Health Care From The Trenches: Change Must Come From Us


5. Require increased transparency in health care pricing. 6. Teach doctors to collaborate rather than to compete. They must stand together in the health care debate, offering solutions rather than capitulating to lobbyists and insurance companies. 7. Educate the public on the issues doctors and patients face from today’s inefficient health

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Power At The Top Of Health Care In America


The female body is very different than the male body. I would like some women at the head of the table, helping me navigate my health needs who get it. There are brilliant women in the health care industry. They are smart, passionate, and innovative – hire them to lead. Wendy Hind is a health

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What Politicians Aren't Telling You About Health Care


Health care remains the nation’s top voting issue ahead of the 2020 elections, just as it was during the 2018 midterms. Surveys show voters remain frustrated with high drug prices, growing out-of-pocket expenses, and skimpy health-insurance benefits. The leading candidates have publicly promised to fix these problems, but all are omitting certain details about their health

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How The Vaccinated May Become The Next Super Spreaders


With COVID-19 vaccines being administered to our front-line health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic. Yet, given the time-limited nature of the vaccine’s development, we have yet to learn the extent to which vaccinated people can spread the virus.

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Why States Need To Develop Rural Health Outreach Programs


Disparities in rural health care have been well established with respect to socioeconomic status, race, and geography. COVID-19 brought these disparities to the surface within most rural communities in the United States, highlighting the limited access to health

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How To Structure Financial Incentives In Our Health Care


Next in a series.. In my previous post, I explained the basics of my Healthcare Incentives Framework, which enumerates the jobs we want a health care system to do for us and links them to the parties in the health care system that have the greatest incentive to fulfill those jobs.If you haven’t read that post, I recommend you read it first. For those who have, here’s a refresher:

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Ranking The World's Health Systems: These Results May


The health care spending problem of the U.S. is largely a political choice; we have extraordinarily high prices on everything from physician salaries to pharmaceuticals. While some of these high prices may spur innovation (i.e., pharmaceuticals), the cost of spending nearly 20 percent of our GDP on health care means less money for everything else.

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To Achieve Health Equity, We Must Make Culturally Relevant


Because the American health care system meets its diverse multicultural population with one-size-fits-all care. In other words, the standard of care, which leaves millions of Americans behind, is not culturally relevant care.

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Value Based Care: Bad For Doctors, Bad For Patients


Health care pricing is currently a smoldering mixture of ill-conceived cost-based pricing with twisted value-based pricing components. For simplicity purposes, let’s examine the pricing of physician services. As for all health care, the pricing of physician services is driven by Medicare.

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The 80 20 Rule: Apply Pareto’s Principle To Hospital Medicine


Pareto’s principle also has become a popular area of focus in the world of business and management. Named after the 19th century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, in a nutshell the principle is as follows: 80 percent of effects always come from 20 percent of the causes.

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Health Insurance In This Country Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


Health care is run by insurance companies who have every incentive and motive to collect premiums from everyday Americans and make billions of dollars in profit. Still, they will fight tooth and nail to pay as little or nothing at all in reimbursement.

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Analyzing The Biden Health Plan. Will It Work


Insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and other health care providers are likely to cheer his proposed efforts to make individual market policies more attractive––and thereby enable insurers to sell more policies in a more stable market and have those private policies pay providers for more care at commercial reimbursement rates.

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What If Health Care Went Through A Mindset Shift


As health care workers, we need to take a deeper look within and ask better questions. Stephanie L. Kokseng is an internal medicine physician. Image credit:

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Addressing The Needs Of The Disadvantaged In Our Health System


In health care, we have started to recognize that the disadvantaged are among those with the worst health outcomes, that perhaps we do need to devote more resources to “underserved medicine” from case workers or community health workers on the ground to a new generation of medical school graduates that are educated in health disparities and interested in doing all they can to combat it.

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This Is What A Successful Health Care System Looks Like


We need to allocate and deploy resources to the people and programs in health care doing the work of healing our nation. We need to provide a “self-care as health care” optimal health system, which is educative, accessible, preventative, and patient-centered. This is what a successful health care system looks like.

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Here’s What The Corporatization Of Medicine Is Doing


These measures create efficiencies in the system, but the unintended consequences of such practices include empty, impersonal patient encounters where mediocrity is the accepted norm. We’ve created a health care Walmart — efficient and acceptable but mediocre, instead of personalized and thoughtfully engaged health care.

