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The Changing Face Of Medical Care For Japan's Older

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Promoted by the health ministry, advance care planning lets individuals make plans for their future health care wishes, including end-of-life care, in accordance with their personal values.

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'Beg, Borrow, Steal': The Battle For Oxygen Among New

Hospitals Japantimes.co.jp

Hospitals are unable to guarantee basic services and thousands of lives hang in the balance — a stark warning of how India's health care system is buckling.

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Experts Warn Of Health Care Collapse In Japan If Virus

Osaka Japantimes.co.jp

The health care systems in Tokyo and the four prefectures of Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka and Hyogo are under increased strain, a panel of experts noted.

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Vaccination Of Health Care Workers To Begin In Japan, With

Essential Japantimes.co.jp

The first doses of Pfizer Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine will begin to be administered to 40,000 essential workers across 100 medical facilities on Wednesday, Taro Kono, the …

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Indian Maids Count Cost Of COVID 19 In Testing Times The


1 day ago · A health care worker collects a swab sample from a woman during a rapid antigen testing campaign for the coronavirus in Ahmedabad, India, in December 2020.

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Medical Care On Brink Of Collapse In COVID 19 Hot Spots

National Japantimes.co.jp

National / Science & Health Medical care on brink of collapse in COVID-19 hot spots, panel warns there will be a grave impact on the local health care …

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Bezos Buffett Dimon Dream Team Couldn’t Fix Health Care

Ideally Japantimes.co.jp

To figure out new solutions for an industry as vast and complicated as health care, it ideally requires an intimate knowledge of insurance companies, managerial bureaucracy and a …

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Japan's Essential Care Workers Currently Languish At The

Although Japantimes.co.jp

Although Japan seems to have largely dodged the COVID-19 bullet, the pandemic has highlighted one of the country’s most persistent problems, namely its labor shortage in the health

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Cracks Forming In Japan's Premium Based Universal Health

Trillion Japantimes.co.jp

The total cost that the shakai hoken system shoulders for elderly health care is estimated at ¥3.4 trillion for fiscal 2019, which is equivalent to 40 percent of all revenues collected from

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Japan May Appeal Ruling On Aid To Hiroshima 'black Rain

Hiroshima Japantimes.co.jp

Hiroshima – The government is likely to appeal a local court ruling that would extend state health care benefits to those beyond the currently recognized zone of the U.S. nuclear bombing of

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Japan Could Face Shortage Of 270,000 Nursing Staff By 2025

Japan Japantimes.co.jp

Japan could face a shortage of up to 270,000 nurses by 2025, according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. The ministry said Monday that …

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Despite Push, Integration Of My Number And Health Cards

Pandemic Japantimes.co.jp

The rate of uptake for the cards is low at around 25% and, due to the pandemic, many health care providers are not in a rush to install the required systems.

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National / Science & Health

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Japan Coronavirus Task Force May Set Stage For State Of

Health Japantimes.co.jp

Health minister Katsunobu Kato said earlier in the day he had shared with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe an assessment made by experts from a government panel on infectious diseases that there is …

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Japan Delays My Number Card Use For Health Insurance The

Health Japantimes.co.jp

The health ministry plans to delay the comprehensive introduction of a system to use My Number social security and taxation identification cards as public health insurance cards, officials said

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Grim Guidelines Prioritize Health Workers As Hospitals

Should Japantimes.co.jp

ICU beds and ventilators shouldn’t be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Health-care workers should get priority. Patients with a better chance of recovery should get access to

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Japan Prepares To Dispense Pfizer Vaccine From Wednesday

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Up to 20,000 front-line medical staffers at state-run hospitals are set to be the first to receive the vaccines, followed by 3.7 million other health care workers.

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Struggle, Fear And Heartbreak For Medical Staff On

Heroes Japantimes.co.jp

Rome – Doctors, nurses and health care workers have become the unwitting heroes of the coronavirus pandemic, winning applause from balconies and …

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National Health Insurance



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Japan May Approve Second COVID 19 Vaccine In May, Health

Vaccine Japantimes.co.jp

The nation’s health minister said Sunday that his ministry could approve a second COVID-19 vaccine as early as May, as the government sees inoculations as crucial to curbing infections.

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Overuse Of Japan's Medical System May Be Complicating

Warren Japantimes.co.jp

One of the criticisms of the “Medicare for All” government-run health care scheme proposed by U.S. Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is …

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The U.S. Also Needs A Centralized Medical System The


Health care workers wait for patients at the Brightpoint Health and UJA Federation for NY free pop-up coronavirus testing site on May 8 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

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Virus Stigma Driving Tokyo's Front Line Hospitals To Edge

Japan Japantimes.co.jp

Japan's local hospitals fear lack of supplies and staff may overwhelm health care systems 110 ex-nurses return to work in Japan as virus batters health sector P&G Japan to …

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Japan Gives Final OK To Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine, With

Other Japantimes.co.jp

Up to 20,000 front-line medical staffers at state-run hospitals are set to be the first to receive the vaccines, followed by 3.7 million health care workers in other fields.

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Japan's Health Care Is Far From Free, And Ballooning Costs

Trillion Japantimes.co.jp

Expenditures for health care in 2005 amounted to ¥33.1 trillion, which means in the last decade costs have risen by about ¥10 trillion, or a ¥1 trillion a year, even as the contributor pool

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Suga To Declare Emergency In Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto And Hyogo

Reporters Japantimes.co.jp

8 hours ago · “The health care system is under incredible stress right now,” Yoshimura told reporters Tuesday. “We need stronger restrictions to suppress the movement of people.”

