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Scientists Discover Fabric Spray That Kills COVID 19

Clinical Raindeocampo.com

Leading Japanese household company Earth Corporation has announced breakthrough clinical studies confirming that Natucair, its brand of fabric spray, kills >99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.. Shintaro Noda, in charge of Regional Marketing of Earth Corporation disclosed that based on clinical studies made by the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center in …

Covid 19 Health
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UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Anne Curtis Campaigns For

Nutrition Raindeocampo.com

All donations will go towards improving children’s access to health and nutrition services in their first 1,000 days of life. These programs include providing ready-to-use therapeutic food for malnourished children, enabling pregnant women to get better access to prenatal care, nutrition and breastfeeding counseling, and much more.

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Cardinal Santos Medical Center Starts COVID 19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Raindeocampo.com

Several staff members of the Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) were inoculated against COVID-19 in a ceremonial event last March 3. The event also simultaneously marked the turnover of COVID-19 vaccines to the hospital from the government, making CSMC one of the first private tertiary hospital in the country to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Covid 19 Health
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Smarter Health Care Products Drives 21% Growth Of PhilCare

HEALTH Raindeocampo.com

  • Smarter Health Care Products Drives 21% Growth of PhilCare
  • Smarter Health Care Products Drives 21% Growth of PhilCare

Health Insurance
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BARLEY GRASS: Nature's Super Food For Better Health

Times Raindeocampo.com

  • BARLEY GRASS have been proven time and time again to be a potent super food containing important vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential for the human diet
  • BARLEY has seven times more vitamin C than oranges, five times more iron than spinach and 10 times more calcium than milk

Beauty Food
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Eat Well, Live Well. Stay Well! A 5 Part Online Health And

Months Raindeocampo.com

  • Stay Well! A 5-part Online Health and Lifestyle Series Hosted by Suzi Abrera

Health Insurance
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Even Superheroes Must Brush Their Teeth With GUMTECT Gum

GUMTECT Raindeocampo.com

GUMTECT is the only gum care toothpaste with the unique GUMSHIELD+ technology which combines the powerful benefits of Allantoin (stimulates growth of new tissue), Vitamin E (soothes and moisturizes) and Triclean (reduces inflammation and inhibits bacterial growth).

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STADA Philippines Acquires GlaxoSmithKline’s Skin Care

HEALTH Raindeocampo.com

  • STADA Philippines Acquires GlaxoSmithKline’s Skin Care Brand - Oilatum

Skin Healthcare
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RainCHECKS: The De La Salle Health Sciences Institute In

College Raindeocampo.com

The institute has been offering medical and health allied programs through its four colleges – College of Medicine, College of Rehabilitation Sciences (BS Physical Therapy, BS Occupational Therapy), College of Nursing and School of Midwifery (BS Nursing, Midwifery), and the College of Medical Radiation Technology.

Health Insurance
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Smell Like A Rose And Boost Liver Health With These

Japan Raindeocampo.com

  • Fine Japan introduces Etiquette Rose and Turmeric Extract in the Philippines, now available at Watsons stores nationwide! Fine Japan Co
  • Ltd., a 40-year old nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan and creator of the potent anti-aging product Premium HyC 150 recently introduced two new products that Filipino consumers would love

Liver Cancer Health
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Can Telemedicine Minimize The Risks And Dangers Of CoViD

Physical Raindeocampo.com

Leadtek Research Inc., a Taiwan Excellence enterprise, created its “amor physical and mental health management platform“ based on a wearable bracelet that can monitor personal data like sleeping habits, fatigue levels, blood circulation, and physical stress index. The comprehensive information it collects enhances knowledge of AI risk prediction, individual health patterns, and allows for personalized suggestions to boost self-health

Covid 19 Health
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Sanofi's WeHealth To Revolutionize Telemedicine In The

WeHealth Raindeocampo.com

WeHealth is an e-Health ecosystem which aims to connect doctors, patients, and healthcare providers through holistic solutions and innovations. This means you can get medical consultations anytime or have your medicines delivered straight to your home.

