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Is Health Care A Human Right

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  • There is a right to health care, the argument goes, but no one has a right to make poor decisions and expect others to bear the costs
  • This is a perfect example of the inconclusivity of positive rights
  • The initial claim to a right to health care only begins the …

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Why Health Care Is So Expensive (and How To Fix It

Needs Fee.org

  • As health care becomes more affordable, its consumption and quality increase
  • Health savings accounts need to be expanded
  • Government needs to get out of the market
  • Health care decision making needs to return to the people.

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Medical Care And Market Forces

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  • If the government pays for old people or poor people’s health care, the demand for health care will increase, and prices will rise
  • If we restrict the number of people who can go to medical school, prices will rise
  • If we pass tax laws that encourage employers to offer health insurance, more health care will be used and prices will rise.

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Health Care Delayed Is Health Care Denied

People Fee.org

  • Since telling a population of over 325 million people that each of them may only receive health care X number of times a year is certainly politically impossible, all we really have left is waiting
  • And wow, do people wait for nationalized health care.

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The Right Way To Overhaul America's Health Care System

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  • Last year, the average monthly premium for individual insurance was $476 per person per month in the 39 states participating in HealthCare.gov
  • But while premiums have gone up, choices have gone down
  • In more than 80 percent of counties across the country, there are only one or two health care plans available on the Obamacare exchange

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A Sales Pitch For Laissez Faire Health Care

Information Fee.org

Information and the Active Patient: Drug information would be improved by freedom to self-disclose in labeling and advertising.At present, consumer access to medical information is expanding, in the forms of health-care literature, medical libraries, online information services like Internet, referral services like Prologue, and services like The Health Resource, which generates for a fee

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Why You’re Paying More (and More) For Health Care

Health Fee.org

Since 2007, health care prices increased 21.6 percent, while prices in the general economy grew 17.3 percent. US health care spending is reaching 20 percent of GDP, and hospital care is the largest contributor to that, accounting for $1.1 trillion in 2016.

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Tragedy Of The Healthcare Commons

Healthcare Fee.org

Data on the overall effectiveness of public healthcare spending is clear, but not nearly as well known among voters. For example, The RAND Corporation conducted a health insurance experiment from 1974 to 1982, which showed that making healthcare “free,” or available at no personal marginal cost, does lead people to buy more.

Health Insurance
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The Medical Cartel Is Keeping Health Care Costs High

Physicians Fee.org

Though few Americans realize it, health care is a monopoly. Cartels Protecting Doctors Both directly or indirectly, the AMA also controls the prices paid to physicians, the licensing of physicians, the accreditation of medical schools, admittance into medical schools, and the payment policies of insurance companies.The AMA runs on membership fees, and its mission is protecting the interests of

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Non Profit Hospitals Are Making A Killing

Average Fee.org

  • The annual cost of health care for the average American family hovers around $20,000
  • Premiums increase yearly, and this is a primary driver of why real wages for average Americans don’t seem to improve
  • Meanwhile, the CEO of non-profit Banner Health, based out of …

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Nationalized Health Care Will Cut Costs

Group Fee.org

A group called Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) is promoting a government insurance plan to cover all Americans. In an August 13, 2003, Los Angeles Times report, the group claimed that their “single payer” plan would eliminate $200 billion a year in “administrative, marketing and other private-industry expenses.” This would save enough “to provide health care to …

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Health Care Is A Mess But Why

That Fee.org

  • On top of that, these programs constantly require tax increases, and because they function more to satisfy the health care industry than the worker, they continually lead to more expensive and wasteful ways of treating patients
  • As a result, prices shot up, making it even more difficult for people to afford health insurance

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Are We Really All Healthcare Collectivists Now

Health Fee.org

  • Health Care Is Different? Why is health care different? Must we collectively and consciously reinvent it? The social knowledge problem that F
  • Hayek spelled out should make us wary of any such response
  • All of us together acting in the market are wiser than any group of congressmen.

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My Obamacare Nightmare: Yes, The Government Can Terminate

Received Fee.org

  • Yes, Your Health Care Can Be Terminated—by the Government
  • I have had to condense the experience from two years ago because last year’s was even worse
  • In December, I received a notice that my form-blah-blah-blah was not included in my filing
  • I filed a 1040X, including the missing form, and received a check from the Treasury in April

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Health Costs Are Rising Because Of Price Controls

Fiscal Fee.org

  • When discussing government involvement in the health sector, I usually focus on the budgetary implications
  • Which makes sense since I’m a fiscal wonk and programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare are diverting ever-larger amounts of money from the economy’s productive sector.
  • I also look at the tax side of the fiscal equation and complain about how the healthcare

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WHO's Hidden Agenda

Health-care Fee.org

In these health systems, governments are to assume the crucial role of “stewardship” to enforce “rational” use of health-care services. Governments are thus called on to collect health-care funds from citizens, set and direct health policy, define allowable health-care services for citizens, and provide oversight.

