Benefits Of Live In Care


It excludes possible costs incurred by the family in caring for the patient or associated travel costs of the patient travelling to a health care provider Urinary Tract Infections UTIS are the most common non-respiratory infection in care homes with an incidence rate of up to 50% as environments provide the opportunity for transmission of

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Live In Care Funding


People who believe they should qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding often find that the assessment doesn’t grade their health needs as sufficiently significant to qualify for funding, however, if you or your relative does meet the criteria your care will then be funded entirely by the NHS.

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Care Funding Guidance


Continuing Healthcare If your medical and health requirements are high enough and unstable enough then it is possible that you may be eligible for what is known as Continuing Healthcare. This can mean the NHS pays for the cost of the live-in care in your own home.

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Care At Home: Why It's Better For Your Health And Well Being


Find out about why care at home is better for your health and well-being in comparison to other common forms of care. eCare in your own home is a type of care that has previously been thought the preserve of a small percentage of the population, but in recent years better information and awareness has meant more people know that it is a viable option for them.

Home Healthcare
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Essential Foods To Maintain Good Health In Old Age


For optimum health and nutritional support, read about some of the main foods to boost your well-being in later life.. Statistics from the ONS show that the population is living longer, and on average men can expect to live for 15 years after they retire, and woman can expect to …

Beauty Food
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UK Government Advice For Unpaid Carers Regarding COVID 19


*Those with underlying health conditions that make them particularly vulnerable have already been contacted by the NHS with more detailed advice. Creating an emergency plan An emergency plan can, in it’s simplest form, be an arrangement with friends or family should the carer or the vulnerable person become ill.

Covid 19 Health
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Helping Older People Take An Active Part In Health And


Older generations were used to an era where the patient is told what to do by doctors or healthcare providers. And having little or no input into the style of care or type of treatment they receive. Times have now changed. People achieve better outcomes and quality of life when they take an active part in improving their health.

Health Insurance
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A Guide To Good Nutrition For The Elderly


This guide is intended to provide an overview of the general nutritional needs for elderly people but is not a substitute for professional advice. For specific advice about nutritional needs (especially if you have an underlying health condition), speak to your GP, nurse or other healthcare professional. Download our shopping list of healthy foods

Elderly Health
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Recovering From A Stroke


The home is a really good base for relearning skills and for getting used to and working around changes in physical ability. Your carer will work with your GP, your family, health visitors and any other healthcare professionals to ensure they are assisting in every way possible with your stroke recovery and rehabilitation.

Stroke Health
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Can Someone Be Forced Into A Care Home


With live-in care you are able to remain in your home safely and independently whilst a trained carer lives with you 24/7 and helps you with whatever tasks you struggle with alone. This type of care is entirely tailored to your needs and provides much more 1-to-1 contact with a carer resulting in better health

Home Healthcare
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Care Home Fees And Why You Should Be Worried About Them


Also there is a service available from, and arranged by, the NHS called NHS Continuing Healthcare which is for people who have a primary health need. Unlike social and community services provided by local authorities NHS Continuing Healthcare

Home Healthcare
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Homecare: A Way To Remain Independent As You Become Older


Statistics have also shown that some older people in the UK are malnourished, including those living in care homes. Both of these issues can happen at home where there is no help with care, or in a care home setting. Both of these issues are detrimental to the health of an elderly person and can cause independence to quickly diminish.

Home Healthcare
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Loneliness In The Elderly Can Cause A Decline In Health


How Loneliness Causes Health Issues in The Elderly. Loneliness has always been a problem within the elderly community, but it has become particularly bad with the rise in technology that stops people needing to speak to each other face to face everyday.

Elderly Health
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Better At Home 2019


It has an impact on quality of life, health and healthcare costs. People often experience a loss of independence and confidence after a fall and some become housebound. This is a vicious circle because anxiety about the fall, pain and lack of activity can reduce quality of life further and make people weaker and often more vulnerable to further

Home Healthcare
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Issues Affecting The Elderly: A Guide By The Live In Care Hub


With almost a quarter of the world’s population predicted to be over 60 years old by 2050, according to the World Health Organisation, the unique health and social issues associated with aging are set to become increasingly more important in the coming years.Encouraging the population to take preventative measures against a decline in health, for instance, before they reach old age, will

Elderly Health
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5 Foods To Keep You Healthy In The Winter


Five tasty and healthy foods for you to enjoy over winter to maintain good physical health and maintain your nutrition. According to the latest Health Survey for England 70-80% of men and women aged 65 to 84 are overweight or obese yet, conversely, there are over a million people in the UK in the same age group who are at risk of malnutrition.

