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Telehealth Services Need To Be Accessible To All – Monash Lens

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Inclusive and equitable health systems design, centring these communities, is the only way to bring about meaningful change in the digital health space. Without their voices and lived experiences, we risk a reduction in quality healthcare

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The Social Determinants Of Health In COVID 19 Recovery

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  • A well-funded health system and health sector, including primary healthcare and public health
  • This involves greater investment in prevention and health protection
  • More action to reduce existing health inequities and vulnerabilities, which better prepares communities for public health crises, through: improved public housing to reduce overcrowding

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The Need To Transform Healthcare Education To Address

Healthcare Lens.monash.edu

Professor Capon and colleagues maintain healthcare professionals globally have an ethical responsibility to lead efforts to enhance environmentally sustainable behaviour and practice in the health sector. “Educating the healthcare workforce to address these challenges is …

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What Can We Learn About Chronic Disease From COVID 19

COVID-19 Lens.monash.edu

  • COVID-19 has killed more than one million people and complicated the health conditions of millions more
  • But it's also highlighted what's possible when the collective will exists to mobilise attention and healthcare resources – something the slow emergence of chronic disease could not

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Health Sciences – Research – Monash University

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Monash University has a long history of excellence in the health sciences, with our research breakthroughs changing millions of lives for the better. With access to world-class infrastructure, investment and with the support of our partners, our researchers will be equipped to continue their work solving the world’s most pressing health challenges.

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Digital Health – A Different Lens – Monash University

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"Digital health" can be summed up in one line: "The use of digital tools and interventions in wellness and healthcare." Dr Grove's research involves using digital tools to improve youth mental health and wellbeing. Her work is but one example of Monash researchers utilising digital technologies to transform medicine.

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Coronavirus: How COVID 19 Is Changing The World

Crisis Lens.monash.edu

The COVID-19 crisis is exposing the fragility of all our systems, our complex dependence upon one another, and health and healthcare as the most basic of human rights. At the Monash Gender, Peace and Security Centre, we adopt a gender and security lens that views the current crisis from a wider angle than the either/or political debate focused

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Meet Your New Health Coach

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  • The behavioural intervention side of things is still relatively new
  • There’s been previous work in digital health and wellbeing programs using smartphones and web-based digital applications
  • We were interested to see what the utility of social robots might have in the space to support health and wellbeing.

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Opting Out Of My Health Record

Opting Lens.monash.edu

  • Efficiencies generated by My Health Records, including reduced duplication of tests, are projected to save more than A$300 million over three years
  • Most arguments for opting out revolve around the security of health data in centralised record systems
  • But if you’re opting out of My Health Records, you’re opting in to “business as usual”.

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Paramedics Dealing With Men In Mental Crisis – Monash Lens

Submissions Lens.monash.edu

  • Just as the landmark Beyond the Emergency report into paramedics and men’s mental health is released – with world-first research by Monash University and Turning Point – submissions also open for the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.
  • Meanwhile, the Productivity Commission, with a national focus, has more than 500 submissions on …

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Aged Care Royal Commission Too Late For

Patients Lens.monash.edu

A conservative estimate would be based on the premise that aged care performs as well as health care, which harms a minimum of 6 per cent of patients from each interaction. This equates to more than 62,100 incidents of harm (6 per cent of 207,000 residents each year for five years).

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Post Pandemic, Where To Next For Digital Health

Healthcare Lens.monash.edu

  • Episode 16: Digital Health – The new frontier of healthcare
  • It's clear the role of technology in healthcare is growing and changing
  • But how these systems and tools are being implemented varies greatly, raising the question: Will digital health improve our lives or complicate them?

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Tackling Hospital Handwashing And Hygiene

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Health care workers don’t tend to catch hospital-acquired infections themselves, and that has been identified as one of the reasons handwashing can be overlooked. The Health Collab team will set up an initial trial to test its interventions in a live setting before conducting a clinical trial.

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LGBTQI, Stigma And Community Barriers To Healthcare

Likely Lens.monash.edu

Stress can also lead to poorer health in a more indirect way; through, for example, increased alcohol or drug use. Further, our study supports the hypothesis that sexual minorities experiencing actual or perceived discrimination – within society or the healthcare system – are less likely to seek healthcare.

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A Heads Up On The Approach To Mental Health

Billion Lens.monash.edu

This week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the findings of the Productivity Commission report into mental health.It estimated that the economic cost of mental ill-health and suicide in Australia was up to $70 billion a year, and that disability and early death caused by it cost a further $151 billion a year.

