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  • Local 22’s Health Plan strives to provide our members and their dependents the best available Health Care for the funding provided under our current Arbitration Award
  • The Health Plan provides programs to assist our members in obtaining the highest quality care available during their times of need
  • Local 22’s Health Plan has worked on

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About Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Health Local22healthplan.org

  • Local 22’s Health Plan strives to provide our members and their dependents the best available Health Care for the funding provided under our current Arbitration Award
  • The Health Plan provides programs to assist our members in obtaining the highest quality care available during their times of need
  • Local 22’s Health Plan has worked on

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Retirees Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Private Local22healthplan.org

  • Part C gives Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to enroll in private healthcare plans and receive all Medicare services, including Part A and Part B, from a private provider
  • It operates like the healthcare coverage provided by most employers
  • A menu of offerings is available with a variety of coverage options, co-payments and monthly costs.

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MHC Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Health Local22healthplan.org

  • The Local 22 Health Plan’s employee assistance program is a counseling, information, and referral service that helps you address personal problems on a confidential basis
  • The HealthPlan has contracted with Mental Health Consultants (MHC) to provide this benefit.

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Medicare Guidelines Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Care Local22healthplan.org

Part-A: – also pays for some home health care, and hospice; Medicare Part B (medical insurance) helps pay for services from doctors and other health care providers, outpatient care, home health care, durable medical equipment, and some preventive; Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage plans) are available in many areas.

Medicare Health
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Dependents Eligibility And Enrollment Local 22

Children Local22healthplan.org

Your children also include children under age 26 for whom you are required to provide health care coverage under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO), regardless of where the children reside. A QMCSO is any judgment, decree, or order issued by a court requiring you to provide child support or health care coverage for a child.

Mens Health
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Guardian Nurses Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Guardian Local22healthplan.org

Call Jenn Prater at 484-803-2198, Kiki Ricci at 484-844-0350 or Guardian Nurses at 215-836-0260 or toll free at 888-836-0260 if you can use some help navigating the healthcare system. Visit Guardian Nurse website at www.guardiannurses.com

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Blue Cross / Medical Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Primary Local22healthplan.org

  • Keystone Health Plan East is an HMO that requires you to choose a primary care physician
  • You and your primary care physician will coordinate your healthcare treatments
  • You are required to get a referral from your primary care doctor before you can see a specialist.

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Health Local22healthplan.org

Health Plan or the Union i. any Health Plan or Union employee (or their eligible dependent) who is eligible to enroll in Medicare, must enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B to qualify for the five (5) years of City-funded coverage City-funded health coverage is limited to this five (5) year period, regardless of whether you would qualify

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Hearing / Epic Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Hearing Local22healthplan.org

  • The Health Plan offers a hearing healthcare benefit through EPIC hearing
  • The Plan provides the following hearing benefit: Hearing Exam: $70 allowance once every 2 years
  • You can use any provider you want, but if you use an EPIC participating provider, the hearing exam is covered in full and you have no out of pocket expense

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IAFF Center Of Excellence Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Post-traumatic Local22healthplan.org

What is the IAFF Center for Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery? The concept is the first of its kind for our profession and our union – a facility that provides a highly specialized program exclusively for our members and treats post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other behavioral health issues in a residential setting.

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Act 111 Arbitration Award BENECARD UPDATE

Members Local22healthplan.org

Local 22’s Health Plan is dedicated not only to providing our members with the best healthcare but also to assisting our members with leading and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. In order to educate and guide our members to a healthier lifestyle we are proud to offer our …

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Penn Behavioral Health For Veterans Local 22

Veterans Local22healthplan.org

Penn Behavioral Health for Veterans The Cohen Clinic at Penn is proud to be a provider of choice for Veterans in Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Services. Our care is extremely confidential and our team is specifically trained to serve First Responders.

Oral Healthcare
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IAFF Center Of Excellence For Behavioral Health Treatment

Healthcare Local22healthplan.org

  • and mental health issues, as well as relationship and marriage counseling
  • Tim Craig, Operations Director Tim is an administrator and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare and human services
  • He has an extensive and varied background in behavioral health, with a focus on the provision of services to

Mens Health
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Pharmacy / Benecard Local 22 Firefighters/Paramedics

Order Local22healthplan.org

  • For information about how the mail order program works you can call Benecard at 1-800-907-0700 or the Health Plan at 1-215-440- 4421/4422
  • Your doctor can fax your prescription to Benecard at 1-888-907-0040
  • And you can order your mail order refills online at …

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