Such people often need extra care and support from a wide range of health care services. Intellectual Disability can be related with a number of genetic or inherited conditions. Such conditions include Autism, Down syndrome and Prader Willi syndrome.

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The Influence Of Coping Behaviours And Exercise On


The health care costs are on the rise, as it is reported by Department of Health in Ireland, therefore it is becoming more apparent, that health promotion and ill health prevention should be of interest to the governing bodies. The focus of this study was to examine the influence of coping behaviours (support, control, self-efficacy and optimism)

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Abstract Results Discussion Method


among health care assistants and the influence that gender inequalities holds on stress. •The first section focuses on health care assistants and their role and duties in hospital settings. This research suggests that despite being front liners for a number of years the lack of …

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Table of Contents Acknowledgements Abstract (1)Introduction 1 (1.1) Physical Activity and Exercise 3 (1.2) Physical Activity as a Treatment 5 (1.3) Exercise and Stress 5 (1.4) Psychological Well-Being 7 (1.5) Exercise and Psychological Well-Being 8 (1.6) Objective of the Study 9 (1.7) Hypotheses 10 (2) Method 2 (2.1) Participants 11 (2.2) Design 11

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The Role Of Job Satisfaction, Resilience, Optimism And


health care, social work, psychotherapy, legal services and police, since then a lot of research has focused in many different occupations Leiter & Schaufeli (1996). Burnout is costly for an individuals as well as an organisation, research by Cox (2000) found that between 50%-60% of absence from work is related to stress in the

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‘An Exploration Of The Experience Of Client Suicide On The


(Jones, 1987; Schultz, 2005). Health care practitioners are also likely to experience post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (PTSD) such as detachment, dissociation and intrusive thoughts (McGann & Jordan, 2011). Nurses who have lost a patient due to suicide report feeling troubled by the thought that they may be responsible for the

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The Role Of General Practitioner (GP) Gender On Women’s


The measures used were the Health Care Climate Questionnaire (Williams et al., 1996), Positive Affect Negative Affect Schedule (Watson, Clark, & Teilegen, 1988), 5-Item Well-Being 5 Item (WHO, 1998) and General Self-Efficacy scale (Schwarzer & Jerusalem, 1995).

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Cervical Cancer Prevention: Theory Of Planned Behaviour


women on cervical screening. These changes to health care practices may help reduce anxiety of women availing of the cervical screening programme (Allen, 2004). An independent t-test will use anxiety levels as an independent variable to understand the effect on past smear attendance. Anxiety levels will be used as a dependent variable in a one-

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College Students Attitudes Towards Mental Illness In


mental health continues to be important which provides one of the main reasons for this study. 1.2 - The possible causes of mental illness: All over the world, there is an increasing awareness of mental ill health as significant decreasing the likelihood that they will seek mental health care (Corrigan, 2004). According to Byrne (2001

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The Experience Of Relationships, Puberty And Adolescence


eating disorder can prevent them being referred to proper health care or being hospitalised if needed, according to Hoek and Van Hoeken (2003). Anorexia Nervosa is characterised by an intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even though the individual may be underweight, along with a …

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Valuing Equality In Irish Social Care


As a health and welfare intervention, social care is a public institution (although many are private commercial enterprises), that is seen to supplement or substitute other systems, particularly life including time, space, clean air, income and wealth and health care. Resource equality is

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Personal And Perceived Stigma Towards Mental Illness


Count”, n.d.). In Ireland, the population suffering from mental health is approximately one in every three that attends a family doctor, and, of those who live to 65, it is very likely that one in nine will spend some time in mental health care (“About Mental Health Ireland”, n.d).

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Student Number: 1631378 Course Title: BA (Hons) Psychology


Scale (JAWS). Health Care assistant supports the elderly until the end of life, so their emotions may be affected more especially if they were supporting an elderly on palliative care. Furthermore, this study will look at how job tenure may affect job satisfaction using Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) scale.

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Health care is a very noble as well as a very serious profession, as it deals with the most precious thing in the world that’s the life of people as well as playing a significant role in saving the life of the people. As cited by Seitz,S (2013, p. 1), nurses have an enormous potential leverage in being able to improve the health care

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The Relationship Between Gender Congruence, Social Support


little research, education and clinical training specific to transgender health care (Sloan, Berke, & Shipherd, 2017). While studies have been carried out that demonstrate the positive impact of gender affirmation on mental health (Melendez & Pinto, 2007) (Sevelius, 2013), there has been little research carried out in an Irish context.

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Homelessness: A Study Of The Perceptions Of People Working


The health care and needs of homeless people are directly connected to the chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle of homelessness. When a person is homeless they face many difficulties, and are at a much higher risk of diseases and infections such as chronic respiratory and cardiac ailments.

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What Is The Customer’s Knowledge Of ‘The Onsumer


health insurance (Dept of health and children 2012) insurance in Ireland has grown into a profitable market place where the insured avail of ’private’ healthcare, much of which is delivered in public hospitals – for example, both public and private patients can be treated

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Thesis Title : The Meaning Of Life For Elderly In A


showing that health care needs of the older population is viewed with great importance. This is due to the current demographic trend, which will mean that Ireland will have increasing numbers of …

Elderly Health
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The health care costs are on the rise, as it is reported by Department of Health in Ireland, therefore it is becoming more apparent, that health promotion and ill health

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restrictive emotionality (b) health care problems (c) obsession with achievement and success (d) restrictive sexual and affectionate behaviour (e) socialized control, power, and competition issues, and (f) homophobia. Although this was a turning point in the understanding of GRC, O’Neil realised that empirical research would be needed in order to

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Influences Social Media Has On Body Image, Anxiety And


part of an individual’s health life and happiness. (Passer & Smith, 2007, pg. 453). According to (Braden 1969) there are three aspects of self esteem, firstly being the need of self esteem is highly important for living right and successful growth, secondly that self esteem comes from the inside and can be also impacted by social

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