Health Care System, Health Care Apparatus, Health Care


A health care method comprising the steps of: storing data relating to the health condition of a user supplied by the user; storing a plurality of advices relating to the health condition as first advices; determining if a first advice can be presented based on said stored data, and when a first advice can be presented, selecting any of said

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Healthcare Support Apparatus, Health Care Support System


A health care support apparatus comprising: an acquisition unit that acquires information relating to a health condition of a user; a determination unit that determines whether the information acquired by said acquisition unit is good or bad; an extraction unit that extracts an item to be careful about the health condition of the user, based on

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FIG. 9 is a diagram of an example system for implementing patient-interactive healthcare management comprising the information station 100 and a healthcare entity 104 (e.g., a health insurance company, a government agency, a healthcare data collection entity).

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Health Care Payment Adjudication And Review System


  • Health care costs have more than doubled during the past decade, rising to $676 billion today
  • The federal government predicts health care cost increases of 12-15 percent each year for the next five years
  • Over the years, the delivery of health care services has shifted from local physicians to large managed health care organizations.

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The computer program product of claim 28 wherein the first transaction participant is a healthcare patient in the first not-previously-validated healthcare transaction and the second transaction participant is a health care patient in the second not-previously-validated healthcare transaction.

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Personal Health Care System


A personal health care system in accordance with the present invention includes an alerting device for providing an alert concerning the patient's condition. The alerting means can comprise an alarm 24, which can be an audible and/or visible alarm, and/or means for electronically communicating with a remote monitoring service, such as a radio

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Versatile Health Care Apparatus


The invention claimed is: 1. A versatile health care apparatus comprising a pull-line; and a rotatable pull-line wheel mounted on an axle and operatively connected to a power spring for the exertion of torsional force on said pull-line wheel, wherein said pull-line has an end in connection with said pull-line wheel and said power spring is in connection with said axle; further comprising a

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Coded Health Care Glove


A health-care glove constituted of thin elastic rubber-like material and having a thumb at one side edge and a pinkie at the opposite side edge. The glove has distinctive visual indicia for immediately indicating to the user, the location of the thumb thereby to enable him to initially pick up the glove and easily apply it onto his hand with

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Health Care Reclining Chair


A health care reclining chair is disclosed which includes a rigid chair frame assembly. An improved deep recline swing linkage assembly is disclosed which permits the seat back of the chair to be fully reclined into a substantially flat position relative to the seat and operably suspends the seat assembly for reclining motion within the chair frame assembly.

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Variable Curve Catheter


Disclosed is a deflectable tip guiding device, such as a catheter, that enables a physician, or other health care personnel, to vary the radius of curvature of the tip of the device. In one embodiment, a guiding device includes an elongate body and a deflectable distal tip.

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Wheeled Health Care Chair


Thus, a wheeled health care chair which provides a wide range of functionality to the seat occupant appears to be conspicuously absent from the prior art. Furthermore, there is a growing trend of providing for the health care needs of elderly and physically challenged individuals outside of …

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1. A method for determining negotiated healthcare price rates, comprising: receiving from a first party a list of all health services, medications, and devices offered by the first party each at an initial price rate, wherein the health services, medications, and devices are divided into categories based on specialty and type of service; receiving from a second party an indication of all

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What is claimed is: 1. A method of reimbursing healthcare providers, comprising; accepting input data from providers; and reformatting the data into HIPAA-compliant Health Care Eligibility and Benefit Inquiry and Response (270/271) transactions; and Providing the transaction outcomes to healthcare providers.

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Treatment For Ectoparasites


DiNapoli et al., “Eradication of Head Lice with a Single Treatment,” American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 78, pages 978-980, 1988, reported a study in which 7 percent of patients treated with a commercial 1 percent permethrin cream rinse, and 16 percent of patients treated with a commercial product containing 0.3 percent pyrethrins, 3

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Health Care Signaling Device


A signaling device for health care to indicate when the occupant of a bed is restless or out of bed incorporated into and operating in response to a specially designed array including at least two deflection elements having a crossed, "X" configuration and a control detection device transverse to the bed, the array being under the spring structure of the bed and operatively connected thereto

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Online Healthcare System And Methods


An online healthcare method provides online health care from a healthcare provider to a patient online, comprising: (a) providing online communication between the patient and the healthcare provider; (b) providing online diagnosis and treatment by the provider for the patient; and (c) providing the user's medical records online to be accessed by the patient and the healthcare provider in

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With recent advances in the quality of medication and healthcare, longevity of humans has increased significantly. However, this acquired longevity is not necessarily accompanied by acceptable health levels, but rather by multiple, and often complex, terminal health conditions.

