Picking Up The Pieces: Healthcare Quality In A Post COVID


  • Vinoya-Chung, MPH, is an Assistant Director; Hillary S
  • Jalon, MS, is a Senior Assistant Vice President; Hyung J
  • Cho, MD, is a Senior Assistant Vice President and Chief Value Officer; Marlee Ickowicz, MPH, is Senior Director; Marilen DeOcampo is an Associate Director; Georgia Conley, RN, BSN, MPA, is an Associate Director; Darwin Edwards III is an Assistant Health

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Health Care Access And Utilization By Transgender


These health disparities include reduced access to health care, delaying health care due to fear of discrimination, higher rates of negative health behaviors (e.g., smoking and binge drinking), and poorer health

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Health And Health Care Access Barriers Among Transgender


However, little is known about the health needs of transgender women sex workers (TWSW) in the United States and the structural and psychosocial barriers to their health

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Beyond The COVID Pandemic, Telemedicine, And Health Care


  • One recent publication focused on the universal utility of telemedicine and its integration into the health system
  • Our purpose here is to explore these issues and to provide a basis for planning a better future
  • The massive disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated prevailing inadequacies in the U.S

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Changes In Health Care Following COVID 19 Population


  • NASH: We are going to come back later to talk about the chasm between health care delivery and public health, a really important phenomenon, which goes back decades
  • We are going to come back to how to integrate public health education into medical education as well
  • I think the public is going to want to know how we are preparing doctors in a

Covid 19 Health
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Healthcare Preparedness: Saving Lives Health Security


  • Healthcare Preparedness Reduces Risk
  • In theoretical terms, Risk = Threat × Vulnerability × Consequence
  • Thus, even if we are not successful in reducing the threat of disasters or our vulnerability to them, we can reduce our nation's risk by mitigating the consequences—by preparing our health facilities and communities to treat the sick and protect the well.

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Journal Of Correctional Health Care Mary Ann Liebert


The Journal of Correctional Health Care is the only national, peer-reviewed scientific journal to focus on this complex and evolving field.Targeting clinicians, allied health practitioners and administrators, it is the primary resource for the latest research and developments in clinical care for chronic and infectious disease, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, health services

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The Social Determinants Of Health Healthcare Transformation


I also think that local health departments and health systems, as well as at the state level, will start taking stronger steps in public health. These public health and healthcare delivery partnerships, along with redesigned and aligned financial incentives in the form of alternative payment models, will have the potential to move the needle in

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Journal Of Correctional Health Care Mary Ann Liebert


Journal of Correctional Health Care is a subscription-based peer-reviewed journal with Open Access options. Creative Commons CC-BY and CC-BY-NC licensing is available for all articles published open access for a standard Article Processing Charge (APC) of $3,200.00 USD.

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Health Security Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers


Health Security is a peer-reviewed journal providing research and essential guidance for the protection of people’s health before and after epidemics or disasters and for ensuring that communities are resilient to major challenges. The Journal explores the issues posed by disease outbreaks and epidemics; natural disasters; biological, chemical, and nuclear accidents or deliberate threats

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Expert Consensus: Telehealth Skills For Health Care


  • Prepare the full health care team, including health care professionals and supporting staff, to engage patients via telehealth, and develop clear team roles and responsibilities to deliver a successful telehealth encounter
  • Identify the fiscal impacts of telehealth care delivery on the health system, the provider, and the patient.

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Healthcare Challenges In The Era Of Cybersecurity Health


  • No other event in modern history has spurred advances in disaster medicine and public health policy more than the attacks on September 11, 2001
  • 1,2 Concurrently, over the past 30 years, the expansive integration of new technology in healthcare has changed the face of medicine
  • Modern medical care now relies on healthcare delivery organizations

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Health Equity Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers


The views, opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations set forth in any Journal article are solely those of the authors of those articles and do not necessarily reflect the views, policy or position of the Journal, its Publisher, its editorial staff or any affiliated Societies and should not …

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Barriers To Primary Care After The Affordable Care Act: A


  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded health insurance to millions of Americans in 2014, including ∼1.7 million people in Los Angeles County
  • 1 The vast majority of those newly covered under the ACA in Los Angeles County gained Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California)
  • 1 In addition, to provide health care for the large number of undocumented people in Los Angeles, the …

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Accountability To Population Health In The COVID 19


  • In the United States, hospitals and health systems frequently function within silos and operate at or near capacity
  • During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this paradigm of fragmented care delivery has proven problematic because individual hospital and health system resources can be quickly overwhelmed by a surge in health care demand
  • 1 The continued acute response and …

Covid 19 Health
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Differences In Healthcare Access, Use, And Experiences


Purpose: Health services research involving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals has focused on differences in healthcare access, use, and experiences between cisgender, heterosexual adults and LGBTQ adults. Yet these factors may differ within the LGBTQ community and have not been well-studied among emerging adults (18–29 years), …

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Health Inequalities In The Use Of Telehealth In The United


  • One key factor in reducing health disparities is to increase access to health care services, particularly among vulnerable and underrepresented populations such as ethnic minorities and residents living in rural or provider shortage areas
  • 1 Shortage areas are identified as areas with too few primary care, dental, and mental health care providers or services.

