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COVID Has Revealed How Sick Our Health Care System Really Is


Health-care proponents are hopeful the new Senate majority leader will be more receptive to addressing the issue. A bright spot in all of this is that many health-care systems saw the advantages

Covid 19 Health
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Health Care Professionals Making Case Against New


Several dozen health care professionals from across the state are making the case against a new healthcare program. They're in opposition to the governor's managed care program saying "it doesn't

Health Insurance
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Microsoft To Buy Nuance For $19.6 Billion In Health Care Bet


Microsoft Corp. is buying speech technology company Nuance Communications Inc. in an all-cash deal valued at $19.6 billion, making a massive bet on health-care artificial intelligence.

Health Insurance
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Microsoft Makes Big Bet On Health Care AI Technology With


(Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. is making a massive bet on health-care artificial intelligence. The software giant is set to buy Nuance Communications Inc., tapping the company tied to …

Health Insurance
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5 Studies That Show Racism In Health Care Is Real


Access to health care is a major hurdle for minorities, says Dr. Jones, who calls "limited differential access to the health care system through insurance, through lack of providers, through

Health Insurance
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America's Incredibly Successful Pilot Of Universal Health Care


Early last year, I argued that America's dysfunctional nightmare of a health care system was a big reason the U.S. had so much trouble fighting the pandemic. Tens of millions of Americans are

Health Insurance
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COVID 19 And The Cost Of Health Care: What Happens When


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged a U.S. health care system where rising costs were already a major concern. A number of unknowns, including the effects of deferred non-COVID-19-related health

Covid 19 Health
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Health Care Ban For Transgender Kids Will Not Become Law


RALEIGH, N.C. — There's no path forward for a GOP bill that would ban health care treatment for transgender teens, a spokesperson for the top Republican in the North Carolina Senate said Tuesday.

Health Insurance
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How Much Every State Spends On Public Health


The plan aims to increase accessibility, improve the health care workforce, forge new private partnerships, plan and prepare for public health emergencies, and improve service-oriented public health.

Health Insurance
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Trump's Health Care Reform Plan Is Coming Last Month


Health care reform is perhaps the most glaring example of his setting, and missing, arbitrary deadlines. Trump has also promised that if he is reelected, there will be a …

Health Insurance
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ChristianaCare, Highmark Announce 'landmark' Venture Aimed


Executives said it is too early to say how much money this venture could help a person save on health care costs. Contact Meredith Newman at (302) 324-2386 or at [email protected] Follow

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Hospitals Post Pandemic: Six Changes You’ll See In


Health care also is mastering media that precisely target consumers and keep them connected, said Debbie Hayes, interim president and CEO of the Christ Hospital Health Network.

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Health Care Workers Are Bragging On TikTok About Forging


Of course, health-care workers aren’t alone among anti-vaxxers trying to pass as vaccinated, and, on Thursday, the Office of the Inspector General warned those who’ve been vaccinated to not

Health Insurance
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UF's Mobile Clinic Could Spur Better Health Care In East


Known as “health care on wheels,” the UF Mobile Outreach Clinic will soon offer primary health care to East Gainesville residents. Officials said they hope the service will be a catalyst for

Health Insurance
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Why The U.S. Needs Universal Health Care


The Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker, which is a collaborative effort to monitor the quality and cost of U.S. health care, shows that among comparable countries with universal health

Health Insurance
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Joe Biden’s Health Care Plan, Explained In 800 Words


A big health care bill isn’t passing on Mitch McConnell’s watch. Regardless, the incoming Biden administration may be interested in undoing much of Trump’s executive actions on health care

Health Insurance
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Overnight Health Care: Johnson & Johnson Delay Prompts


Welcome to Thursday's Overnight Health Care. A researcher at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) fought to have her service dog with her in the lab, and even went so far as to

Health Insurance
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Two Texas Health Care Bills Pass The House, Now Pending In


AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - State lawmakers are working to get two health care bills passed that would expand TeleHealth, TeleMedicine and broadband access across the state of Texas. House Bill (HB

Health Insurance
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UTMC: $5 Million Gift From Jim And Natalie Haslam Will


Federal health authorities have argued for decades that better access to health care ultimately benefits all of society and reduces overall health care costs.

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States Offer An Alternative Path To Save American Health Care


Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in March 2020, at least 40 states have taken action to expand health care access to ensure we could fight this virus head-on.