Beauty Food
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7 Great Foods To Keep You Healthy In Later Life


Good nutrition is an important issue among the elderly. Reports suggest over a million people in Britain aged over 65 are either malnourished or at risk of being malnourished. This causes all kinds of health problems and costs the NHS billions every year. But, there is plenty you can do to stay healthy in later life.

Beauty Food
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The Practical Challenges Of Caring For An Elderly Parent


Financial Implications of Caring for the Elderly. There can be an added cost to caring for an elderly parent in your own home. Heating, electricity and other utilities may need to be in use all day, especially in colder weather and this can all add up quickly to increased household bills.

Elderly Health
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Taking Care Of Your Own Health As A Live In Carer


Those carers also need to take extra care of their own health in order to do their job properly and to the high standard expected. Once a carer becomes ill, either mentally or physically, it can be hard to recover so it is best for everyone if you can recognise the …

Health Insurance
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Lasting Power Of Attorney: It's Not Just About Finances


By setting up a Lasting Power Of Attorney for Health and Welfare you give your nominated person the power to make important decisions about your healthcare. For instance, whether you would be happy to move to residential care or whether you would prefer to be cared for in your own home by a professional live-in carer supported by nursing care

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Live In Care Options


Introductory agencies have pools of the very finest self-employed 24/7 carers on their books for clients to choose from. Meticulous recruitment processes ensure that their carers are all expertly trained, with a myriad of appropriate qualifications and experience to match the individual needs of those they care for.

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Jobs In Health And Social Care Are Rewarding And Fulfilling


As you might have guessed, it revolves around helping others. A career in health care involves helping others who need assistance with their physical health in some way. The social side of care relates to those who are vulnerable who require support, such as the elderly. Often the health and social side of care work together.

Healthcare Jobs
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Senior Care: A Guide To Finding The


As well as the visit to your home, the care assessment professional will speak to your GP or health care specialist to look into your needs further. Their job is to get as much information as possible to ensure you get the help that you need. After Your Assessment. After your assessment you will be told which help you are eligible for.

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Home Care Services: A Better Alternative To A Residential Home


A great informative article. Live in care is a fantastic affordable alternative to a nursing/residential home giving clients the freedom to have a flexible routine at home on a one to one basis ensuring they maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Home Healthcare
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Talk To Your Children About Your Future Care Needs


This may result in your children making a choice that you wouldn’t have made if they have Power of Attorney, or health care professionals making the decision. To avoid any awkwardness, now is the time to talk to your children about your future care needs before you have an emergency on your hands and very importantly ensuring they have the

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Products To Make Live In Care Easier


Our live-in carers are a vital part of the British social and health care system and the work they do within the homes of the most vulnerable and elderly helps people maintain their independence for many years longer than would be otherwise possible.. However, having a live-in carer shouldn’t mean that a person has to become totally dependent.

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Health Tips For Men In Their 70s


This is one pf the most important health tips for men so don’t be afraid to reach out. The Live-in Care Hub offers lots of tips and advice to help you in later life and if you need care in your own home to help you remain independent why not call us on …

Mens Health
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The Effects Of Caring For A Sick Relative


Find out the different ways that caring for a sick relative or loved one can affect your own health, and how you can feel better with the right support and help. Numerous studies have shown there is a direct link between a family burden, such as providing care for an older family member, and mental health.

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Live In Care Agencies


The Live-In Care Hub is the work of more than 20 leading live in care agencies, offering 24/7 care at home for the elderly and frail. Find a provider today.

