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Mens Health
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Mental Health Issues Among Healthcare Workers On The Rise


"The aim of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to provide updated prevalence estimates for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic," say researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, U.K., who conducted a new systematic review of 65 studies from around the world, involving a total of 97,333 healthcare

Mens Health
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Exercise, Healthy Diet In Midlife May Help In Senior Years


Following a routine of regular physical activity combined with a healthy diet is the recipe for middle-aged adults to achieve the best cardiometabolic health later in life Guidelines recommend that adults achieve at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of …

Healthy Diet
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World Health Day: Keeping The Doctor Away


  • Government initiatives like the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) are designed to cater to these requirements by forming a network of specialist care that is both accessible and affordable
  • Healthcare today is more value-based and patient-centric than ever before
  • It is more personalized, data-focussed, and thus easier to manage.

Health Insurance
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Inflammation Busting Foods From Your Kitchen Beyond Turmeric


  • In the 21st century, inflammation has emerged as one of the bad guys of healthcare—a condition that impacts overall, long-term health
  • To understand why inflammation is getting a bad rap, we need to understand what inflammation is
  • At its very basic, inflammation is part of a complex series of biological responses that kick in in the body to

Beauty Food
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Time To Wear A Better Mask


The key to conceptualizing the threat is to think of cigarette smoke, said Donald Milton, a professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland. Ventilation definitely helps, but if you're between a person who is breathing and an exhaust vent, the virus will …

Beauty Mask
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‘Cognitive Decline May Start Years Before Symptoms Emerge’


  • As a health care provider, his company delivers its products mostly through physicians
  • To say Johnston’s goal is to optimize brain health and performance is an understatement
  • He aims to shift the way we think about health by “starting at the top,” as he puts it
  • When it comes to health, many of us immediately turn to things like weight

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‘Women’s Health Is A Hugely Under Served Market’


  • At &Me, we are obsessed with women’s unique health needs across fertility, pregnany and menopause
  • We have a base list of 40+ needs and we prioritize them based on consumer asks
  • We speak to 200+ consumers daily
  • Product research and development take 4-6 months.

Mens Health
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Sound Sleep Could Heal Traumatic Brain Injuries


  • Washington [US], March 13 (ANI): Getting a sound sleep at night is extremely important for one's overall health, and now another benefit of a good night's sleep has come to light
  • A new study has found that sound sleep plays a critical role in healing traumatic brain injury
  • The findings of the study were published in the 'Journal of Neurotrauma'.

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At A California Hospital, Therapy Dogs Are Helping


About a month into California's stay-at-home order, she decided to set up a virtual therapy dog program in partnership with Stanford Health Care's PAWS program, which would send dogs into hospital wards before the pandemic. Every session is now watched by about 50 people, including university students, staff members and Stanford Health Care

Beauty Dogs
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A Report On Telemedicine Has Surprising Findings About


There was a 302% increase in mental health-related queries between March 2020 and November 2020 compared to the same period last year on digital healthcare platform Practo, and the growth was most pronounced in non-metros, with one in three consultations requested by women, says ‘Rise of Telemedicine-2020’, a joint report released by the Telemedicine Society of India and Practo which analyses data from millions of Indians who used the healthcare

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The Pandemic To Not Put A Stop To 'kangaroo Mother Care'


More than 85% of those surveyed reported fearing for their own health, with personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages, stress and safety among the key concerns. In some hospitals, the survey found, vital resources including staff and oxygen supplies were being moved from newborn wards to …

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Lessons From The Largest Of All Pandemics


Recent studies suggest that absolute humidity constrains both influenza virus survival and transmission efficiency,” it states, while adding: Analysing diffusion patterns of pandemics is difficult, as it depends upon various factors including place-specific public health responses, social interactions among people, travel patterns within cities and across countries, the natural and built environments, and …

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How Covid Worked Its Way Into US Television Plots


"I think we have a responsibility to really show what these health care workers have been going through," series star Ellen Pompeo said in a recent Deadline interview. With Covid upending every aspect of viewers' lives, some TV shows—from the obvious medical dramas to sitcoms—have woven the pandemic into their latest seasons' storylines

Covid 19 Health
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The Boom In Nutrition


LiveAltLife is not the only company gunning for better health through personalised healthcare. The level of personalisation reaches biohacking levels—an amorphous term encompassing everything from a simple blood-group type diet to optimising every part of the body through advanced implants and injections.

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How The Pandemic Raised Risk Of Childhood Obesity


The latest National Family Health Survey, which was conducted in 22 states in pre-pandemic times, presented a dire picture of nutrition of children in the country. While on the one hand, it showed a rise in malnutrition in several states, the government survey also presented an increase of obesity among children in 20 of the 22 surveyed states.