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Declaring Health Care "Universal" Doesn’t Make It So

Healthcare Fee.org

  • WHO’s definition describes the ideal outcome for a healthcare system
  • In other words, it is a goal, not a means
  • Often, however, universal healthcare refers to a government action or policy, or a specific way of producing health care.

Health Insurance
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What If Health Insurance Worked Like Car Insurance

Insurance Fee.org

  • Health insurance is not the same as health care
  • Yet politicians can’t seem to help but use the terms interchangeably
  • As of 2016, 27 million people lacked health insurance because they didn’t have an employer-sponsored insurance plan, didn’t meet the Medicaid eligibility criteria, and couldn’t afford private insurance.

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Canada's Government Run Health Care System Crumbled Under

Health Fee.org

Emergency deregulations are spreading across health care, from scope of practice to product licensing, while private operators finally are getting limited permission to operate in telemedicine. But 50 years of government management of essential health care has left Canada with far less capacity and far fewer resources than it needs in this crisis.

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The Idea That The US Has A "Free Market" Health Care

Health Fee.org

Moreover, the government sector on health is now so large it consumes half of all health care spending in the United States. Using data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD)'s 2015 Health Statistics report, we find government spending in the United States accounted for 48 percent of overall health spending

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Single Payer Health Care Would Be Even Worse Than

Sanders’ Fee.org

  • While liberals have long advocated “single-payer” systems for health care, what’s new this time is that they are coalescing around a plan
  • Sixteen Senate Democrats are co-sponsoring Sanders’ bill, and 120 Democrats in the House have signed on to a similar approach
  • Make no mistake: If Americans were ever foolish enough to take Sanders’ “single-payer” prescription, they would

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Imagine If We Paid For Food Like We Do Healthcare

Directly Fee.org

In recent years there has been a small but growing underground movement bypassing this Byzantine food management managed health care system. These rebel grocers and chefs independent doctors are directly providing their customers patients with quality, affordable food and meals medical care.

Beauty Food
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Quit Obamacare And Build Your Own Mutual Aid Organization

Health Fee.org

A better way to manage health care costs without the federal government’s involvement is for us to do it ourselves through mutual aid. The mutual aid model has been around for decades in the form of health care sharing ministries, which use grassroots financial support to help participants who incur medical expenses.

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Socialized Medicine Is "Free" But Leads To Really, Really

Letter Fee.org

  • Hataley, who has been outspoken about wait times and other issues plaguing Ontario’s health care system, said the wait time “shocked” her
  • She wanted to shock others as well, so she tweeted a photo of the letter above and tagged Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins and Kingston-area MPP Sophie Kiwala

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Health Insurance Is Illegal

Health Fee.org

These plans would encourage thrift and consumer wisdom in health care planning while discouraging the overconsumption that makes prepaid health care unaffordable. At this point, critics will object that private health insurance is a market failure because the refusal of unregulated private companies to insure preexisting conditions is a serious

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Obamacare Subsidy Cut Off May Actually Help Low Income

High-income Fee.org

  • The actual effects of the executive order will be much different than the way it’s being portrayed in the media
  • In the short run, the most likely casualty will be insurance companies’ profits
  • But in the long run, they will make themselves whole at the expense of high-income participants
  • Meanwhile, low-income participants may actually benefit from expanded access.

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Free Enterprise And Health Care

Emotional Fee.org

  • Health care is a rather vague term that is interpreted in many differing ways
  • There are some well-documented facts that must be understood in order to intelligently discuss the subject
  • Of the physical and emotional problems for which people seek aid, about 80 percent are directly or indirectly self-induced, and as such, with adequate

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The Myth Of Health Insurance

Called Fee.org

  • Actually, the ruled have always longed for “universal health care,” and the rulers have always supplied them with a policy that the masses accepted as such a service
  • In the Middle Ages, universal health care was called Catholicism
  • In the twentieth century, it was called Communism
  • In the 21st century, it is called Universal Health Insurance.

Health Insurance
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The Coming Push For National Health Care

Health Fee.org

Health care experts, journalists, and broadcast commentators have advised that other forays by the government into health issues, such as mandated benefits, long-term or nursing home care, national health insurance, and nationalized health care are virtually dead in the water.

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Another Grim Reminder That Obamacare Has Made Healthcare

Workers Fee.org

  • Workers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain of rising health-care costs
  • Employers still typically pay roughly 80% of individual health-insurance premiums… In 2015, 8% of Americans’ household spending went toward health care, up from 5.8% in 2007, according to the Labor Department
  • Here’s a chart from the story.