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Technology Literacy As A Barrier To Telehealth During


  • During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many fundamental changes to the health care system, one of which has been the rapid adoption of telehealth
  • 1 Despite technological capability for widespread implementation before the pandemic, telehealth remained limited in many areas of the United States due to state regulations and poor insurance reimbursement

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Advanced Digital Health Technologies For COVID 19 And


Background:Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has led to a national health care emergency in the United States and exposed resource shortages, particularly of health care providers trained to provide critical or intensive care.This article describes how digital health technologies are being or could be used for COVID-19 mitigation. It then proposes the National Emergency Tele-Critical Care

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Journal Of Correctional Health Care


The only peer-reviewed correctional health care journal with coverage that includes empirical research, case studies, best practices, literature reviews and letters, plus NCCHC position statements.

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Health Care Workers' Knowledge, Attitudes, And Beliefs


Background: Although coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has impacted on a global scale, the knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of the health care workers who provide the care at the end of life have not been evaluated. Objectives: To assess and understand palliative medicine and hospice care health care workers' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs related to COVID-19.

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Transgender Health Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers


Transgender Health is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to addressing the healthcare needs of transgender individuals throughout the lifespan and identifying gaps in knowledge as well as priority areas where policy development and research are needed to achieve healthcare equity.

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Social And Structural Determinants Of Health Inequities In


Although health insurance coverage is an important component of ensuring access to care, health policy experts suggest that health disparities have persisted even when there have been modest improvements in access to health care. 25 Coupled with access is the necessity to deliver high-quality maternity care that acknowledges and respects the

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How Implicit Bias Contributes To Racial Disparities In


  • Implicit Bias, Health Care Providers, and Maternal Health
  • Implicit bias is directly correlated with lower quality of care for patients and may be activated under stressful working conditions
  • 7,10 The potential influence of implicit bias is especially relevant in settings that are prone to overload or high stress

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Recognizing Privilege As A Social Determinant Of Health


There is a need for health professionals to identify social determinants of health (SDOH) and understand the role they play in patients' health. In fall 2019, authors taught health care studies students about SDOH using a modified privilege walk to show how privilege as SDOH can impact health.

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Telemedicine Practice: Review Of The Current Ethical And


  • Statistics show that telemedicine if adopted collectively can bring about greater care for individuals, cost savings in the long run, and more importantly a more organized and sustained manner for public health
  • This despite that health care for all is a long-drawn debate in countries practicing, proposing, or opposing it

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Scalability Of Telemedicine Services In A Large Integrated


Health systems that have already heavily invested in telemedicine are well positioned to test scalability of digital health care, to preserve health care delivery during the pandemic, although virtual, and advance telemedicine science. 2 The 6,900 physicians and surgeons of Mayo Clinic campuses in Rochester Minnesota, across the Mayo Clinic

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Home Based Telemedicine For Children With Medical


  • Children with medical complexity (CMC) are high utilizers of health care services
  • pediatric population, they incur >60% of all children's health care expenditures
  • 1 CMC often encounter multiple medical comorbidities, dependence on medical technology, severe functional limitations, financial strain for caregivers, and disjointed medical care

Home Healthcare
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Transgender And Gender Nonconforming Patient Experience In


  • Transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) individuals face well-documented experiences of stigma, discrimination, and victimization, which are linked to adverse health outcomes and elevated levels of psychological distress
  • 1,2 Although TGNC individuals need access to routine physical and mental health care and, often, gender-affirming treatments, they experience high …

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Role Of Telehealth In The Management Of COVID 19: Lessons


In the United States, virtual health care companies such as Teladoc and AmWell have facilitated communication between physicians and patients through secure video chats. 9 The government also approved “Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act” to support the expansion of the use of telemedicine services.