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What Are Your Health Goals For The Coming Year


Establishing health goals is one of the most powerful practices at a yearly preventive visit. It allows patients and physicians to work as a team examining patients’ current state of health– their capabilities, strengths, resources, weaknesses, deficiencies, lost skills, and longings in their personal, work, and relational spheres.

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Patients Have Changed. How Do We Manage Them


For instance, it is predicted that by 2030, over fifty percent of the obese patients in the world will be from China and India combined. Also, right now, the rapidest growth in obesity is not here in the U.S. but is occurring in Europe and Asia, mostly due to the rapid expansion of …

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Why Socialized Health Care Is Not Right For America


American health care will work best when physicians are free to practice medicine based on their experience and training, and not on the dictates of bureaucrats, public or private. It works best when patients – being fully informed on basics like price and quality, and free to make choices – free to make their own health care decisions.

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America Leads The World In High Tech Care And Health Care


With fewer doctors, hospitalizations, and office visits, one might conclude that U.S. health care is poor. In many respects, that is true. The U.S. has a low life expectancy and high maternal and infant mortality compared to other wealthy nations. One explanation is that the U.S population is larger and more geographically and economically diverse compared to its peer countries.

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How Do Fitness Trackers Fit In The Future Of Health Care


The future always looks scary to pessimists, and yes, wearable technology might be misused or misunderstood. But it will more likely than not result in real and reliable data that physicians and patients can use to make informed health care decisions together. Medicine is a group effort. And I welcome these new, wearable devices to the team.

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Innovative Approaches To Solve Physician Burnout


Health care organizations are moving to address clinician burnout with a real sense of urgency. It is now commonly accepted that burnout is widespread among health care professionals and has serious repercussions for patient safety and the quality of care.

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A Moral Imperative To Heal The Broken Health Care Model In


In recent history, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans were newly able to access health care. It seemed as if we were in an era where expanded health care coverage was becoming less controversial from a medical outcomes and ethics standpoint, and at worst, break-even from an economic standpoint.

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Applying The Growth Mindset To Health Care


As I was becoming a better mountain biker, I thought about the applications the growth mindset concept could have in health care. What if, when our patients say that they can’t lose weight, we could convince them to believe that they just can’t lose weight yet because they haven’t acquired the right tools or stuck to a plan long enough?

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Hazard To Our Health: Moral Injury Undermines Care


Health care administrators and leaders can create spaces for education and dialogue related to concepts of moral injury, well-being, and burnout prevention. The COVID crisis offers health care leaders an opportunity to support physicians by being pro-active about the risks of moral injury and burnout. Brennin Brown is a psychiatry resident.

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How Hospitals Drive Up Health Costs


As voters fume about the high cost of health care, politicians have been targeting two well-deserved villains: pharmaceutical companies, whose prices have risen more than inflation, and insurers, who pay their executives millions in salaries while raising premiums and deductibles. Although the Democratic presidential candidates have devoted copious airtime to debating health care, many …

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An Open Letter To The Medical Community At Large Regarding


Addressing the massive health care disparities and health and health care inequity in the United States firmly relies upon increasing the representation of BIPOC physicians. Dr. Dennar was not only a positive role model, mentor, and advocate for her trainees, but she also provided vital care to her patient population, and by advancing the

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Why Trust Is The Bedrock Of Public Health Policy


Trust is fundamental to the delivery of optimal health care. Based on physicians’ extraordinary training and experience, a consensual knowledge base rooted in continuous and evolving peer-reviewed science, we have been endowed with coveted cultural authority, which is crucial for patients to comply with taking needed medications and

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Knowledge Is Power: Why Science And Health Literacy Matters


Educating health care professionals on communicating scientific information inaccessible, easily-digestible, and transparent ways should be an urgent priority as vaccines roll out. Because arming health care professionals with tools to effectively combat myths will be a key factor in improving vaccine uptake and ending this pandemic.

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Racism And Health: The Life Expectancy Gap


Since the national election of 2020, racism at the polls has become a hot topic that Democrats hope soon to remedy with the election reform bill, H.R.1. I imagine many health care practitioners are wondering what is wrong with so many of our political leaders that they can promote laws restricting

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A Path To Universal Health Coverage In America


For America to achieve universal health care physicians must lead the charge. Our fragmented health care system — a mixture of socialized medicine, social insurance, managed competition, and pure capitalism — sees almost half the country covered by employers, about 15 percent Medicare, and approximately 17 percent Medicaid.

