How To Prepare Your Call Center For Open Enrollment Fonolo


According to, open Enrollment for 2021 runs from November 1 through December 15, 2020. Outside the Open Enrollment Period, you can usually enroll in a health insurance plan, if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Mens Health
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Medical Call Centers Can’t Afford To Ignore These 5


Medical contact centers have been inundated with worried members seeking answers and support. While not physically on the front lines, call center agents have been facing their own challenges with massive call volumes as they attempt to help callers navigate health networks to …

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COVID 19 Safety Measures For The Call Center Fonolo


COVID-19 Health & Safety Best Practices for the Call Center. Every contact center is unique, so we can’t stress enough how important it is to assess how your workplace functions, to ensure you’re taking the proper measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Covid 19 Health
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Eliminate Hold Time Fonolo


  • There are some amazing benefits to living in Canada (socialized health care, Customer Service 3 MIN READ
  • 6 Things to Do When You’re Put on Hold
  • If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve been placed on Customer Experience 3 MIN READ
  • This Call Center Reduced Abandon Rates by 62%.

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Contact Centers Are Using More Call Backs Than Ever Fonolo


Call-back technology is more popular than ever. Our recent survey included responses from over 540 enterprise executives from around the world representing a wide range of industries, including insurance, health care, government, retail, e-commerce, technology, travel/hospitality/leisure, telco, born-digital, and utilities.

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How To Optimize Your Call Center’s Performance Fonolo


If you’re considering an overhaul, or at the very least, a health-check of your call center, consider first what is at its very core: People and platforms. And remember: Your call center is not dead, but it’s up to you to save it through positive change.

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5 Popular Contact Center Benchmarks Fonolo


  • One of the most important call center benchmarks, First Call Resolution or First Contact Resolution is the percentage of callers whose issues were resolved without them needing to be escalated, transferred to another specialist, or contact again at a later time.

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15 Powerful Call Center Training Methods Fonolo


As the engagement rate for online learning tends to be pretty low, we would suggest using this format for optional further training. Provide resources or guidance — or even your own custom courses — for employees who wish to upskill to take some online training or complete certifications at home in their spare time.

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5 Call Center Customer Experience Failures Fonolo


  • More than 50% of customer service managers focus on customer satisfaction as the most influential call center metric, however only 26% of contact centers follow an established customer experience initiative that monitors and identifies weaknesses for improvement.
  • Assess the following customer service mistakes
  • Does your business need to upgrade any practices or strategies to …

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How To Effectively Set Goals With Your Call Center Team


Goal setting and self-improvement often go hand-in-hand, and nowhere is this truer than in the call center world. Executives and managers understand that by setting goals both as an organization — particularly as departments and teams — a company is able to move in a measurable way, and even pivot in the direction they want to grow.

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UMass Memorial Selects Fonolo Call Backs To Improve CSat


  • UMass Memorial Health Care began offering Fonolo’s call-back service to its patients in May, 2014
  • Fonolo is the leading provider of cloud-based call-back solutions
  • The company’s innovative products improve the way call centers interact with their customers by seamlessly replacing hold time with a call-back.

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How To Create A Call Center Agent Satisfaction Survey That


  • Structuring your agent satisfaction survey
  • Surveys are typically made up of two types of data
  • Quantitative data is made up of responses that can be expressed as a number value, while qualitative data is comprised of more subjective responses.

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What Successful Call Center Managers Eat For Breakfast


  • The point of this blog is to promote healthy ways to eat, and skipping meals isn’t part of that mantra
  • More importantly, you run the risk of nutrient deficiencies linked to fatigue, poor mental function, and other health concerns
  • That’s no way to stay productive and engaged at work.

Healthy Breakfast
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How To Transition Back To The Call Center After COVID 19


  • Changes to health and life insurance benefits
  • If you haven’t already, it’s probably a good idea to talk to your insurance provider about how you and your team are covered in the event of another coronavirus outbreak
  • For the longer term, it may also be a good idea to look at how you can add additional coverage for your employees

Covid 19 Health
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See Who Won The 2016 #CXAwards Fonolo


UMass Memorial Health Care is the largest not-for-profit health care system in Central Massachusetts with more than 12,900 employees and 1,670 physicians, many of whom are members of UMass Memorial Medical Group. When asked why they chose Fonolo call-backs they said…

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The Golden Rules Of Contact Center SLAs Fonolo


  • Contact Center SLAs in a Nutshell
  • Let’s start at the very beginning
  • What is a Service Level Agreement? A good question! Service level agreements come in several shapes and sizes, but at the most basic level, an SLA is a written commitment between a service provider and a customer or client.
  • The agreement can range from the general to the specific and includes particular aspects of …

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Fonolo Announces 2016 Customer Experience Excellence Award


  • Toronto, ON – April 5, 2016 – Fonolo, the pioneer in cloud-based call-back solutions for the contact center, today announced the winners for its 2016 Customer Experience Excellence Awards: J.B
  • and UMass Memorial Health Care.The awards program recognizes companies that demonstrate excellence in customer service and customer experience for the call center.