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Licensing And Barriers Are Sickening

Provided Fee.org

Nurse practitioners are an often overlooked source of health care and, according to Kaiser Family Foundation, can “manage 80-90% of care provided by primary care physicians.” Research shows that patients are just as satisfied with the quality of care provided by nurse practitioners as …

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Voluntarism In Health: A Forgotten Solution

Health Fee.org

The success of the Bradley Free Clinic lies in voluntarism, a time-honored American tradition that is often left out of discussions on how to remedy our country’ s health care ills. Until the advent of Medicare and Medicaid in the early 1960s, numerous hospitals operated with the primary intention of providing health care for the disenfranchised.

Health Insurance
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Health Insurance Scam

Incest Fee.org

It is fitting, on several levels, that the debate over de facto nationalization of “health care” may hinge on abortion. To get her bill through the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to accept an amendment that would forbid the use of taxpayer money to buy insurance policies that pay for abortions (except for rape, incest, and danger to the mother).

Health Insurance
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3 Ways Regulation Makes Health Care Expensive

Health Fee.org

  • American health care is more cartel than competition
  • It would serve the public’s interest to turn our attention to the corporatism and protectionism which constrains patient choice and inflates health care costs
  • Here are three places to get started.

Health Insurance
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Want To Fix Health Insurance

High-cost Fee.org

As health care policy expert Michael Cannon notes, high-cost patients with guaranteed-renewable coverage are roughly half as likely to end up uninsured as high-cost patients with small-group coverage, and unlike employer-sponsored coverage, the risk of losing guaranteed-renewable coverage does not rise with health risk.

Health Insurance
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The Future Of Healthcare Is Already Here

Health Fee.org

There may always be a need for Medicare and Medicaid-type models, but DPC allows a significant percentage of the country to get most of their health care services at an affordable rate that is protected from regulatory inflation via free market forces. More freedom, more choices, lower costs, improved health care.

Health Insurance
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What Hunger Insurance Could Teach Us About Health

Worth Fee.org

Paying for health care with post-tax dollars, then, requires earning one dollar to buy 43 cents’ worth of service. Having an employer purchase a health insurance policy, on the other hand, means a dollar’s worth of earnings buys an entire dollar’s worth of insurance.

Health Insurance
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Socialized Medicine: The Canadian Experience

Health Fee.org

The Canadian public health system is often put forward as an ideal for Americans to emulate. It provides all Canadians with free basic health care: free doctors visits, free hospital ward care, free surgery, free drugs and medicine while in the hospital—plus some free dental care for children as well as free prescription drugs and other

Experience Health
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The Myth Of Cuba's Glorious Health Care System

Health Fee.org

One of the most readily apparent problems with the health care system in Cuba is the severe shortage of medicines, equipment, a nd other supplies. … Many Cubans (including a number of health professionals) also had serious complaints about the intrusion of politics in to medical treatment and health care decision-making.

Health Insurance
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Hayek Warned Us About Obamacare

Health Fee.org

  • Many advocates of state-run health care excused this blunder by suggesting that perhaps this was in the people’s best interest
  • Maybe their original insurance premiums were insufficient, at least according to the new government standards
  • Perhaps Obamacare was doing these health care consumers a favor by stripping them of their prior coverage.

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The Great Healthcare CON

Higher Fee.org

  • Average Healthcare Costs Per Capita, Non-CON States vs
  • Academic research backs up this analysis
  • One high-profile Duke University study in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law claimed that CON laws lead to higher, not lower, healthcare costs: CON laws caused a 2 percent reduction in bed supply and “higher costs per day and per admission, along with higher …

Health Insurance
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Government Run Health Care Cannot Deliver What The

Health Fee.org

A “single-payer” health system is a government-controlled health care system. Government is the “single-payer.” In most versions of single-payer, most private health insurance is either outlawed or restricted, and most public health programs are absorbed into the single, national health insurance program.

Liver Cancer Health
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Health Insurance And Good Health Are Not The Same Thing

Health Fee.org

A newly released paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) finds that while the ACA has improved access to healthcare, “no statistically significant effects on risky behaviors or self-assessed health” can be detected among the population (beyond a slight uptick in self-reported health in patients over 65). These results are consistent with other studies, like the Oregon

Health Insurance
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How Obamacare Is Destroying Healthcare Access

Health Fee.org

Economics Health Care Obamacare Subsidies Insurance Health Price Special Interests The ongoing cluster-you-know-what of Obamacare is a source of unhappy satisfaction. Part of me is glad the law is such a failure , but it’s tragic that millions of people are suffering adverse consequences .

Health Insurance
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Medical Entitlements Make Care Expensive

Introduced Fee.org

  • Senator Rand Paul has introduced an alternative bill to what he calls, “Obamacare Lite,” a.k.a
  • the American Health Care Act, introduced by House Speaker Paul Ryan.Paul’s criticism of Ryan’s bill was mild compared to Rep
  • Massie called Ryan’s bill a “stinking pile of garbage.”

Mens Health
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