US Healthcare System Explained


The Structure of Health Insurance Costs. Healthcare in the US is financed by a mix of private insurance, distinct federal government programs, such as the Veterans Affairs Health System and Medicaid, and programs funded in individual …

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Is Health Insurance Mandatory In 2020


It’s 2020, and Americans are still confused about the health insurance laws in this country, and rightfully so. In 2010, President Obama passed one of the most comprehensive pieces of healthcare legislation in US history, which included an individual mandate requiring every citizen to enroll in health

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Co Op Health Insurance


Today, healthcare costs are running rampant, with no signs of letting up anytime soon. While most Americans are conceding, learn how some of the most savvy consumers are successfully leveraging co-op health

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Everything You Should Know About How Private Health


The majority of US residents have private health insurance. While public health care consists of Medicare and Medicaid, individuals obtain private health insurance directly from the insurance company, through an employer group plan or through an organization, such as a school.

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Gap Insurance For Your Health Deductible


Gap insurance is a form of healthcare insurance that supplements a high-deductible insurance plan.With recent changes to the Affordable Care Act, many insurance premiums and health coverage deductibles are on the rise.

Health Insurance
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Private Health Insurance Vs. Public Health Insurance


Health insurance that is provided to employees as a benefit of employment is called group coverage or group health insurance. As of 2015, health insurance reforms as a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, require that all employers with over 50 full-time employees provide affordable health coverage to avoid a tax

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The Pros And Cons Of A Single Payer Health Care System


  • Single payer health care is a contentious issue in America
  • However, many people do not fully understand what a single-payer health care system would entail
  • This guide will present both the single-payer health care pros and cons so you can draw your own conclusion about this complex and divisive topic
  • Understanding Single-Payer Health Care

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The Troubling Reason The US Pays More For Healthcare Per


  • One might be led to believe that because the cost of the US healthcare system is so much higher than other similar nations that the overall care of health and the general state of health of the US population would be far superior to …

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Employee Contribution


Your employee contribution is the portion of the premium that you have to pay to a health insurance provider for your coverage, but contributions are normally taken out automatically by your employer. If you're making a contribution as an employee to a healthcare plan, it usually means that you're getting a discount on a plan.

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Secondary Health Insurance Plans


It can also be used to provide financial relief for anyone who requires long-term health care. Secondary health insurance coverage may become especially important in future years, considering President Trump’s healthcare reform and the possibility of health insurance costs rising for those with one of many pre-existing conditions.

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Here’s How To Calculate Your Monthly Health Insurance Premium


  • When you request health insurance quotes through First Quote Health, you will notice that premium amounts vary substantially
  • Depending on your health, age and other factors, you could find a monthly premium amount for under $300 to $400 per month to more than $900 per month
  • You can see that the cost of different health plans varies considerably.

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Women’s Health Insurance


The primary difference between women’s health insurance and traditional coverage is the benefits offered. As we touched on above, not everyone has the same healthcare needs, and historically, health insurance favored men and children over women.

Mens Health
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Interstate Health Insurance Enrolling In Coverage Out Of


The American healthcare system has long been at the center of political battles, and rightfully so. The country is currently divided on how we’re going to move forward to fix an obviously broken system, but let’s put that aside for a minute so we can focus on interstate health insurance, and how the current state of healthcare is causing families to think twice before making their travel

Health Insurance
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Understanding The Different Types Of Health Insurance


  • This keeps costs down, reducing or eliminating copays
  • However, subscribers with ongoing health issues may find an HMO too restrictive, so evaluating your health care needs is crucial
  • PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) PPOs are the second most popular types of health insurance.

Health Insurance
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Health Insurance For Green Card Holders


  • Health Insurance For Green Card Holders - All You Need To Know
  • Finding health insurance with a green card could be tricky
  • From visitor plans to more permanent coverage, find out how you can get yourself enrolled today, and protect yourself from medical debt.

Health Insurance
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What Is Socialized Medicine


Better public health and more productivity - Proponents claim that this system would improve public health which would, in turn, reduce employee sick days and boost productivity in the workplace. Saves money - Another point made by proponents is that a socialized healthcare system saves money and keeps the cost of providing healthcare down as

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Affordable Health Insurance Options For Students In College


  • Colleges often times work with health insurance companies to provide cheap health insurance for college students
  • They understand that budgets will be tight, so subsidized plans are usually provided
  • However, you want to make sure that your school's health insurance plan is a qualified health plan and not bare bones.

Health Insurance
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How To Pick A Health Insurance Plan That Works For You


Think of a health insurance plan as a set of rules that dictate where you can go for a medical service, and what portion of your healthcare costs you'll be expected to pay. Within each plan type, you can choose from different sets of healthcare provider networks, and different rates for premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

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Trump’s Health Care Bills


  • Health Care Freedom Act of 2017
  • As the fight for Trump healthcare moved on, many Republicans still pushed for a repeal of the ACA
  • The Health Care Freedom Act (HCFA or “Skinny Bill”) came to light by July 27, 2017
  • In this bill, it would repeal the individual mandate while keeping the Medicaid expansion.

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Health Insurance News And Advice


Healthcare is a deeply personal issue for Amy Klobuchar, who plans to provide every American with medical coverage through Universal Healthcare. Klobuchar believes the best way to achieve this is through a public option.

