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RT @OliverWyman: #ClimateChange is one of the biggest global health threats of the 21st century. Here’s how the health sector can reduce it… Here’s how the health sector can reduce it… New on #OWHealth : Innovations like #CRISPR that once seemed more like science fiction are becoming reality.

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Outlook: 2030 Predictions For Healthcare

Oliver Health.oliverwyman.com

Infographic: Healthcare 2030 Survey. Oliver Wyman predicted four possible economic scenarios for healthcare 2030. Oliver Wyman and National Business Group on Health polled attendees at the Business Health Agenda 2019 event to see which of these four predictions employers, innovators, incumbents, and others think is most likely to come true.

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Four 2020 Healthcare Predictions

Editor's Health.oliverwyman.com

Editor's Note: In a recent webinar, two industry veterans from Welltok and Oliver Wyman shared new predictions on how 2020 may unfold regarding partnerships, politics, personalization, and technology. Here's more on what they had to say. Prediction 1: Unexpected Partnerships Will Become the Norm With healthcare being one of the biggest categories of services that people offer and buy, more

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Healthcare Supply Will Be Right Sized

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Health and Life Sciences Health Innovation Journal This collection of insights revolves around topics that our community feels are driving the current healthcare discussion and will be central to the anticipated transformation of the industry over the next decade.

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Humana's Long Term Strategy

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Healthcare continues to become more consumer-centric. But the complexity and fragmentation of the healthcare system make it very difficult for consumers to navigate and meet their health goals, especially those consumers with multiple chronic conditions.

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Google’s Healthcare Consumer Strategy

Other Health.oliverwyman.com

Healthcare lags behind other industries in the pace of disruption, prohibitively high prices, dissatisfied consumers, and a need for more merger and acquisition activity. The goal of technology in every other industry is to deploy assets more efficiently and reduce headcount, said Glick — except healthcare.

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The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

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The advancements over the next decade will be a parallel effort with two tracks. The first track is the continued design and development of AI-based platforms. The second track is about developing business models to deploy these platforms into the mainstream healthcare value chain to be adopted by all healthcare stakeholders.

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Health And Life Sciences

Oliver Oliverwyman.com

Oliver Wyman Health What the Healthcare Industry Can Expect in 2021 Welltok and Oliver Wyman discuss why this year is healthcare's watershed moment and what may unfold in 2021. Read more Oliver Wyman Health We Stress Tested Banks in 2009.

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Cost And Utilization Of Health Care Services During COVID 19

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At the same time, Americans began avoiding emergency rooms, physicians’ offices, and other health care settings, fearing the risk of infection. To date, in most of the country, the cost savings from this foregone care have generally exceeded the cost of treating COVID-19 patients. As a result, many health plans have seen their margins

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Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center

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Oliver Wyman launched the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) in 2011 to promote positive change in healthcare. The Center's goal is to create a healthcare system that is driven by innovation and consumers' needs, creating value for companies and the public alike.

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The Oliver Wyman Health Podcast

Privia Oliverwyman.com

Oliver Wyman Blogs Podcast: 3 Healthcare Predictions from Privia Health's CEO 1 in 3 patients aged 100+ uses Privia Health's online portal. More on these unique findings, and an in-depth industry outlook.

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Five Hot Topics Healthcare Leaders Are Talking About

Delivery Health.oliverwyman.com

As was the idea of reconnecting the head back to the body when considering care delivery. The vocabulary used across the healthcare industry regarding terms like this ("mental health", "wellness", "holistic") tends to trigger incorrect or inaccurate meanings, and stereotype-laden stigmas that hinder progress in these areas of health delivery.

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Outlook On Climate Change As A Healthcare Crisis

Disease Health.oliverwyman.com

A Threat Multiplier. Climate change is the biggest global health threat of the 21st century, a danger whose impact on health is complex and varied, as explored in the below chart.Climate change will exacerbate the burden of every major disease category: infectious disease, chronic disease, mental health, injuries, and deaths.