Health Insurance
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Donald Trump Finally Released His Health Care “Plan” And


The Secretary of Health and Human Services, in coordination with the Administrator of CMS, shall maintain and build upon existing actions to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in the healthcare system

Health Insurance
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UnitedHealth To Purchase Change Healthcare For $8 Billion


The acquisition is the second major health-care deal in the first week of 2021. On Monday Centene Corp. agreed to buy Magellan Health Inc. for $2.2 billion. (Updates headline and lede with equity

Health Insurance
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Biden's Health Care Policy Will Change Medicare In 2 Big Ways


Medicare already negotiates pricing with hospitals and other health care providers, the campaign noted, and given the vast number of Americans covered under the program, the government would have

Medicare Health
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Why Is Health Care So Expensive


The most salient reason is that U.S. health care is based on a "for-profit insurance system," one of the only ones in the world, according to Carmen Balber, executive director of …

Health Insurance
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Trump Preparing Executive Orders On Health Care This Week


Trump preparing executive orders on health care this week By Susannah Luthi, Daniel Lippman and Dan Diamond 9/22/2020 Half of new COVID cases are in just 5 states; 80% of teachers, child care

Health Insurance
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How Will Health Care Delivery Change Post Pandemic


One success story has been the effectiveness of efforts to "bring health care to where people are," said Dr. Rishi Sikka, president of system enterprises at Sutter Health, a system based in

Liver Cancer Health
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More Than $1,400 Checks: 5 New Health Care, COBRA


If you have a health care FSA, good news: The limit for tax-free contributions has increased to $2,750 -- up $50 from last year. The change was part of the IRS's annual inflation adjustments .

Health Insurance
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In 2020, The Future Of Health Care Is On Your Ballot


America's health care system is at the root of every political question - from the coronavirus response and the economy to our national security. Without access to quality and affordable health

Health Insurance
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Best Places To Retire Near Health Care Services


Baltimore is a health care destination for those seeking innovative treatments and high-quality care. Johns Hopkins Hospital ranks third in the nation …

Health Insurance
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New Zealand To Consolidate Health Care Into National Service


Health Minister Andrew Little said Wednesday, April 21, 2021, that New Zealand will overhaul its fragmented healthcare system to create a new national service similar to the one revered by many in

Health Insurance
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Joe Biden’s Health Care Plan Explained


Medicare is a government-administered health care plan that covers all Americans age 65 and older. It has many parts and can get complicated, but …

Health Insurance
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Health Care Spending Can Be Tackled — 1% At A Time: Expert


According to Yale University health economist Zachary Cooper, If U.S. health system were a country, it would have the fifth-largest GDP in the world, at more than $3 trillion. High prices and

Health Insurance
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Health Care Costs At Stake In Court Fight Between NC And


"But in 2011, the state was in the midst of the national financial crisis and an era of soaring health care costs." Yet the state can't just break its promises, a group of retirees argued in this

Health Insurance
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New Zealand To Consolidate Healthcare Into National Service


WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand announced Wednesday it will consolidate its fragmented healthcare system into a national service similar to the one revered by many in Britain. New

Health Insurance
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Health Care District Of PBC: Second Dose Location Is In


The Health Care District of Palm Beach County is clearing up some confusion about the location for people's second dose of the vaccine after multiple viewers called WPBF 25 News saying they weren

Cats Health
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Trump Keeps Promising An Overhaul Of The Nation’s Health


In June, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar suggested that the administration would develop a health-care plan only if the nation’s highest court, which has upheld the law in two

Health Insurance
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UConn Health Asks For $173M, 3 Year Bailout From State


UConn Health asks for $173M, 3-year bailout from state lawmakers due to ‘unsustainable’ increases in pension, health care costs Christopher Keating, Hartford Courant 3 days ago

Health Insurance
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Trump Rejects Pentagon's Proposed Cuts To Military Health Care


Trump rejects Pentagon's proposed cuts to military health care By Dan Diamond and Lara Seligman 8/18/2020 Derek Chauvin's trial begins with showing jurors video of George Floyd's final moments

Health Insurance
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Opinions The Supreme Court Will Extinguish Health Care


The nomination to the court of Amy Coney Barrett occasioned high-decibel warnings that her confirmation would imperil the health care of Americans with preexisting medical conditions.

Health Insurance
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Why Delaware Health Care Workers, High Risk Populations


Health care workers and other first responders will get first dibs. High-risk populations, including people over 65 and residents in long-term care facilities, will also be first in line.

Health Insurance
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Beshear Announces Effort To Get Health Care Coverage For


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear committed Monday to begin an effort to provide health care coverage to all individuals in the state's black communities. Beshear said its part of the state's efforts to

Health Insurance
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India's Health Care System Close To Collapse


India's health care system and other essential services are close to collapse as a second coronavirus wave that started in mid-March tears through the country with devastating speed. On Wednesday

Health Insurance
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Report Delves Into Indigenous Women's Struggle To Find


10 hours ago · A new report into the barriers facing Indigenous women trying to access health care during the pandemic describes serious issues including racism and lack of access to mental health

Mens Health
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