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North Carolina Healthcare Insurance Laws & HR Compliance

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However, if any healthcare insurance is offered, North Carolina's insurance laws require policies to cover certain benefits (mandated benefits) and give employees the right to continue group coverage or to convert to individual policies in certain circumstances if group coverage is lost.

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North Carolina Healthcare Insurance Laws & Compensation

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There is no state law requiring employers to offer group healthcare insurance to their employees, but most employers do provide this benefit. However, if any healthcare insurance is offered, North Carolina's insurance laws require policies to cover certain benefits (mandated benefits) and give employees the right to continue group coverage or to convert to individual policies in certain

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North Carolina Health Insurance Law, Plan And Regulation

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As of January 1, 2014, most U.S. citizens and legal residents are required by law to have qualifying health care coverage or pay an annual tax penalty for every month they go without insurance. This is called the “individual mandate.” There is a grace period through March 31, 2014.

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North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 58. Insurance

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This is FindLaw's hosted version of North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 58. Insurance. Use this page to navigate to all sections within Chapter 58. Insurance. Expand sections by using the arrow icons.

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to fully insured plans purchased in North Carolina. Under State Continuation guidelines, employees who terminate employment for any reason, or whose hours are reduced, or loses eligible employee status may continue their basic health insurance coverage for up to 18 months.

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Search the General Statutes. Locate contact information for state agencies, employees, hotlines, local offices, and more.

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Rights & Protections

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The health care law offers rights and protections that make coverage more fair and easy to understand. Some rights and protections apply to plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace® or other individual insurance, some apply to job-based plans, and some apply to all health coverage.

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Home Page NC DOI

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North Carolina Department of Insurance. Physical Address: Albemarle Building 325 N. Salisbury Street Raleigh NC 27603-5926. Mailing Address: NC Department of Insurance 1201 Mail Service Center Raleigh NC 27699-1201. Toll Free 855-408-1212. Agent Services: 919-807-6800 Careers at NCDOI

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The NC Department of Insurance regulates the insurance industry, licensing insurance professionals and others, educates consumers about different types of insurance, and handles consumer complaints.

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What Does The Law Mandate

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Under a law passed in 2015, the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority was created to oversee and administer the N.C. Health Information Exchange Network (NCGS 90-414.7).NC HIEA is housed within the N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Government Data Analytics Center.

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North Carolina Health Care Laws

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Health insurance was more of a state concern prior to the ACA, but states, including North Carolina, still have the authority to pass laws and regulations affecting health care. For instance, North Carolina law doesn't permit euthanasia, but does allow for the withholding of …

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Prompt Pay Requirement NC DOI

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N.C.G.S. § 58-3-225 requires an insurer within thirty calendar days after receipt of a claim to either pay a claim or send a notice to the claimant.

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North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 58 Insurance

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Health insurance issuers subject to certain requirements of federal law Pursuant to the authority granted to the states under 42 U.S.C. 300gg-22(a)(1), health insurance issuers that issue, sell, renew, or offer health benefit plans,

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North Carolina Insurance License State Requirements

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Local Law enforcement person taking the prints must sign page 2 of the packet. The local law enforcement agency may require a fee to take the fingerprint impressions. This license qualifies you to explain, sell, and write life and health insurance products in North Carolina. Shop Packages. Property & …

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Bills & Laws

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North Carolina General Assembly. Legislative Building. 16 West Jones Street. Raleigh, NC 27601 (919) 733-4111 (Main) (919) 715-7586 (Fax)

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North Carolina Car Insurance Laws (Updated 2021) The Zebra

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Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is a legally required coverage in North Carolina and pays for injury and lost wages that you or your passengers may suffer in the event that you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver who is at fault. The coverage

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NC Employer Health Insurance Requirements Affordable

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The short answer is no — under the new healthcare reform, no North Carolina employer is required by law to offer health insurance coverage to their employees. What If I’m a Large Business? If you are a large business, there is a stipulation under the Affordable Care Act that may require you to make a tax payment to the government in 2015

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North Carolina Insurance Prelicensing State Requirements

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Upon completion of this crucial step, send the completed form pages 1 through 3 to the North Carolina Licensing Office at Pearson VUE via: 1) fax at 888-959-3010, 2) scan the documents and send via email to [email protected], or 3) Mail to: NCDOI/Pearson VUE, P.O. Box 14209, Raleigh, NC 27620.

