BURIAL INSURANCE: What Medical Questions Are Asked


These questions are important to know because they are the biggest factor in determining which burial insurance plan that you qualify for. There are three different types of plans: level benefit, graded benefit, and guaranteed issue.

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Life Insurance Quote – Foxx Benefit Solutions


The length of your term life insurance coverage should be based on the unique needs of your family as well as your long-term financial goals. You can choose a term length between 10 and 40 years, however, options may vary depending on your age and health. You also have the option of having multiple term life insurance policies.

Life Healthcare
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Zander Life Insurance Review – Foxx Benefit Solutions


You might be familiar with Zander Life Insurance (often misspelled Xander Insurance) from their sponsorship on the Dave Ramsey Show. They are an independent agency unlike most other independent agencies in the fact that they don’t represent a particular wide range of insurance companies. This is a 3rd party, outsider review on Zander

Life Healthcare
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