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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information For Health Care Providers

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  • Workers' Compensation and Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Care Topics
  • Temporary Changes to Telehealth Payment Policies : We're making it easier for you to connect virtually with injured workers
  • Common Questions About Managing COVID-19-Related Claims and Treating Workers: Answers for providers about managing claims with L&I.

Coronavirus Health
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Joint Hazard Alert

L&I Lni.wa.gov

  • hospital employers and health care workers
  • The L&I Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) requires hospitals to follow Governor’s Proclamation 20-24.1, along with L&I rules on respiratory protection and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hospitals must also abide by OSHA PPE and respirator practices for healthcare delivery.

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Overtime For Health Care Workers

Changes Lni.wa.gov

  • Overtime for Health Care Workers
  • 1, 2020, changes to the existing mandatory nurses’ overtime law will begin, along with changes in meal and rest periods for certain health care workers
  • This page tells you who’s included and details the new requirements under law.

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Safety & Health

Safety Lni.wa.gov

  • Most workplace deaths, injuries and work-related illnesses are preventable
  • Working together, employers, workers and L&I help keep workers safe and healthy
  • Create a Safety Program Find Safety Rules Request a Consultation Workshops & Training Center Report a Death, or Serious Injury Report a Safety & Health Hazard.

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DOSH Directive Temporary Enforcement Guidance Annual Fit

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • workers in healthcare and emergency response from exposure to the COVID-19 virus
  • Public health authorities (CDC, health departments, and the Governor’s office) recommend the use of cloth face coverings when people are in group settings, including work

Mens Health
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Washington Coronavirus Hazard Considerations For Employers

Involving Lni.wa.gov

  • Non-healthcare work involving personal services (such as haircuts) where there are 3-6 workers inside a room where at least 6-foot distance is not maintained and job tasks require sustained close-together (less than 3 feet apart) work
  • All clients assumed to be wearing cloth face coverings or higher level of protection

Coronavirus Health
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Mental Health Services

Injury Lni.wa.gov

  • Mental health conditions are caused or aggravated by a work-related injury or illness
  • A pre-existing or unrelated condition is delaying recovery from work-related injury or illness
  • When authorized — required for initial evaluation and ongoing treatment (up to 90 days at a time)
  • When documentation shows clinically meaningful improvement.

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Attention Healthcare Employers With Employees

Surgical Lni.wa.gov

Attention: Healthcare Employers with Employees Each year, thousands of healthcare workers in the state of Washington, including surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and surgical technologists, are exposed to hazardous smoke generated during surgical procedures that use a …

Health Insurance
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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Lni.wa.gov

Like care rendered by other health-care providers, chiropractic care for injured workers must be curative and rehabilitative. Typical chiropractic services include evaluation and diagnosis, manipulation of spine and/or extremities, rehabilitative exercises and home exercise programs.

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Master's Level Therapists (MLTs) Pilot

Provide Lni.wa.gov

Master’s Level Therapists (MLTs) are not allowed to treat under a workers’ compensation claim. To provide a structured environment for care delivery and capture of data, L&I is conducting a pilot to allow and pay MLTs to provide appropriate behavioral and/or mental health

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Health Lni.wa.gov

Provide covered pesticide handling hours, to the health care provider, for each test Make sure copies of employee test results and health care provider written recommendations are maintained for seven years. Health Care Providers: Discuss the risks and benefits of participation in the cholinesterase-testing program with the employee.

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Health Services Coordination Standard Work

Care Lni.wa.gov

Health Services Coordinator (HSC) Minimum Qualifications. Bachelor's or equivalent degree and three years of experience in direct patient care, return-to-work coordination, occupational health care, or equivalent experience OR Seven years experience in direct patient care, return-to-work coordination, occupational health care, or equivalent experience.

