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Clinical Research, Public Health, Healthcare Management

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JLI works with many fortune 500 healthcare companies and has students and alumni spread across more than 80 countries. Over the years JLI has developed unique specialized programs that enable students to face the challenges of the demanding pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and to grow further in their career.

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Careers In Healthcare Management & Hospital Administration

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Health information administrators are personnel with expertise both in science and management and assist in developing and implementing the healthcare data collection and reporting systems. Health information administrators play a variety of roles in today’s job market like director, assistant director, manager, privacy officer, compliance

Healthcare Careers
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Public Health Institute Healthcare Management, Clinical

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We offer a wide range of programs in categories that include Clinical Development Sciences, Public Health & Topical Medicine Course, Pharmaceutical Medicine, and Medical Journalism. Choose from classes that provide healthcare management training, pharmacovigilance courses, hospital management courses, medical writing training, and much more.

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What Is The Difference Between Healthcare And Hospital

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People trained in healthcare and hospital management are in high demand in many settings including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, mental health organizations, rehabilitation centres, consulting firms, insurance companies, healthcare associations, NGOs and academia. Online courses in Healthcare and Hospital Management at James Lind Institute

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Career Scope In Healthcare Management JLI Blog

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Healthcare degree enhances theoretical and practical skills to excel in areas of health tourism, research and medical information. Graduates can also pursue on-site experience in healthcare setting of nursing home, hospital, long-term care facilities or private clinic.

Healthcare Careers
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Business Development In Healthcare JLI Blog

Healthcare Jliedu.com

Health care organizations need to constantly improvise as healthcare industry in general is not only complex but also highly demanding. Health Managers and business strategist must possess basic knowledge about healthcare and expertise in the development and implementation of adequate programs to meet healthcare demands of the ever expanding industry and to adjust the …

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Online Healthcare Risk Management Training Courses

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Healthcare Risk Management enables healthcare service providers to assess their organizational healthcare policies and processes, outcomes, patient perception and company structure and/or techniques involved in the capability to offer effective, safe, …

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How Healthcare Risk Management & Patient Safety Intersect

Online Jliedu.com

Online Course in Healthcare Risk Management. James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Certificate i n Healthcare Risk Management for better understanding of risk management strategies. JLI also conducts an online Masters in Public Health Management in collaboration with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

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Difference Between Global Health And Public Health JLI Blog

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Global Health and Public Health as two specialties of healthcare have similar overarching goals with professionals engaged in betterment of individual health, constant improvement in longevity, improve quality of life, socioeconomic upliftment, manage and mitigate short term and long-term health risks, etc.

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Diploma In Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Clinical

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Promoting health and improving average life-spans across geographies and age groups are the focus of all global healthcare efforts. It is crucial that we have workforce available to us that is trained in preventing and combating various infectious disease epidemics and natural calamities.

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Quality Assurance In Public Health JLI Blog

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Quality assurance has evolved to define quality by understanding the core activities for effective healthcare, setting benchmarks, designing surveys, performing audits and conducting analysis or supervision visits in private companies or hospitals, government organisations and public health

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Required Skills & Qualifications To Earn Big In Healthcare

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Training in health care management can get you in a lot of different and interesting career directions. In add-on to much more conventional careers in health care management, gradually involves individual work in several areas. With rising diversity in the health care sector, healthcare professionals are required in various organization, such as:

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Medical Journalism

Healthcare Jliedu.com

E Healthcare (1) Environmental Health (4) GCP Certification (1) Global Health Management & Policy (2) Healthcare & Medico Marketing (2) Healthcare and Hospital Management (11) Healthcare leadership (1) Healthcare Management (43) Healthcare Risk Management (3) Infographic (1) Masters Public health (28) Maternal and Child Health (9)

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Public Health Officer Roles & Responsibilities JLI Blog

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Coordinate or combine the resources of health care institutions, social service organizations, public safety personnel, or other agencies to enhance the community health. Design or use monitoring tools, like as screening, lab records, and vital information, to recognize health risks.

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Advanced PG Diploma In Healthcare & Hospital Management JLI

Healthcare Jliedu.com

The healthcare sector is extremely large and encompasses people employed in just about every profession. Proper healthcare and hospital management is taking care of all stages of health service in terms of effectiveness and overall performance.

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Public Health System In Nigeria JLI Blog

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What is Public Health System? The WHO (World Health Organisation) defines the Public Health System as the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society (Acheson, 1988).. But do we really understand the true meaning of Public Health System inpractical scenario?. The public health and other healthcare sectors have …

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Leadership In Public Health Practice JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

Public Health discipline has evolved to focus on addressing emotional and social determinants of health to promote multi-sectors of healthcare. It is the practice of public health knowledge, skills and application of healthcare deliverysystems through collaboration with policy makers, community and advocacy agency, government entities, non

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Diploma Public Health, Public Health Course JLI

Management Jliedu.com

Public health management is the stanchion of public health implementation. Only an effective and efficient management practice can translate theory, research and scientific innovation into practical solutions for healthcare.