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How Has COVID 19 Affected Call Center Agent Turnover


Public scrutiny and a wave of post-pandemic empathy will force contact centers to implement many more benefits: paid vacation, flexible working hours, extended health insurance, etc. These will profoundly affect the lives of contact center agents and will do a lot to make it …

Covid 19 Health
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How Can A Call Center Eliminate Hold Time


  • A 2014 AMEX survey found that the maximum amount of time customers are willing to wait is 13 minutes
  • But a study just a couple of years later by Arise found that 65% of consumers would only wait two minutes, and 13% felt that no wait time was acceptable.
  • Unsurprisingly, longer call hold times are directly correlated to higher call abandonment rates; people often give up and hang up …

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Air Canada And The Customer Service Question Fonolo


  • There are some amazing benefits to living in Canada (socialized health care, an abundance of maple syrup, and plenty of expressions for foreigners to mock, eh?)
  • However, one clear downside is a lack of competition in the airline industry (that, and the proximity to polar bears)
  • This is where our story begins.

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Top Contact Center Technology Trends In 2021


Many of these will also include employee mental health monitoring and gamification technology. Driving the Major Contact Center Technology Trends 2021 The demand for more secure, better integrated, smarter technology in support of remote contact center teams will shape the industry in the next year and for many years to come.

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Why 80/20 Is Probably The Wrong Service Level For Your


Ways to meet your agreed service level — 80/20 or not — is for another blog. But regarding the abandon rate issue mentioned in that last sentence: A great way to reduce — or even eliminate — abandoned calls is to replace hold times with a call-back.Here’s a great case study on a company that reduced abandonment rate: First Service Credit Union.

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5 More Contact Center Reports Worth Your Time Fonolo


  • Here are 5 more contact center reports worth your time
  • As always, we're grateful to all the smart folks in the customer service and experience industries that produce such excellent content
  • Make sure you have already looked through the reports in our last report round-up post, too.

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Customer Service Fonolo Part 6


  • Voice Call-Backs Smooth out call spikes, lower abandon rates, and improve the customer experience.; Visual IVR Offer customized call-backs to customers on web, and mobile.; Programmable Call-Backs Offer call-backs at any stage in your customer’s journey.; Conversation Scheduling Let your customers decide when to receive a call-back from you.

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UMass Memorial Uses Call Backs To Drastically Lower


Our December 9 th news release announced some exciting news – UMass Memorial Health Care has implemented Fonolo’s call-back solution to offer an improved call center experience for its patients!. As one of the nation’s most distinguished health care systems, UMass Memorial is committed to providing the best possible experience for their patients.

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What You Don’t Know About The Call Center That Could Hurt


  • Remember, mental health is just as important as physical safety when it comes to workplace performance
  • That’s why it’s so important to consistently reignite your agents’ passion for work
  • Showing agents that their work is valuable is more than just cutting a cheque for a few hundred dollars, it’s the difference between a happy agent

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Survey Shows Growing Popularity Of Call Backs Among BPOs


  • The interviews were conducted earlier this year
  • Vertical markets in the sample base included: retail banking, insurance, health care, government, retail / e-commerce, technology, travel/hospitality/leisure, telco, born-digital, and utilities

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Fonolo And SJS Solutions Bring Call Back Data To Call


The SJS range of solutions are the result of over 10 years working with and listening to customers ranging from multi-billion dollar health care enterprises to insurance & automotive companies with small teams of people striving to deliver the best service and customer care possible.

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What Is Call Overflow Handling


One way to gauge the health of a call center is to look at its abandonment rate, or the volume of calls that are dropped before the customer is able to actually engage with an agent. An overflow service can help you lower this rate and answer more calls, which turn could mean higher sales volumes and mightier customer service ratings.

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Add Cloud Based Call Backs To Your Contact Center Fonolo


  • As cloud-based services overtake more and more of enterprise IT, data security remains a concern that must always be addressed
  • With contact centers, security concerns are heightened because voice data often requires extra care and might involve additional regulations
  • (This is especially true in verticals like financial and health care.)

