Health Care Remains A Key FTC Focus New York Law Journal


Analysis Health Care Remains a Key FTC Focus In this edition of their Antitrust Trade and Practice column, Karen Hoffman Lent and Kenneth Schwartz discuss two recent steps enforcement agencies

Health Insurance
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Health Care Daily Report


  • California's Same-Sex Marriage Foes Press to Keep Trial Video Under Wraps
  • Law Firm Merger Talks Heat Up as Pandemic Increases Pressure to Scale.

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No Surprises Act And Its Intersection With Fla.’s Balance


On Dec. 28, 2020, as part of its $900 billion stimulus bill, Congress passed the No Surprises Act (the act), which provides various health care consumer protections, particularly for out-of

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Latest In House Hire In Health Care: Pennsylvania's Health


News Latest In-House Hire in Health Care: Pennsylvania's Health Care Network Recruits New Chief Legal Officer Annette White joins the Allentown, Pennsylvania-based health care network as it rolls

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From Hotels To Health Care: Ex Radisson GC Becomes Health


Hospitality is about serving the consumer, and health care is finally ready to recognize the essential role the consumer plays in health care—after all, it is their health, said Jenny Lindstrom

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Health Care Conglomerate Buys Palm Beach Gardens Hospital


Health care conglomerate Universal Health Services Inc. has bought a 32.3-acre Palm Beach Gardens land expanse where it wants to build a hospital, paying $32.7 million.

Health Insurance
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J&J Shielded From Vaccine Liability After Life Threatening


Under the PREP Act health care providers, including manufacturers, have immunity from tort liability. By Hannah Smith

Life Healthcare
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DOJ Reaches Settlement With Central Pa. Health Care


  • (Lusk) Klebanoff is a senior associate at the firm who focuses on health law and health care litigation
  • She represents physicians, dentists, medical group practices, and other health

Mens Health
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Employer COVID 19 Vaccination Mandates: Yes Or No


  • The picture became even clearer on Dec
  • 16, 2020 when the EEOC updated its COVID-19 advice page to add Section K, which directly addresses vaccinations

Covid 19 Health
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Ex Broward Health GC Accuses Hospital Of Wrongful


Broward Health District's latest legal battle is rife with allegations about corruption backbiting and recriminations and manages to make passing references to legislators lobbyists and other well

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Claim Denial Forced Health Provider To Fight 'Two Fronted


Northwell Health Inc., New York State’s largest healthcare provider and private employer, filed suit seeking coverage for coronavirus-related losses under a health care premises pollution

Health Insurance
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A Year Into The Pandemic, A Review Of State, Federal COVID


Health care providers shall not be liable for death, injury or loss of property resulting from the emergency services or disaster services activities related to COVID-19.

Covid 19 Health
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House Majority Leader Warns 'Vaccine Passport' Could


The state House of Representatives, on a 107-94 vote April 6, approved a bill that would offer limited civil liability protections to health care providers, schools, small business owners, farmers

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New Types Of Health Reimbursement Arrangements New York


Under a recently finalized rule, employers of any size can offer a new Individual Coverage HRA starting Jan. 1, 2020, as an alternative to traditional group health coverage without running afoul

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MVP Health Care: Small In House Department Asks 'What Can


MVP Health Care has a mixed portfolio that requires diverse legal advice. The company has a Medicare/Medicaid business, commercial business, and …

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E Discovery Standards For Electronic Health Records In Med


The process is simple: the witness logs into the health care software, enters my client’s unique medical record number, and then I direct the witness to click on various parts of the client’s

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Hire Up: Health Care, Government And Corporate Practices


Laterals in health care, government and corporate practices continue to be in demand as 2021 rolls on, while real estate and insurance also took center stage this week. And another two partners

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Hospital System Agrees To Pay $20.25M To Settle False


The hospital entities of Sanford Health Sanford Medical Center and the Sanford Clinic of Sioux Falls South Dakota have agreed to pay $20.25 million to resolve False Claims Act (FCA) allegations

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Cancer Survivor Judge Steps Down From Case Over Insurer's


Cancer-Survivor Judge Steps Down From Case Over Insurer's 'Barbaric' Denial of Treatment Cole, Scott & Kissane managing partner Richard Cole is the named plaintiff in a putative class action

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New Jersey's Health Care System Plagued By Systemic Racism


The Garden State’s health care system is also plagued by inadequate desegregation, physician bias and a lack of federal intervention. All of this adds up to disparate health care outcomes for

Health Insurance
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The Corporate Practice Of Medicine: Is It Applicable For


Health care providers must be careful to comply with the CPOM doctrine because violating these laws could result in a provider’s loss of license and repayment of all revenue for billed services

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Harvard Legal Experts Identify Pathways To Mainstream


- Diet is a key driver of both poor health outcomes and health care costs, however, nutritious foods can be out of reach, especially for those struggling financially amid …

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UnitedHealth Announces In House Leader Succession Plan


  • UnitedHealth Group announced Nov
  • 20 that it has picked up a new chief legal officer as its current legal leader prepares to retire
  • The Minnetonka, Minnesota-based health care company announced

Health Insurance
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NJ's Legalization Of Marijuana: Top Employment Law


  • Employment Law Issues Arising from Marijuana Legalization
  • (1) Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • According to the Mayo Clinic Laboratories, use of marijuana can be measured “within 3 days after a

Mens Health
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McDermott Posts Huge Gains In 2020, Even Though It 'Never


In a challenging 2020, the firm saw profits per equity partner jump by 25.6%, as leadership managed conservatively and capitalized on a big health care practice.

