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Top Healthcare Challenges Solved By Mobile Apps : Part 1

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Increasing demands on healthcare providers have created a real need for efficient and effective care responsiveness. Mobile apps are reshaping the healthcare industry. In 2016, it is estimated that more than 32 percent of US consumers (PwC’s Health Research Institute) have at least one health-related app on their smartphone or tablet.

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Top 10 Healthcare Challenges Solved By Mobile Apps : Part

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Healthcare mobile apps such as MyChart helps the patient manage their health information and,. communicate it to their doctor on their mobile device,; discuss it with their specialist(s) on their mobile device, and; access their health reports and records without having to pick them up or get copies of them from the physician.; The Microsoft HealthVault mobile app has been available for quite

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40 Amazing MHealth Statistics Kays Harbor

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As much as we cannot live without our smartphone today, health and fitness is also a vital part of our modern lifestyles. And by integrating these two, the development of mobile health technology is an effective way to increase patient and provider engagement to deliver better healthcare

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7 Important Steps To Ensure Your Healthcare Apps Are HIPAA

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HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is well known across every area of the healthcare sector. It was originally put into place in 1996 and was greatly expanded and explained in 2013 by the Final Omnibus Rule Update.While only covered entities, such as doctors and insurers, once needed to be compliant, now anyone or anything that stores, records or

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Why Take Your Healthcare Practice And Hospital Mobile

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Mobile technology has transformed almost all walks of our lives, be it our work, travel, food, education, home services or healthcare. Mobile is particularly important in healthcare, considering the stakes – both for care givers and care seekers, and for the industry on a whole.. This report by McKinsey shows some interesting trends in how healthcare has responded to technology.

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It's Time IT Service Providers Peg Up Focus On Healthcare

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Ever since the dawn of 21st Century, Healthcare sector has seen transition from a static and seemingly inconspicuous industry to an increasingly dynamic and significant industry today. There has been uncontroversial evidence from the world firmly establishing the fact that improved health care facilities leads to better economic performance and GDP.

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HIPAA Compliant Mobile Apps For Hospitals & Medical Practice

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In 2013, the Final Omnibus Rules Update to HIPAA made major revisions to the act; rather than requiring compliance of only healthcare providers and hospitals, all entities storing, managing, recording, or transmitting Patient Health Information (PHI) were required to be HIPAA compliant according to the HIPAA Security Rule standards.

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Why Healthcare Mobile Apps For Doctors

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Healthcare applications that provide increased access to care, either in areas with limited access to health services or for patients with limited time to receive healthcare. b. Software that provides patients with a layer of convenience by assisting with scheduling of appointments and facilitating telemedicine solutions.

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Delivering Healthcare For The Millennial Generation

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As with any service-based industry, the healthcare field isn’t exempt to the impact of the massive millennial generation coming of age – the era of millennial healthcare is upon us and it is vital that service providers adjust to the expectations of this demography. A key element of these expectations is that healthcare service providers re-envision IT infrastructure with a focus on cloud

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Common HIPAA Violations: How Can Tech Overcome These

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A policy is known as the HIPAA privacy act, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, seeks to keep any personal medical information private and confidential while also setting industry-wide standards for billing and other electronic needs related to health care. HIPAA violations can cause significant loss

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Healthcare Startups Leveraging Mobile To Take Telemedicine

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Similarly, Twine Health has added a social element to interacting with healthcare providers. Combining all of a patient’s health needs into a single cloud based platform, the healthcare tech startup’s solution allows providers to review analytics quickly and easily between visits, and then offer guidance and lifestyle coaching.

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Software Development Company, India

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We are a software development company in Chandigarh, India with a goal to unleash the power of information technology for large enterprises and startups alike through custom built web and mobile solutions. Our work speaks for us. To help you out with your next project, let's get in touch!

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6 Promising Ways MHealth Interoperability Benefits Healthcare

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mHealth interoperability benefits healthcare by resolving one of the biggest problems of the medical establishment — sharing patient information. Even with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE), data sharing between doctors have been slow due to the cost of implementation. Connected apps can significantly lower

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13 Best Telemedicine Apps (2018) Sharing The Spotlight

Lemonaid Kaysharbor.com

Lemonaid Health has quickly established a good reputation as one of the most responsive telemedicine platforms. It provides healthcare and assistance or birth control, sinus, cholesterol, addiction management, acid reflux and many more conditions including lab testing.

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6 Factors To Focus On For Successful EHR Implementation

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Health IT disruptors must invest to make a shift from legacy systems and innovate modern, secure, cross platform, mobile-friendly and easily accessible technology solutions. Interoperability promotes mobile healthcare. However, it’s adoption so far has been inadequate probably because of the deep-rooted interests of businesses and vendors in

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5 Best Examples To Guide Mobile App Development For

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Walgreens on their way to offering end-to-end health care via a mobile app Image Source Considered to be “the most digitally-savvy and mobile focused drugstore chain in the world,” the company sees more than 60% of its online traffic originate from smartphones.

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Benefits Of Telemedicine To Counter Healthcare Challenges

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Escalating Healthcare costs The percentage of GDP spent on healthcare in the United States is expected to increase 3% by the year 2020 to 20% Telemedicine is projected to save the industry and public $6 billion in annual costs by decreasing office visits, emergency room visits, and visits to urgent care. The average cost of an emergency room

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5 Factors For Choosing Video Conferencing Tools In

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Building a healthcare solution is a complicated process, and a myriad of regulatory requirements often add time and costs to the product. For this reason, experienced health-tech developers like Kays Harbor rely on their ability to integrate relevant 3rd party solutions which can expedite the development of your healthcare software without the need to reinvent the wheel, at the same time

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Telemedicine Solution Providers Changing The Face Of

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “telehealth is the use of technology to deliver health care, health information, or health education at a distance.” Telemedicine solution providers seek to address some of the common applications of telehealth, which fall into two general categories: real-time communication and

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Telemedicine Software Providers And Challenges They Face

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When it comes to your health and well-being, you’re obviously going to seek out a certified professional. Similarly, if you’re a doctor or a hospital looking to expand into the healthcare industry and you want to implement a healthcare solution for your client base, you want a firm familiar with challenges facing the healthcare industry.