Mens Health
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COVID 19: Teaching Healthcare Workers How To Cope With

Uncertainty Lens.monash.edu

Healthcare teams rely on the critical skill of managing medical uncertainty as they try to develop a timely, systematic and collaborative response to the growing number of COVID-19 patients who will require hospitalisation and intensive care treatment. But can tolerance of uncertainty be taught.? Read more at Monash Lens.

Covid 19 Health
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Victoria's Sexual Health Crisis: Services

“What Lens.monash.edu

“What I’m saying is that we’re entering a new and unique period of STI control without the most powerful measure – accessible healthcare – operating properly.” Gonorrhoea infections treated at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre have risen from 53 in 2001 to 2333 last year.

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Reaching Health Equity Through Gender

Health Lens.monash.edu

Monash mental health expert and Finkel Professor of Global Health, Jane Fisher, believes that equity in health outcomes – particularly women’s mental health – can be advanced through gender competence in healthcare.

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What Happens Next

About Lens.monash.edu

Covid-19 has created and accelerated changes in the healthcare sector and how we think about our health. Dr Susan Carland will be chatting about digital health in the next three podcast episodes of What Happens Next? Listen to discover what happens if we don’t change - what are the opportunity costs if we fail to grasp this moment and learn from the pandemic.

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Medicine & Health

Medicine Lens.monash.edu

The latest medicine and health insights, facts, news and commentary including COVID-19 research and vaccines, medicine breakthroughs from Monash University academics and industry experts.

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Teaching Healthcare Workers To Be Champions Of Change

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Health Care Without Harm has developed the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Agenda that sets out 10 ways hospitals can become more climate-friendly. These include: prioritising sustainability through strong leadership; replacing harmful chemicals with safer ones; reducing waste and finding better ways to manage waste; becoming energy

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What Happens Next

Chris Lens.monash.edu

With more than 30 years' experience in the health industry, including 12 in clinical medicine, Chris sees incredible potential for innovation and change for the better in healthcare delivery. Chris Bain (CB): So, hi, my name's Chris Bain, I'm the Professor of Practise in Digital Health

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Young Adults' Language Around Health – Monash Lens

Health Lens.monash.edu

  • Data shows that young adults, in general, have worse health than adolescents
  • Nutrition experts are examining the links between the health of Australia’s young adults, social media messaging, and the art of marketing, to work out how best to talk about health to the hard-to-reach age group

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Weight Loss Strategy Aims To Prioritise The 'health' Of

Lifestyle Lens.monash.edu

Our team believes it’s critical to prioritise the “health” of our healthcare workers. While as a population we have, in the past six months, dealt with a number of new lifestyle behaviours with the introduction of compulsory face masks, social distancing and hand washing, prioritising metabolic health seems to have been lost.

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My Health Record: A Case For Staying In

This Lens.monash.edu

As you read this, reams of healthcare data is being sent between health professionals in the mail, via fax, through conversations on the phone or in person, via SMS or MMS, through WhatsApp and similar systems, and in small pockets of secure messaging. When you think about this, it’s no wonder that health information goes missing.

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Challenges Of An Ageing Population – Monash University

Controlling Lens.monash.edu

  • An ageing population is one of the results of successful public health interventions
  • And with this increasing older society come many challenges
  • Everything we planned and implemented in the past – hygiene, potable water, sewerage, controlling waste, improving nutrition, and scientific and medical breakthroughs – have all had significant

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Mental Health And The Coronavirus: How COVID 19 Is

Mental Lens.monash.edu

A national survey into the mental health of Australians is calculating the community-wide impact of the COVID-19 restrictions, and highlighting the extent and severity of mental health problems being experienced nationwide, including rates of depression and anxiety. Read more at Monash Lens.

Coronavirus Health
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'Jumping In' To Pharmacy Informatics

Public Lens.monash.edu

He now works for Woodlands Health Campus, a public hospital in Singapore, and is involved in a project to implement electronic health records at multiple hospitals within the country’s public healthcare system. “I had to learn everything about pharmacy informatics from scratch,” he says of the challenge he took on.