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Latham, In Long Term Investment, Offers Employees Free


News Latham, in Long-Term Investment, Offers Employees Free Health Services at On-Site Clinic The firm also plans to open a second clinic, also managed by Johns Hopkins, in New York when that

Mens Health
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Business COVID 19 Protections Backed State Senate


The bill (SB 72) would not apply to health-care providers such as hospitals, nursing homes and physicians, who have been clamoring for protections since spring.

Covid 19 Health
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Texas Medicine V. Molina Healthcare Texas Lawyer


That provision, subsection (f) to section 1271.155, was enacted in 2019, after Physicians provided the services at issue in this case, and it applies to health care or medical services provided on

Health Insurance
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Yakup V. Dep't Of The Treasury New Jersey Law Journal


  • Dep't of the Treasury Petitioner appealed the denial of his request for free retiree health care benefits

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Florida Senate Releases Austere Health Care Spending Plan


The Florida Health Care Association says reporting such detailed information could cost between $18,000 to $24,000 per center. Hospitals have been reporting similar data to …

Health Insurance
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New GC And Other Microsoft Alums Attracted To Health Care


News New GC and Other Microsoft Alums Attracted to Health Care Tech Startup Heiner has joined Truveta as the health care tech company's first chief policy officer and general counsel.

Health Insurance
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2021 Forecast: A Difficult Year Is Giving Way To Hope And


  • After a relatively quiet 2020, health care M&A is expected to bounce back in 2021
  • Slavkin says he saw a drop-off of as much as 20% last year
  • “What goes down has to go up,” Slavkin says.

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Cue Health Expands Leadership Team With Key Executive


  • Cue Health Expands Leadership Team with Key Executive Appointments
  • Legal Newswire POWERED BY LAW.COM
  • ("Cue"), a healthcare technology company, today

Health Insurance
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Trump Signs Executive Order Aimed To 'Protect And Improve


  • This will be Trump’s second executive order focused on health care delivery in 2019
  • In June, Trump issued a highly anticipated executive order on health care price and quality transparency

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How I Made Partner: 'Owning A Cross Fit Gym Impacted How I


Prior to becoming an associate at Wolfe Pincavage, I was a health care associate at Greenspoon Marder for a short period of time. Prior to that, and immediately after law school, I was a

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Health Insurance Fraud: A Key Focus Of State And Federal


Health insurance fraud continues to be a problem in New York as well as nationally. the federal government’s health-care fraud prevention and enforcement efforts led to $2.6 billion being

Health Insurance
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An Overview And Analysis Of ERISA’s Governmental Exception


In practice, this mandate operates to exclude federal and state health care and pension plans, as well as certain plans run by hospital authorities, universities, school districts and transit

Mens Health
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Judge Orders 67K UnitedHealthcare Claims Reprocessed, Says


Zuckerman Spaeder health care practice head D. Brian Hufford said in a phone interview Tuesday that the ruling “reflects the court’s appreciation for the extent of the problem here and the

Health Insurance
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Judge Finds UnitedHealthcare Coverage Guidelines Over


A federal judge in San Francisco has found that an affiliate of the nation's largest health insurer breached its fiduciary duty to policyholders by following coverage guidelines for mental health

Health Insurance
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  • 21:19, 27:5–27:10.) Finally, Slate represented United on approximately a half dozen health care cost recovery matters before September 2015
  • The End-Payor Litigation and Coordination of Settlement Talks 18
  • A punitive class action was brought by the end-payors of Provigil (“end-payor plaintiffs”) in

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Maestro Health's First General Counsel On The Clean Tech


Kathleen Sweitzer who recently became the first general counsel of Maestro Health talks about how technology providers in the health care space can get ahead of their data compliance obligations

Health Insurance
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Search Connecticut Law Tribune


  • Publication Date: 2020-12-21 Practice Area: Class Actions

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Home Health Care Team From Littler Joins Polsinelli In


News Home Health Care Team From Littler Joins Polsinelli in Search of 'One-Stop Shop' "We were referring out so much nonlabor and employment work—and I think …

Home Healthcare
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An Unexpected Road To Profits: Corporate Health And


With such statistics in mind, Lowndes researched and conferred with community health care experts and other businesses to study wellness programs and …

Health Insurance
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Aliera Healthcare, Inc. V. Anabaptist Healthshare Et Al


  • Anabaptist is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization; it manages a health care sharing ministry for members of Anabaptist communities in Virginia

Health Insurance
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Coca Cola's Bradley Gayton Out As General Counsel, Chief


1 day ago · "Hospitality is about serving the consumer, and health care is finally ready to recognize the essential role the consumer plays in health care—after all, it is their health," said Jenny

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Class Action Against FasciaBlaster Inventor Ashley Black


1 day ago · On April 2, 2021, the United States District Court in Texas declared in Elson vs Black that the "class and subclass are struck" ending a 3-year rigorous defense of baseless class action suits

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Newsmakers: Week Of April 19, 2021 Texas Lawyer


Emmert is a board-certified health law attorney with more than 25 years of experience representing Texas practitioners and hospitals, including complex health care

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