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HIPAA Healthcare Data Breaches – Looking Back At 2017

Breach Kaysharbor.com

With the Banner Health data breach that shook healthcare providers in 2016 recording 3.6 million individuals affected, cyber security came to the spotlight for the healthcare industry. However, in 2017, as we analyze HIPAA breach data reported to the OCR, the severity of incidents might have decreased but not the numbers.

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Decoding HIPAA Technical Safeguards & Physical Controls

HIPAA Kaysharbor.com

Welcome back to our series on HIPAA compliance in healthcare industry.In this post, we have set out to decode the labyrinthine standards laid forth by the Department of Health and Human Services’ 1996 HIPAA, and the changes instituted by the HITECH Act of 2009, in order to help you establish your own HIPAA compliance checklist.

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Healthtech Landing

Software Kaysharbor.com

Years of experience in healthcare IT ; Strong expertise across all major software technologies ; Strong emphasis on UI/UX and mobility ; HIPAA/HL7 compliant software development ; Why doctors love us "Our business is extremely satisfied and ecstatic with the work we have received from Kays Harbor! Feedback is timely, expertise is top shelf.

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HIPAA Healthcare Data Breaches 2016 Kays Harbor

Incidents Kaysharbor.com

As per the statistics published on the OCR’s “Wall of Shame”, out of the 326 incidents reported in 2016, 253 incidents were attributed to healthcare providers while 51 incidents were attributed to health plan providers. Unauthorized access, hacking/IT incidents and theft topped the list of the major reasons behind HIPAA breaches.

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How Mobility Drives Top 5 Technology Trends In 2016

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The health wearables market has also proven useful in 2015 in providing doctors and patients with increased access to necessary treatment data, and the industry is set to see significant growth in the coming year. There are those in the healthcare industry who warn that integration of health wearables will be a slow process.

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6 Primary Business Benefits Of An ERP System Kays Harbor

Vital Kaysharbor.com

Strategic-level BI analysis can extract data from an ERP system and gain insights about the organization’s overall health and improvement potentials. When you are using your BI to create a future vision for your company, ERP plays a vital role in holding …

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HIPAA Data Breaches In First Half Of 2015 (Jan To Jun)

HIPAA Kaysharbor.com

According to the United States Office of Civil Rights, health care providers reported 139 HIPAA data breaches in the first half of 2015. While this might seem like a low number of incidents, it’s important to point out that legally, only HIPAA data breaches that affect 500 or more individuals are required to be reported.

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Millennials Vs. Baby Boomers: How Technology Empowers Them

Technologies Kaysharbor.com

While technology is a way of life for Millennials, for the Baby Boomer generation, they are going to be drawn to household and health technologies designed to ease and support everyday activities. This can include healthcare technologies and services that allow them to …

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Musher's Checkpoint

Allows Kaysharbor.com

Allows veterinary record management to track health needs of the pet and facilitate regular treatment; Related Projects. Specialty EMR for Pediatricians. Healthcare Diagnostic Portal. On-demand Food Ordering. University Pre-Arrival Assistance Solution. Workforce …

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Custom Mobile Application Development Services Kays Harbor

Mobile Kaysharbor.com

At Kays Harbor, our vast experience across consumer and enterprise mobility solutions places us as one of the top offshore mobile application development companies based in India. Whether you are a startup looking for mobile app development firms to build your MVP or a small business trying to explore mobile solutions as a marketing medium or a large enterprise aiming at improving efficiency

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The Evolution Of Mobile Apps Since 1983 Kays Harbor

Might Kaysharbor.com

With the rise of wearables and VR technology, mobile apps might take a totally new role in our lives. We might see apps monitoring our health in real time. The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining traction. Our future cars might come with the app to control our house, and our watches might become our main communication devices.

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Client Testimonials

Working Kaysharbor.com

Managing Director, Astia Health LLC, USA “Our business is extremely satisfied and ecstatic with the work we have received from Kays Harbor! It is as if they are working in the same building in the room next door in our corporation.

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14 Powerful Questions That Help You Hire The Best Mobile

Mobility Kaysharbor.com

Mobility is no longer a choice, it is a necessity to thrive in today’s evolving technology ecosystem. With more than 80% of the consumers using smartphone apps, industries like retail, ecommerce, banking & finance, healthcare and many more now strongly rely on mobility to capture the modern market and provide an overall omnichannel experience.

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MVP Development: How To Overcome The Challenges

Isn’t Kaysharbor.com

If you are planning to start MVP development, the road ahead isn’t easy. But it isn’t impossible to overcome these challenges as well! This article is the ultimate resource for answers to your business problems faced with an MVP.

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Top CIO Priorities For 2016. Start With Legacy Modernization

Legacy Kaysharbor.com

As we discuss in our ebook, “Tackling legacy IT challenges at your business”, there are numerous indications that it’s time for your company to consider legacy system modernization, as legacy systems affect your firm’s ability to take on new tasks or get the most out of your information technology infrastructure. The short and sweet version, though, is that modernization must take

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