Accessibility And Site Suitability For Healthcare Services


  • Healthcare accessibility and site suitability analysis is an elongated and complex task that requires evaluation of different decision factors
  • The main objective of the present study was to develop a hybrid decision-making approach with geographic information systems to integrate spatial and non-spatial data to form a weighted result
  • This study involved three-tier analyses for assessing

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Health Care As A Universal Right


to health care access should be based on a set of structuring principles: (1) Equal opportunity (2) Solidarity (3) Evidence-based practice Thus, the first principle refers to the need to ensure equal access to health care of appropriate quality, overcoming at least some of the existing financial and non-financial barriers (Daniels and Sabin 2002).

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Standards In Healthcare Data SpringerLink


This way, not only developers are able to bring solutions to the healthcare market that meet the needs of patients and the healthcare workforce, but also comply with regulations and good practice guidelines so as to fit into the governance structures of health systems. eStandards Compass to Respect Different Perspectives of Stakeholders

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Healthcare Human Resource Planning SpringerLink


  • Healthcare human resource planning is an important aspect of health policy
  • Its importance arises in particular from the long time-delays, high-costs for training, and high proportion of healthcare expenditure allocated to it
  • Many countries experience workforce shortages in the healthcare sector, especially among nursing staff.

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Deprivation, Healthcare Accessibility And Satisfaction


  • The use of healthcare services can be interpreted using a specific health outcome: the satisfaction of healthcare services users (Andersen 1995)
  • Additionally, a population’s characteristics (e.g
  • the population’s levels of deprivation) are also factors influencing healthcare satisfaction (Aday and Andersen 1974 ; Andersen 1995 ).

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Development Of Smart Healthcare Monitoring System In IoT


Healthcare monitoring system in hospitals and many other health centers has experienced significant growth, and portable healthcare monitoring systems with emerging technologies are becoming of great concern to many countries worldwide nowadays. The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies facilitates the progress of healthcare from face-to-face consulting to telemedicine.

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Justice And The Right To Health Care: An Egalitarian


  • This essay is meant to be an account of an egalitarian theory of justice applied to health care
  • It will in part be a descriptive account of how those who favor some version of a qualified “right to equal health” or a principle of distribution of health care based primarily on need have supported their views.

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Health Care As A Gendered System SpringerLink


  • Going for the gold: The redistributive agenda behind market-based health care reform
  • Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 22, 427–465
  • (1992) Accreditation of allied health education: Assessing for educational effectiveness

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Diabetes Prediction In Healthcare Systems Using Machine


  • Health care systems are merely designed to meet the needs of increasing population globally
  • People around the globe are affected with different types of deadliest diseases
  • Among the different types of commonly existing diseases, diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, etc
  • Health care monitoring systems for different diseases and symptoms are available …

Diabetes Health
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COVID 19 And Private Health: Market And Governance Failure


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has produced mass market failure in global private health, particularly in tertiary care
  • Low-and-middle income countries (LMICs) dependent on private providers as a consequence of neglect of national health systems or imposed conditionalities under neoliberal governance were particularly effected
  • When beds were most needed for the treatment of acute …

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The Myths Of Health Care SpringerLink


The Myths of Health Care speaks to a large, diverse audience: scholars of all levels interested in the research in health policy and management, graduate and under-graduate students attending courses in leadership and management of public sector organization, and practitioners in the field of health care.

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Remote Health Monitoring Of Elderly Through Wearable


  • Due to a rapidly increasing aging population and its associated challenges in health and social care, Ambient Assistive Living has become the focal point for both researchers and industry alike
  • The need to manage or even reduce healthcare costs while improving the quality of service is high government agendas
  • Although, technology has a major role to play in achieving these aspirations, …

Elderly Health
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COVID 19 Highlighting Inequalities In Access To Healthcare


  • On the whole, ‘[r]igid and inflexible health care delivery resulted in services excluding the very women they were aimed at helping.’ (Mirza & Sheridan 2003, iii)
  • Migrant women are more likely to face legal barriers in accessing healthcare because of their migrant status, a result of the reforms made in the Immigration Act

Covid 19 Health
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Ten Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Primary


  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has been called the “stethoscope of the 21st century”
  • 1 With all of the allure, hype, fear, and promise of AI as a transformational force in healthcare, we explore the top ten ways AI will impact primary care and the Quadruple Aim 2 for key stakeholders: primary care physicians, patients, health systems, and payers
  • In this Perspective, we will examine ten

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Primary Health Care As A Foundation For Strengthening


Primary Health Care as a Foundation for Strengthening Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Asaf Bitton, MD MPH 1,2 , Hannah L. Ratcliffe, MSc 1 …

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Porter’s Strategies In Healthcare SpringerLink


Porter’s strategies Health care Differentiation strategy Cost leadership Key success factors Value chain analysis This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. References

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Social Responsibility And Ethics In Health Care SpringerLink


