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EyeMed remains committed to the continuity of service for your vision business as we all respond to the COVID-19 global health pandemic. If you’re an EyeMed member looking for vision benefit services, please call your provider to confirm their specific response whether amending store hours or closing.

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EyeMed Vision Benefits – Members

Vision Eyemed.com

Where our 50 million members can view vision insurance copays and deductibles, check on claims, find an eye doctor and get special offers for vision care.

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EyeMed Vision Benefits – Extra Perks

Vision Eyemed.com

A vision network with thousands of independent eye doctors, top optical retailers and online providers means you get access to quality care and vision benefits …

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5 Ways To Plus Up Wellness With Vision Care

Blood Eyemed.com

Health care costs for Americans with diabetes are 2.3 times greater than those without diabetes.[11] Another condition that can be spotted during an eye exam that affects health and wellbeing among adults is high blood pressure, known as “the silent disease” because it often lacks symptoms.

Vision Healthcare
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What Women Should Know About Focusing On Their Vision Health

Their Eyemed.com

Looking after their own health care—particularly their eyesight. That’s why Prevent Blindness recognizes April as Women's Eye Health & Safety Month and shares its Women's Healthy Eyes Now education campaign to make women aware of their eye health risks and ultimately empower them to take action to protect their vision.

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An Eye Exam Is About More Than Blurry Vision

Vision Eyemed.com

  • Even 20/20 vision can be masking a real problem
  • An eye exam used to be for people who needed glasses or contact lenses…and that was it
  • But now we know that vision care is a critical component of overall health care — even for people who think they have perfect eyesight.

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Savings Plus More With PLUS Providers

We’re Eyemed.com

  • Vision care is an important part of health care
  • So, we’re removing the barriers to receiving an eye exam
  • When members visit PLUS Providers, not only do they have an additional $50 to spend on frames, they enjoy a $0 eye exam copay
  • Just another way we’re helping to encourage your employees to be proactive with their holistic healthcare.

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Getting The Most Benefit For Your Buck

These Eyemed.com

  • Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts are a smart way to pay for health care
  • These are simple truths of life
  • That’s why these money-saving accounts are more popular than ever
  • One of the extra perks of these programs is that funds can be used for eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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4 Reasons Why Vision Can Reframe Medical Integration

According Eyemed.com

And consider our growing health care expenses, where $1 of every $5 is spent treating people with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. 70 million: One in 3 adults, or 70 million, suffers from hypertension or high blood pressure, according to …

Vision Healthcare
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Connecting The Dots Between Eye Exams And Health Conditions

Vision Eyemed.com

  • Your employees' health may be hiding in plain sight
  • >> Watch our vision care is health care video Not all vision screenings are created equal
  • In order to detect any underlying, chronic health conditions, it’s important to know the difference between an eye exam and a vision screening.

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Diabetes Management That Includes Vision Care Can Be A

Health Eyemed.com

According to the CDC, more than 20% of health care spending is for people with diagnosed diabetes,[4] – totaling $327 billion in health care spending.[5] How the vision-medical integration works EyeMed is working to elevate vision care into the whole health care picture for better overall health outcomes, especially for members like me who

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Kids’ Vision: When Should I Take My Child To The Eye

Benefits Eyemed.com

  • Comprehensive vision care benefits for the entire family can help employers, as well as members, manage long-term health care costs
  • And for kids, the preventive benefits may go twice as far
  • But when should you take your child to the eye doctor for the first time?

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Fitting Vision Into Your Definition Of Employee Wellness

Health Eyemed.com

  • An often-missed health and wellness tool
  • What’s missing from all these definitions of wellness programs and trends in program management? Eye health and vision care
  • Did you know, employers that offer vision benefits saved $5.8B over 4 years due to lower health care costs, greater productivity, and less turnover[8].

Vision Healthcare
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Value Employees Can See

Vision Eyemed.com

  • Employees often think they can’t possibly afford vision benefits, especially when coupled with rising health care and other ancillary benefit costs
  • Or they don’t think they need vision benefits, because they don’t understand the value

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What Employers Should Know About ICD 10 Codes, Eye Exams

Helps Eyemed.com

  • If you’re not familiar with it, ICD-10 is the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition
  • Admittedly, not the most compelling name
  • But what’s hidden in that name is a tool that helps eye care providers collaborate and communicate with other healthcare

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Integrating Eye Care In Diabetes Management

Diabetes Eyemed.com

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes alone is estimated to cost $245 billion annually in direct costs and lost productivity, and people with diabetes have health care costs that are 2.3 times higher than someone without diabetes. 2

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Better Hearing Month: The Sweet Sights And Sounds Of Life

Employers Eyemed.com

  • And of those who go untreated, National Center for Health Statistics data reveals 95% are affected in their on-the-job performance
  • This can be costly to employers not only in terms of workplace production, but also in long-term health care
  • Roughly 15% of American adults report some trouble hearing.

