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Health: is published six times per year and attempts in each number to offer a mix of articles that inform or that provoke debate. The readership of the journal is wide and drawn from different disciplines and from workers both inside and outside the health

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Making Healthcare Decisions In A Person’s Best Interests


chosen to make healthcare decisions on their behalf in their best interests when they lack capacity.22 consult family members about serious health deci The person can authorize the attorney or attorneys to make all decisions concerning health and wel-fare, including ‘life and death’ decisions, or can

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Health & Nursing


SAGE Health & Nursing are proud to publish a broad range of high-quality research covering public health, nursing practice, nutrition, oncology, dentistry, gerontology, palliative care, and many more health specialties. Download special …

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Health Services Management Research: SAGE Journals


About this journal. Health Services Management Research is an authoritative research based journal providing expert information on all aspects of healthcare management. Examining the real issues confronting health services management, it analyses policy initiatives and healthcare

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The Definition Of Health: Towards New Perspectives


The definition of health is not just a theoretical issue, because it has many implications for practice, policy, and health services. The current definition of health, formulated by the WHO, is no longer adequate for dealing with the new challenges in health

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Engaging With Patient Online Health Information Use


Health Care Nurses Jean Gilmour1, Sue Hanna2, Helen Chan, Alison Strong3, and Annette Huntington1 Abstract Internet health information is used by patients for health care decision making. Research indicates this information is not necessarily disclosed in interactions with health professionals.

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Current Challenges In Health Information Technology


Introducing health information technology (IT) within a complex adaptive health system has potential to improve care but also introduces unintended consequences and new challenges. 1 –3 Ensuring the safety of health IT and its use …

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Health Care Customer Value Cocreation Practice Styles


This article explores in-depth what health care customers actually do when they cocreate value. Combining previously published research with data collected from depth interviews, field observation, and focus groups, the authors identify distinct styles of health

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Addressing Health Care Needs In The Homeless Population: A


health disparities in the rural region have been identified such as lack of accessible resources, low paying and limited jobs, lack of public transportation, low health literacy, lan-guage barriers, lack of health care insurance, and geographic challenges in the …

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Mental Illness Related Stigma In Healthcare: Barriers To


Mental illness-related stigma, including that which exists in the healthcare system and among healthcare providers, has been identified as a major barrier to access treatment and recovery, as well as poorer quality physical care for persons with mental illnesses. 1 –5 Stigma also impacts help-seeking behaviours of health

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Journal Description: Journal Of Child Health Care: SAGE


Journal of Child Health Care is now indexed by ISI Calling Potential Referees! Journal of Child Health Care is a broad ranging, international, professionally-oriented, interdisciplinary and peer reviewed journal. It focuses on issues related to the health and health

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Home Health Care Management & Practice


Health Sciences Life Sciences Materials Science & Engineering Social Sciences & Humanities Journals A-Z Discipline Hubs. Resources Authors Editors Reviewers Librarians Researchers Societies. Opportunities Advertising Reprints Content Sponsorships Permissions Microsites. Home Health Care Management &

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The Future Of Home Health Care


home-based health care, creating a pathway for home-based care to maximize its potential, and integrating it fully into the U.S. health care system. We propose an initial vision and bold first steps in this arti-cle to support the transformation of home health agencies and home-based care and its recognition in the overall health care system.

Home Healthcare
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Sacrificed: Ontario Healthcare Workers In The Time Of


Ontario’s healthcare system and public health approaches under neoliberal capitalist austerity-driven cuts have dismantled the social safety net, and COVID-19 has exposed the consequences. The HCWs also indicated that not …

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Occupational Health And Safety Hazards Faced By Healthcare


Analyses strategy. It also identifies occupational health and safety risks and provides insights and strategies to address them. Keywords Occupational health and safety, risk factors, healthcare professionals, control strategies, Taiwan Date received: 15 May 2019; accepted: 17 March 2020 1Department of Pharmacy and Master Program, Tajen University,

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Advancing The Practice Of Health Coaching: Differentiation


As health care reform in the United States steadily moves the pendulum from sickness and disease to wellness and prevention, new interventions have arisen in the name of coaching to guide and thus improve the life, health, and health risk of individuals. Although a number of “coaching” types and modalities exist, for example, health, wellness, personal, and life coaching, health

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Professional Practice


occupational health nurses and other healthcare providers explain the reasons prior to touching these clients to avoid misunderstandings. Silence is a non-verbal technique that makes many American-trained nurses uncomfortable. Silence can be interpreted as misunderstanding or an unwillingness to respond.

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Health System Frameworks And Performance Indicators In


In Australia, the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) 16 was established under the Australian National Health Reform Act 2011 17 as an independent portfolio agency to monitor and report on healthcare system performance; it has since been merged with the Australian Institute of Health

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Social Solidarity In Health Care, American Style


Dworkin, R. , “Justice in the Distribution of Health Care,” McGill Law Journal, 38, no. 4 (1993): 883-898, 898 (1993) (“[T]he question of health-care reform in America, including politically acceptable and fair health-care rationing, is ideologically leveraged. If we …

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Assessment Of Key Performance Indicators Of The Primary


Effective primary health care (PHC) is the key to attaining universal health coverage. The key performance indicators (KPIs), is a component of quality improvement in the PHC service sector that provides feedback to inform and better …

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A Review Of The Australian Healthcare System: A Policy


Australia, Belgium, Canada and France have similar healthcare systems because they provide public insurance for the basic coverage, and private insurance can be purchased by individuals on top of the public insurance. 7 Australia had the lowest public health expenditure, as a percentage of the total health

