PLOS ONE: Health Care Policy


‘One-size doesn’t fit all’: Understanding healthcare practitioners’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviours towards sexual and reproductive health and rights in low …

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Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections Incidence By A


Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) are a global concern, further threatened by the increasing drug resistance of HAI-associated pathogens. On the other hand, persistent contamination of hospital surfaces contributes to HAI transmission, and it is not efficiently controlled by conventional cleaning, which does not prevent recontamination, has a high environmental impact and can favour

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Fragile Heroes. The Psychological Impact Of The COVID 19


This survey-based study aimed to explore the mental health status and psychological care needs of 933 health-care workers in Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sociodemographic data, exposure to COVID-19, perception of psychological care needs, depression, anxiety, somatization, and post-traumatic symptoms were concurrently assessed. The majority of the sample (71%) suffered …

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Correlation Between Hospital Finances And Quality And


Health Care Management Review. 2004;29(3):229–39. pmid:15357233 . View Article PubMed/NCBI Google Scholar 89. Vogel WB, Langland-Orban B, Gapenski LC. Factors influencing high and low profitability among hospitals. Health Care Manage …

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PLOS ONE: Health Services Research


Health workers' experiences of collaborative quality improvement for maternal and newborn care in rural Tanzanian health facilities: A process evaluation using the integrated 'Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services' framework. Ulrika Baker, Arafumin Petro, [ ], Claudia Hanson

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What Matters To Patients


Background Our healthcare system is moving towards patient-centered and value-based care models that prioritize health outcomes that matter to patients. However, little is known about what aspects of care patients would prioritize when presented with choices of desirable attributes and whether these patient priorities differ based on certain demographics.

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Primary Care And Health Inequality: Difference In


World Health Organization. The World Health Report 2008: Primary health care (now more than ever). World Health Organization; 2008. 8. Macinko J, Starfield B, Shi L. The contribution of primary care systems to health outcomes within Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, 1970–1998. Heal Serv Res. 2003;38: 831

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“That’s All Fake”: Health Professionals Stigma And


Stigma as a key social determinant of health. Stigma has been identified as an overlooked social determinant of health that plays a vital role in the distribution of life chances and health status for PWSMI through the production of inequities and stress [18–20].Stigmatization is a complex process of social control in which labeling, stereotyping and negative attitudes towards a person

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EHealth And Telemedicine: Practices And Beliefs Among


Health technologies are becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector. eHealth and telemedicine services have the potential to improve the quality of medical care, reduce inpatient hospital stays, and reduce treatment costs . In order to maximize adoption of these services, user-oriented development of advanced systems integrating

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“Primary Care Is Primary Care”: Use Of Normalization


Fenway Health in Boston Massachusetts is a leading LGBT healthcare facility that implemented a specific transgender primary care program in 2007 [27, 28]. The Fenway Health clinics have a philosophy of “accessible, patient-centered care that view gender affirmation as routine part of primary care service delivery” [ 27 ].

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Disease Specific Out Of Pocket Healthcare Expenditure In


Despite these alarming statuses, health insurance in Bangladesh is almost nonexistent except for a few very small pockets of NGO-sponsored plans . In 2030, 20% of the population will encounter catastrophic health expenditure and about 10% of those will be pushed into poverty for seeking health care unless health care policy changes

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Health And Economic Growth: Evidence From Dynamic Panel


Recently, there are more evidences to the positive effect of health and healthcare investments in economic growth [4–5] and the importance of human capital for economic growth is re-emphasised by the World Bank [6–7]. Health and education are the most important constituents of …

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Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks In Health Care


tailored to the health care industry[2]. Global health care expenditure is expected to reach $8.7 trillion by 2020, driven by aging populations growing in size and disease complexity, advancements made in medical treat-ments, rising labour costs and the market expansion of the health care industry. Many health

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Health Seeking Behavior As A Predictor Of Healthcare


Background The global burden of low back pain is growing rapidly, accompanied by increasing rates of associated healthcare utilization. Health seeking behavior (HSB) has been suggested as a mediator of healthcare utilization. The aims of this study were to: 1) develop a proxy HSB measure based on healthcare consumption patterns prior to initial consultation for spinal pain, and 2) examine

