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Science of Health. Art of Care. Choosing the right place to earn your online healthcare degree is an important decision. At AHU Online, our mission is to help you find the best program for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

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Healthcare Management Vs. Healthcare Administration AHU


Healthcare management focuses primarily on large-scale direction at a hospital or medical organization. Healthcare managers are responsible for overseeing the business operations of their organization and monitoring its various departments. They create and direct budgets, managing all accounting needs and financial operations.

Mens Health
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Religion And Healthcare: The Importance Of Cultural


If you have a desire to pursue a career that reconciles religion and healthcare, learn more about how a degree in spiritual care can help you become a chaplain. (407) 890-8040

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The Difference Between Public Health And Community Health


Whether you have an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, AdventHealth University Online can help you to earn your master’s, enhance your career and promote positive health on a large scale. Contact the university to learn more …

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6 Groundbreaking Medical Device Innovations Impacting


Examine the ways that technological innovations are re-shaping the modern healthcare landscape and bringing the future of care delivery to patients today. (407) 890-8040

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What Do Healthcare Administrators Do


According to the Houston Chronicle, “Hospital administrators manage and supervise all areas of health-care delivery in a hospital setting. Administrators may manage a single department or oversee an entire facility; they are responsible for budgeting, health

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Adventist Health Employee Education Benefits AHU Online


Adventist Health White Memorial employees may apply these benefits to the following online programs: Online Programs: Master of Healthcare Administration in Strategy & Innovation (MHA-SI) Master of Science in Spiritual Care (MSSC) Master of Science in …

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School Nurse: A Vital Part Of Today’s Healthcare System


School nurses form a critical link between healthcare and education. Learn how to become a school nurse and advocate for public health in your community. (407) 890-8040

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Interpersonal Sensitivity In Healthcare


Better communication between patients and healthcare providers are correlated with improved patient outcomes. 1 With the current emphasis in healthcare promoting overall wellness, healthcare professionals should seek to expand their interpersonal skills for the benefit of their patients. This would ensure patients have a positive experience and promote better patient outcomes and …

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How To Become A Public Health Nurse Practitioner AHU Online


MSN degrees deepen nurses’ knowledge of topics covered in BSN programs and allow students to focus on population health topics such as primary healthcare for women and children. They also include practicums that give students real-world hands-on experience under direct supervision. Core Competencies in Public Health

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The Evolution Of Health Education AHU Online


Explore the numerous ways the influx of technology in healthcare has impacted how students learn, grow, and prepare for a career in the healthcare industry. (407) 890-8040

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The Importance Of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE


Understanding the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential skill for professionals in healthcare management and leadership roles. (407) 890-8040

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Guide To Cultural Sensitivity In Nursing


Healthcare organizations are reacting to growing diversity by implementing strategies that acknowledge shifts. For instance, 70% of hospitals nationwide offer translation services. Additionally, 15 states pay for interpreters needed by Medicaid patients. 21 states have also adopted health

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Seven Effective Leadership Styles In Nursing


Effective nursing leaders embrace a leadership technique and use it to advance a healthcare organization’s vision. AdventHealth University Online’s Master of Science in Nursing program offers an Administration and Leadership track that helps …

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Leadership Styles In Nursing AHU Online


Effective health care leaders adapt leadership styles to fit current circumstances and, at the same time, find a balance between challenging, supporting and directing staff members. While some nurse leaders may prefer the servant leadership …

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5 Influential Leaders In Healthcare AHU Online


Under Tersigni’s leadership, Ascesion Health stands as the first mega health network to waive out-of-pocket payments for consumers who live 250 percent or more below the poverty line. With nearly four decades of experience, Tersigni forecasts further changes to healthcare

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What Does Diversity Mean In Nursing


Patient engagement involves empowering patients with full information about treatment options, medications, and all aspects of care. This allows them to take more active roles in decision-making about their health and fosters trust between patients and nurses. LGBTQ Patients. LGBTQ patients report high rates of discrimination in the healthcare

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Bachelors In Healthcare Administration Degree Online AHU


If you have a passion for healthcare and business, the Online BS in Healthcare Administration (BSHA) is the perfect way for you to launch your career. (407) 890-8040

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Interpersonal Communication Skills In Nursing AHU Online


Open and effective interpersonal communication will remain crucial to the success and effectiveness of healthcare providers. Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. AdventHealth University Online started building its solid foundation …

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Faculty/Staff AHU Online


Dr. Lampkin is an Associate Professor of Bioethics in the Health and Biological Sciences Department. In 2000, he earned a Ph.D. degree from Vanderbilt University in the program, Religion, Ethics, and Society. He has focused much of his academic career on the intersections of Christian faith, health care, public health, and social justice.

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Healthcare Administration Degree Online


The online MHA-SI degree builds on your current experience in the healthcare field and gives you the skills and tools you will need to guide the ever-growing healthcare workforce. The skills you gain in the online master’s program will help you direct health systems, respond to issues about population health

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How To Become A Nurse Case Manager: A Practical Guide


Many healthcare professionals play a role in ensuring that patients admitted to a hospital or healthcare facility receive the best care possible. Healthcare facilities need to assess new patients’ physical wellness, update returning patients’ records, inform patients and their families about healthcare

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Bachelor Of Science In Healthcare Administration


Working environments include healthcare systems, free-standing clinics, healthcare information companies, and even local, state, and federal agencies that help shape healthcare policy. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts the number of medical and health

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Master Of Healthcare Administration


AHU Online makes it easy to get started on your MHA degree. Whether you are applying with an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree, no GRE or GMAT scores are required. If you are working within the healthcare field, we invite you to apply today.