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2020 Healthcare Predictions In Asia Pacific: Looking Back

Demand Oliverwyman.com

Demand for healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region is growing rapidly. This is especially true given its rising aging population (the number of elderly people in Asia by 2030 will increase by 200 million, or 71 percent) and as governments continue to roll out ambitious universal health coverage schemes (which have been seeing recent success in countries such as India, the Philippines, Thailand

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COVID 19 Makes Singapore’s Digital Health “On Demand”

Increasingly Health.oliverwyman.com

Although the world is increasingly digital, healthcare is not. Healthcare is a predominantly encounter-based (and physical) care model – or at least that was the case before COVID-19 began. The pandemic means digital health is no longer on the fringe, now increasingly a mainstream offering.

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What’s The Future Of Home Health

Their Health.oliverwyman.com

Finally, the third type of tech is the analytics piece — both business and care analytics that enable the health care industry to be more strategic about their home-care operations and to be better informed about their patients’ health, including risk factors, optimal care models, and interventions that can improve health and longevity.

Home Healthcare
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Pharma's Role In Emerging Health Ecosystems

Payers Oliverwyman.com

1. ONGOING HEALTHCARE COST CRISIS. Government and private payers around the globe are concerned with rising healthcare costs. And patients across the US share this concern, as payers continually offload risk onto consumers through high deductible plans and health savings accounts.

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Health Innovation Journal Volume 3

Where Oliverwyman.com

What if we created a healthcare system where technology improves care quality, where partnerships create impact, and where a holistic approach to care delivery becomes mainstream? This collection of articles reflects the latest perspectives from thought leaders within our Health & Life Sciences

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Infographic: Healthcare’s Six New Front Doors

Consumer’s Health.oliverwyman.com

Healthcare’s "new front door" is the first stop on a consumer’s care journey. Banging this door down means vying for a different kind of consumer relationship. This relationship starts well before the consumer’s initial primary care or doctor visit.

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What Does “Consumer Centric

Healthcare Health.oliverwyman.com

The current healthcare system excels at solving acute issues. It is far less effective at maintaining overall health and wellness. 1. Streamline access to healthcare. Consumers are done with a healthcare model that has them waiting weeks for a routine appointment.

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COVID 19’s Economic Impact For Health Systems

Evolving Health.oliverwyman.com

Editor’s Note: The following article is part of an ongoing series offering our strategic advice and expertise on what healthcare industry stakeholders should do in response to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. COVID-19’s financial toll is beginning to reveal itself. Many health systems are seeing revenues slashed in half and supply costs surging.

Covid 19 Health
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Breakthroughs From Healthcare Outliers

Healthcare Health.oliverwyman.com

As part of Oliver Wyman and Health Evolution's ongoing Women in Healthcare Leadership series, we wanted to learn more about what female leaders have in common. Consider, for example, the healthcare industry. Here, 80 percent of healthcare consumers are female. But this demographic isn't reflected in …

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The Hospital Of The Future, Part 1

Editor’s Health.oliverwyman.com

Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a three-part “Hospital of the Future” series. In Part 1, we explore the top strategic pursuits that the vast majority of health systems are advancing today.

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The Patient Is The Most Important

Editor’s Health.oliverwyman.com

Editor’s Note: The following article is part of an ongoing series offering our strategic advice and expertise on what hospitals, healthcare workers, providers, and caregivers should do immediately in response to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. What follows are strategies and tactics that we hope will help hospitals and health systems prepare for and …

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Medicare Advantage Strategies For

Plans Health.oliverwyman.com

Healthcare plans can bolster their Medicare Advantage offerings to provide affordable and high-quality care at a time when seniors are increasingly turning to the federally subsidized healthcare program for coverage. And, health plans can prioritize their members’ needs while also dedicating resources to a segment likely to provide reliable

Medicare Health
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Is It Time For A Digital Only Health System

Full-service Health.oliverwyman.com

Is Digital Health the Leading Future Modality? Below, we put everyday constraints such as existing physical assets, regulatory limitations, and legacy operating models aside and imagine what a full-service healthcare provider looks like if it is to employ a digital-first approach while still providing high-quality care for patients.

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The New Front Door To Healthcare Is Here

Emergency Oliverwyman.com

Over the past few years, there has been much discussion about the need for a "new front door to healthcare." In general, this refers to moving certain types of care out of the emergency room and doctor’s office and delivering it through more convenient means, such as a retail clinic, urgent care center, or telehealth.