Health Insurance
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Nursing & Residential Care

(Chapter Lni.wa.gov

Safety and Health Core Rules (Chapter 296-800, WAC) Bloodborne Pathogens (Chapter 296-823, WAC) Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (Chapter 296-901, WAC) Hazardous Drugs (WAC 296-62-500) Recordkeeping and Reporting (Chapter 296-27, WAC) Enforcement Policies. Tuberculosis Control in Health Care Settings (DD 11.35)

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Health Care Provider Fraud

Provider Lni.wa.gov

  • Report health care provider fraud in Washington State
  • Call: 1-888-811-5974 (option #4) Health care provider complaint form
  • Do you know of a medical provider who may be inappropriately billing workers compensation? Spotting the red flags
  • Below are some behaviors that can indicate fraudulent activity by a health care provider: Providers who….

Health Insurance
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Home Health Care

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • The Home Health Aide Study: Identifying Risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders Washington’s Home Health Care Industry
  • SHARP is conducting a 5-year study to understand the risk factors that may contribute to work-related musculoskeletal disorders to home health aides
  • We hope the information gathered will be used to prevent these types of injuries.

Home Healthcare
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Hazard Assessment For PPE

Resistance Lni.wa.gov

  • dental and health care services
  • other: Work-related exposure to: blood
  • tools or materials that could scrape, bruise, or cut
  • other: Can hazard be eliminated without the use of PPE? Yes

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Centers Of Occupational Health & Education (COHE)

Providers Lni.wa.gov

  • We partner with health care organizations to make COHE services available to providers, workers, and employers
  • Coordinate worker care for the first year of treatment
  • Engage with employers about return to work options
  • Train providers on best practices
  • Help providers implement best practices in their office(s)

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An Ergonomics Guide For Hospital Laundries

Union Lni.wa.gov

The Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in BC (OHSAH), initiated in an Accord between healthcare employers and union representatives, was incorporated on July 5, 1999. OHSAH’s board of directors consists of representatives from employer and union organizations, including:

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Using Carts In Healthcare

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare (OHSAH) in BC, initiated in an Accord
  • between healthcare employers and union representatives, was incorporated on July 5, 1999
  • OHSAH’s board of directors consists of representatives from employer and union organizations, including: • Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) •

Health Insurance
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Enforcement Policies & Rule Interpretations

Tuberculosis Lni.wa.gov

  • Tuberculosis Control in Health-Care Facilities
  • This DOSH Directive establishes procedures and enforcement policies related to Tuberculosis (TB) in health-care settings
  • This policy references the following WACs: Core Rules (296-800) Respirators (296-842) Recordkeeping and Reporting (296-27) Accident Prevention Program (296-800-140)

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Find Safety & Health Rules

Safety Lni.wa.gov

  • Rulemaking Stakeholder Information
  • Related Safety & Health Laws.

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An Ergonomics Guide For Kitchens In Healthcare

Through Lni.wa.gov

  • Occupational Health and Safety Agency for Healthcare in British Columbia
  • TX655.E73 643'.3'0289 C2003-960184-6
  • Acknowledgments OHSAH is grateful to everyone who contributed to the development of An Ergonomics Guide for Kitchens in Healthcare through focus-group meetings or through

Beauty Kit
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Occupational Health Best Practices

Health Lni.wa.gov

Sponsored by health care organizations in your community, this health care model is supported by peer reviewed, published evidence, and has a great track record of improving care and outcomes for injured workers. Through physician training, the use of Health Services Coordinators, and a streamlined electronic communication system, they’ve

Health Insurance
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Communicable Diseases

Allows Lni.wa.gov

The Industrial Insurance Act ( RCW 51.36.010, WAC 296-20-03005) allows the department or self-insured employer to pay for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) whenever an injury occurs (e.g., needle stick or laceration) and there is a potential exposure to an infectious disease. It also allows for PEP in cases in which a work-related activity has

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A Guide To Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Health-care Lni.wa.gov

Health-Care Services When your claim for work-related injury or occupational disease is approved, your employer will pay your medical bills while you recover. What health-care services and costs are covered? All health-care provider, hospital, surgical, pharmacy, and other health-care services necessary for treatment of your work-related injury or

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The Physical Job Evaluation Checklist User Guide: Health Care