  • Universal health coverage in Latin America 2: Overcoming social segregation in health care in Latin America
  • The Lancet, 385 (9974), 1248–1259

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Health Services Evaluation SpringerLink


  • Provision of Health Services: Mental Health Care
  • Jon Cylus, Marya Saidi, Martin Knapp
  • The Handbook of Health Services Research is a reference for all aspects of the field of health services and outcomes research
  • It addresses the increasing need for comprehensive, yet balanced, information in a

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Medical Data Processing And Analysis For Remote Health And


Recent developments in sensor technologies, wearable computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless communications have given rise to research on mobile and ubiquitous health-care and remote monitoring of peoples health and activities [].Health monitoring systems include processing and analysis of data retrieved from smart-phones, smart watches, smart bracelets (that is, …

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Out Of Pocket Health Care Spending And Its Determinants


  • This study estimated out-of-pocket health-care spending and its determinants among households in Nigeria
  • Using secondary data from the 2009/2010 Harmonized Nigeria Living Standard Survey, we estimated the determinants of out-of-pocket health-care spending in Nigeria
  • The Heckman two-step selection model was used to analyse household and individual decisions to seek care and …

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Healthcare Wearable Devices: An Analysis Of Key Factors


Healthcare wearable devices that provide real-time health information and monitoring are recognized as a valuable support tool for an individual’s health. Healthcare wearable devices can have a significant influence on health-conscious people because they collect, store, and transmit various pieces of information related to health and fitness.

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Job Satisfaction And Associated Factors Among Health Care


among health care providers at public health institutions in Harari region, eastern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study Ayele Geleto1*, Negga Baraki2, Gudina Egata Atomsa1 and Yadeta Dessie1 Abstract Background: Human factor is the primary resource of health care system. For optimal performance of health

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The Mental Health Of Healthcare Workers In The COVID 19


  • The novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) is widely spreading all over the world, causing mental health problems for most people
  • The medical staff is also under considerable psychological pressure
  • This study aimed to review all research carried out on the mental health status of health care workers (HCWs) to bring policymakers and managers’ attention.

Covid 19 Health
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Healthcare And Social Benefits SpringerLink


Healthcare and social benefits may be defined as a set of services, as well as the effects of these services, aimed at satisfying the health and social needs of single individuals or of the whole administered community and considered as worthy of protection.

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Health Inequities Among Latinos/Hispanics: Documentation


  • The Hispanic/Latino population is the largest minority group in the USA
  • Research has documented health disadvantages of undocumented Latinos/Hispanics compared to their documented counterparts
  • The economic and social conditions that influence immigrant health may operate differently for undocumented immigrants compared to their documented counterparts
  • Access to healthcare, access to health

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International Health Law: An Emerging Field Of Public


In addition to healthcare, international health law should also engage with securing the underlying determinants to health, including such issues as access to safe drinking water and sanitation, health-related information, environmental and occupational health. It is widely acknowledged that the causes of ill-health and health inequalities go

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Health And Health Care Disparities: The Next Frontier In


Health Health care disparities Health inequities Social determinants of health (SDOH) This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. References/Associated Reading

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Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitudes, And Perception Of


Assessment of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perception of Health Care Workers Regarding COVID‑19, A Cross‑Sectional Study from Egypt Wafaa Yousif Abdel Wahed 1 · Enas Mamdouh Hefzy 2 · Mona Ibrahim Ahmed 3 · Nashwa Sayed Hamed 1

Mens Health
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The Effectiveness Of An Educational Brochure As A Risk


Health-care professionals are exposed to a vast range of information on medicines via traditional printed materials (prescribing information, product monographs, publications in peer-reviewed journals, guidelines) and numerous other sources (educational campaigns and programs, specialist Internet sites, marketing material from pharmaceutical

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Challenges And Opportunities In IoT Healthcare Systems: A


The network delay is a major problem in remote health care monitoring system and to provide a solution for the network delay in healthcare processing by remotely a framework is proposed known as UbeHealth to analyze challenges in network delay and QoS (Quality of Service) parameters such that it provides performance enhancement in healthcare at smart cities [].

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Hospital Heterogeneity: What Drives The Quality Of Health Care


  • A major feature of health care systems is substantial variation in health care quality across hospitals
  • The quality of stroke care widely varies across NHS hospitals
  • We investigate factors that may explain variations in health care quality using measures of quality of stroke care
  • We combine NHS trust data from the National Sentinel Stroke Audit with other data sets from the Office for

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REVIEW Open Access Big Data Analytics In Healthcare


  • of medical and healthcare functions, including among others clinical decision support, disease surveillance, and population health management [2-5]
  • healthcare system alone reached, in 2011, 150 exabytes
  • At this rate of growth, big data for U.S
  • healthcare will soon reach the zettabyte (1021 gigabytes)

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Lifeworld Led Healthcare Is More Than Patient Led Care: An