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How To Drive Employee Engagement In The Call Center Fonolo


  • David is a seasoned customer care operations leader with proven success in building and managing complex support operations
  • In the past 18 years, David has held leadership roles in established and start-up organizations in the telecommunication, health care, retail and BPO space
  • Anu Aduvala, Director of Customer Service, Toronto Parking Authority

Mens Health
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4 Practical Ways To Drive Agent Engagement [Webinar] Fonolo


  • David is a seasoned customer care operations leader with proven success in building and managing complex support operations
  • In the past 18 years, David has held leadership roles in established and start-up organizations in the telecommunication, health care, retail and BPO space
  • Anu Aduvala, Director of Customer Service, Toronto Parking Authority

Mens Health
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5 Real Life Lessons About The Call Center Fonolo


  • Society is full of generalizations, and everyone has a different worldview
  • You can’t let the negative stuff affect who you are, and what you bring to the table
  • When you feel disrespected, don’t let it deflate your spirit
  • Always keep your head high and be the bigger person, it’s better for your mental health in the long run.

Life Healthcare
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How The Hotel Industry Is Changing Customer Service


The emergence of Airbnb and its threat to the hotel business, coupled with the evolution of technology and its role in the way guests enjoy their experiences, has led the hotel industry to develop new customer service practices and applications to stay relevant. Find out how.

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The Importance Of Call Centers In A Crisis Fonolo


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted industries worldwide, but few others are feeling the heat like the healthcare industry
  • And we’re not just talking about those working in the front lines
  • According to the National Post , call centers are being overwhelmed by callers looking for both physical and mental health support.

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Contact Center Trends 2020: A New Age


Serving the best in retail, finance, healthcare, and more, we help brands leverage call centers to drive millions of dollars in revenue, boost sales, cut costs, and win customers for life. Virag Solanki Leader, Reliance Teleservices, Reliance Home Comfort

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Agent Satisfaction Is The New Customer Satisfaction Fonolo


  • Agent Attrition is a Growing Problem
  • The puzzle’s final piece is an omnipresent trend in the contact center world: agent attrition
  • Our State of the Contact Center 2020 report found that agent attrition continued to increase in the last year.

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Why Your Call Center Should Celebrate National Selfie Day


However, in order to get the true health benefits of the “smiling selfie” your smile must be genuine! In the study mentioned earlier, people noted that they only felt positive selfie side effects when they weren’t faking or forcing a smile, and taking photos …

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5 Easy Tips For Managing Remote Contact Center Team Fonolo


  • Managing a contact center team is a challenge at the best of times
  • If your contact center hasn’t been driven remote by the pandemic, it will likely feel the impact soon — so prepare to go remote now.
  • Besides the obvious technical issues, this presents to those still working on legacy systems, employees are getting more and more worried for their health, pointing the contact center

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Working At A Startup: The Ins And Outs Of Human


  • If your concerns are benefit related, group health providers offer a login ID and password (on their site) for you to explore what is available to you
  • Sensitive medical questions can be answered, without involving your employer
  • It’s great to be a nimble, …

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Top 10 Customer Experience Groups On LinkedIn, And Why


“A network for Customer Experience professionals focused on unlocking and understanding the journey and its impact on the bottom line of any business.” This is another broad scope group for customer experience professionals seeking to understand how improving CX can enhance the overall health of any business strategy.

Experience Health
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Webinar On Demand: 3 Ways To Reboot Your Call Center Fonolo


With a full house of hospitality, health, retail and financial executives, our audience came prepared with a steady stream of questions directed to our guest speaker, Kent McInall. Big thanks to Kent McInall, Director Service Activation Assurance at Allstream! Kent brought with him a wealth of knowledge stemming from 23 years of experience

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right BPO For Your Call Center


  • The first step to qualifying your BPO is to see if it has been certified with a national association
  • Another way is to ask for client testimonials and knowing the type of industries they service
  • If you’re in health and finance, you’ll have a different set of requirements compared to retail.

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6 Unexpected Perks Of Working As A Call Center Agent Fonolo


Challenging and engaging work. Call center work is a fantastic option for individuals who are looking for a challenge! After all, working as a call center agent is anything but boring, requiring strong problem-solving skills and the ability to guide a constructive conversation with the customer.

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COVID Is Creating A Surprising Contact Centers Trend Fonolo


“Customers are savvier about health, safety, and employee treatment and will continue to be aware. They’ll look for businesses that prove they are putting the health and safety of both customers and employees first.

Covid 19 Health
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What The Simpsons Teaches Us About Customer Service Fonolo


People: Be Personal. Whether you’re toiling away in a retail, financial, or health services setting, treating customers with humanity (making them feel seen, heard, understood, and engaged with) is a sign of intelligent, strong customer service performance.

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Why Active Listening Is The Best Customer Service Skill


  • So, even though actively listening may be a challenge, it’s critical to providing a great customer service experience
  • In fact, research finds that 60% of business problems can be attributed to poor communication
  • And, since phone calls are still the consumers’ preferred method of contacting customer service, exercising the skill of active listening will reap valuable returns for any

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