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General Advice Category Archives


Our live-in carers are a vital part of the British social and health care system and the work they do within the homes of the most vulnerable and elderly helps… Reasons To Love Growing Old December 20, 2019

Cats Health
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Winter Safety Tips For The Elderly


The flu can be lethal for the elderly, so the flu jab is really important as a precaution come winter. There has been a lower uptake on the flu jab this year than previous years, in part because of supply problems, but don’t let that deter you. It is free for people aged over 65, or for those with certain health conditions.

Elderly Health
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Recent Research Surrounding Elderly Health


In their study, published in Stroke, researchers evaluated a set of health records, including imaging and genomic sequencing data, of more than 300 Geisinger patients, of which 118 exhibited a NOTCH3 variant. Of this group, 12.6% had a history of stroke, compared with 4.9% of those in a control group.

Elderly Health
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Privacy Policy And Information For The Live In Care Hub


A “social or health care professional” we mean any person who provides direct services, acts as consultant or is involved in the commission of your healthcare or social care services, including (but not limited to) your General Practitioner (GP), dental staff, pharmacists, nurses and health visitors, clinical psychologists, dieticians

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The Importance Of Good Nutrition For Seniors


Good nutrition is always important, but it becomes more important when we age. Here we look at how and why good nutrition is essential for seniors. It helps protect against chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease; it helps with energy levels, boosting the mood and keeping the body in …

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A Guide To Respite Care For The Elderly


A couple of weeks break might be needed for a holiday or to recuperate health levels or perhaps some time is needed for an emotional break. The position of being a carer can be draining and challenging, and caregivers can require respite care for a wide variety of reasons.

Elderly Health
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Health Tips For Women In Their 70s


One health concern for women aged over 70 is the home, and having a safe environment to live in. Trips and falls are a real issue in the elderly and a study by The Live-in Care Hub showed that every minute in the UK, six people aged over 65 suffer a fall and fall-related injuries. Sadly, the same study showed that a month after a fall, one in

Mens Health
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Diabetes In The Elderly, How Carers Can Help Manage The


The carer will also be able to actively coordinate any extra health care such as visiting NHS nurses and doctors visits. Arranging In-Home Care If you think that care in the home could help you or a family member with diabetic support, why not call us for impartial advice on how in-home care can help with diabetes in the elderly and many other

Diabetes Health
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Live In Care FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions About In


WHAT IS LIVE-IN CARE? Live in care is as simple as it sounds. A fully trained carer lives with you in your own home to help you achieve a higher quality of life and this can involve: Providing help with specific tasks Providing company Enabling you to remain independent as much as possible Providing a sense of security 24-hour support can be tailor made and match you with the right carer or

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Become A Live In Carer – Help The NHS Fight Covid – Get Paid


Although many live-in carers have already worked in the health sector, professional experience is not always needed. For instance, you may have cared for a family member in the past. The important ingredients for the role are universal, such as compassion, dedication, common sense, a positive, outgoing personality and a good level of fitness.

Covid 19 Health
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Are You Prepared For The High Cost Of Care In Your Old Age


Here are some useful tips and advice on preparing for the cost of care in your old age, including handy links to guides and care calculators to help you plan later life care.

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A Guide To Companion Care


Find out about companion care and everything it involves, including adjustments at home, financial implications and more. Companion care can be many things, from care given by a family member, care provided by a carer in the home or in a residential setting, or even care on a respite basis.

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6 Ways To Keep Your Brain Sharp Over 65


Whether you reach out to others in your community or you speak to your live-in care provider about taking you to groups with people of a similar age, the more social you can be, the better your brain health will be. 6. Eat Healthy Food. Healthy food makes a huge difference to your overall vitality when you age, but especially to your brain health.

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Thinking About A Care Home


Find out about the pros and cons of care homes so that you can make an informed choice about later life care. If you, or your relative, are in need of elderly care and your care needs are no longer met in your own home, it is time to consider your options. There are benefits to moving into a residential care home and, of course, there are some negatives to it too.

Home Healthcare
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Why Is Live In Care Increasing In Popularity


Staying Healthy – Live-in care has many health benefits including helping people avoid falling, helping them avoid dementia, and helping them stay active. This makes for a better quality of life long-term. It’s really not surprising that live-in care is becoming so much more popular, especially as it becomes more widely known as an option.

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