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The Future Of The Health Care Experience Will Be


Without question, health care will smash through one barrier after another. But, the humanity of the profession will be subsumed and sacrificed as the medical technological tsunami bursts forth. Our health will improve, but the health care experience will be unrecognizable. Indeed, all aspects of our lives will be technologically driven.

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Why Is Health Insurance So Unaffordable


Health insurance has morphed into a comprehensive pre-paid health care plan with unaffordable premiums. Many families spend over $20,000 annually on health insurance premiums and still pay out-of-pocket for all of their medical care due to high deductibles.

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The Skinny On Skinny Health Insurance


The fines for refusing to buy ACA health insurance have been much lower than the cost of premiums. Over 8 million Americans chose to pay the fine rather than buy insurance in 2016. The federal government had planned to implement higher penalties, but the new law closes that option.

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3 Steps To A Better Health Care System


A revolutionary transformation in our health care system would have some element of these three core structural and process ideas: First, we should consider not a single provider health system, meaning a government-owned and operated system such as the Veteran’s Administration, but a single-payer health system, similar to Medicare.

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Moral Injury In Health Care: What Have We Learned


Since our article appeared in STAT, we have discussed, debated, and reconsidered our thoughts about moral injury with audiences across the breadth of health care — in person, on podcasts, by phone and email, on social media, and from podia across the country.In the process, we have learned that the concept of moral injury resonates powerfully, not just with doctors, but with every kind of

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The COVID 19 Vaccine From The South African Frontlines


Health care workers have seen a different reality from the rest of the population. Basil Stathoulis is an orthopaedic surgeon, Netcare Kingsway Hospital , Durban, South Africa. He can be reached at basilBLOGinc and on Instagram @basilartinc .

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Here’s Why Health Insurance Is Different From Other Insurance


Health insurance, except for catastrophic policies, does not cover only the occasional or rare loss. A homeowner may go for decades without making an insurance claim because most houses will not be destroyed by wind or fire. But everyone needs health care, and eventually, everyone will make a claim.

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Let's Change The Mediocre Status Quo Of Health Care


Health care was filled with the greatest leaders and minds of our times. People like Madam Curie, Florence Nightingale, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell and Dr. Jose Delgado. Health care used to be led by the people that cared for those living in our communities — the physicians.

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Why Abortion Care Is Women's Health Care


Overall, all women should have the right to legal, safe, and voluntary abortions. It is furthermore the responsibility of state-level policymakers to shine a light on abortion access as a critical component of women’s health care services, as well as the dangers and hardships a lack of abortion services imposes on women, their families, and communities.

Mens Health
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Silence In Health Care Is A Crisis


Legislative reforms are needed to improve safety and regulation of health care in Texas. First, we need legal safeguards to protect physicians from reprisals for reporting adverse events or improprieties. Hiding errors imperils patients’ lives and is a betrayal of trust and morally unjust.

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The Feminization Of Health Care Is Here. And That's A Good


Glass ceiling in health care. While this trend is pervasive within middle management, the news is less encouraging at the top. According to a report by Rock Health, women represent only 21 percent of executives and 21 percent of board members at Fortune 500 health care companies despite making up more than half the health care workforce.

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The Cure To Our Malignant Health System


An excerpt from Curing the Cancer in U. S. Healthcare: StatesCare and Market-Based Medicine. Clinical doctors can readily understand the continuing failure of the U.S. health care system. The attending physicians for Patient Healthcare–Washington, both legislative and executive branches–keep trying to treat the health care’s symptoms while refusing to seek the etiology of illness.

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The Health Effects Of Structural Racism


Expanding health care coverage is more of a temporary Band-Aid than a long-term solution. Instead, reducing racial health disparity requires acknowledging the effects structural racism has on health status and then working toward sweeping, transformative change in our society as a whole. Niran S. Al-Agba is a pediatrician who blogs at MommyDoc

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Must Have Medical Apps For Primary Care


Type 2 diabetes remains a global epidemic. According to a 2017 CDC report, over 100 million Americans have prediabetes or diabetes. Diabetes was the number seven leading cause of death in 2015. The World Health Organization published a report showing a quadrupling of the prevalence of diabetes since 1980 worldwide.According to the CDC, 1 in 4 with diabetes do not know they have the …

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Physicians Are Not Providers: An Open Letter To The AMA


Dear AMA and state medical boards, The last few years have been a period of unprecedented change in the world of health care. The need to reign in costs, expand access, and ensure higher quality care — all at a time of rapid medical and technological advancements — has changed innumerable aspects of the practice of medicine.

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