Life Healthcare
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Are Employees Choosing Between Their Health And Their

Their Eyemed.com

Employees’ total health and wellbeing extends far beyond the doctor’s office. According to SHRM, 71% of employees say their top source of stress is personal finances.(1) Some are even putting their healthcare needs on hold because of financial concerns.

Health Insurance
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Not All Workplace Hazards Can Be Seen: Tips To Help Your

Hearing Eyemed.com

  • Hearing loss is also associated with lower earning potential[3], higher healthcare costs[4] and can add stress to the body and mind
  • Hearing impairment also increases the risk for other employee health issues like diabetes, dementia and depression.[5] 5 tips to protect hearing in the workplace

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Name Of Your Health Insurance Company Your Name Your

Health Eyemed.com

*Protected health information means individually identifiable health information your company has or sends out in any form. Confidential communication of protected health insurance covered under this request includes: • Bills and attempts to collect payment for health care services from your health insurance company

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World Health Day: Scott’s Story Doing Our Part To Tackle

Sustainable Eyemed.com

It’s a perfect time to tell their stories of sustainable vision care efforts, as the World Health Organization (WHO) observes the 70th anniversary of World Health Day — created to raise awareness of, and support for, sustainable access to quality health care services for everyone, everywhere — without financial hardship.

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World Health Day: Jesseca's Story Doing Our Part To

Health Eyemed.com

It’s a perfect time to tell these stories of sustainable vision care efforts, as the World Health Organization (WHO) observes the 70th anniversary of World Health Day —created to raise awareness of, and support for, sustainable access to quality health care services for everyone, everywhere — without financial hardship. This is our 2nd story.

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How To Reach Employees To Make The Mundane Matter

Hours Eyemed.com

This startling fact underscores the importance of compliance with such training—did you know nearly 90% of health care companies had a data breach in the last 2 years 1? As humdrum as these subjects might be, we needed to ask 600 employees for 4 hours of their time spread over 5 weeks – right in the middle of the busiest year in our history.

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Survey Says: Several Factors Can Motivate Employees To

Vision Eyemed.com

With health care costs continuing to rise and health benefits becoming skinnier, vision benefits’ ability to help employees reduce costs related to chronic diseases, like diabetes and hypertension, will only increase the importance of access to comprehensive vision benefits. Other enrollment motivation insights

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EyeMed Individual FAQs

Getting Individual.eyemed.com

Getting an eye exam is part of a healthy person’s regular routine, whether your vision is 20/20 or requires correction, in addition to detecting glaucoma or cataracts, an eye exam may detect other health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol – just to name a few. 2 EyeMed Individual and Family Vision Plans offer

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2021 Vision Health Observances Calendar

Month Eyemed.com

  • Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month National Eye Exam Month August 15 NATIONAL RELAXATION DAY If your eyes have been
  • be time to give them a digital break

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Easy On The Eyes

Consumers Eyemed.com

of U.S. Health Care Consumers found that 52% of healthcare consumers used online resources, such as scorecards, social media and patient portals, to search for care-related information and to compare providers and plans.4 It’s clear that when consumers are given the keys, they’re eager to test-drive the available tools and resources to find the

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Open Enrollment Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Analysis Eyemed.com

2 HR Daily Advisor, “DirectPath to Reduce Health Care Costs: Meet Broker 2.0,” September 2017 3 EyeMed analysis of new business that transferred over from a prior benefits company, 2017 READ MORE

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Lines Of Business

Benefit Eyemed.com

Our pediatric vision benefit is a forward-thinking solution, designed to cover CMS requirements found in the ACA’s “Essential Health Benefits.” This benefit includes: An annual comprehensive eye exam; Polycarbonate and photochromic lens options; Contact lens fit and follow-up service 40% off a second complete pair of eyeglasses

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Vision From A Better Angle

In-network Eyemed.com

  • as specialized as health and dental; there really shouldn’t be any reason to need an out-of-network provider
  • Dental plans with a PPO may only see 25% – 40% in-network utilization, while a vision plan should expect 95% in-network usage (or more)

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Why Vision Insurance For Employers