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Providers’ Perceptions Of Communication With Patients In


Introduction. A vast array of literature shows that proper communication between the patient and the healthcare provider, often referred to as patient-provider communication (PPC), is essential for a successful and sustainable response to patients’ health problems [1–6].Throughout their education, future healthcare providers (referred to as providers) are required to learn and develop

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Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Practices And Perceptions


Background Healthcare providers’ (HCPs) recommendations for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine are likely to increase the vaccination uptake. However, little is known about Ghanaian HCPs’ general practices regarding HPV vaccination. We used Multi-Theory Model (MTM) constructs (i.e. participatory dialogue, behavioral confidence, environment, social and emotional …

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Effectiveness Of MHealth Interventions For Patients With


Background Diabetes is a common chronic disease that places an unprecedented strain on health care systems worldwide. Mobile health technologies such as smartphones, mobile applications, and wearable devices, known as mHealth, offer significant and innovative opportunities for improving patient to provider communication and self-management of diabetes.

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Urbanization And Health: The Effects Of The Built


Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing rapid urban growth. Cities enable greater access to health services and improved water and sanitation infrastructure, leading to some improvements in health. However, urban settings may also be associated with more sedentary, stressful lifestyles and consumption of less nutritious food. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a measure of chronic inflammation …

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Role Of Insurance In Determining Utilization Of Healthcare


Background Universal health coverage has become a policy goal in most developing economies. We assess the association of health insurance (HI) schemes in general, and RSBY (National Health Insurance Scheme) in particular, on extent and pattern of healthcare utilization. Secondly, we assess the relationship of HI and RSBY on out-of-pocket (OOP) expenditures and financial risk …

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Perceived Microaggressions In Health Care: A Measurement Study


The current study examined the psychometric properties of the Microaggressions in Health Care Scale (MHCS), including factor structure, measurement invariance, and internal consistency reliability. We used a cross-sectional research design to study perceived racial microaggressions, discrimination, and mental health in 296 African American and Latino respondents.

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Gender Difference In Health Care Expenditure: Evidence


Background While the gender disparity in health and mortality in various stages of life in India is well documented, there is limited evidence on female disadvantage in health-care expenditure (HCE). Aims Examine the gender difference in HCE in short-term and major morbidity in India, and understand the role of factors underlying the difference. Data and Methods Using two rounds of …

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Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility Measurements Using GIS


With recent aging demographic trends, the needs for enhancing geo-spatial analysis capabilities and monitoring the status of accessibilities of its citizens with healthcare services have increased. The accessibility to healthcare is determined not only by geographic distances to service locations, but also includes travel time, available modes of transportation, and departure time.

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A System Dynamics Approach To Understanding The One Health


There have been many terms used to describe the One Health concept, including movement, strategy, framework, agenda, approach, among others. However, the inter-relationships of the disciplines engaged in the One Health concept have not been well described. To identify and better elucidate the internal feedback mechanisms of One Health, we employed a system dynamics approach.

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A Geospatial Approach To Understanding Inequalities In


Introduction. Primary health care (PHC) is acknowledged as a foundation of any high performing health care system that provides access to health care services for all health-related needs and problems, providing person-focused care over time in a continuous and coordinated fashion [].Across Canadian provinces, PHC models include a wide range of provider groups and clinicians, each with …

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Who Pays For Health Care In China


Background Health spending by the Chinese government has declined and traditional social health insurance collapsed after economic reforms in the early 1980s; accordingly, the low-income population is exposed to potentially significant healthcare costs. Financing an equitable healthcare system represents a major policy objective in China’s current healthcare reform efforts.

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Challenges And Strategies In Patients’ Health Priorities


Objectives While patients’ health priorities should inform healthcare, strategies for doing so are lacking for patients with multiple conditions. We describe challenges to, and strategies that support, patients’ priorities-aligned decision-making. Design Participant observation qualitative study. Setting Primary care and cardiology practices in Connecticut.