Participating Lni.wa.gov

  • Participating companies in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry were classified as the following: • Nursing Care Facilities • Homes for the Elderly • Continuing Care Retirement Communities
  • Exposure to physical risk factors of WMSDs was evaluated through direct observations and

Healthcare Jobs
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Interpreter Services

Services Lni.wa.gov

  • The health care or vocational provider determine the need for interpreter services and makes all arrangements
  • Interpreter services are a covered benefit for all injured workers, including self-insured and crime victims, who have an open and allowed claim

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Advisory Committee On Health Care Innovation And

Related Lni.wa.gov

  • The Advisory Committee on Health Care Innovation and Evaluation (ACHIEV) is a venue for business, labor, and providers
  • It meets quarterly to provide L&I with input and advice related to the provider network and other topics on health care innovation.

Health Insurance
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11.35 Tuberculosis Control In Health Care Settings

Settings Demo-public.lni.wa.gov

  • The following health-care settings are required to have a written TB control program: 1
  • Health-care settings where patients with confirmed or suspect TB are treated, or to which they are transported
  • Health-care settings within correctional institutions

Tuberculosis Health
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Health Information Exchange (HIE)

OneHealthPort Lni.wa.gov

  • Step 1: Contact OneHealthPort (www.onehealthport.com) to understand the services they provide
  • You'll have to register for OneHealthPort software to send and receive health care information securely
  • Step 2: Include the L&I data in your electronic medical records system (EMRs)
  • Step 3: Go to the HIE Supported Transactions page for the implementation guides which explain how to send and receive

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In Home Care Services: An Examination Of The Washington

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • home health aides in the United States (11% increase from 2015 of 820,630 aides)
  • BLS defines home health aides as those who provide individualized health care services, under the supervision of a medical professional
  • Services may include checking vitals, changing bandages

Home Healthcare
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Prevention Of Hand Dermatitis In The Health Care Setting

Health Demo-public.lni.wa.gov

  • Hand dermatitis is a significant problem in health care personnel who are required to wash their hands numerous times a day
  • The resulting dermatitis is not only uncomfortable but can put the health care worker and the patient at risk for developing infections from the …

Health Insurance
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Ongoing Projects

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • Explore these topic areas to see the research projects we are currently working on: Chemical and Biological Hazards
  • Disparities in Occupational Health
  • Effectiveness of Compliance Activities
  • Health Behaviors of Workers BRFSS.

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Treating Patients

Generally Lni.wa.gov

  • Generally, medical coverage decisions (defined in WAC 296-20-02700 through WAC 296-20-02850 ), are policy statements describing whether a specific health care service or supply is a covered benefit
  • Services/supplies may be for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, or determining prognosis
  • L&I reviews and weighs the highest quality evidence on

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Health Lni.wa.gov

The above information must be provided to the licensed health care professional (LHCP) before the LHCP can make a recommendation regarding an employee's ability to use a respirator. In Washington State, physicians, physicians assistants or nurse practitioners, and possibly other health care professionals are qualified by the scope of their

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Workplace Violence Prevention In Health Care Dosh Directive 5

Health Lni.wa.gov

  • For health care employers not specifically covered by the laws, DOSH Directive 5.05, Violence in the Workplace, provides general direction to DOSH staff for addressing workplace violence issues
  • Co-Located Health Care Settings
  • The requirements of the statutes apply only to the specified health care settings

Health Insurance
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Protecting Nurses As A Valuable Resource

Practice Lni.wa.gov

  • committed to inspiring and transforming health care for generations to come
  • Vision statement: Washington State University College of Nursing pursues opportunities to expand the frontiers of nursing knowledge, science and practice
  • Using innovative technological approaches, integrated teaching and research, and leveraged resources

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Safety Lni.wa.gov

62 Health Care and Social Assistance 71 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 72 Accommodation and Food Services 81 Other Services (except Public Administration) 92 Public Administration Target Audience: Companies with health and safety committees (and companies wanting/needing to establish health and safety committees), research community,

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