Read Doug Jones' Responses To 9 Questions On Health Care


Read Doug Jones' responses to 9 questions on health care. The Montgomery Advertiser sent nine questions to U.S. Sen. Doug Jones and Republican nominee Tommy Tuberville about health outcomes and

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A Year Into COVID 19, Rural Alabama Bears Brunt Of Public


Under the gambling legislation sponsored by Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, about 25% of revenues from gambling sent to the state’s General Fund would go toward rural health

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Where Doug Jones, Tommy Tuberville Stand On Health Care


The Kaiser Family Foundation, which tracks health care issues and data, said about 441,000 Alabamians — 16% of the state’s non-elderly adult population — lacked health insurance in 2018.

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Underfunding Public Health Has Devastated Alabama In Our


The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is facing its biggest challenge in memory — after years of budget cuts have steadily reduced its capacity. In 2019, the district and county health

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What Legal Gambling In Alabama Could Mean For Rural Health


Legalized gambling could bring a windfall for rural health care in Alabama. But it’s not clear how it would play out. Under the gambling amendment sponsored by Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, about

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COVID Treatments Have Improved, But More Rigorous Study


Health and patient safety coverage at USA TODAY is made possible in part by a grant from the Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation and Competition in Healthcare. The Masimo Foundation does not

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Alabama Hospitals Brace For Coronavirus Onslaught Lacking


Alabama’s health care system is bracing for a tidal wave of COVID-19 cases that could overwhelm a hospital system already stretched thin, to the point physicians are limiting testing as they

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Alabama Supreme Court Rules Against Baptist Health In


Alabama Supreme Court orders Baptist to turn over board minutes in Montgomery health care case. A Montgomery oncology clinic has netted a public records and transparency victory from the …

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Alabama Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans


The Small Business Administration has released a list of businesses that have received emergency pandemic loans. Use our searchable database to see who in Alabama received funds.

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Walt Maddox Focuses On Health Care, Education In Run For


Walt Maddox focuses on health care, education in run for governor. Walt Maddox stood in an incident command center on April 27, 2011, watching a tornado destroy Tuscaloosa. As …

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Alabama Coronavirus: Chronic Health Conditions Make Black


Chronic health conditions make Alabama's Black Belt region a prime target for COVID-19. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when COVID-19 will hit the Black Belt region where a disproportionate

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Free Shoes: Here's How To Give Front Line Workers Footwear


People who buy shoes at Alabama-based Mountain High Outfitters can also pick a first responder or health care worker who will get a free pair donated by …

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Rural Hospitals Play Important Role In Health Issues


With nearly 50 percent of Alabamians living in rural areas, providing health care at the right place and at the right time saves lives. But in addition to providing great care, rural hospitals

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Alabama Family Says Nursing Home Delayed Proper Info On


In alignment with CMS and CDC guidance on COVID-19, Diversicare centers are continuing to restrict all visitors and non-essential health care …

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Medical Center To Bring 15 Doctors To Wetumpka


Medical center to bring 15 doctors to Wetumpka. WETUMPKA — Three years of planning and about $9 million has gone into a new medical office building in Wetumpka. River Region Medical Center will

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Alabama Among Best States For Military Retirees


Montana ranked No. 1 in both quality of life and health care, but was only No. 37 in the economic categories. Two Northeast states fared the worst, with Rhode Island landing dead-last …

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Debate Shifts, But Medicaid Expansion In Alabama Still


Gov. Kay Ivey last year asked Medicaid Commissioner Stephanie Azar, State Health Officer Scott Harris and Senior Policy Advisor Dave White “to look at how to improve health

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Unheard Inmates Spotlight 'horrid' Conditions In Alabama's


A cache of photos obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center reportedly show the inside of St. Clair prison in Alabama, the epicenter of a system beset by brutal violence and deteriorating

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Eligibility Tightens For VA, Caregiver Benefit: Military


Shulkin said he supports extending caregiver benefits — which includes a monthly stipend, access to health care insurance, caregiver training, stress counseling and a …

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Black Belt, Wiregrass Counties To See National Guard


Rural areas of Alabama have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, particularly in the state's Black Belt region, home to limited health care infrastructure and large Black populations that

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Additonal Drive Through Testing To Open With Partnership


Testing will be done by appointment only and anyone who believes they have symptoms of COVID-19 should call 334-420-8620 to speak with a health

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Military Update: VA Failed To Protect Veterans From Inept


Randall Williamson, GAO’s director of health care, told the House veterans affairs subcommittee on oversight and investigations that auditing teams visited only five of …

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Southern Poverty Law Center: Alabama Prison Suicides At


Family and advocates say the mental health crisis in prisons have reached emergency levels. Alabama and the SPLC are engaged in a lengthy legal battle over mental health care in …

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Alabama Legislature 2019: What Passed; What Didn't, What