Health Insurance
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Bernie Sanders’s Healthcare Plan


With the average family spending $8,200 per year, about 11% of their income, on healthcare (assuming the family pulls in about $78,000 per year), the percentage can skyrocket if a family makes less, or has someone with major healthcare issues such as cancer. Medical bills of 30%, 40%, and 50% or higher of household income are not uncommon.

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A Guide To Discount Health Insurance Plans


Discount health insurance is a way through which insurance companies try to reduce the cost of healthcare services to the customers who have bought their healthcare insurance policies. Discount health insurance quotes involve an insurance company negotiating with healthcare service providers and professionals to provide subsidies to individuals

Health Insurance
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How To Qualify For Medicaid Coverage


Health insurance can make the difference between life and death for many individuals across the nation, with even more people taking preventative health measures early on thanks to their medical coverage. However, with a lack of cheap health insurance options available throughout the nation, many rely on programs like Medicaid to help make up the difference.

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Healthcare Fraud Prevention And Penalties


From patients to medical providers and health insurance agents to health insurers, it’s easy for claims or records to get lost along the way. However, since healthcare is a trillion dollar a year industry, any mistakes, or worse, instances of fraud, can end up costing billions.

Health Insurance
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Breaking Down Government Run Healthcare


US Healthcare Spending Per Capita - $10,224; Canada Healthcare Spending Per Capita - $4,826; Now, there are other factors that go into the difference in numbers, such as the incredible amount of health issues facing Americans, but it’s still something we cannot ignore.

Mens Health
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Do You Qualify For Health Insurance Subsidy


  • Another option for economical health care is to qualify for Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • These programs vary by state but provide free or extremely low-cost programs
  • To qualify, you typically must have low-income
  • People with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women may also qualify with greater income.

Health Insurance
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2020 Election Health Care Trump Vs. Biden Healthcare


  • Partnering with healthcare workers to improve health outcomes
  • Expand Affordable Healthcare Access
  • Many low-income Americans fall between the cracks when it comes to insurance
  • Biden’s plan expands coverage while ensuring it stays affordable by putting a cap on premiums: Insurance companies can only charge 8

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Fraud And Abuse


  • Get safe health insurance plans with First Quote Health
  • Healthcare fraud and abuse is a widespread problem, but that does not mean that you have to be a victim
  • By being proactive and knowledgeable, you can protect yourself against healthcare fraud and abuse
  • If you’re looking for reliable health insurance, click here to get a free quote.

Health Insurance
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Maryland Health Insurance


  • No, health insurance is no longer mandatory in Maryland starting in 2019, but that may change
  • When the Affordable Care Act passed, it created the individual mandate
  • The mandate is a piece of legislation that helped create a larger risk pool by requiring Americans to enroll in health

Health Insurance
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District Of Columbia Health Insurance


FirstQuote Health specializes in helping individuals and families in the District of Columbia find cheap and affordable health insurance quotes in the District of Columbia. Plans and pricing tends to vary by area, so by entering your zip code, you’ll be able to shop for and compare quotes in just minutes.

Health Insurance
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Coordinated Care


With coordinated care, the patient's needs are determined and a plan is laid out with the care coordinator being the main person to carry out the duty of contacting health care agencies, organizations, health insurance plans, and other professionals to make sure that the services needed by the patient are delivered efficiently.

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What Is Coinsurance


  • There’s a reason so many people turn to health insurance agents and brokers when they’re shopping for the perfect plan, it’s because understanding the what you’re signing up for is nearly impossible
  • Health insurance jargon is complex, to say the least, and that’s what so many ends up paying for hidden costs that aren’t so hidden
  • If you’re looking through your policy and see a

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What Is The Health Insurance Marketplace


The health insurance marketplace is a service that helps individuals and families like yourself, shop for and enroll in coverage that meets the standards set forth under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Often referred to as an exchange, the government’s healthcare marketplace is a one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs.

Health Insurance
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Everything You Should Know About Claim (Health Insurance


  • Ask your healthcare provider for a detailed, and itemized bill for medical services rendered
  • Also, make sure your healthcare provider includes and prescriptions or medication administered or prescribed to you
  • Attach the original itemized bill to your health insurance company’s claim form, or use a Health Insurance Claim Form 1500.

Health Insurance
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Usual Customary And Reasonable (UCR)


Usual, customary, and reasonable is how the insurance companies determine health care prices and your out-of-pocket expenses after insurance if needed. Wilbur Cohen added usual customary and reasonable costs (UCR) to the Social Security Act of 1965, with the idea to keep prices in competition and regulate healthcare.

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Healthcare Provider


  • Finding a healthcare provider is easier than ever with
  • You have different mediums of finding healthcare providers including health review sites, but most often people find healthcare providers by referrals from those they trust, or through a list of approved in-network providers from their health insurance company.

Health Insurance
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Massachusetts Health Insurance


What many fail to realize is the health insurance also plays a key role in healthcare. Don’t look at health insurance as just a policy that protects you in the event of medical emergencies, think about it as an investment in your health.

Health Insurance
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Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)


The medical loss ratio (MLR) is what is used to encourage health plans that provide the best value to people who are looking to enroll in health care. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes it so that insurers who provide healthcare have to spend a minimum amount of their client's premiums that are collected both on medical health claims and

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