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On New York City's Front Lines, Health Care Workers Worry

Health Japantimes.co.jp

Health care workers account for about one-tenth of the more than 74,000 infections in Italy, and roughly one-eighth of the 47,600 cases in Spain. In New York City, at least one health

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Cash Strapped Africa Overwhelmed By COVID 19 Vaccine

Health Japantimes.co.jp

Atem Riek Anyom, director general for primary health care at South Sudan’s health ministry, said the government had requested World Bank …

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Brain Drain: Philippines Sends Nurses Around The World But

According Japantimes.co.jp

With more Filipinos becoming sick, the consequences of a medical brain drain are weighing on the health care industry. There is an estimated shortage of 23,000 nurses nationwide, according to the

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Aspiration Over Action In Japan's Approach To Health

First Japantimes.co.jp

The government’s focus on health care innovation can be summarized in three prongs. The first prong focuses on the ways policy encourages socioeconomic approaches to …

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Studies Of Aged Garlic Extract Show Potential Health

Trick Japantimes.co.jp

It is universally accepted that to maintain healthy teeth, regular cleaning should do the trick. However, recent research has revealed an unexpected newcomer to the dental health

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Over 80% Of Japanese Positive About Robotic Nursing Care

Robots Japantimes.co.jp

robots, health care, nursing care With your current subscription plan you can comment on stories. However, before writing your first comment, please create a …

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Japan Medical Costs Hit Record ¥43.6 Trillion In 2019

Medical Japantimes.co.jp

Medical expenses in Japan in fiscal 2019, which ended in March this year, grew 2.4 percent from the previous year to a record ¥43.6 trillion, the health

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Japan Finance Ministry Proposes Raising Out Of Pocket

Medical Japantimes.co.jp

The Finance Ministry on Friday proposed cutting official medical service fees and raising the proportion of medical expenses paid by patients themselves, w

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Demand For Health Gadgets Soars Amid Lockdowns The Japan

Users Japantimes.co.jp

Users, insurers and health-care providers will all “start taking fitness-tracking devices and apps more seriously as a tool for preventive and proactive maintenance of patient health.

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Nursing Care Workers Hard To Find But In

Ministry Japantimes.co.jp

CRISIS IN HEALTH CARE In 2025, 1 in 5 people will be aged over 75, and 1 in 5 seniors aged over 65 will have dementia, according to Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry estimates.

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Shedding Light On Problems With Japan's Psychiatric Care

MENTAL Japantimes.co.jp

MENTAL HEALTH CARE IN JAPAN, edited by Ruth Taplin and Sandra J. Lawman. Routledge, 2012, 148 pp., $155 (hardcover) This collection of seven chapters m

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Japan's Hospitals Weigh Overseas Branches, Medical Tourism

“Health Japantimes.co.jp

Health care and nursing care fields are facing a big turning point,” declares the document, adopted by the Cabinet on June 30. “Medical needs are diversifying on the back of rise in public

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Fujifilm To Acquire Hitachi's Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Medical Japantimes.co.jp

Fujifilm is one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems to manage medical data in a unified manner at hospitals. The company estimates sales at its health care division, including medical

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As Tourism Numbers Spike, Japan's Hospitals Face Payment

Something Japantimes.co.jp

“If you are covered by the health insurance system, you may need to pay just ¥100,000 or ¥130,000 or so even if the actual cost is something like ¥2 million to ¥3 million,” said Isao

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‘All The Systems Failed’: Inside America’s Mental Health

Calls Japantimes.co.jp

Police in the U.S. spent about a fifth of their time responding to mental health calls, at a cost of $918 million, in 2017, according to the Treatment Advocacy Center.

Mens Health
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Japan’s Homeless At Risk From Coronavirus Pandemic The

Homeless Japantimes.co.jp

A September 2017 survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare revealed that 42.8 percent of Japan’s homeless population was over 65 years old, the first time the figure topped 40 percent.

Coronavirus Health
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Experts Caution Against Idea That More Is Better In

Health Japantimes.co.jp

Since Japan established universal health coverage in 1961, it has ceaselessly worked to expand its health care services, in the belief that providing more extensive coverage for …

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Language Barriers At Japanese Medical Institutions Put

Health Japantimes.co.jp

Here’s a little-known, unnerving truth about health care in Japan: for non-Japanese, the death rate is higher than that for Japanese. According to the health ministry, the age-adjusted mortality

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My Company Didn't Enroll Me In The Japanese Social

Company Japantimes.co.jp

I started working there full-time in February 2016. I was the first employee the company hired after it was established. The company didn’t enroll us in the shakai hoken program.

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Before Obamacare: Japan's National Healthcare System Saves

Average Japantimes.co.jp

The health ministry estimates that in the long run the average cancer patient only pays about ¥90,000 out of pocket for his treatment, which on average costs the government close to ¥5 million.

Health Insurance
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Looming Olympics Fail To Instill Urgency In Japan's

Health Japantimes.co.jp

12 hours ago · But several regions, including Tokyo, have sought new states of emergency this week over a fresh wave of cases that has already overwhelmed some local health care systems.

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