Alabama Legislature 2019: What passed; what didn't, what remains. It was a session where legislators voted to ban nearly all abortions in the state and abolished marriage licenses to …

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No Medicaid Expansion Means Dilemma For Ala. Hospitals


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that follows health care issues, about 199,000 Alabamians could receive insurance if …

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VA Chief To Hill: Health Reforms You Seek Are Here


VA Secretary Bob McDonald told the House Veterans Affairs Committee Wednesday that a $68 million, 4000-page study of VA health care it ordered …

Health Insurance
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Commission On Care Report Reignites VA 'choice' Debate


So the first of 18 report recommendations is for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to establish high-performing community health care networks, to …

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Medicaid Expansion Advocates Organize Amid Pandemic; GOP


Despite renewed calls for expansion from Democrats and health care advocates amid the pandemic, GOP leaders in the state this week seemed at best reluctant to consider expansion. “I’ve not had

Cats Health
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Alabama Hospitals Work To Reopen Safely During Pandemic


Alabama hospitals work to reopen safely during pandemic. Most Alabama hospitals and other health care providers started accepting patients for …

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Linda Boyle, Montgomery VA Officials Out, National Review


The Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System director will retire next week. Two other directors have been reassigned pending an operations review.

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Alabama Hospitals Sue Opioid Manufacturers


Walker Baptist Medical Center, a hospital in Jasper, the county seat of Walker County, was one of the health care facilities to file suit last week.

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Patients With HIV, AIDS, Served At New MAO Dental Clinic


Patients with HIV, AIDS, served at new MAO Dental Clinic. Diagnosed with HIV more than a quarter of a century ago, a man reclines comfortably at …

Dental Healthcare
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Alabama Voices: Congress Should Consider Real Solutions To


Like in many countries, health care costs continue to rise in the United States, and we need to focus on improving affordability. The Urban Institute …

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Column: New TRICARE Laws To Drive 'historic' Reforms, Bono


Military health care will soon roll out “historic” reforms to improve patient access and quality of care, said Vice Adm. Raquel Bono, director of the Defense Health Agency.

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Ed Henry, Former Alabama State Representative, Pleads


But it's health care fraud, and it's something we take seriously," Ross said. A monthslong investigation into Dr. Gilberto Sanchez's Montgomery medical practice ultimately snared Henry, Ross said.

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Mental Health: How Alabama Is Responding


Mental illness costs the U.S. $113 billion annually, and U.S. jails and prisons are the largest providers of mental health care in America. "If we …

Mens Health
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Montgomery Doctor Richard Stehl Pleads Not Guilty To New


Dr. Richard Stehl, who was originally charged in August 2018, now faces charges of money laundering, five counts of health care fraud and 11 counts of distribution of a …

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Chantilly VA Facility's Opening Brings New Level Of


Chantilly VA facility's opening brings new level of service for veterans. The official opening of the Montgomery Veterans Affair Clinic off of Chantilly Parkway is a blessing for veteran Army Sgt

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Care Provider Testifies In Inmate Mental Health Suit


Roughly a month since a class action lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Corrections first began, a mental health care provider testified to …

Mens Health
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Alabama's Freedom Caucus Members Split On The GOP Health Plan


Alabama members of the Freedom Caucus were split on the GOP health care bill with Brooks planning to vote against it and Republican Rep. Gary Palmer promising to cast his vote in favor. The vote

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Alabama Officials End RCO Program; Hint At Medicaid Changes


The Obama administration approved the proposal and offered the state $328 million to set up the program, and an additional $420 million if the state met health care benchmarks, like reducing

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Military Update: Report Sparks Push To Improve Military


The Defense Health Agency says it has embraced and begun to adopt a host of recommendations to improve health care services for military children.

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VA Moving To Fire CAVHCS Chief Of Staff


VA moving to fire CAVHCS chief of staff. Calling an assessment of the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System "sobering," the deputy secretary of Veterans Affairs on Friday promised

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ASU Awarded Maternal, Child Health Care Grant


ASU awarded maternal, child health care grant. Alabama State University this week was awarded more than $800,000 in grant money to assist children and mothers health care. The …

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Measures Agreed On To Prevent Suicide In Prisons


Following the suicide of an inmate who recently testified to the lack of mental health care in prisons, state prisons have agreed to increase the monitoring of suicidal inmates. Jamie Wallace's

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Hiring Freeze Hits Central Alabama VA


WASHINGTON –The Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System has stopped hiring medical support staff, part of an attempt by the national Veterans Affairs health system to …

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Conference To Focus On Impact Of Mental Health


The conference also features Leon Evans, president and CEO of the Center for Health Care Services in San Antonio, Texas. Evans will discuss "Changing the Face of Mental Health Once Community at a

Mens Health
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Restoration Center: San Antonio's Answer To Mental Health


The Restoration Center, housed in a former job corps building, is an integrated clinic where people can receive psychiatric care, substance abuse services, general health care …

Mens Health
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