Lifeworld-led healthcare is more than patient-led care: an existential view of well-being. Karin Dahlberg 1, Les Todres 2 & Kathleen Galvin 2 Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy volume 12, pages 265–271(2009)Cite this article

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Main Characteristics Of The American Healthcare System


Healthcare Service Medicare Programme Indemnity Insurance Health Saving Account American Healthcare System These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

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Florence Nightingale: A Research Based Approach To Health


Abstract. Florence Nightingale (1820–1910) is known for her work in the Crimean War (1854–1856), the founding of professional nursing after it and her pioneering work in statistics, but less for her social research approach to health, healthcare and hospital safety, …

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Handbook Of Healthcare In The Arab World SpringerLink


These topics include women’s health care, displaced and refugee women’s health needs, childhood health, social and environmental causes of disease, health systems and health management, and a wide range of diseases of various body systems. This resource also explores issues related to access and barriers to health delivery throughout the

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Healthcare Experiences Of Transgender People Of Color


Discrimination and prejudice in healthcare settings against transgender people and racial/ethnic minorities, as separate social groups, are well-documented. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 While both racial/ethnic minority and transgender patients disproportionately report negative healthcare experiences compared with their white and cisgender counterparts, respectively, little is known about the healthcare

Experience Health
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Ageism In The Health Care System: Providers, Patients, And


13.2.1 Ageist Attitudes and Practices Among Health Care Professionals. There is an ample body of literature documenting negative attitudes towards older patients among health care providers, though conclusions are limited due to the use of a wide range of measurement approaches (for example, a number of different instruments have been used to assess “ageist” attitudes).

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Health Financing In Sub Saharan Africa: From Analytical


Finally, countries in SSA that have introduced health insurance to make healthcare more accessible to their populations face several design challenges. Some of these insurance systems lack a sound legal framework that ensures payment arrangements assist public purchasers to strategically purchase services from private providers [ 29 ].

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Emerging Roles In Health And Healthcare SpringerLink


The most significant new role will belong to informed, engaged, and activated consumers of health and healthcare pursing their desired states of health and resilience through strategies that are evidence-based, consistent with their values, goals, and preferences, and effective in …

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The Mental Health Of Healthcare Workers In The COVID 19


  • ering comprehensive and practical actions to protect health care workers’ mental health are critical [14]
  • Up to now, few studies have evaluated the mental health of health care workers dealing with COVID-19 patients
  • Hence, this study designed to investigate the articles addressing the status of HCWs’ mental health during the SARS-CoV-2

Covid 19 Health
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DSS In Healthcare: Advances And Opportunities SpringerLink


  • Eisenberg, “Three decades of research on computer applications in health care: Medical informatics support at the agency for healthcare research and quality,” J Am Med Inform Assn, 9(2), 2002, 144-160

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Social Health Insurance In The Philippines: Do The Poor


The health benefits package includes both inpatient and outpatient care, but is more inpatient-oriented (Jowett and Hsiao 2007).The benefits include room and board, professional healthcare services, diagnostics and other medical examination services, maternity care, use of surgical or medical equipment, prescription drugs and biologicals, and personal preventive services.

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The Chinese Healthcare System SpringerLink


  • The hukou system is a population-registration system in which people are classified according to their geographical location
  • The individual hukou status may change in connection with job changes
  • For instance, if a student with rural hukou moves to a city university he/she will receive a temporary city hukou, which may become permanent if this person gets a job in the city after …

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Healthcare Waste Management In Botswana: Storage


Healthcare waste management has become a major issue of concern for solid waste managers due the treatment of healthcare waste being generated and the potential environmental risks and public health risks to those who come in contact with it. Special attention must be paid when dealing with healthcare waste because of infectious and non-infectious waste as well as general waste it …

Mens Health
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Health Inequity In The Philippines SpringerLink


  • Son HH (2009) Equity in health and health Care in the Philippines
  • SSRN Electronic Journal Google Scholar
  • Strina A, Cairncoss S, Barreto ML, Larrea C, Prado MS (2003) Childhood diarrhea and observed hygiene behavior in Salvador, Brazil
  • Am J Epidemiol 157(11):1032–1038 CrossRef Google Scholar.

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Health Care Of Homeless Veterans SpringerLink


  • It is important to understand the needs of those veterans who are homeless
  • We describe characteristics of homeless male veterans and factors associated with needing VA benefits from a two-city, community survey of 531 homeless adults
  • Overall, 425 were male, of whom 127 were veterans (29.9%)
  • Significantly more veterans had a chronic medical condition and two or more mental health conditions.

Home Healthcare
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Health Care, Capabilities, And AI Assistive Technologies


  • Scenarios involving the introduction of artificially intelligent (AI) assistive technologies in health care practices raise several ethical issues
  • In this paper, I discuss four objections to introducing AI assistive technologies in health care practices as replacements of human care
  • I analyse them as demands for felt care, good care, private care, and real care.

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