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Health Unit Assessment Tool


  • A health care resource scoring apparatus for a health care facility having more than one department, said apparatus comprising: a
  • a digital processor for processing input data and generating output data, said processor having an input to receive input data and an output for providing output data; b
  • a first source of processor input data

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Health Care Product Dispenser


Health care product dispenser 10 is primarily intended for use by one or more person who must take either many medical prescriptions or over the counter preparations at one time, or even a single prescription or preparation at several different times during the day. Dispenser 10 is designed to dispense health care products designated generally

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Robotic Based Health Care System


  • Intelligent remote visual monitoring system for home health care service: 1996-09-10: Chen et al
  • 5550577: Video on demand network, including a central video server and distributed video servers with random access read/write memories: 1996-08-27: Verbiest et al
  • 5544649: Ambulatory patient health monitoring techniques utilizing interactive

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Remote Health Monitoring System


The invention relates generally to remote health monitoring systems, as applied to the field of public health surveillance. In particular, it relates to a multi-user remote health monitoring system that is capable of reliably identifying and collecting data from frontline healthcare providers, laboratory and hospital information systems, patients and healthy individuals in a number of ways

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Medical Benefits Payment System


What is claimed is: 1. A method of facilitating payment of adjudicated health care benefits to a health care provider on behalf of a payer comprising the steps of: loading a unique, single-use, stored-value card account with an amount equal to a single, authorized benefit payment, the card account only chargeable through a medical services terminal; generating an explanation of benefits

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Coded Health Care Glove


A health-care glove constituted of thin elastic rubber-like material and having a thumb member at one side edge and a pinkie member at the opposite side edge. The glove has visual indicia for indicating to the user, the location of the thumb member so as to enable him to initially pick up the glove and easily apply it onto his hand, with the

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Claim Processing


Instead of a direct relationship with a health care company, providers 108 may belong to a provider network 114 such as an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). The provider network 114 may agree to provide healthcare for the health care company 112 in accordance with a provider contract 119.

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Health Insurance Management System


Data processing for a health insurance management system verifies the insurance status of the claimant, identifies the appropriate insurance policy, calculates the amount to be paid to the health care provider, pays the provider, calculates the payment required by the claimant, if any, and debits the account of the claimant in the amount required.

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All Care Health Management System


A fully integrated and comprehensive health care system that includes the integrated interconnection and interaction of the patient, health care provider, bank or other financial institution, insurance company, utilization reviewer and employer so as to include within a single system each of the essential participants to provide patients with complete and comprehensive pre-treatment, treatment

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Health Care Information And Data Tracking System And


  • Health care information and data tracking system and method
  • Abstract: An interactive system and method includes at least two subsystems: one for providing exposure and incident information to a healthcare worker and another for collecting exposure and incident data at a healthcare facility in a confidential

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Method And Apparatus For A Personal Health Network


The health network utilizes two-way communication between the patient and the facility, and the health care provider and the facility. In one embodiment, the facility receives treatment instructions from the health care provider that are specifically developed for each patient.

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The invention relates to anti-microbial compositons useful against a wide range of microoganisms undesirable on a wide variety of materials, including food, food contact and non-food contact surfaces, and surfaces in industrial, recreational, health care, and other institutional environments.

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Health Data Collection System


A health data collection system for higher quality health care is provided. A patient terminal 21 has a data processor 34 for storing, in a memory 33, vital data obtained by a vital sensor 25 and voice data inputted through a microphone 27 in a memory 33 in association with each other.The vital data and voice data stored in the memory 33 are transmitted to a center server 22 via a

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System For Healthcare Information Distribution


  • This invention pertains to a method and apparatus for distributing healthcare information and, optionally, monitoring the health of patients and actively participating in the patient's treatment
  • Information collated from several patients can be distributed to drug companies, health insurance companies, etc

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Tray Table For Health Case Chairs