Obesity Health
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A Simple Call Or A Hug Could Help With The Rampant Loneliness


Evidence suggests it can damage health and shorten lives as much as obesity and smoking. In addition to psychological distress, some studies suggest loneliness may cause physical changes including inflammation and elevated stress hormones that may tighten blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

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How The Pandemic Derailed Rehabilitation Of The Mentally Ill


  • At Pune’s Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre, which runs a halfway home and day-care centre, a majority of the residents used to work at the centre’s café and gift shop till the lockdown in March
  • Three of them were also training to be yoga instructors

Mens Health
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CES 2021: Enter The Brave New World Of Digital Healthcare Boom


While CES has long focused on consumer products for fitness, this has increasingly been applied to the healthcare field as technology advances, said Robin Murdoch of the consulting group Accenture, who follows the show. "It has been focused on the consumer side of health and fitness, but there is some crossover," Murdoch said.

Health Insurance
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What Do Freedom And Power Structures Have To Do With


  • We would, however, be wrong to not notice the complex web of issues that mental healthcare is about
  • Finding lasting and sustainable solutions require us to take into account all of these perspectives
  • The bio-psycho-social model of mental health explains the three possible reasons why someone could possibly experience a mental health condition.

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How Can We Make Therapy Affordable


Through teleconsulting, increasing number of mental health professionals are serving people who otherwise were cut off due to geographic limitations and pricing issues. Then there is pay-what-you-want (PWVW) model that is being experimented by some of the mental healthcare professionals.

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Using CBD Oil For Pain Management


In the new research published in the journal Addiction, a team from the U-M Medical School and the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System reports findings from detailed surveys across two years of 527 Michigan residents. All were participating in the state's system to certify people with certain conditions for use of medical cannabis and had non-cancer-related pain.

Mens Health
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Taking The Mental Health Bull By Its Horns


While speaking about the challenges of mental healthcare, we often remark about the huge shortfall of mental health professionals in the country, lack of access to services, widespread stigma and growing instances of suicide. We must, however, open our eyes to …

Mens Health
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Online Fitness Is Booming, But So Are Injuries


  • According to reports, over 50,000 new paid customers came on board when Cure Fit Healthcare Pvt
  • Ltd’s live added a paywall in May, even as the health and fitness company laid off people in other verticals
  • “The pandemic has accelerated digital fitness by two-three years.

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Low Intensity Exercises Can Help Older People Retain Their


The mean time spent in light physical activity was 4.8 hours per day. Researchers found that women who spent the most time performing light-intensity physical activity had a 46 percent lower risk of mobility loss compared to women who participated in lower levels of physical activity.

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Why Mental Wellbeing Must Be Our Priority This Year


Mental health is often spoken about from an illness point of view. And, given the fact that this is such a fresh topic in public discussion and the several challenges mental healthcare is struggling with from the curative aspect, it is only right that more is being written and spoken about on the illness side.

Mens Health
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‘Air Pollution Costs Indian Businesses Billions Each Year’


2 days ago · The cost is equal to 50% of all tax collected annually, or 150% of India’s healthcare budget. The findings in the report, conducted by the global advisory firm Dalberg Advisors in partnership with the Clean Air Fund and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), show how air pollution not only has devastating health impacts, but imposes

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Michael Page: Latest Lifestyle News, Styles, Events


Mental health issues among healthcare workers on the rise An eggless chocolate cake recipe for a quick dessert fix ‘Women carry a lot of internalised patriarchy’: Alankrita Shrivastava How Karnataka's fields of gold turned into Little England

Healthy Lifestyle
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In Nevada Desert, A Technology Firm Aims To Be A Government


In the Nevada desert, a cryptocurrency magnate hopes to turn dreams of a futuristic “smart city” into reality. To do that, he’s asking the state to let companies like his form local governments on land they own, which would grant them power over everything from schools to law enforcement.

Mens Health
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Train Like An Athlete: Former India Football Captain


The former midfielder’s fitness regime these days mainly involves running. Day 1 of a typical three-day cycle includes a brisk, muscle-activating warm-up, a 30-minute run (during which he tries to beat the 6km mark at least), five sets of 20 push-ups and some core work.

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Webinars That Pay Attention To Founders’ Mental Health


The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), a non-profit organisation that supports entrepreneurs and startups across its 61 chapters in 14 countries, has recently started a series of webinars aimed at improving the wellbeing of startup founders and providing a safe space to talk about the various challenges that come with building a company, and looking at solutions that enhance wellbeing.