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Emerging Public Health Issues In Ghana JLI Blog

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Private and public health facilities are improving in Ghana to match the changing health profiles for better access and affordability of healthcare services. Most patients suffer from infectious and non-communicable diseases as a result of poverty, poor hygiene and sanitation.

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Advanced PG Diploma In Public Health Research JLI

Public Jliedu.com

The curriculum for the public health course - Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Research (APDPHR) is comprehensive and has been developed and evaluated by experienced public health professionals making it suitable for new graduates who want to make a career in public health as well as professionals already working in healthcare

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Public Health In Nigeria JLI Blog

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The primary health care of Nigerian health care system needs to effectively solve the public health problems. Public Health related cost effective interventions for non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health are hardly being used. Inter-sectoral or ministerial collaboration and cooperation still remains a major issue.

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Public Health Leadership Importance JLI Blog

Public Jliedu.com

Importance of Public Health. The Public Healthcare Sector protects all sectors of the economy from hazards like infectious disease outbreaks and natural disasters. The major health issues include environmental hazards, infectious diseases like HIV/AIDs, drug abuse, alcohol and tobacco-induced illnesses, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyles, etc

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Online MPH (Masters In Public Health) Botswana JLI Blog

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Public Health in Botswana. Healthcare system in Botswana is decentralized with extensive network of accessible and vital healthcare facilities available at a highly subsidized fee. The Ministry of Health in Botswana is the principal healthcare provider responsible for the policies, goals and strategies related to health development and delivery.

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Public Health Infrastructure In Botswana JLI Blog

Healthcare Jliedu.com

Public health, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), clinics and hospitals have multifaceted response to a variety of medical and healthcare issues.Non-governmental organisations provide limited services related to counselling, testing of HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

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Healthcare Risk Management JLI Blog

Management Jliedu.com

Risk management in healthcare refers to developing and implementing strategies to prevent or alleviate loss with reference to both capital and patient lives. There exists no ‘one-model-fit-all’ risk management solution since each organization faces unique challenges. A healthcare manager should be capable of identifying and evaluating risks thus minimizing the chances of injury to patients

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Maternal And Child Health In Lesotho JLI Blog

Maternal Jliedu.com

Maternal and Child Health. Thegovernment has taken initiative toimprovematernal and child health along with combatingHIV/AIDs, Malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases. Lesotho is dangerous for pregnant women from conception to delivery and sparse medical facilities make access to proper healthcare difficult.

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Global Scenario Of Healthcare Industry JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

The healthcare market continues to explore health technology through acquisitions, mergers and partnerships for alternativerevenue sources of vertical integration. Trends in Healthcare Industry Developing public-private partnerships, investing in prevention and recognising social health determinants is the key to have greater and beneficial

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Healthcare Management Institutes In Botswana JLI Blog

Healthcare Jliedu.com

Healthcare Management Institutes in Botswana have been at the fore front in ensuring that the people get to have absolute and up to standard healthcare which in turn translates to an increase in the life expectancy. The major difference that the institutes bring to the table is the building of new and standardized hospitals.

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Maternal And Child Health Ghana JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

The government intends to attend and tackle inequities in health outcomes by implementation of interventions and equity-enhancing measures. Despite the modest progress observed, there are substantial inequities in maternal and child health services coverage and health outcomes within and between countries. Healthcare interventions in Ghana

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Public Health Jobs In Ghana JLI Blog

Services Jliedu.com

Ministry of Health is responsible for providing public health services, managing Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure, and developing Ghana’s hospitals and medical education system. The demand for professionals in public health services, management and safety is growing at a rapid pace in Ghana.

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Africa’s Healthcare Sector

Ocean Jliedu.com

Health at its best is wealth and not scraps of gold or silver. The World’s Second Largest and Populous Continent is- Africa. This continent makes up about 15% of the world’s human population and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea towards the north, along with Suez Canal and Red sea to the north east, while the Indian Ocean to the southeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

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Public Health Jobs In Malawi JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

Better health outcomes are associated with higher density of health workers but shortage of health professionals remains the most severe and unevenly distributed in Malawis healthcare system, even though there has been increased government healthcare expenditure. Several health solutions have been suggested in Malawi to increase the number of

Healthcare Jobs
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How To Become A Public Health Officer

Public Jliedu.com

Public Health Officers find career opportunities in public health departments, non-government organizations, healthcare associations, consulting firms, hospitals, nursing homes, mental health organizations, rehabilitation centres, federal agencies, universities, etc. Online Courses in Public Health at James Lind Institute

