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FHE Health: Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Detox

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FHE Health is a Florida based healthcare institution that delivers quality, medically integrated personalized treatment for those suffering from Behavioral Health Disorders. We specialize in addictive disorders and other behavioral health diagnoses such as mood disorders, depression , anxiety , and traumatic disorders .

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Integrated Medical Support For Addiction FHE Health Rehab

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When you come into our location, you will receive optimized health care that focuses not just on your brain but your whole body. That means that if there is an underlying health issue that could have started you on the path to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or …

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FHE Health Education Programs For Nurses And Students

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Our educational team is comprised of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the highest quality of training. We provide on-site training for medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and other medical professions.In addition to our top-notch educational team, our educational programs have collaborated with Barry University, Florida Atlantic University

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Addiction, Mental Health Treatment

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At FHE Health, we are proud to help patients with addiction & mental health disorders across the country. We strive to provide our patients with top-of-the-line treatment and cutting-edge technology to get them on the right path towards a happy and healthy future!

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Mental Health: Residential Care Florida Inpatient Treatment

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  • As the initial phase of mental health treatment, our program is designed to meet the needs of each individual
  • For some, this may include detox if there are substance abuse concerns present
  • For others, it may mean health care to address medical issues occurring.

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Anxiety Disorders And Their Statistics FHE Health

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  • In recent years, treatment for anxiety has become considerably more affordable
  • The Affordable Care Act, which was passed in 2010, required that all major health insurance plans include coverage for mental health services, including treatment for conditions like anxiety.

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Inpatient Mental Health Treatment: What It’s Really Like

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Structure is very important in treatment programs of all kinds and tends to be featured heavily in inpatient mental health care.To facilitate results, residents are held to a strict schedule during the day in a mental hospital.

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Holistic And Alternative Mental Healthcare Treatments

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  • Today a growing body of alternative treatments for mental health, also known as holistic interventions, are taking consumers by storm
  • People rave about the wonders of natural herbs and plant-based supplements like St
  • John’s Wort for depression, Kava for anxiety, and CBD for pain and sleep (among many other “natural” cures for mental health ailments).

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Healthcare Costs, Narcan, And Memes

Access Fherehab.com

  • Why is the cost of insulin so much higher than the “free” access to Narcan? Here’s the truth behind Narcan access and the other life-saving drugs people need
  • FHE Health offers drug addiction support
  • Read from FHE, a top drug, alcohol and mental health treatment facility! Call today to learn more (866)421-6242!

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Does Therapy Actually Help For Mental Health Issues

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In mental health more specifically, therapy means attempts to solve psychological problems through psychological means. This means that while pharmacotherapy is an emerging modality for addiction and mental health, the use of medications doesn’t fit into the modern discussion of what therapy is for people who have mental health conditions.

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TriWest Healthcare Alliance

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FHE Health is a contracted treatment center with TriWest, a health insurance provider that partners closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to service veterans and members of the United States Armed Services, as well as their families, with high-quality behavioral healthcare.

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What Are The 5 Worst Jobs For Mental Health Stress

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At FHE Health, we’re experts in providing support for clients dealing with mental health problems related to their jobs. If your job triggers mental health conditions like anxiety or depression and is negatively impacting your day-to-day functioning, contact us today at (855) 944-7282.

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What Is A Walk In Mental Health Clinic, And How It Can Help

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  • For many people, there is a growing level of accessible mental health care
  • Free walk-in mental health remains hard to locate, but some form of assistance may be available in your area now
  • Walk-in mental health clinics and other in-community solutions are available in some regions of the country.

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How To Talk About A Mental Health Issue With Parents

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  • Mental health issues can sneak up on anyone at any time
  • Navigating the world each day can become confusing and scary
  • During times of uncertainty, depression and other mental health challenges can quickly cast shadows over things that used to bring joy
  • In these times, it can be very hard to open up about an issue like depression or anxiety—even with someone you trust, like a parent.

