Telehealth Nursing: Technology's Impact On Healthcare


As our country moves through today’s climate, five issues have become more apparent with our healthcare system. Health Coverage. As a result of the pandemic, 5.4 million Americans have lost their health insurance, according to the New York Times. This is 40% higher than the previous record during the country’s 2008 recession when 3.9 million adults lost their insurance.

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Online MBA In Healthcare Administration Spring Arbor


MBA Healthcare Administration Concentration Featured Courses. Featured courses: Trends in Healthcare Administration & Management Managerial Finance in Healthcare Managing Quality in Healthcare For a full course listing and descriptions, download a …

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Insight Into Health Care Administration Spring Arbor


In the state of Michigan, the annual mean salary is $110, 490. Ann Arbor has the highest concentration of health care administration jobs in the state. Obtaining this MBA provides strategic management knowledge and skills for individuals currently working in the field of health

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Self Care Tips For Nurses Spring Arbor University


Physical Health Care is the First Step. Getting enough sleep, keeping a nourishing diet and taking mental health breaks when necessary can transform an exhausting and overwhelming day into a tolerable one. Take bathroom breaks and drink water frequently during your shift. Keep up to date with routine physicals and recommended health

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PMHNP Bridges Gaps In Behavioral Healthcare SAU Blog


The Impact of COVID-19 on Behavioral Healthcare. The World Health Organization (WHO) found in October 2020 that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted or stopped critical mental health services in more than 90% of countries across the globe. The pandemic has also pushed demand for behavioral healthcare higher, as grief, isolation in quarantine, anxiety and fear have taken an emotional toll.

Oral Healthcare
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Challenges In Nursing: What Nurses Face Daily SAU Blog


Technological advancements have impacted the healthcare profession in positive and exciting ways, but technology also has created one of the newest challenges of nursing. Technology moves at a very fast pace, and new advances can have an immediate …

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Guide To Finding Credible Medical Info & Advice Spring


Your health care team, which includes physicians, nurses, specialists, therapists, etc. will need a comprehensive understanding of your health history to offer you a useful and personally-tailored treatment plan. Plan to bring to your appointment a record of: Current diagnosed medical conditions. Past diagnoses or health

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The Nursing Shortage: Factors, Effects, Solutions Spring


NPs are becoming more widely recognized by the public as a source for primary healthcare. Nurse Practitioners are a Major Part of Healthcare Delivery Systems in Team-Based Care. As the public seeks out nurse practitioners, retail clinics like those …

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Nursing Is A Work Of Heart SAU Blog


Healthcare leaders are qualified professionals who run the operational and business aspects of the healthcare industry. They play an integral role in the functionality of our healthcare system. Healthcare leaders can serve in managerial or consulting roles. They are needed in hospitals and clinics, as well as in-home health

Heart Disease Health
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Nurse Practitioner Specialties SAU Blog


Healthcare trends from 2019 showed that, “more than 89% of NPs were prepared in primary care programs, while only 8% of physicians entered a primary care residency.” The NP scope of practice combines nursing and medical services for populations …

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5 Healthcare Employee Retention Tips Spring Arbor University


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that occupations and industries related to the field of healthcare are projected to add the most new jobs by 2022. Without a doubt, the need for healthcare providers is growing at an unprecedented rate. The American Association of Medical Colleges predicts a deficit of 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025.

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What Can You Do With An MSN In Nursing Education


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that by 2028, over 371,100 new jobs will be open for nurses due to increasing demand for health care and to nurses leaving the workforce. This projection reflects the need to replace nurses that leave the workforce or retire. The shortage of nurses is exacerbated by the shortage of nurse educators.

