Horizon Adult Health Care


  • Horizon Adult Health Care has been providing services for more than 20 years
  • We give individuals and families an alternative in their health care decisions for the elderly
  • Our goal is keeping families together while ensuring the best possible quality of life for our clients.

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Horizon Home Care


  • For 20 years, Horizon Adult Health has cared for senior loved ones at our 11 centers in Kentucky
  • We are now providing that same loving, reliable care in the home
  • All of our services will help make sure your loved one is secure, healthy and connected to the community, which is important for mental well-being.

Home Healthcare
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Personal Care Services


Now, more than ever, we realize how important “home” is. Because of our commitment to your overall health and safety, we are professionally and compassionately providing these in-home personal care services: Personal care (hygiene, bathing, showering) Transferring and positioning Meal preparation Toileting and incontinence care Relief for family caregivers Light housekeeping and laundry

Personal Healthcare
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Center Locations


  • Home; About Us; Center Locations
  • Bell County; Clay County; Clinton County; Daviess County; Estill County; Fayette County; Grayson County; Harlan County

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Contact Horizon Home Care


  • Home; About Us; Center Locations
  • Bell County; Clay County; Clinton County; Daviess County; Estill County; Fayette County; Grayson County; Harlan County

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Skilled Nursing Care


  • The Horizon nursing team includes Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Team members are highly skilled, licensed and certified through appropriate agencies and receive continuing educational instruction and training
  • Care is individualized for each client with emphasis on both short and long-term care goals and concerns
  • Nursing team members work closely with the client’s medical

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Urinary Catheter Care


Our procedure for management of indwelling and intermittent urinary catheters is essential in preventing urinary tract infections and complications. Our nursing staff provides catheter changes, flushes, measurement of output, and obtaining physician-ordered specimens.

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Adult Day Activities


  • Our daily activities can reduce feelings of depression, isolation, and detachment experienced by many frail, elderly, and disabled persons
  • Horizon Adult Health Care’s wide range of activities promotes mental, social, and physical stimulation along enjoyment on a daily basis
  • Some of these activities include but are not limited to: Animal Therapy Arts & Crafts Auctions Backyard Games Bible

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Questions You May Have


  • What is Adult Day Health Care? ADHC provides traditional nursing services during the daytime hours
  • This allows family members time to fulfill daily responsibilities while creating health, rehabilitation and socialization opportunities for our clients
  • Family members then come back together at the end of the day
  • We offer skilled nursing care, recreational activities, and rehabilitative

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Case Management Services


  • Your Health Care Champion Excellent care starts with outstanding case management
  • That’s why Horizon Adult Health Care provides comprehensive Case Management services across Kentucky
  • Because we have worked with more than 3,000 families, we know the best resources available and can help navigate the complex health-care and social service needs of Kentucky’s aging and most …

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Chronic Disease Care


  • Many clients at Horizon Adult Health Care have chronic issues/diseases
  • We ensure the client’s physician care plan is followed and communicate changes in the client’s condition to physician regularly
  • We provide daily activities to encourage exercise, mental stimulation and stress reduction
  • Our nursing staff provides daily self-care training sessions that focus on stress reduction

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Locations Archive


  • American Health Management PO Box 135 100 Washington St
  • Albany, KY 42602 Ph: 606-387-3376 Fax: 606-387-4836 Melinda Burchett: 606-305-3028 Mt

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Some Of Our Activities Include: REGIONAL LOCATIONS Horizon


Adult Health Care Services Be assured we are adhering to the careful and cautious guidelines outlined by the State related to face coverings, social distancing, sanitation, and employee and visitor requirements set forth in the COVID-19 Healthy at Work program established by the Governor.

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Medication Management


  • Seniors take an estimated minimum of 4 to 6 prescription medications daily
  • Managing their medications is vital to maintaining and improving health and wellness
  • We focus on safety and quality for storage, ordering, dispensing, administration, and monitoring of clients’ medications
  • Our staff picks up medications at the pharmacy of the client’s choice, administers medications and prepares

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Adult Day Services


  • Home; About Us; Center Locations
  • Bell County; Clay County; Clinton County; Daviess County; Estill County; Fayette County; Grayson County; Harlan County

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Mt. Vernon Regional Office


  • Vernon Regional Office American Health Management PO Box 1091 657 Richmond Street Mt
  • Vernon, KY 40456 Fax: 606-256-8859 Julie Branham: 606-309-9068

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Locations Archive


Nurse Director: Connie Banks 5008 Atwood Drive, Suites 1-3 Richmond, KY 40475 Ph: 859-626-5226 Fax: 859-626-5227 [email protected] Patient Care Coordinator: Angela Davis: 859-893-9310 [email protected]

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Tracheotomy Care


  • A lack of or improper tracheotomy care can lead to severe infection and complications
  • Horizon nurses are trained in performing proper tracheotomy care that includes: suctioning, decannulation, and trach changes for new and existing trached clients
  • Our nurses monitor trached clients for aspiration, blockages, bleeding, respiratory distress, collapsed lungs, skin problems, and infections.

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IV Medications/Injections


  • Horizon Adult Health Care has stringent guidelines for providing safe intravenous (IV) medication injections to clients
  • Our Licensed Nurses are trained and experienced to provide all IV medication delivery methodologies
  • Safety is top priority when giving IV medication injections
  • Patient identification and verifying proper drug, dose, and time are essential in achieving IV medication

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Care Testimonials


  • “Horizon caregivers are not strangers
  • They are compassionate helpers and a part of my family.” “Horizon Care has changed our lives
  • Their caregivers immediately put Mom at ease
  • Their attention to quality is impressive
  • I don’t know what we would do without them.”

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Restorative Therapy


  • Disease and medical conditions can render clients unable to provide self-care or to continue living independently
  • For instance, many stroke victims suffer from paralysis, making it difficult or impossible for them to perform daily-living tasks
  • Our process begins with an evaluation of a client’s current condition and their future needs
  • Based on results, a restorative therapy plan is

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Physical, Speech And Occupational Therapy


  • Horizon Adult Health Care is dedicated to helping clients achieve their greatest possible level of independence
  • Each center facilitates and works closely with independent Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists to provide physician-ordered therapy
  • Our skilled nurses provide the most appropriate services by working closely with the client, their client family and physician.

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