  • The health care chair according to claim 11, further comprising: a support bracket having an aperture being mounted to said chair frame, wherein said generally cylindrical mounting pin is disposed within said aperture of said support bracket
  • The health care chair according to …

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High Concentration Antibody And Protein Formulations


  • “pH- and Protein-Dependent Buffer Capacity and Viscosity of Respiratory Muc , Their Interrelationships and Influence on Health,” The Science of the Total Environment 84:71-82
  • “Analysis of Polypeptides and Proteins.” Adv

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Computer Implemented Method For Profiling Medical Claims


The present computer-implemented health care system contains important improvements and advances upon conventional health care systems by identifying concurrent and recurrent episodes, flagging records, creating new groupings, shifting groupings for changed clinical conditions, selecting the most recent claims, resetting windows, making a

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Networking Of Digital Health Information


  • A method of using contents of digital medical records to optimize health-care
  • Despite the talks and ubiquitous publications—a part of the proposed strategy to solve the current and festering American health-care crisis—on transforming American patients and employers and corporations into educated and wise health-care consumers …

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Personal Health Care Device


The benefits to health derived from the continual periodic cleansing of teeth by an individual has been clearly demonstrated over the years. In order to obtain these benefits, the selection of an appropriate type of personal health care device to provide the desired …

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Healthcare Eligibility And Benefits Data System


  • As used herein, healthcare refers to services offered by the health profession
  • Healthcare is one example implementation of the exemplary embodiments
  • Eligibility refers to qualified or entitled to receive
  • Benefits refers to something that helps or aids
  • Provider computer refers to a machine used by a service provider, such as a healthcare

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Health Personal Digital Assistant


These health goals could include weight loss, strength training or muscle toning, and can be input manually or from other external sources, such as internet websites 18 or health care providers 20. In step 122 , the health goals identified in step 120 are assessed and adjusted based on the inputs.

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Health Care Chair


A health care chair includes a base and a seating portion attached to the base. A lift assist mechanism connects the base and seating portion and assists in moving the seating portion from a first reclined position to a second inclined position without electrical power.

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Virtual Health Care Needs Fulfillment System


A method of operating a health care needs fulfillment system, by: (a) a PBM contracting with a plurality of health care suppliers to fulfill a plurality of health care needs requests; (b) end users sending individual health care needs requests to the PBM; (c) the PBM selecting the health care suppliers to supply each of the end users' individual health care needs requests; and (d) the PBM

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Control System For Radiopharmaceuticals


  • This application is a national stage filing under 35 U.S.C
  • § 371 of International Application No
  • 14, 2014, which was published under PCT Article 21(2) in English, and which claims the benefit under 35 U.S.C

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A healthcare device and a method using the same are disclosed. The healthcare device includes a biological data measuring module, a conversion module for amplifying data measured by the biological data measuring module by using a non linear function, a biological data input module for inputting a conversion data converted by said conversion module or for inputting a measuring data measured by

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Automated System And Method For Providing Real Time


  • Health care providers 100 input admission information regarding a particular health care patient into their respective admissions, practice management or other health care computer system
  • Generally, one of the outputs of such admissions process is a computerized admissions form (see FIG
  • 10 for an example) printed by a computer printer

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Method Of Modifying Comparable Health Care Services


  • ABLE HEALTH CARE SERVICES, and abandoned upon the filing of this Continuation application, which parent application is a Continuation of abandoned grandparent application Ser
  • 07/517,257, filed 1 May 1990, entitled HEALTH CARE SERVICES COM

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Individual Health Record System And Apparatus


  • The machine of claim 1, wherein the list of possible health care objects comprises health conditions, health services, health results, health products, health care relationships, individual entities, and organizational entities
  • The machine of claim 9, wherein said confidence indicator is a value in a range from 0% to 100%.

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mobile health management database, targeted educational assistance (tea) engine, selective health care data sharing, family tree graphical user interface, and health journal social network wall feed, computer-implemented system, method and computer program product

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Intelligent Health Care Knowledge Exchange Platform


1. A method of providing a health care knowledge marketplace, comprising: (a) accessing a communications facility for supporting communications among a plurality of geographically distributed parties; (b) providing a data storage facility for storing data that is associated with the knowledge of a health care knowledge provider; and (c) providing an interaction process, for supporting an

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