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Health Care Organizational Performance: Present And Future


Health care organizations are presently attempting to adapt to an increasingly turbulent environment that poses significant challenges to both managers and management scholars. As a result of the unique nature of health care …

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Determinants Of Health Care Utilization — Visits And


Among the various health status dimensions included, self-rated health was found to be the most important determinant, regardless of type of service. Factors, other than health status aspects affecting GP visits, were preoccupation with health and help seeking …

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COVID 19 And US Health Financing: Perils And Possibilities


The fragmented and privatized U.S. health care financing system also has distinct implications for those who develop severe illness from COVID-19. While the United States is unique among high-income nations in its lack of universal coverage, it is less of an outlier with respect to its health

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The Quality Mental Health Care Network: A Roadmap To


One in five Canadians suffer from a mental illness every year and will need access to quality mental healthcare. 1 This issue is all the more pressing now with the World Health Organization sounding the alarm that the insidious effects of stress, …

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The Privatization Of Health Care System In Saudi Arabia


health care is a process where non-governmental actors become increasingly engaged in the health sector in the provision of health care through finance and management services.8 The state partially or fully withdraws itself from its historical role in the provision and management of the health

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Gratitude In Health Care: A Meta Narrative Review


term “healthcare” OR (“health” AND “care”) in the full-text search. A set of 191 articles was returned from this first run of the e-search strategy (June 2019). Once duplicates had been merged, 160 articles were identified as potentially suitable for inclusion. We screened the articles using the following criteria: 1.

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Mental Health Care For Medical Staff And Affiliated


affiliated healthcare workers (staff) is a critical part of the public health response. This paper details the effects on staff and addresses some of the organisational, team and individual considerations for supporting staff (pragmatically) during this pandemic. Leaders at all levels of health care organisations will find this a valuable resource.

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DIGITAL HEALTH is currently looking for a new Associate Editor to join our editorial team.DIGITAL HEALTH focuses on healthcare in the digital world, bridging the evolution of advances in informatics and technology in medicine, health and all aspects of health

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Exploring The Impact Of Health Care Provider Cultural


health care can improve health care access and quality and reduce health disparities in immigrant populations (Health Research & Educational Trust, 2013; Smith, 2013). Nevertheless, cultural competence has come under scrutiny over the past decade. Research has largely assessed health care providers’ own perceptions of cultural competence and

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Reducing Health Care Disparities In Sickle Cell Disease: A


These centers have multidisciplinary teams dedicated to improving health outcomes, providing quality care, and reducing costs and disparities in access to care for these patients. 12,13 In contrast, specialized SCD health care providers with …

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Medical Sociology And Health Services Research: Past


the formal health care delivery system. Scholar-ship initially focused largely on understanding the structural and institutional underpinnings of health care systems, and later on exploring the variability in access to health care across social groups. More recently, sociological health services research has

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Journal Of Health Management


Browse all issues of Journal of Health Management. Access to society journal content varies across our titles. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.

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Racism In European Health Care: Structural Violence And


The effect of racism on health notwithstanding (Williams & Mohammed, 2013), limited theoretical exploration has looked at how racism is conceptualized in health care, specifically the subtle and invisible hard-to-detect workings of racism in health care encounters (Bradby, 2010; Bradby et al., 2019).According to Nazroo et al. (2019), current research on racism in health

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Health Care Workers’ Perception Of Patients’ Suicide


This study explored health-care workers’ perception of patients’ suicide intention and their understanding of factors leading to particular interpretations. Semistructured face-to-face in-depth interviews were conducted with 32 health-care …

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Trust, Health Care Relationships, And Chronic Illness


health care was increasing, which led to interest in health care relationships because of the clear link with level of sat-isfaction with care. Furthermore, chronic illness was being recognized as presenting different challenges to the health care system and health

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Health Care Rationing: Can We Afford To Ignore Euthanasia


Explicit rationing decisions are being made to encompass a wide range of health care issues. Voluntary euthanasia has largely been excluded from this debate due to, in my view, the emotive nature of the issue. Euthanasia is an issue in which …

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Addressing Health And Health Care Disparities: The Role Of


health care and reduce health disparities. The Pro-motores de Salud initiative, led by the HHS Office of Minority Health, promotes the increased engagement of promotores de salud (also known as community health workers) in health education, outreach, and access to health

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Frequency And Risk Of Occupational Health And Safety


Given the increased prevalence of chronic disease and health care costs, more individuals are treated in the home, which has augmented the demand for more Home Healthcare Workers (HHCWs) in the fie

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The Use Of Telehealth In School Based Health Centers


Schools are a common-sense place within communities to provide health care, particularly in underserved communities where access barriers prevent children and adolescents from using the health care system. 1 Since the late 1960s, school-based health

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The Experiences And Perceptions Of Health Care Workers


determinants of health. The objective of this study was to explore the experiences and perceptions of health care workers (HCWs) in primary health care in the management of COVID-19 with respect to medical response experiences, socio-cultural and religious reforms, psychological impressions, and …

Experience Health
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Gender Bias In Medicine


stereotyped expectations about health and needs in men and women, or a routine-like application of statistical sex or gend er differences on individ-ual patients. The roots of gender bias in clinical work might also be found at a system level[32], which is to say in the healthcare organization or routines, or in distorted content in established

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Journal Description: Qualitative Health Research: SAGE


Qualitative Health Research provides an international, interdisciplinary forum to enhance health care and further the development and understanding of qualitative research in health-care settings.The journal is an invaluable resource for researchers and academics, administrators and others in the health

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