Health Insurance
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The DOH Progress Report A Meeting With Health Secretary

Health Raindeocampo.com

  • It’s not everyday that you get to receive a personal report from one of the country’s department heads who also happens to be one of the most prominent leadership figures in the PNOY administration
  • Health Secretary Janette Loreto-Garin was appointed to office by President Benigno Aquino III to replace Dr
  • Enrique Ona last February 17, 2015.

Health Insurance
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Filipinos' Health Are "Somewhat Good" According To The

PhilCare Raindeocampo.com

Tanco also said that the 2019 PhilCare Wellness Index will lead the company to develop more program that will meet the health and wellness needs of Filipinos starting with their newest product the “Dengue Assist” voucher which covers 2 consulatations with Family Medicine and General Practioner Specialist at PhilCare Clinics and a single-use benefit up to 30,000 Pesos for hospitalization coverage …

Health Insurance
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TikTok Donates 1M US Dollar Aide To PH Medical Frontliners

Pledged Raindeocampo.com

In this challenging time as the Philippines battles against COVID-19, TikTok has pledged to donate 1 million US dollars to the Philippine General Hospital

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Boy Abunda To Talk About The Dangers Of Stroke On

Stroke Raindeocampo.com

Angels Initiative is a global healthcare initiative endorsed by the World Stroke Organization (WSO) and European Stroke Organization (ESO) to increase the number of acute stroke centers and optimize the quality of stroke treatment in these centers while Stroke Society of the Philippines is an organization of physicians, nurses and other allied health care personnel who have …

Stroke Health
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Fight The Effects Of Nerve Aging RainCHECK

Vitamin Raindeocampo.com

  • Neurogen-E has a high dose of Vitamin B Complex (300 mg of Vitamin B1, 100 mg of Vitamin B6, 1000 mcg of Vitamin B12) per tablet
  • Unlike the generic brands that contain a much lower dose of Vitamin B12, Neurogen-E can …

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How NOT To Get Cervical Cancer And Other Common

CANCER Raindeocampo.com

This is urgent so I will be direct to the point! CERVICAL CANCER has put many women here in the Philippines (and all over the world) in grave danger or even to excruciating ordeals than any other type of cancer. Let me start by saying that CERVICAL CANCER is a …

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How To Manage Stress And Improve Your Health RainCHECK

Signs Raindeocampo.com

  • You have a nagging headache, you feel severe tension creeping in your neck and you already have the urge to either escape or punch the person nearest you
  • Those are just some of the signs of chronic stress
  • Your body’s way of sending out a cry for help
  • Stress is defined as a feeling of being

Health Insurance
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Philippine Red Cross Card Now Comes With Insurance RainCHECK

Additional Raindeocampo.com

The increased burden on the national healthcare system has left fewer resources for Filipinos seeking medical help in general, heightening the need for additional accessible and affordable healthcare services. This will also strengthen PRC as an organization, providing Filipinos with an additional safety net for their health and security.

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Acupuncture And Its Health Benefits RainCHECK

Mind Raindeocampo.com

A lot of people are scared of needles and having a few poked at you to treat a sickness is not really a very pleasant idea to picture at in anyone’s mind. Some would even choose to suffer from their illnesses than have someone stick a couple of long …

Health Insurance
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Tips On How To Maintain Oral Health RainCHECK

Health Raindeocampo.com

  • Aside from being the month of hearts, February is also Oral Health Month
  • Oral Health or Dental Health is a very important health issue especially because not everyone realizes that poor oral health is linked to something more than superficial
  • Research has linked poor dental health to several other diseases from migraines, respiratory infection and even some cardiovascular

Oral Healthcare
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Allianz PNB Life Partners With Maxicare To Address Health

Health Raindeocampo.com

“We, at Allianz, are excited about this partnership to offer a health protection solution considered to be a first of its kind in the industry. Maxicare is a trusted name and a pioneer in health and wellness, and our combined strengths will be truly beneficial to Filipinos who deserve the best quality health care protection.” said Alexander Grenz, President & CEO, Allianz PNB Life.