Mens Health
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A Smartphone App From Singapore That Offers On The Go


It offers a diagnosis of the user's health condition, relying solely on a smartphone camera that can measure heart rate by picking up changes in the reflectivity of light on the user's skin between heart beats according to blood flow underneath. "We see the most traction coming from healthcare providers, both private and public," he said

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World Mental Health Day ‘My Husband Has Bipolar Disorder


As a paper titled Family Matters!—The Caregivers’ Perspective Of Mental Healthcare Act 2017, published in the Indian Journal Of Psychiatry in 2019, points out, “in a country like India where the family as a unit has more significance than personal autonomy, the new act emphasizes the patient’s rights and, in doing so, may make the doctors more defensive and fearful in making clinical decisions, …

Mens Health
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Can Tech Help Teens Suffering In Isolation During The


  • The first challenge is understanding what kind of support is needed
  • England’s Mental Health of Children and Young People Survey, a large-scale longitudinal study that was published last month, found that 16% of those between the ages of five and 16 have a probable mental disorder, compared to 10.8% in 2017
  • More than 27% of young women (aged 17 to 22) and 13% of young men now report having a mental …

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Poland Plans Pension For Dogs And Horses In State Employment


A stable box near Warsaw can cost some 2,500 zlotys ($650) a month. The average pre-tax monthly salary in Poland is some 5,500 zlotys ($1,400).

Beauty Dogs
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Aman Gupta: Latest Lifestyle News, Styles, Events, Videos


Mental health issues among healthcare workers on the rise An eggless chocolate cake recipe for a quick dessert fix How Karnataka's fields of gold turned into Little England ‘Women carry a lot of internalised patriarchy’: Alankrita Shrivastava

Healthy Lifestyle
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Forget Sentimentality, Toss Out Your Child’s Art


  • Mental health issues among healthcare workers on the rise How Karnataka's fields of gold turned into Little England light up your inbox
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  • How has the pandemic made us rethink our relationship with our home?

Mens Health
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World Mental Health Day Is Online Therapy A Boon For


According to an estimate by the World Health Organization, about 20% of India’s population is suffering from mental health illnesses, with less than 4,000 trained professionals to look after them. With a treatment gap of 85%—which means only 15% of the afflicted get the help they need—the system needs whatever help it can get.

Mens Health
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I View World Film Festival: 5 Films To Watch


This documentary by Dylan Mohan Gray (Fire in the Blood) looks at human rights in health in the modern world. Through the work of five activists in South Africa, Guinea, Spain, Hungary and India, it takes a critical view of the failures worldwide in ensuring universal health care

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Stories Told And Untold: A Note From The Editor


Mental health issues among healthcare workers on the rise An eggless chocolate cake recipe for a quick dessert fix India rolls back environmental regulations during the pandemic How Karnataka's fields of gold turned into Little England

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Baked Fish: Latest Lifestyle News, Styles, Events, Videos


Mental health issues among healthcare workers on the rise Climate Change Tracker: 50 biggest economies give green covid recovery a miss An eggless chocolate cake …

Healthy Lifestyle
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Has The Pandemic Increased Gender Inequality In The


Kanem added that the covid-19 pandemic had worsened existing inequalities for women and girls. "What was previously bad is now worse with the covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in increasing sexual violence, more unintended pregnancies, and new barriers to health access along with job and education losses."

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Mobile Orchestra Brings Cheer To Venezuelan Streets


He has been touring Venezuela during the pandemic, playing from the back of pickup trucks but also in medical facilities where patients with COVID-19 are being treated. His Instagram account includes videos of Sanchez wearing personal protective equipment from head to toe and playing the piano next to patients and health care workers.

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A Meta Recipe Of Caramel Popcorn Coated With Bacon And Beer


Combine the sugar, ale, water, butter, and salt in large pot. Cook until the mixture turns a rich golden brown and reaches 305°, (or the hard crack stage) on a candy thermometer, about 15 minutes.

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Why 2021 Needs To Be The Year Empathy Goes Mainstream


Forbes magazine recently noted that “the word for 2021 will be empathy.” Given the global events during the opening week of January alone, their prediction couldn’t be more poignant. As the Covid pandemic continues to see people locked inside, as mental health issues spike and suicide levels fly ever higher, and as extreme political division has seen some of our world’s most famous

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A Note From The Editor: Can Tech Help Us Be Healthier


This is the idea that has inspired a clutch of startups to use technology to transform healthcare by rationalising the way we eat to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases. This new crop of founders—many of whom have struggled with lifestyle diseases themselves—aims to improve metabolic health and boost energy levels with personalised food

Health Insurance
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Can Fitness Trackers Help Fight Obesity


Health conditions associated with excess weight are responsible for around 70% of deaths and 85% of healthcare costs in the US alone every year. Physical inactivity makes it harder to lose weight, but only about 5% of US adults meet recommended physical activity levels.

Obesity Health
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Fide: Latest Lifestyle News, Styles, Events, Videos


Fide: Get all the Fide latest Lifestyle news, videos, photos, special reports, trends on Mint Lounge.

Healthy Lifestyle
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Anirban Mahapatra On Why The World Needs A 'one Health


At the beginning of his new book COVID-19: Separating Fact From Fiction, Anirban Mahapatra, assistant director and publisher at the American Chemical Society, astutely encapsulates the current notions about covid-19.A pandemic, he writes, is like an elephant described by nearly eight billion blind people, each grasping at one or a few parts and trying to make sense of the whole.

Health Insurance
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