Cats Health
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DNP: 5 Reasons To Earn A Doctor Of Nursing Practice SAU Blog


5. Health Care Policy. Health policy can significantly impact the delivery of care. So, nurse leaders must know how to engage in policy development effectively. The DNP curricula cover the design, influence, advocacy and implementation of healthcare

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How Hospitals Are Meeting New Challenges Spring Arbor


Health care is, with the possible exception of the armed forces, the number one driver of scientific innovation. Physicians today are constantly implementing new technologies into their practice, with significant potential in areas like diagnostic medicine and symptom …

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DNP Vs PhD: What's The Difference


Such a role is found at governmental organizations related to public health, medical facilities, and community organizations. The most common role for a nursing PhD graduate is research. The research may be conducted at a university, medical facility, and other healthcare-related organizations. What is a …

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Top Trends Affecting Nurse Practitioners In 2019 Spring


One of the most exciting nurse practitioner trends is that health care facilities of all sizes are exploring new ways to build connections in the community. For some, this is a change in the overall structure of a health care facility; for others, this is the incorporation of …

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The Year Of The Nurse: 2020 SAU Blog


Registered nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives provide an extensive range of essential health services in all levels of healthcare and communities. Nursing encompasses RNs, NPs and nursing specialists and refers to the delivery of independent and collaborative care for individuals of all ages, families, diverse groups and communities. The nursing profession includes health promotion, illness prevention and healthcare

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Why Earn An MBA In Healthcare Administration


Most healthcare administrators were never medical professionals by trade, though they must be intimately familiar with the landscape. Rather than the body of an individual patient, their concern is the health of the facility they manage, be it a small private …

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Fall Prevention Precautions: The Nurse's Role Spring


Health care and nursing are constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of the population, such as elderly fall prevention in an aging population. Evidence-based care and interventions such as intentional rounding are a cornerstone of safe, effective care. …

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What Is An MSN In Nursing


This online program leads to earning two degrees and is 63 credits. Some of the subjects that students study include health care policy, leadership and strategic planning and management. The RN to MSN/MBA bridge program is an excellent option for nurses …

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How An MSN Can Help Resolve Issues In Nursing Spring


Health care is evolving and growing at a rapid pace. New developments in technology, a growing body of medical and scientific knowledge and expanding access to health care are just a few factors fueling the field’s growth. Technology is being used in many new ways to help patients and health

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Best Nurse Practitioner Qualities SAU Blog


The best nurse practitioner qualities start with you—and these traits can be a strong indicator of success in a field that continues to show one of the brightest outlooks in the country.. In fact, the role of nurse practitioner (NP) landed among the Top 5 Best Jobs in U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 rankings, and also showed gains on the associated Best Health

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Postgraduate Nursing Certificates SAU Blog


Learn the care needs of antepartum women and those with health pattern variations that may result in at-risk pregnancies. Attain the necessary knowledge to provide evidence-based, primary health care to infants and children. Clinical experiences in primary …

Cats Health
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RN To MSN Bridge Program SAU Online


Home health care organizations; Private practice; The median annual salary is $107,460* for NPs (60% higher than RNs) * Contact us to discuss Spring Arbor’s RN to Nurse Practitioner programs. Get Your Free Program Guide

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What It Takes To Become A Nurse Practitioner Spring


Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, whether they are Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Nurse Anesthetists or Certified Nurse Midwives, play a vital role in the future of health care. Nurse Practitioners work in a variety of settings and …

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Leadership In Nursing: Why Get A Dual Degree


This means that the healthcare market is flourishing and thus makes qualified, credentialed MSN/MBA professionals desirable and well compensated. Let’s look at a few quick data points: The USBLS logged a median salary of $99,730 for health services …

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Issues In Nursing: How Having An MSN Can Help Spring


For those holding an ADN or a BSN, Spring Arbor University offers online MSN programs that will provide the required foundation to meet the nursing demands of today’s health care environment. MSN programs prepare nursing professionals for …

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Why Become A Nurse Practitioner SAU Online


A nurse practitioner can work independently or in collaboration with a doctor. Forty-three percent of family nurse practitioners work in family health but there are additional opportunities in teaching, healthcare research, and administration. Family nurse practitioners combine the compassionate care of a nurse with comprehensive primary care.

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Online BSN To MSN/Nurse Practitioner Program SAU Online


Online MSN Nurse Practitioner Program Overview. Spring Arbor University's online BSN to Nurse Practitioner (NP) programs are CCNE accredited, equipping you with clinical expertise to prevent, assess, treat, and manage acute and chronic diseases.