Life Healthcare
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STADA Acquires Vitamin Brand FERN C, FERN C Kidz And

Medicines Raindeocampo.com

With FERN in our portfolio, we will establish a strong consumer healthcare platform to launch other quality medicines as well and provide better health for all Filipinos. With our successful portfolio expansion activities, we are able to offer quality medicines at reasonable prices, across all segments of healthcare; specialty, generics and

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Achieve Over All Health, Success And Happiness Through

Oprah Raindeocampo.com

  • What do Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan and Lebron James have in common? They’re all incredibly successful, hard-working and geniuses in their field! But what many people didn’t know about them is that they all practice the art of meditation
  • Oprah said that meditation has made her “1,000 times better”
  • Michael Jordan and Lebron James,

Health Insurance
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10 Crucial Facts About Rare Diseases Or Orphan Disorders #

Efforts Raindeocampo.com

By definition, Rare Diseases or Orphan Disorders are “life-threatening or chronically debilitating diseases, which are of such low prevalence that special combined efforts are needed to address them.” They are long-standing, progressive, disabling conditions that require multidisciplinary care. And as part of the continuous efforts to promote public awareness on Rare Diseases, the

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The Health Benefits Of Forest Bathing RainCHECK

Exposure Raindeocampo.com

The studies have found direct correlation between numerous health benefits and the exposure to a living forest. Some of the most significant health benefits that a person can get from exposure to forests are: a boost to our immune system, lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, improved mood, increased focus, and better sleep.

Health Insurance
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How To Protect Your Heart During The Holidays RainCHECK

Holistic Raindeocampo.com

  • An eHealth ecosystem to build a healthier Philippines by connecting patients and doctors especially in the new normal
  • It connects doctors, patients, and healthcare providers through holistic solutions and innovations
  • This means you can get medical consultations anytime or have your medicines delivered straight to your home.

Heart Disease Health
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Erroneous News Report Triggers Caritas Manila Name Feud

Health Raindeocampo.com

CARITAS MANILA, its logo and office were mistakenly used in a news report 2 days ago announcing the cease and desist order issued by the Insurance Commission (IC) on Caritas Health Shield due to alleged fraud.. The report said that IC has ordered Caritas Health Shield to stop selling and transacting new Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) products and businesses.

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10 Awesome Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly RainCHECK

Royal Raindeocampo.com

Many people have already got into the Forever Royal Jelly 30-Day Challenge! Here are 10 Awesome Health benefits of Royal Jelly!

Health Insurance
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GetMed: New Interactive Health Lifestyle App

Emergency Raindeocampo.com

Wouldn’t it be nice be able to get a doctor’s appointment in just a touch of a button from any of your mobile devices especially during emergency situations? Many of us have experienced the difficulties of finding a doctor or quickly get an appointment with a specialist. More importantly, on emergency situations, we might not even

Healthy Lifestyle
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Davao City Encounters Smart Medical Innovation From Taiwan

Hospital Raindeocampo.com

The most anticipated Taiwan Healthcare Seminar, with a theme “Smart Medical Innovation Brightens Your Life,” brought together top biotech innovators from the best and most advanced hospitals in Taiwan. Coming from reputable institutions Chang Chung Memorial Hospital, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Lite-Med Inc., Biomaterials & Surface Engineering

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Comm&Sense Bags 1st Runner Up Agency Of The Year RainCHECK

Comm&Sense Raindeocampo.com

Comm&Sense has received yet another affirmation of its data-driven #IntelligentPR strategy, as it was named first runner-up Agency of the Year (AOY)