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Mental Health Disorder Treatment & Rehabilitation

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  • Mental Health Treatment at FHE Health
  • At FHE Health, our Mental Health Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of clients diagnosed with primary mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, and others
  • We believe in providing a comprehensive approach to wellness.

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FHE Health Named “Preferred Provider” By The National

Union Fherehab.com

The world’s largest union representing union staff, the National Staff Organization (NSO), has officially named FHE Health their “preferred and recommended provider.” After a lengthy vetting process, the NSO Pension & Benefits Executive Committee determined that FHE Health offered the best addiction and mental health treatment options to NSO members.

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Women’s Treatment Program

Empower! Fherehab.com

Empower! is a women’s specific treatment program at FHE Health, treating both addiction & mental health. Call to learn more 866-686-3477!

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The Nurse’s Guide To Addiction And Mental Health Help

Doctors Fherehab.com

Doctors and nurses are expected to be in good health to take care of others, and the presence of mental illness or substance abuse can be a black mark on a nurse’s perceived ability to properly care for patients. And while medical professionals are supposed to be offered resources when in need of help, some hospitals and clinics may blackball

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U.S. And International Addiction Statistics & Facts FHE

Addiction Fherehab.com

Healthcare costs related to the abuse of prescription opioids run $26 billion annually. 9 Drug Addiction Demographic Statistics Addiction doesn’t play favorites when it comes to factors such as gender, age or geographic location, the statistics do show differences in …

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Remote Mental Health Care

Affordable Fherehab.com

Advancements in health care policy have made mental health services much more affordable for people with insurance, but for those who still remain without coverage, online therapy can be a more affordable alternative. Online therapists are easier for some people to talk to.

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The Mental Health Effects Of Working The Night Shift

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  • Understanding the risks may help many workers develop strategies for coping with them
  • The need for night shift work is ever present in many industries, including the healthcare industry
  • By learning how to work the night shift and stay healthy, workers can not only protect their physical health, but their psychological health, too.

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Location: Mental Health Care In Deerfield Beach

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  • FHE Health offers a caring and supportive environment for people who need help managing a wide range of behavioral health disorders
  • The facility is accredited by the Agency for Healthcare Administration and the JOINT Commission, ensuring that everyone who walks through the doors receives high-quality care from compassionate staff members
  • What sets FHE Health apart from other mental health

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Are Politics Affecting My Mental Health

Channels Fherehab.com

  • Managing Mental Health During a Tense Political Climate
  • politics have become increasingly divisive in recent years, and between 24-hour cable news channels and the constant barrage of news stories via social media and news apps, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the tension.

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A Look Inside Mental Health And Gun Violence

Included Fherehab.com

  • Mental health services included any response calling for better mental healthcare
  • Nothing included respondents writing the word “nothing”, or variations of the phrase
  • Family values and religion included both advocating for stronger family values as well as a bigger role for religion in society.

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Illinois Drug Rehab Centers, Alcohol

Addiction Fherehab.com

FHE Health’s residential rehab program offers comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation services to men and women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Residential rehab is generally Phase One in addiction treatment following medical detox and is one the most important components of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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How Social Distancing Is Affecting Mental Health

Mental Fherehab.com

Social distancing is a necessary part of preventing the spread of COVID-19, but it can also have a negative effect on mental health. Learn more about how the pandemic is affecting mental health and relationships.

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Spiritual Health And Wellness Quiz

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  • Holistic health encompasses more than just the body
  • When taken as a whole, people need to reach for wellness physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Spiritual health is difficult to define but can lead to a better sense of purpose and belonging
  • When all aspects of health are in balance, it becomes easier to find joy in everyday life.

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FHE Health Nationally Trusted & Accredited: Licenses

Works Fherehab.com

  • The Joint Commission is a nonprofit organization that works independently from any health care provider and works to improve the quality of patient care in the country
  • It is tasked with accrediting and certifying the more than 21,000 organizations that are a part of its membership
  • To achieve its goals, the Joint Commission works to evaluate organizations and then guides them to excel in

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Addiction & Mental Health Resources For Union Members Rehab

Coverage Fherehab.com

Along with better wages, then, job benefits—healthcare insurance coverage in particular—are at the top of a list of valuable membership benefits for unionized workers. Union membership can confer better coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment than the minimum coverage granted to non-unionized employees.