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Insurance Laws By State

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Insurance law includes a vast expanse of statutes, codes, rules, and regulations. And to make matters a little more complicated, each state makes its own laws to regulate the insurance industry operating within its borders, though there are federal insurance laws as well.. Many insurance laws are meant to protect consumers.

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NC Medical Practice Act

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The Medical Practice Act (MPA) is chapter 90 of the NC General Statute on medicine and allied health occupations. Chapter 90 is the law that governs the practice of medicine in the state of North Carolina.

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North Carolina Medicaid Rules, Regulations, Policies, And

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In a recent case, Sahara Health Care, Inc. v. Azar, 975 F.3d 523 (5th Cir. 2020), a home health care provider brought an action against Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) and Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”), asserting that its statutory and due process rights were

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Rules And Regulations NC DOL

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The N.C. Department of Labor adopts administrative rules, which provide further information regarding enforcement of the act. The rules for the Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina can be found at the Office of Administrative Hearings website.

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North Carolina Health Insurance Guide And Instant Quotes

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Health insurance policies are regulated by each state's own health insurance laws. North Carolina health insurance companies and policyholders alike must abide by established insurance laws. Compare health plans and get instant quotes:

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North Carolina Insurance License Requirements National

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Our North Carolina pre-licensing insurance courses cover the various insurance concepts, definitions, insurance laws and agent regulations listed on the North Carolina Examination Content Outline. Courses are presented in a clear and concise format and include instructional videos, interactive illustrations, practice exams, and student support.

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North Carolina Insurance License North Carolina Life And

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Anyone wishing to obtain a North Carolina Life Insurance license or Health (Accident and Health or Sickness) Insurance license must successfully complete the appropriate course. Successfully completing the course involves going through all 20 hours of the material and passing the final exam with at …

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North Carolina Life & Health Insurance Guaranty

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The North Carolina Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association was created by the North Carolina legislature in 1974 to protect state residents who are policyholders and beneficiaries of policies issued by an insolvent member insurance company, up to specified limits.

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State Regulations Regarding Recoupments

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State Regulations Regarding Recoupments Maryland Medical Assistance Program, or the Medicare Program during the 18–month period after the claim was paid. MASSACHUSETTS Section 38, Chapter 118E Insurer may seek retroactive payment within 12 months of the date of payment. The health care provider shall have 6 months from the date of notification

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Health Insurance Coverage For Children And Young Adults

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Learn about options for providing health insurance for children and young adults under 26. Obamacare offers you choices. Visit for the best health care information.

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DES: Laws & Rules

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Chapter 96 of the North Carolina General Statutes, known as the Employment Security Law, governs the Division of Employment Security. View statutes. DES Administrative Rules. The North Carolina Administrative Code is the official publication of the rules that govern the state's agencies, boards and commissions.

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Your Rights Under HIPAA

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Health Plans, including health insurance companies, HMOs, company health plans, and certain government programs that pay for health care, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Most Health Care Providers —those that conduct certain business electronically, such as electronically billing your health insurance—including most doctors, clinics

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North Carolina Car Insurance Laws & State Minimum Coverage

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North Carolina law requires all drivers to carry liability insurance meeting minimum requirements, as well as uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage. Drivers can choose to increase their limits beyond the legal minimum as well as to add options to their car insurance policy for more coverage. North Carolina car insurance requirements use a traditional of fault

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State Laws Related To Insurance Coverage For Infertility

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N.Y. Insurance Law § 3216 (13), § 3221 (6) and § 4303(1990, 2002, 2011) prohibit individual and group health insurance policies from excluding coverage for hospital care, surgical care and medical care for diagnosis and treatment of correctable medical conditions otherwise covered by the policy solely because the medical condition results in

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State Telehealth Policies

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The health care workforce is stretched to its limits in most states and, despite federal, state and local efforts, the demand for health care providers outpaces the supply in many communities. Telehealth has emerged as a cost-effective alternative to traditional in-person consultations or examinations between provider and patient.