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Ajinomoto Introduces Luis "Kuya Lucky" Manzano As New

#CrispyFryPlayDay Raindeocampo.com

  • Crispy Fry hosted its third #CrispyFryPlayDay to officially introduce its newest brand endorser TV host Luis “Kuya Lucky” Manzano
  • The event brought together media and their families for the first #CrispyFryPlayDay done online.
  • In the game show-themed event held via Zoom, Kuya Lucky invited select media Frymates for a special task: celebrate #CrispyFryPlayDay by partnering with their …

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On Empty Chairs, Mental Health And Healing Art At VAHHFI

VAHHFI Raindeocampo.com

On Empty Chairs, Mental Health and Healing Art at VAHHFI Metropolitan Museum Exhibit. 1 year ago 1 year ago

Mens Health
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Shopee Partners With KonsultaMD, Offers Affordable Online

Affordable Raindeocampo.com

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, partners with KonsultaMD, a subscription-based telehealth service, to provide Filipinos affordable healthcare subscriptions and a safer way to consult with licensed doctors online. “Shopee is excited to partner with KonsultaMD to give Filipinos access to affordable healthcare consultations.

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LOOK: TP Cloud Campus Hubs In Aura And Fairview Sites

While Raindeocampo.com

The Cloud Campus hubs at Teleperformance Aura and Fairview sites serve as the operational command center of virtual teams. Home-based interaction experts can now work from anywhere while remaining connected to their Teleperformance team through the Cloud Campus hubs, which come with innovative features to help employees stay engaged and connected, while …

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Fe Del Mundo Medical Center Unveils Legacy Wall In Honor

Founder Raindeocampo.com

  • Last Monday (August 13), Fe del Mundo Medical Center unveiled the Legacy Wall, which pays tribute to the hospital’s revered founder – Dr
  • Since it started to manage the operations of Fe del Mundo Medical Center in 2013, Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc
  • has committed to honor its distinguished founder by carrying on her legacy of compassionate care.

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Roof Garden: What Is It And How Do We Benefit From It

Healthy Raindeocampo.com

HEALTH AND EDUCATION: Over-all a roof garden is a beacon for healthy living and environmental awareness. Aside from its obvious effects in reducing pollution and improving water quality, it also serves as community hubs that promotes healthy lifestyles and activities.

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Actor Nurses Rocco Nacino And Pancho Magno In GMA News TV

Health Raindeocampo.com

Kapuso actors and registered nurses Rocco Nacino and Pancho Magno are the hosts of GMA News TV’s new public service and weekend health education programs – “Healthy Ever After” and “The Healthy Juan”. Produced in partnership with the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines, the shows aired its pilot episodes last December 8 and

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ManilaMed Launches Most Advanced Cancer Care Center And

Disciplines Raindeocampo.com

The ManilaMed Cancer Care Center also boast of its Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach in dealing with their cancer patients. By definition, a multidisciplinary team is a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines (Psychiatrists, Social Workers, etc.), each providing specific services to the patient.

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Sense Glove And New Health Survey Promote Awareness About

Years Raindeocampo.com

Sense Glove and New Health Survey Promote Awareness About The Dangers of Neuropathy. 2 years ago 2 years ago

Health Insurance
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Teleperformance PH Wins Quill For Leadership And Safety

Award Raindeocampo.com

Teleperformance Philippines was once again recognized for its leadership and employee programs at the recently held 18th Philippine Quill Awards by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines.. The company received an Award of Excellence in Leadership Communication for its “A Message from Mike” video series, and an Award of Merit in Safety …

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Pru Life UK Announces Extended Partnership With Garmin

Provide Raindeocampo.com

Using AI-powered self-help tools and real-time information, the app serves as a 24/7 health and wellness partner to users, helping them prevent, postpone, and protect against the onset of diseases. Pulse is part of Prudential’s region-wide strategy to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone across Asia by leveraging digital

Life Healthcare
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