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Online MSN MBA Dual Degree Program SAU Online


Healthcare Administration: Address the complexities and trends in the healthcare industry by focusing on contemporary issues in healthcare administration, policy, economics, quality and strategy of health care management;

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The Best Jobs For Nurses With An MSN/MBA Spring Arbor


This is a great career path for nurses who want to champion reform in the workplace and increase nursing efficiency and effectiveness in health care. Common administrative job titles for nurses with an MSN/MBA degree include: Public Health Advisor; Nurse Consultant; Public Health Nurse Spring Arbor University Online - Top Blog Posts:

Healthcare Jobs
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Social Work Jobs: Today's Top 15 SAU Blog


Social work jobs offer Bachelor of Social Work degree holders the opportunity to live your passion if you feel called to help others improve the quality of their lives.. Social workers provide care where it's needed most and contribute to the growth of communities at large. The formal discipline of social work is continually developing in response to modern society changes.

Healthcare Jobs
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Nurses Are The Heart And Soul Of Healthcare SAU Blog


Throughout history, nurses have combined their caregiving skills and the healing power of compassion to tend to the medical and emotional needs of patients.

Heart Disease Health
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Nine Tips To Finding A Clinical Preceptor Spring Arbor


Health care professionals are busy. Don’t take it personally if you are rejected. Thank them, and then ask if they can recommend a health care professional who would consider being your preceptor. Qualities to look for in a clinical preceptor.

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How To Overcome Challenges In Geriatric Nursing Spring


The Katz Index of Independence is a great tool to help health care providers assess patients’ functioning levels. Assessing capabilities and performance issues is essential in developing and implementing an effective treatment plan.

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Make A Difference By Working In Geriatric Nursing Spring


Adult-Gerontology is a specialty which focuses specifically on the health and care needs of adults and seniors. Patients face specific challenges to their health throughout their lifetimes, and specialized health care providers knowledgeable in these changes are …

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News: Information And Announcements SAU Online


Dr. Mindy Rice, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Chair, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Pre-Licensure) offers advice on safe health practices to pursue to best protect against COVID-19 and how nurses are being educated to provide compassionate patient care …

Mens Health
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Doctor Of Nursing Practice (DNP) Spring Arbor University


Online DNP Program Overview The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Strategic Leadership is the highest credential a nurse can achieve. Spring Arbor University’s online degree program lets you complete your educational journey while maintaining your full …

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The Benefits Of An MSN/MBA Program Spring Arbor University


In the coming years, the healthcare industry will see an increase in the demand for medical services and experience job growth much greater than the average for all other occupations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health

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Accredited Online MBA Program Spring Arbor University


Healthcare Administration Concentration: Career Outlook: Learn to address complexities in today’s healthcare industry by focusing on contemporary issues in healthcare administration, policy, quality and strategy. Earning Potential: According to US News & World Report, MBA graduates in Health care consulting received an average salary of $126,919.

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Where Can Family Nurse Practitioners Work


FNPs can use their skills, for example, in health care facilities outside of the hospital, such as a private practice, primary care or an urgent care center. FNPs are often also recruited by schools to aid in the health care of their students.

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Why Get An Online MBA In Michigan


With current changes in health care, which accounts for 17.1 percent of America’s GDP as a nearly $3 trillion industry, and the high turnover rates experienced by many health care facilities, graduates of online MBA programs in Michigan with a healthcare

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Blog Spring Arbor University Online


The World Health Organization proclaimed 2020 the "Year of the Nurse," and Spring Arbor University was called upon by the media to offer insight and expertise on nursing. Take a look back at SAU's 2020 in the media here.

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What Is The Day To Day Of A Nurse Practitioner


Students in the Master of Science in Nursing - Nurse Practitioner (NP) program at Spring Arbor University are poised to enter rewarding careers.. Nurse practitioner jobs were listed by U.S. News and World Report among the top five Best Healthcare Jobs in …

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Bridge MSN Program: Spring Arbor's 4 Benefits SAU Blog


The nursing profession must produce leaders throughout the healthcare system, from the bedside to the boardroom, who can serve as full partners with other health professionals and be accountable for their contributions to delivering high-quality care while working collaboratively with leaders from other health

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