Those Healthcare Surcharges You’ve Been Seeing On Bills


A class-action lawsuit against a notable group of Los Angeles restaurant owners over healthcare-related surcharges lost some serious steam this week. In 2015, a group of plaintiffs sued the owners

Health Insurance
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Employees From Moby’s Closed Vegan Restaurant Say He Left


Eater has spoken with multiple former Little Pine employees, and they all claim that Moby has been largely unresponsive to questions about employment and employee health

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California Recommends Priority Testing For Essential


The health department also recommends that essential workers are given priority access to testing, coronavirus testing was limited to hospitalized patients and asymptomatic healthcare

Mens Health
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Gavin Newsom Orders Two Weeks Sick Pay And


Those workers who are advised to self-isolate or seek health care in a hospital can now do so knowing they will receive a supplemental pay check. Additionally, the order requires new health

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OC No Longer Requires Wearing Face Masks, But Health


  • Quick’s temporary successor and Orange County Health Care Agency Director Dr
  • Clayton Chau announced that masks were significant in the fight against COVID-19, but that the requirement was

Beauty Face
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Court Moves Forward With Anti Trust Lawsuit Against LA’s


The issue being presented — whether a group of restaurants can collectivize in their agreement to add a 3% health care surcharge for their workers …

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Restaurant Dedicated To Garifuna Cuisine Finds


“Two times a month I donate meals for the health care workers at the hospital in Torrance where my mother works as a nurse, doing 200 orders of jerk chicken or curry chicken,” said Miranda.

Cats Health
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LA’s City Council Passes Plastic Straw Restrictions For


The first phase only included LA restaurants with more than 26 employees, but phase two now applies to every single restaurant in LA except for licensed health care facilities.

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New State Law Will Massively Reshape California Food


These drivers would be eligible to unionize, receive minimum wage, paid sick days, and health insurance benefits, among other workplace benefits. state healthcare, workman’s compensation, or

Beauty Food
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Support For Black Owned Small Business Needs To Last


Support for Black-Owned Small Business Needs to Last Longer Than This Moment. Veteran LA restaurateur Brad Johnson argues that to save small Black-owned businesses, we …

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LA Restaurateur Bill Chait Wants To Radically Change The


Bill Chait, who co-owns such restaurants as Republique and Bestia, implemented a 3% healthcare surcharge at Republique back in early 2014, to …

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California To Revoke Liquor Licenses At Restaurants That


While Orange County Health Care Agency County issued a warning to Nomads Canteen, supervisor Don Wagner told ABC 7 News that the county’s …

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Where Is Data To Support Closing Outdoor Dining In LA


Daily health care publication California Healthline spoke with UCLA associate professor of community health sciences and epidemiology Shira Shafir about the limited contact tracing data that is

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As LA’s Food Scene Rebuilds, What Can Diners And


I know it’s easier said than done, but health care, mental health resources, a healthy workplace culture should not be some sort of rare phenomenon in …

Beauty Food
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Banned: Lacking Permits, Kogi Kicked Out Of The OC


Orange County: Really, it was only a matter of time before the health department—any health department—made headlines by cracking down on this current wave of …

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62 Year Old Classic Casa Vega Keeps Its Employees Happy


  • Another perk for these employees is health care
  • “We’ve provided health insurance for over 40 years, before anybody told us we had to do it,” Christy Vega says

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Here Are All Of LA’s New Outdoor Dining Rules To Follow


Speaking of edges, County public health officials will also be looking more closely at all tented and otherwise semi-restrictive outdoor builds to ensure proper ventilation.

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Courts Confirm Class Action Price Fixing Lawsuit Against


As for the class action side of the lawsuit, any customer who can produce a receipt (with a shown healthcare surcharge) from one of the listed restaurants between …

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LA’s Bar And Nightlife Scene Has Little Hope Of Recovery


For bars and nightclubs, there isn’t even any current income to buoy the choppy seas, which has meant an almost immediate wave of furloughed employees, lost health

Life Healthcare
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Whole Food To Employees: Fatties Need Not Apply


Whole Foods recently announced a new health care initiative to cut company costs and put some money in the pockets of workers. Employees …

Beauty Food
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OC’s First Massive COVID 19 Vaccination Site Will Be At


Orange County health department officials hope to complete all vaccinations by July 4. With nearly 40 million people in the state, the California Department of Public Health

Covid 19 Health
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Seal Beach Donut Shop Sells Out Every Day So Owner Can


In what’s probably the best news this week, the Seal Beach community is rallying around local donut shop owner, John Chhan. Every day, customers buy donuts by …

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Orange County Beach Restaurant First To Defy State Stay At


An Orange County restaurant reopened its dining room and patio over the weekend, the becoming among the first businesses in Southern California to …

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McDonald's Custom Ordering Kiosks Are A Quiet


Lower labor costs and their associated payments (health care, insurance, etc.) means more money for stockholders, so don't be surprised if kiosks start to become the norm.

