Chefs Use Coronavirus Relief Fund For Healthcare Insurance


  • In an industry where the daily grind can compromise the mental and physical wellbeing of staff, health is always a primary concern
  • But in a country like the US, where basic healthcare can cost an arm and a leg, it was doubly important for Megan to secure her team's health insurance
  • Across the Garrelts' three restaurants, there were immediate

Coronavirus Health
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Chefs' Mental Health During A Pandemic


  • Chefs' Hands image courtesy of Joakim Blockstrom
  • Mental health became the central theme of the international Congresso dos Cozinheiros (Chefs' Congress), a major Portuguese restaurant-focused symposium that has been taking place for the last 15 years, promoted by Paulo Amado, editor-in-chief of InterMagazine and organiser of culinary events in cities such as Lisbon and …

Mens Health
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Organic Vs Non Organic


Scientists claim that organic foods offer no more vitamin and nutritional value than non-organic foods. The researchers from Stanford University and The Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System performed nutritional studies on a number of different organic vegetables and meats to examine whether organic foods offer more vitamin and nutritional value.

Beauty Organic
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An Interview With A Supermarket Cashier In Lombardy During


Frontline healthcare workers are genuine heroes during this pandemic, but praise should also be given to the ordinary workers, who risk their health and lives so that you have enough to eat. With the news of a 48-year-old cashier dying of COVID19 in Brescia , it reminded us of the risk these people are taking just to ensure the supermarket

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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For You


Using apple cider vinegar for cleaning. It is common knowledge that vinegar can be used as an excellent natural cleaner: though less effective than bleach, its mild acidity does a great job of killing bacteria.A cup of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a gallon of water is perfect for cleaning most surfaces, though be careful, as it may damage softer stone and dull the finish of wood floors.

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Chef Marcus Samuelsson On Racism And Restaurants


  • From inequality to health care and basic infrastructure, these are all wounds that have been torn open by the coronavirus
  • Samuelsson turned his restaurants into meal kitchens, and with a team who were willing to work through the pandemic, he partnered with World Central Kitchen to serve more than 50,000 meals to the people of Harlem

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Paul Sorgule Offers Up 11 Pieces Of Advice To Culinary


  • HEALTHCARE: Typically, working in a hospital is not at the top of many cooks’ career lists
  • Yet, where else can you develop a real understanding of how important proper nutrition can be to the health and wellbeing of others
  • This is where you can find definitive evidence of the importance of well-prepared food.

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75% Of Restaurant Won't Survive Coronavirus Crisis


  • Chef Tom Colicchio thinks that the current coronavirus crisis may see as many as 75% of restaurants close and not open their doors again.
  • Not to sound too pessimistic, but that’s the view of Top Chef Co-host Tom Colicchio, who himself had to take the very difficult decision to close all of his restaurants and lay off some 300 employees.
  • In an interview with Daily Beast Colicchio explained

Coronavirus Health
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Interview With Camilla Marcus From West~bourne In SoHo


The ways he’s finding space to care for the mental health of New Yorkers, compassionately asking for the help of healthcare professionals and ensuring safety and security for all is inspiring and exemplary. He is a lighthouse, simultaneously connecting as a fellow human and citizen, a delicate balance that he is mastering and that we

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Is This Our Chance To Reset Restaurant Wages


If pivot was the defining industry buzzword of the first months of the coronavirus lockdown this spring, offering a catch-all verb for adopting new business models and revenue streams, then reset has become the anthem of the summer.. At this moment, reset does not mean to scrub down a kitchen between prep and service, or to freshen a table between parties.

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Chef David Chang Opens Up About Mental Health Issues, Pay


Chef David Chang has opened up about his own battles with mental health in a new podcast, following the death of his friend Anthony Bourdain.. In a new episode of The Dave Chang Show, the emotional chef pays tribute to Bourdain, who he called everyone’s “cool uncle, a sage, an oracle,” and reveals that he has been seeing a psychiatrist since 2003.

Mens Health
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Chinese Food Businesses During Coronavirus


  • There’s no denying that we are facing a global health crisis
  • But we are also facing a crisis about our humanity
  • None of these crises - health and humanity - are unprecedented
  • Many people have made the connection between coronavirus, and the spread of Mers in 2012, Avian influenza in 2007, SARS in 2003, and Spanish Flu in 1918-1920.

Beauty Food
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A Chef's Letter To POTUS To Plead For The Hospitality Industry


  • Chef Paul Sorgule who leans on his vast experience to share insights about kitchen culture and the chef's profession writes a letter to the US President to plead for help for the restaurant industry in its time of need.
  • The letter appeared on Chef Sorgule's blog Harvest American Ventures and is reposted here
  • President – I will state up front that I am not one of your supporters and

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Chef Teaguie Moriarty Rethinks The Restaurant Business Model


  • Chef Teague Moriarty of San Francisco’s Sons & Daughters is turning a crisis into opportunity and opening his restaurant with better pay and benefits for employees in what he says is a win-win situation.
  • People in hospitality have for years been calling for change
  • A better, fairer and more equitable system, they say, would see workers thrive in the jobs they love, and provide more security

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Lists Of Black Owned Food Businesses In The US


More recently, New Yorker food critic Hannah Goldfield compiled a rolling spreadsheet of nearly 200 black-owned eateries, which includes additional info on services such as takeout, delivery or pickup. In Washington DC, food blogger and activist Anela Malik has put together a comprehensive list and description of black owned restaurants, Black-Owned Restaurants Open During COVID-19.

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