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Health Protective Behavior Scale: Development And


Health protective behavior encompasses multiple dimensions, which may include the four aspects of environment, behavior and lifestyle, genetic factors, and health care ; or may be expressed by eight key factors, namely, of safety, social security, education, food security, income, ecological environment, sustainable resources, and social

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Mild Manifestations Of COVID 19 In Healthcare Workers


Medical staff treating Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients are at high risk for exposure to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), and many have been infected, which may cause panic among medical workers, their relatives, health professionals, and government leaders. We report the epidemiologic and clinical characteristics of healthcare workers …

Covid 19 Health
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Health Care Seeking Behavior In Southwest Ethiopia


Health care policies and programs’ planning requires knowledge about health care seeking behavior for early diagnosis, effective treatment and appropriate intervention implementation [ 1 ]. Early health care utilization and adherence to effective …

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An Assessment Of The Dutch Experience With Health Insurers


Introduction With managed competition, selective contracting and the appointing of preferred providers are important instruments for health insurers to improve their bargaining position in the healthcare purchasing market. Insurers can offer enrollees extra services, such as advice about their healthcare, to attract them, ensure that they remain loyal, and to channel them to preferred providers.

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Economic Evaluation Of Health Extension Program Packages


Background Ethiopia launched the Health Extension Program (HEP) in 2004, aimed at ensuring equitable community-level healthcare services through Health Extension Workers. Despite the program’s being a flagship initiative, there is limited evidence on whether investment in the program represents good value for money. This study assessed the cost and cost-effectiveness of HEP …

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Practice Of Code Of Ethics And Associated Factors Among


Introduction In the health sector, questions are being raised about the possible threats to the accepted principles of ethics such as autonomy, beneficence, non malfeasance and justice in the delivery of health care. There is limited information in Ethiopia regarding to practice of code of ethics among medical doctors. Hence, this study aimed to assess practice of code of ethics and associated

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Systematic Review Of The Characteristics Of Brief Team


Primary care was defined as comprehensive healthcare services for common health concerns at the point of entry to the healthcare system . Acute care included in-hospital or specialized ambulatory care . We excluded studies where the intervention lasted more than a half day or 4.5 hours. The primary aim of the review was to identify effective

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Current Status And Determinants Of Maternal Healthcare


Background Advancing maternal health is central to global health policy-making; therefore, considerable efforts have been made to improve maternal health. Still, in many developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, including Afghanistan, the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) remains high. The objective of this study was to examine the determinants and …

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Improving Women's Health Through Universal Health Coverage


Unequal access to health care contributes to shortcomings in women's health at all ages. The post-2015 United Nations development framework must address these inequalities globally. Universal health coverage (UHC) is considered a leading candidate among health-related targets.

Mens Health
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Comparing The Health Of Non Binary And Binary Transgender


Healthcare experiences in the last 12 months were queried, including: having to teach a doctor about transgender health in order to get appropriate care (yes, no), postponed or did not try to get medical care when needed it resulting in a medical emergency to the emergency room or urgent care clinic to get immediate help (yes, no), postponed

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Primary Care Patients’ Perspectives Of Barriers And


Introduction. Primary care (PC) is the area of the health care system most suited to offering primary prevention and health promotion (PP&HP) activities as it is easily accessible, provides continuity of care and is used by a large proportion of the population [1,2].PP& HP activities include initiatives to maintain or increase the level of wellness and to reduce risk factors associated with

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Health Care During Electricity Failure: The Hidden Costs


Frequent power outages greatly disadvantage resource-poor health care facilities seeking to deliver quality health care [3–15]. There is an unexplored phenomenon whereby health facility executives, due to concerns of fiscal responsibilities and reputation consequences, fail to collect or bypass data on patient outcomes due to electricity failure.

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Has The Free Maternal Health Policy Eliminated Out Of


“The free maternal health policy is one of the major policies under the NHIS which has helped improve maternal health care and reduced infant deaths or child mortality. Health providers have also benefitted a lot from our reimbursement, the only challenge is the late reimbursement of health facilities. For this we are helpless” (IDI, director).

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