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Golden Road Brewing And Mohawk Bend Served


Following a summer full of tumultuous wage discussions across the restaurant industry, it seems that the LLC behind Golden Road Brewing could be in for a particularly bumpy fall.

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Rumor Control: BLD's Hollandaise Hell


After the first few calls, Fraser contacted the department of health, who sent an inspector to investigate the claims. Through insurance, the Frasers are covering all healthcare costs and lost

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Enterprising 10 Year Old Wants To Rule The


The health department reported that Annabelle would need to upgrade her lemonade cart to commercial standards, hold liability insurance, and obtain licenses to operate in a commercial kitchen.

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Are Restaurant Service Charges A Scam


Of course, struggles with tip lines, tipless dining, service charges, health care surcharges, and back of house tip lines are nothing entirely new to the restaurant industry as a whole. Los

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Restaurant Injury Claims Add Up As Workers Find Little


The four minute audio clip tells a compelling story of misinformation and legalese that can sometimes shield restaurant owners and management from providing necessary health care to …

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Republique's Healthcare Surcharge Raises Eyebrows


Now open for just under three months, Walter and Margarita Manzke's hallmark restaurant, Republique, is coming under fire for its 3% healthcare surcharge …

Healthy Eyes
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10 Speed Coffee Boasts A Sweet New Santa Monica


Kleinman noted, “We wanted to be next to a hospital for health care professionals that need it. Coffee is a serious commodity when working at or …

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What Los Angeles County’s ‘Safer At Home’ Order Means For


Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, and Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer jointly announced the new directive in …

Home Healthcare
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Help One Of Tavern’s Servers Recover From An Awful Car


Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne have long been vocal proponents for their staff. Their restaurants Lucques, AOC, and Tavern were among the first to institute a 3% health

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Steve Wynn On Veganism: It All Started "On My Boat In St


Health Department Orders Julian Cox’s Hollywood Cocktail Bar to Close Permanently By Matthew Kang OC’s Newest Gastropub Is a Massive Restoration Project 71 Years in the Making

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LA City Council Weighs Ordinance Requiring Restaurant


We already provide healthcare for all employees 25 hours or more a week. Given all of that and looking at our projections until the end of May, that’ll be $250K in the hole.

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After Big Debate, LA County Officials Confirm Outdoor


County health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer and other staff members from the Department of Public Health were present at the meeting, including Christina Ghaly …

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More Details On The Mark Houston Vs. Lucy


Her filings don’t provide details on dates, length of hospital or emergency care stays, the names of any health care professionals who provided treatment, or any specific expenses.

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Our Sales Team Is Hiring


  • Our sales department is looking for a few smart, talented people to join the Curbed Network team, including an L.A

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California's Luckiest Doughnut Shop, Golden State's All


  • Food truck newcomer Made in Brooklyn is doing half-off whole pies for today, considering it’s "Pi Day" — as in 3.14
  • The truck will be parked for lunch from 11:30 a.m

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Downtown LA’s Once Flourishing Restaurant Scene Faces


Downtown LA’s Once-Unstoppable Restaurant Scene Now Faces an Uncertain Future. DTLA became a cultural and dining hub from the mid-2000s, …

Beauty Face
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LA's Alimento Adds Separate Gratuity Line For Cooks And


Los Angeles does not hide in the dark when it comes to debates about tipping -- this is the city that proudly hosts Republique and its 3% health care surcharge, after all.But as the 'to tip/not to

Mens Health
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How Coronavirus Is Impacting LA’s Food World


Check here continued guidance on novel coronavirus from the LA County Public Health Department. 205 Total Updates Since Feb 28, 2020, 1:35pm PST

Beauty Food
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Orange County Restaurants Close After Employees Test


Seven more prominent Orange County restaurants have closed temporarily after a positive COVID-19 test from an employee. The list, per the OC Register, includes some …

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Patina Restaurant Group Reaches Out To The


The newest eatery is an extension of the culinary services for The California Endowment, a private health foundation whose goal is to expand access to affordable healthcare

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AOC And Lucques Adding 3% Healthcare Surcharge


Patio at AOC, West Third. [Photo: Aaron Cook/AACK Studio] A slew of highly regarded restaurants is joining the 3% healthcare surcharge bonanza, starting with …

Health Insurance
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Measles Outbreak Linked To At Least Two LA


According to the county health it is important if you or someone you know has the symptoms of measles or has been exposed to measles to contact your healthcare provider by …

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Palm Springs, Orange County Issue Restrictive New Orders


Both the city of Palm Springs and all of Orange County have been given new government mandates that restrict travel and social gatherings over the past 24 …

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LA County Urges Residents To Skip Grocery Shopping Trips


Health Department Orders Julian Cox’s Hollywood Cocktail Bar to Close Permanently By Matthew Kang OC’s Newest Gastropub Is a Massive Restoration Project 71 Years in the Making

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