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Addiction Treatment And Mental Healthcare For Spanish

Similar Fherehab.com

Because of its location in South Florida, FHE Health is accustomed to working with Spanish-speaking patients and/or families. While the treatment needs of this demographic are quite similar to those of the broader population—anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse and suicide occur at similar rates within the Latino community, for example, according to a National Alliance on …

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How The Political Climate May Be Hurting Your Mental Health

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  • Mental Health Care at FHE Health
  • It’s important not to let the partisan nature of the modern political climate distract us from seeking your mental health needs
  • If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health condition, contact FHE Health

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Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Imaging Fherehab.com

At FHE Health, we are highly trained in mental health care, combining the medical, psychiatric and clinical components of treatment. Using a series of biometrics, we are able to use tools like brain imaging, blood testing and other techniques to create a customized approach to therapy to improve efficacy.

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How Circadian And Other Cycles Can Affect Mental Health

Mental Fherehab.com

The cause of mental health issues is not always easy to see, and mental health specialists have the experience and expertise to figure out the best approach in every case. To learn about your options for mental health care, contact FHE Health today.

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Test Mental Health Knowledge

165% Fherehab.com

16.5% Each year, mental illness affects 16.5% of kids between the ages of 6 and 17. There are 7.7 million young adults with mental health concerns.

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Drug Abuse And Addiction In Georgia

Treatment Fherehab.com

  • Looking for rehabs in Georgia? Want to find recovery centers near home? FHE Health, a top drug and alcohol detox treatment center warmly welcomes patients from GA
  • With state of the art treatment options, FHE treats the whole person: mind, body, spirit and brain

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How To Make Someone Get Treatment In A Mental Health …

Mental Fherehab.com

This is why the support of family and friends is so important to those living with a mental health disorder. With a mental illness intervention, the difficult first steps of identifying the problem, connecting with a qualified mental health care professional, and initiating the …

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A Holiday Toolbox For Mental Health

Mental Fherehab.com

  • Yet, for someone struggling with addiction or other mental health complications, it’s not that easy
  • Holiday mental health can be a very important component of your overall well-being
  • If you don’t take steps now to protect your mental health and do so throughout the holiday season, you may find yourself simply overwhelmed.

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Unitedhealth Insurance For Addiction And Mental Health Care

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Provision of drug and alcohol treatment or mental disorder care is a requirement under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act, or MHPAEA.Because of this law, health insurance companies must treat patients who have an addiction or a mental health disorder with the same level of care and attention as they would for those facing diseases or injuries.

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Dr. Beau Nelson, DBH, LCSW

Neurosciences Fherehab.com

  • Nelson is the Chief Clinical Officer and works with the Neurosciences Department at FHE Health
  • He directs all programs and clinical staff, and administratively manages the activities of the Neurosciences department.

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Meet Our Mental Health Program Director

Mental Fherehab.com

  • FHE Health’s new Mental Health Program recently opened its doors for the very first time
  • Michael Jochananov directs the program, which treats people whose primary diagnosis is a mental disorder.Last week, he took part in a wide-ranging interview that answered frequently asked questions about mental health treatment.

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How Mental Health Isn’t All In Your Head: The Physical

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The Mental Health Foundation confirms that people with schizophrenia and similar disorders don’t typically access the same quality health care as others due to their condition. For example, the medications used to treat mental health disorders can have vast and varied effects on a person’s physical health and the way they feel overall.

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Mental Health Retreats: What To Look For In An Escape

People Fherehab.com

  • In its 2017 Stress in America survey, the American Psychological Association found people are worried about many things, including the future of the country, having access to health care and having a job
  • It also reported that three out of four people experienced at least one symptom of stress in the previous month, such as staying awake at night or …

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