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COVID 19, Corporate Social Responsibility, And Worker

Workers Lens.monash.edu

Healthcare operators and some retailers, too, have in some cases shown an unconscionable harshness toward the rights of essential workers, and those who carry the burden of risk amid a health crisis. Beyond protections for these workers, the pandemic has exposed the significant but hidden reliance of global supply chains on migrant and informal

Covid 19 Health
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We Need To Talk About Mental Health And Masculinity

Health Lens.monash.edu

Gay men with complex health needs may have much to gain from My Health Record (MHR), Australia’s national electronic health record system. MHR is said to lead to better coordination of healthcare – saving time, streamlining care, avoiding duplication, and reducing harms such as adverse drug reactions in emergency rooms.

Mens Health
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Spurring Change In The Mental Health System

Dempsey Lens.monash.edu

Speaking from her own experience, Julie Dempsey has become an authoritative voice in improving mental health care. When Julie Dempsey was invited to give evidence at the 2019 Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, she felt compelled to be involved.

Mens Health
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My Health Record: A Case For Staying In

This Lens.monash.edu

As you read this, reams of healthcare data is being sent between health professionals in the mail, via fax, through conversations on the phone or in person, via SMS or MMS, through WhatsApp and similar systems, and in small pockets of secure messaging. When you think about this, it’s no wonder that health information goes missing.

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How To Avert A Coronavirus Disaster In Victoria's Aged

COVID-19 Lens.monash.edu

Medicine and health Coronavirus: Four steps to avert a full-blown COVID-19 disaster in Victoria's aged care homes A majority of the deaths from COVID-19 in Victoria is occurring in aged-care homes, but there are ways to stop it spiralling out of control.

Coronavirus Health
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Hospital Acquired Illness

National Lens.monash.edu

As one of the authors has previously noted, a major gap in Australia’s effort to combat health care associated infections, and the emergence of multi-drug resistance organisms, is the lack of robust national data. This means we cannot measure the effect of national policy or guidelines despite significant investment.

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Addressing Quality Of Care In Mental Health

Royal Lens.monash.edu

The 2019 Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System provided “chilling and detailed documentation of the poor quality of care provided to people with serious mental illness in our state”, says Monash Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor of Psychiatry, David Copolov, AO.. Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has promised to implement all of the Royal Commission’s recommendations.

Mens Health
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Mental Health And Resilience In The Time Of COVID 19

About Lens.monash.edu

  • Public health advice about social distancing, hygiene practices and quarantining should also be coupled with advice about maintaining psychological health
  • Children may also take on additional responsibilities to ease the burden of COVID-19 on their parents
  • This can include caring for older relatives or younger siblings.

Covid 19 Health
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Therapy Dogs Helping Students Cope In Schools

Animal-assisted Lens.monash.edu

A health care professional who uses a therapy dog in treatment may be viewed as less threatening, potentially increasing the connection between the client and professional. There are also animal-assisted activities , which is an umbrella term covering …

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Dr Siti Noraida, School Of Medicine And Health Sciences

Highly Lens.monash.edu

Dr Siti Noraida is a senior lecturer at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia, specialising in healthcare management. She is highly involved in social work and is the EXCO of ASAS, an NGO dedicated to humanitarian services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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Endometriosis: Improving Women’s Treatment – Monash Lens

Women Lens.monash.edu

  • Chronic endometriosis affects 1.5 per cent of women worldwide
  • Endometriosis is a chronic disease where tissue which usually lines the uterus (the endometrium) grows outside to form lesions that stick on, and invade, organs
  • Public health researcher, Kate Young, explains how healthcare for women with endo must be improved

Mens Health
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Maithri Peiris Goonetilleke

Maithri Lens.monash.edu

Maithri is an Associate Professor of Global Health at Monash University and has devoted his life to addressing global health inequity. He's spent years working with poor and marginalised communities in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) – an area devastated by extreme poverty and the HIV/AIDs epidemic.

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The Egg Timer Test, Women's Fertility And Pregnancy

Adjunct Lens.monash.edu

  • Adjunct clinical associate professor, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Monash Health
  • Endo and the 'hysteria myth' Clinicians need the training and support to provide better comprehensive healthcare for women with endometriosis

Mens Health
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Jury's In: Outsiders Weigh In On Brain Injury

Strong Lens.monash.edu

  • A "citizens' jury" can offer fresh eyes on an enduring problem in healthcare, particularly in areas that usually struggle for ongoing funding
  • In a Monash-led study on brain injury rehabilitation, one such jury came back with strong views that there needs to be increased public awareness and advocacy for the patients involved

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