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We Will Get Care Everywhere, All The Time

Health Health.oliverwyman.com

Editor’s Note: The following article is an edited version of a conversation that originally appeared on the Oliver Wyman Health Podcast and the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Journal, Volume 4. The idea of healthcare services shifting from traditional, in-person delivery at clinics and hospitals to digital delivery at home is not new.

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Podcast: Healthcare Transformation In Hawaii

Reason Health.oliverwyman.com

"The reason to transition from fee-for-service to a value-based model is the same reason social determinants of health are being addressed: we need to move from episodic event health and healthcare to continuous healthcare. We’ve got to have a payment model that’s commensurate with that," said Stuart.

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predominantly private healthcare systems in the West, and it suffers many of the same problems of over-spending and misaligned incentives. Meanwhile, many Indonesians remain uninsured and a large proportion of healthcare costs are paid out of pocket. The advent of the national health insurance scheme (BPJS) is an important step forward

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The Future Of Healthcare Supply

High-quality Health.oliverwyman.com

The United States healthcare system has yet to pivot over to value-based, consumer-oriented care. As a result, our fragmented patient journey is emptying consumers’ wallets, hindering delivery execution of high-quality, low-cost care, and saddling the nation with …

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Putting The Health Data Graph To Use

Obvious Oliverwyman.com

an example: what does the employer health data graph look like in action? Employers have more data on hand than they realize, likely more than most healthcare companies have. There’s the obvious employment history, benefits selections, and health assessments, but also less obvious information about financial habits, savings profile, and

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The Digital Frontier Of Health Promotion And Prevention

COVID-19 Oliverwyman.com

Globally, healthcare has predominantly focused on “sick care,” rather than health promotion and prevention. COVID-19 is changing the narrative. Health promotion is even more important now – to combat COVID-19 and to better respond and support the growing NCD (non-communicable diseases

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Health Innovation Journal

Driving Oliverwyman.com

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Journal This collection of insights revolves around topics that our community feels are driving the current healthcare discussion and will be central to the anticipated transformation of the industry over the next decade.

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A Decade In Review: The Top 10

Their Health.oliverwyman.com

10. We weren’t alone…new players entered the healthcare game. Big players from other sectors turned their attention on how their expertise, scale, and fresh perspectives could reshape a broken industry. Apple, for instance, enabled the mobile health app explosion, with their Apple Healthkit launch and data portability partnerships.

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Indonesia 2030: The $68 Billion Healthcare Opportunity

Health Health.oliverwyman.com

A Vision of Indonesia's Healthcare Ecosystem in 2030. Fast forward to 2030, and Indonesia’s health and healthcare look radically different from today for the whole patient journey – from identifying health concerns to diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment coordinated care.

Health Insurance
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The Huge Opportunity In Consumer Healthcare

Confirms Health.oliverwyman.com

The rise of consumerism in healthcare offers a new outsized opportunity in direct-to-consumer categories. January’s announcement from Amazon, JPMorgan, and Berkshire Hathaway clearly heightens this pressure. This groundbreaking news confirms that health and wellness are major aspects of consumerism’s future direction.

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Defining Healthcare's Workforce For The Future

Nationwide Health.oliverwyman.com

THE TYPICAL HEALTHCARE CONVERSATION: A SUPPLY SHORTAGE. It’s a familiar complaint echoed across health system C-suites nationwide. Physician dissatisfaction, combined with a dwindling clinical education supply, means an inevitable gap …

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Born In The Pandemic: Digital Health

Always Health.oliverwyman.com

The year 2020 will go down in history books as the year when it finally happened – the forceful arrival of digital health solutions in everyday healthcare. For decades, healthcare provider systems around the world had been investing where they always had in brick-and-mortar assets for more or less shiny facilities, in physical physician

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Microfinance: What Role Can It Play

Health Health.oliverwyman.com

The integration of microfinance has already been shown to impact healthcare across an array of areas: Health financing options. The Microfinance and Health Protection initiative, launched in 2006 by Freedom From Hunger, helps MFIs offer financial products and programs that make health-related services available to the poor.

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Health On Demand In Asia

Health Oliverwyman.com

A health care system shaped by the digital age holds great promise in solving some of our most important health care challenges – access, quality and affordability. This is especially relevant as we transition into a new normal of health care provision and consumption due to COVID-19, where traditional health care models are being disrupted

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