Vision Eyemed.com

  • Today’s employees know what they want – and what they want (and need) is vision care
  • Next to health care, vision benefits are one of the most asked for and used voluntary benefits
  • What was once a nice-to-have is now a must-have to not only keep employees’ eyesight sharp, but also to recruit and retain top talent

Vision Healthcare
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See Better, Hear Better With EyeMed And Amplifon

Hearing Eyemed.com

  • Providers in the Amplifon Hearing Health Care network offer discounted, set pricing on hearing aids from the 10 top manufacturers
  • Each manufacturer has different levels of technology that service different types of hearing loss
  • Members can connect with Amplifon to find a hearing care

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EyeMed Member Communication Whitepaper

Health Eyemed.com

  • A piece that highlights specific health
  • concerns and resources that help employees stay healthy
  • Benefit summaries: Benefit snapshots give employees a clear view of their allowances, copays, member-only savings, member support tools, and health and wellness programs
  • Provider directories: Geo-targeted healthcare directories give

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Reasons Why Benefits Program Texting Is Your Friend

Meticulous Eyemed.com

EyeMed’s text messages are delivered by Relay Health, a platform used by many leading healthcare companies and insurance providers. We use ExactTarget, a well-known email delivery vendor that’s meticulous about what is allowed through the system and what isn’t.

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Communication Matters

Health Eyemed.com

  • 14 One surprising exception: millennials have a low level of trust when it comes to benefits information, so they turn to doctors, friends and family for advice
  • 15 MESSAGE CLARITY 62% of employees said they trust benefits information from their employer more than information provided by health insurance providers.14

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Why Vision Insurance For Brokers

Vision Eyemed.com

  • 1 - “US Optical Overview and Outlook”; The Vision Council; December 2015
  • 2 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015
  • 3 - “Study: Employees with vision benefits tend to use them,” benefitspro.com, 9/28/16
  • 4 - School-aged Vision: 6 to 18 Years of Age, American Optometric Association website
  • 5 - 2017 Blue Light Digital Eye Strain Report, The Vision Council

Vision Healthcare
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Vision Benefits Can Lead To Early Detection Of Diabetic

Healthcare Eyemed.com

  • It’s easy to see how eye care can make a difference in health and healthcare spending
  • How much can employers save? Those offering vision benefits to employees saved $5.8 billion over 4 years due to lower healthcare costs, higher productivity and less turnover
  • 4 One study even found the average employer gains $7 for every $1 invested in

Vision Healthcare
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Facing A Tough Benefits Discussion

Probably Eyemed.com

  • I understand that when it comes to benefits, medical is probably always going to take up 90% of the conversation
  • As an HR business partner, I can accept that
  • If you handle your company’s benefits you probably spend most of your time talking to actuaries and tracking health care costs.

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Information Coveredca.eyemed.com

  • Your health information is contained in a medical or optical dispensary record that is the physical property of Luxottica Retail
  • We may use or disclose your health information to an optometrist, ophthalmologist, optician or other healthcare providers providing treatment to you for:

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Notice To California Members

Managed Eyemed.com

How to file a grievance with the California Department of Managed Health Care The California Department of Managed Health Care is responsible for regulating health care service plans. If you have a Grievance against you or your representative plan, you should first telephone EyeMed at …

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EyeMed Individual Broker FAQs

Customers Individual.eyemed.com

  • Customers also get extra savings on LASIK procedures or discounts on hearing health care and services
  • Who is EyeMed? 50 million members are experiencing our vision of how benefits should be
  • From the moment you get to know EyeMed Vision Care, you’ll notice something different.

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FAQ eyemed.com health

Where is eyemed accepted?

EyeMed is accepted at all 26 of our locations in Wisconsin. You can book an exam online or over the phone. Take advantage of our free insurance checks and vision consultations to find the best value!

What providers are in the eyemed network?

EyeMed offers a wide variety of in-network providers nationwide. You can search the EyeMed Provider Finder to find one near you. Common providers: Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Sears Optical Looking for an EyeMed Plan?

How to contact eyemed vision care?

EyeMed Vision Care: Contact EyeMed - Contact Us by Phone. Contact EyeMed by Phone. Use one of the toll-free numbers listed below to speak to an EyeMed service representative. Member Inquiries: 1-866-9-EYEMED. EyeMed Sales Inquiries: 1-888-4-EYEMED. Provider Authorization Line: 1-800-521-3605.

What does eyemed insurance cover?

What Does Eyemed Insurance Cover Features. Some procedures are made to assess your vision, others permit the physician to examine the construction of the eye, and still others help detect certain diseases. This is an whole eye examination that is covered once every 1 to 3 decades, dependent on the insurance.

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