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Sexual & Reproductive Health In Africa JLI Blog

Reproductive Jliedu.com

Sexual and reproductive health related problems of child marriage, adolescent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are increasing in some African regions. The gulf between legal sexual and reproductive health rights and the reality in the region is enormous. The obstacles of sexual and reproductive health are daunting, thus new modern healthcare strategies are …

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Relationship Between Agriculture And Healthcare JLI Blog

Environmental Jliedu.com

The challenge and gap between agriculture and healthcare, financial resources acquisition of new customers and partners needs to be bridged. Recognising the key factors contributing to the developmental success of farms requires focusing on the role of commitment and ability to cope with environmental and healthcare barriers.

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Public Health Services In Ghana JLI Blog

Centers Jliedu.com

Public Health System in Ghana. The five levels of healthcare system are health posts, health centers and clinics, tertiary hospitals, regional hospitals and district hospitals.Healthcare in Ghana is well served in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies of urban centers of the country.

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Maternal & Child Health Diploma Course, Online Program MCH

Training Jliedu.com

People with training in maternal and child health can find challenging opportunities in various healthcare set-ups. Hospitals, NGO's, Multi-speciality clinics, Healthcare companies, and many local & international government organisations frequently employ people with training in this field.

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Maternal And Child Health In Malawi JLI Blog

Family Jliedu.com

Every woman should have access to family planning and healthcare services necessary for women and children.Unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions can be avoided by utilization of family planning methods.The need to strengthen health policies and guidelines related to mother and child, adoption of positive behaviour by communities, improve

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Healthcare Management Institutes In Egypt JLI Blog

Egypt Jliedu.com

Healthcare management institutes in Egypt: Egypt can be considered to be one of the best country in terms of healthcare. This is because people come from all over the world to seek services that Egypt has to offer from a healthcare point of view. Egypt has adequate health management personnel that are able to take care of the patients needs.

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What Are The Requirements For Masters In Public Health

Health Jliedu.com

Advanced PG diploma is pursued in health specialities of maternal and child health, public health research, tropical medicine, global health, environmental or occupational health, healthcare management or clinical research and the masters level in public health includes a dissertation. Bachelor degree is necessary to enrol for a Master’s

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Career In Healthcare Management JLI Blog

Level Jliedu.com

According to Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, Inc.’s 2014 data (which collected data from more than 1500 health care firms throughout the United States on over 240 system level jobs over 190 hospital level jobs) below mentioned are salaries paid to healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Careers
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Healthcare Management Training In Zimbabwe JLI Blog

Pronounced Jliedu.com

Healthcare management training courses in Zimbabwe: Health is of paramount importance to the productivity and well being of any country.In as much as the health care system in Zimbabwe is not such pronounced, the government continues to do all it can to ensure that its citizens get affordable and quality healthcare.

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Healthcare And Hospital Management Institutes In Ghana

Other Jliedu.com

Healthcare and Hospital Management Institutes in Ghana:- Health care pertains to diagnosing, treating, and preventing of many maladies, injuries, and other physical and psychological wreck in humans.Health care is commonly delivered by medical practitioners or other associated health

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Understanding Global Health Policies JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

Global health policies target area that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in healthcare for people worldwide. Global health issues across national boundaries call for actions from government and global forces that help determine the health of people, worldwide improvement of health, reduction of disparities and protection against threats.

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Maternal & Child Health In Somalia JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

The health authorities with an aim to bolster health security of the population have undertaken initiative to improve the management and coordination of health capacities and resources. The maternal and child healthcare advisory services or programme help the mother or pregnant women, newborns and young children in Somalia.

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Importance Of Maternal And Child Health Training Programs

Child Jliedu.com

Maternal and child health continue to be largely overlooked aspects of healthcare system leading to major risks associated with pregnancy and child birth. This could be associated to lack of awareness and inadequate health-care facilities such as skilled personnel, infrastructure and access to medicines and emergency care when needed.

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Public Health Jobs In Somalia JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

There has been an increase in long term public investment in education, training and creative strategy of community based health posts with health workers and experts in Somalia providing basic preventative and curative care. The epidemiological profile of communicable, non-communicable and public health issues in the country can be controlled using simple and relatively cheap measures.

Healthcare Jobs
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Public Health Management And Policy JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

Health Management and Policy. Health management ensures prevention of diseases, prolongation of life span and promotion of public health through informed choices and organized efforts. Health policy refers to decisions, plans, strategies and actions undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within a community or society.

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Health Problems In Children JLI Blog

Health Jliedu.com

Persistent lack of child health services effects early physical or mental health in children and long term adult outcomes. The objective to improve infant and child health lies in addressing a wide range of behavioural conditions and health indicators that …

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