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North Carolina Subrogation Laws MWL Law

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Made Whole Doctrine. North Carolina has discussed the Made Whole Doctrine once, in the case of St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co. v. W.P. Rose Supply Co., 198 S.E.2d 482 N.C. App. 1973).In that case, the Court held that: “The great weight of authority is … that, when the loss exceeds the insurance, as the cause of action is indivisible and the right of the insurer is not because of any

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NC DHSR: Rules And Regulations

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The following rules apply to the agencies within the Division of Health Service Regulation: You can find both permanent and temporary rules on the N.C. Office of Administrative Hearing’s website. You can find the Medicare rules on the website for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (PDF, 57 KB).. Proposed changes to DHSR rules can be found on the Rule Actions page.

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Child Care Regulations In North Carolina

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The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child Development, is responsible for monitoring compliance with state standards, establishing procedures for revoking a license, and providing appeal mechanisms. Overview A summary of child care regulations in North Carolina. • Types of care that must be licensed

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Laws & Regulations

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Find laws and regulations on civil rights, privacy rights, research, fraud prevention and detection, freedom of information, tribal matters, employment, and more. Complaints & Appeals Find out how to file a complaint or appeal a decision related to health information privacy, civil …

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North Carolina Car Accident Laws Nolo

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North Carolina Auto Insurance Requirements. Car insurance is certain to play a part in any claim that's made after a car accident. North Carolina, like most states, requires vehicle owners to maintain certain minimum amounts of coverage in order to obtain license plates and operate a vehicle legally on the state's roads and highways.

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North Carolina Health Insurance Find Affordable NC Plans

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Since 2014, various insurance companies have entered and exited the North Carolina individual health insurance market and continue to do so. In 2014, the two largest insurance companies offering both On and Off Marketplace/Exchange health plans in NC were Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina and Coventry, which is now owned by Aetna.

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Major Highlights In NC Laws Related To Nursing Practice

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1925 – Public Law 87 created a Joint Commission on Standardization of Nursing Education to set minimum classroom and clinical standards for schools of nursing. A joint commission on standardization of nursing education consisting of 3 members appointed by the NCSNA (NC State Nurses Association as it was then called) and 3 members from the NC State Hospital Association was established.

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FAQ nc insurance laws and regulations

Does north carolina have laws regulating franchises?

North Carolina does not have laws specific to franchises. However, other North Carolina laws still have the effect of regulating franchises. Under the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act, G.S. § 75-1.1, a violation of most Federal Trade Commission rules is automatically a violation of North Carolina law. This means that if a franchisor violates the federal FTC Franchise Rule, it is probably a violation of North Carolina law, too.

What are the laws in nc?

In North Carolina, it is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell, give away, transfer, purchase, or receive, at any place in the state, any pistol, unless the purchaser or receiver has first obtained a license or permit to receive such a pistol by the sheriff of the county where the purchaser or receiver resides,...

What are the car insurance requirements for north carolina?

NC Car Insurance Requirements. North Carolina requires that ALL drivers have liability insurance. This coverage helps pay for injuries and damages from a car accident for which you are at fault. The minimum liability coverage limits are: $30,000 for bodily injury liability, per person per accident.

How do you get an insurance license in north carolina?

How to Get a North Carolina Insurance License Pass a state-approved pre-licensing course. Completing the 20-hour course in the relevant field and passing the final exam with a score of at least 70% provides a Certificate of Completion, also called an Exam Admission Ticket. Register for the state licensing exam.

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