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Current Trends In Healthcare AHU Online


The healthcare field is constantly evolving, adapting to industry reform, demographic change, new technology, and other trends. One of the most significant current trends in healthcare is the increasing demand for healthcare professionals and medical experts as the U.S. population continues to age.

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How To Become A Chief Nursing Officer AHU Online


The curricula are designed to cultivate knowledge in human resources, finance, healthcare systems, and governance, as well as deepen expertise in evidence-based nursing practices. MHA degrees focus exclusively on administrative management in healthcare, covering topics such as health

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Online Master's Degree Programs AHU Online


A master's degree establishes you as a leader in the healthcare field. AHU Online can help you accomplish that goal, and do so in a way that works for you. Learn more about each of our online master’s degree programs and how they can strengthen your healthcare career today.

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Bachelor Of Science In Healthcare Administration


The BS in Healthcare Administration program consists of a total of 121 credit hours, 54 credits of which are focused on accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing. Students can choose between an internship or a capstone project to complete their degree.

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What Is Humanitarian Nursing


Because the need for humanitarian nursing is linked to disasters, and because health crises can occur anywhere, humanitarian healthcare providers face unique and significant risks. Physical danger . The need for humanitarian nursing is …

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What Is The Goal Of Palliative Care


The following tips can help current and prospective healthcare professionals who are looking to help health facilities achieve the goals of palliative care: Communicate concisely: Relaying negative health-related information clearly and …

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Healthcare Administration: Salary, Careers, And Education


Healthcare administrators can run facilities such as hospitals, retirement homes, outpatient facilities, doctor’s offices, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation facilities. At smaller facilities, they could run all the business operations; in larger facilities, they might be in …

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What Is Medicare


As the economic and social atmospheres in this country evolve with ever-increasing speed, the health care field is no exception. Another election will take place this year and could cause any number of shifts in how our government spends money …

Medicare Health
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How To Become A Financial Manager In Healthcare AHU Online


Learning how to become a financial manager in healthcare requires understanding the skills, knowledge, and education needed. Financial managers must first have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of healthcare financial management. Those include the factors driving healthcare costs and the changes to how healthcare providers get paid.

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Social Media And Nursing: Tips For Nurses To Promote


According to a Forbes article, 93% of millennials don’t schedule regular appointments with primary healthcare providers, but rather look for health advice online. Since a significant number of individuals seek out medical answers, advice and …

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3 Influential Healthcare Publications AHU Online


Healthcare continues to face significant challenges as our population continues to age, diversify, and costs continue to soar. The following publications are landmark studies that have served to improve the field and guide healthcare professionals in their quest to improve healthcare for all Americans. “To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System” by The […]

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MHA Vs. MBA AHU Online


Career outcomes include healthcare consultant, health services manager, hospital administrator, financial manager, medical records manager, nurse manager, and nursing director. What Is an MBA? Although the scope of many MBA programs is broad, some do allow students to specialize in fields such as healthcare. If an MBA program has a healthcare

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BSN Vs MSN: What’s The Right Path For You


Plus, hospitals and health clinics will continue to need to fill the nursing roles of older and more experienced nurses as they retire. Because of this increasing demand for nurses, many healthcare professionals have begun to consider nursing …

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What Is Vicarious Trauma AHU Online


The RN-BSN program prepares nurses to excel as healthcare professionals during times of tremendous technological and social change. The program curriculum includes such classes as Community Health for RNs, Leadership and Management in Nursing, and Health Promotion and Assessment for RNs.

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Managing Nurse Stress AHU Online


The resources below address the mental health needs of healthcare professionals during disasters. Coping With a Disaster or Traumatic Event: The emergency preparedness and response program of the U.S. Centers for Disease …

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The Fastest Growing Healthcare Careers AHU Online


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries, thanks in large part to an increased demand for health services. By 2026, the industry is expected to add around 2.4 million jobs1 at a growth rate of 18%. Not only does healthcare offer …

Healthcare Careers
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How To Become A Nursing Home Administrator AHU Online


Another option is to earn a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or public health administration. A practice-based curriculum prepares students in healthcare administration programs for the various duties of nursing home …

Home Healthcare
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Telenursing: What It Is & What Are The Benefits AHU Online


Instead of healthcare being limited to in-person clinical settings, patients can access their physicians and primary care providers from any location. Telenursing allows patients to connect with their nurses through mobile devices, computers, …

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Online MSN FNP Program AHU Online


Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are an integral part of healthcare, treating a wide range of patients with acute and chronic illness in a variety of settings. As experienced nurses, FNPs are especially equipped to bring a comprehensive, whole-person perspective to healthcare.

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Master Of Healthcare Administration


If you want to work as a Financial Manager in a healthcare setting, earning your MHA can be the first step to take. As healthcare technology continues to advance and many health systems shift to being patient-focused organizations, there is an increasing …

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