Covid 19 Health
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The Role Of Telehealth In Reducing The Mental Health


  • The psychological impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic must be recognized alongside the physical symptoms for all those affected
  • 1,2 Telehealth, or more specifically telemental health services, are practically feasible and appropriate for the support of patients, family members, and health service providers during this pandemic
  • 3 As of March 18, 2020, there were

Mens Health
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Whole Systems Research Methods In Health Care: A Scoping


In three additional studies, 81,87,120 two of which are retrospective, 81,120 nonbiomedical health care providers unilaterally coordinate their interventions with biomedical treatment (e.g., Hullender Rubin et al.'s study practitioners time their Chinese medicine infertility treatments to coincide with IVF). 81 Three other studies deliver un

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Protecting Our Own: Equity For Employees As Hospitals


Be a Source of Truth for COVID-19 Information. Groups with limited English proficiency have historically received inadequate communication of health information during epidemics 8; the same concern exists during this crisis.Given that many nonclinical health care workers are racial and ethnic minorities, 9,10 often living in underserved communities at particularly high risk for SARS-CoV-2

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What Constitutes Good Health Care For Patients With


  • For example, the German health care system offers a high level of patient autonomy in access to specialists, but low levels of care coordination
  • 39 Like in other health care systems, patients with advanced care needs and limited mobility are at the greatest disadvantage to receive insufficient treatment
  • Therefore, although the extent of unmet

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Acupuncture As A Treatment Within Integrative Health For


Integrative health. The field of Integrative Health care has developed considerably in recent years and has “evolved to describe the combination of conventional medicine with complementary medical practices for which there is evidence of safety and efficacy” 10 and more recently as “healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all

Mens Health
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Identifying Medicare Beneficiaries Accessing Transgender


National surveys have recently begun to include gender identity questions, but many of these surveys focus on specific topics such as tobacco use and substance abuse. 12,13 Although this research 14–16 can reveal disparities in self-reported health issues, it cannot provide data on the broader health care experience of transgender individuals

Medicare Health
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Journal Of Women's Health Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Publishers


Journal of Women's Health is the primary source of information for meeting the challenges of providing optimal health care for women throughout their lifespan. The Journal delivers cutting-edge advancements in diagnostic procedures, therapeutic protocols for the management of diseases, and innovative research in gender-based biology that impacts patient care and treatment.

Mens Health
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Journal Of Women's Health Vol 24, No 1


Screening and Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence in Healthcare Settings: Creating Sustainable System-Level Programs L. Kevin Hamberger , Karin Rhodes , and

Mens Health
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Telemedicine And E Health Vol 26, No 11


Telemedicine and e-Health Editor-in-Chief: Charles R. Doarn, MBA, FATA Executive Editor: Karen Rheuban, MD, FATA ISSN: 1530-5627 Online ISSN: 1556-3669 Published Monthly Current Volume: 27

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Innovative Approaches To Address Social Determinants Of


Inequalities in access to health care and quality of health services were another major SDOH many programs tackled through providing holistic comprehensive care that was data driven, safe, inclusive, and engaged AYAs to ensure programming is relevant and effective at meeting their unique needs. In addition, a few programs also targeted the

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Mental Health Care Goes Online: Practitioners' Experiences


The sample consisted of 51 practicing mental health care professionals (82 percent female, 18 percent male) working in Netherlands with an average age of 38 years (range: 25–60). Participants were approached through a Dutch association for mental health care professionals, and a snowballing approach within the social network of the researchers.

Experience Health
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Telemedicine And E Health Vol 27, No 2


Telemedicine and e-Health Editor-in-Chief: Charles R. Doarn, MBA, FATA Executive Editor: Karen Rheuban, MD, FATA ISSN: 1530-5627 Online ISSN: 1556-3669 Published Monthly Current Volume: 27

Health Insurance
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Are Clinicians Contributing To Excess African American


  • Admittedly, the health-care system was not prepared to handle the large influx of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Overburdened providers are now forced to make tough decisions with scarce resources, and their unconscious biases will likely amplify the health disparities gap
  • The problem of implicit bias in the health-care system is not new.

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Trends, Differentials, And Social Determinants Of Maternal


  • Better utilization of maternal health care services naturally follows modest education and is supported by other studies
  • 31,32 Partner's education also plays a significant role in supporting a woman's access to ANC, skilled birth attendance, and PNC
  • 33 Moreover, women with better economic conditions by virtue of higher education may influence

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Estimated Lifetime Economic Burden Of Type 1 Diabetes


  • Background: The financial strain of type 1 diabetes on the United States health care system, patients, and employers underscores the importance of developing novel treatments for the disease
  • This study estimated the lifetime economic burden attributable to type 1 diabetes in the United States
  • Methods: A patient-level, Markov state/transition simulation model was developed to compare

Diabetes Health
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