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Health Care How This Quadriplegic Man Learned How to Move His Limbs…with His Mind Ian Burkhart was the first quadriplegic to regain control of his body using his thoughts.

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The 2019 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands In America

Digest Rd.com

The 2019 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in America—Health and Wellness Reader's Digest Editors Updated: Nov. 04, 2020 See if the products you use …

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Why Switzerland Has The Best Healthcare System In The

Health Rd.com

Until the United States finds ways to cut health care expenses, you’ll want to take advantage of these 13 health insurance tricks that can save you …

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100 Best Healthy Snacks You Can Get On The Go Reader's

Chips Rd.com

Veggie chips tend to earn a health halo—they’re vegetables, after all—but many brands are steeped in oils and additives. Bare Snacks chips are baked—with zero oil and are also free of fake

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Community Health Hero: People's Health Clinic Reader's

City Rd.com

This zero-cost health-care destination is helping the uninsured. Courtesy Erik Seo Photography People’s Health Clinic, Park City, Utah : Park City, Utah, is an outdoor sports and entertainment

Health Insurance
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Real Life Medical Mistakes That Will Make You Cringe

Taras Rd.com

  • The VA argued that other issues had contributed to Barlow’s poor health
  • Barlow decided to go to trial instead, and a judge awarded him $450,000

Life Healthcare
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Lawn Fertilizer Dangers: Are They Giving You Cancer

According Rd.com

According to David Pimentel, professor emeritus of entomology at Cornell University, 110,000 people suffer adverse health effects from pesticides every year, and 10,000 cases of …

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8 Safest Types Of Cookware For 2021 — Cast Iron, Ceramic

Thyroid Rd.com

Concerns about the impact of these chemicals on human health—including liver and thyroid problems, fertility issues, and even some cancers—led many to …

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A Blood Test In This State Will Run You 25 Times More

Blood Rd.com

Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock. Where you live can have a major effect on how much you pay for medical services, specifically blood tests, according to a new survey by the Health Care Cost Institute

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Meaningful Ways People Are Saying Thank You To Nurses

Their Rd.com

Simran Khiantani, 41, wanted to find a way to help her children adjust to their new normal—and to thank the health care workers putting their lives on the line.

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You've Been Had! The Government Is Wasting Your Tax Dollars!

Costs Rd.com

The U.S. spends more than $400 per person on health care administrative costs and insurance — six times more than other industrialized nations.

Mens Health
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The Healing Power Of A Good Meal Reader's Digest

Then-girlfriend Rd.com

A care package from Philadelphia provides a leukemia patient with an unlikely health food. Ellaphant in the room for Reader's Digest “You know you can’t eat that,” said my then-girlfriend

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Confusing Medical Acronyms, Decoded

Double Rd.com

When dealing with doctors, don't be embarrassed to ask about abbreviations, especially if it involves a medication or procedure; it could have a double meaning.

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Medical Mistakes: What Happens When Doctors Take A Life

Rather Rd.com

Rather, creating a place where health-care providers are not just allowed but also encouraged to discuss their mistakes is a huge mental leap …

Life Healthcare
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Stroke Treatment: How Catheters Are Saving Lives Reader

“This Rd.com

“This is the penicillin era in stroke treatment,” says Alexander A. Khalessi, MD, vice chairman of clinical affairs in the department of neurosurgery at UC San Diego Health.

Cats Health
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Science May Have Found The Key To Treating Chronic Fatigue

Found Rd.com

A study published last week analyzed blood samples from 200 CFS sufferers and 400 healthy participants and may have found the key to treatment.

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"Do I Need Antibiotics

Antibiotics Rd.com

Despite all our knowledge that antibiotics don’t kill viruses and the undeniable risk of overuse to public and personal health, doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics when the drugs aren’t

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Long Hair: 11 Tips For Women With Long Hair Reader's Digest

(here’s Rd.com

  • Lengthy locks need more care than shorter tresses
  • For starters, long hair is more prone to tangles—especially if it’s fine or color treated (here’s how you

Mens Health
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Medicare’s Future Reader's Digest

Medicare’s Rd.com

On TV, in newspapers, and on the Internet, pundits speculate endlessly about how health care reform, the down economy, and aging baby boomers will affect Medicare’s

Medicare Health
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You're Probably Overpaying For Medicine Without Knowing It

(owned Rd.com

The three largest PBMs in the United States—OptumRx (owned by UnitedHealth Group, Inc.), CVS Caremark (owned by CVS Health Corp.), and Express Scripts Holding Co.—process an estimated 70 to 85

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My Dad (the Drill Sergeant!) Passed Out At The Sight Of My

Stitches Rd.com

I was in the ER to be stitched up—but when he saw the sight of blood, my drill sergeant dad passed out and ended up needing stitches too.

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Things Your Birth Month Can Predict About Your Future

Strong Rd.com

The team discovered that 55 out of the 1,688 health conditions showed a strong relationship with birth month, which included 16 brand new …

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Pacemakers May Soon Be Powered By Your Own Heart Reader

Beauty Rd.com

She loves writing about her travels, health, wellness, home decor, food and drink, fashion, beauty, and scientific news. Follow her travel adventures on Instagram: @living_by_lex,

Heart Disease Health
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Good News: If You Keep Your Brain Active, It Will Continue

Cognitive Rd.com

The participants with diseased neural tissue but no cognitive symptoms had built up what is known as cognitive reserve. As areas degenerated, other well-exercised areas took over those functions.

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Your Pharmacy May Be Overcharging You For Medication

Healthcare Rd.com

Healthcare is one of the biggest expenses in the United States, and even if you have great insurance coverage, sometimes the cost of prescription drugs is still a tough pill to swallow.

Cats Health
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Caribbean Islands Least Affected By The Pandemic Reader

Tourists Rd.com

Citizens from a handful of European countries, as well as Canadian and Chinese tourists (up to 10,000 total tourists at a time, to put minimal pressure on the island’s health care system) hoping

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This Is How Many People Injure Themselves While Shaving

Niran Rd.com

Niran Phonruang. Americans may be having less sex than they used to, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t at the ready, so to speak, for the bedroom.In a study conducted by …

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Why You Pay Attention To Bone Health Reader's Digest

Health Rd.com

  • 1 Bone Health and Osteoporosis A Report of the Surgeon General
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • 2 Osteoporosis Prevention, Diagnosis and Therapy

Health Insurance
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Placebos Can Work—even When People Know They're Not Real

It’s Rd.com

It’s triggered not just by fake pharmaceuticals but by the symbols and rituals of health care itself—everything from the prick of an injection to the sight of a person in a lab coat.

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Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Junk Foods Reader's

School Rd.com

The majority of her career has focused in health care, disease prevention and nutrition education for all ages - from middle school to graduate school students.

Beauty Food
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The Truth About The Effect Marijuana Has On Teens Reader

Screen Rd.com

(The National Institutes of Health is beginning a ten-year study of the effects of alcohol and drugs, as well as screen time, nutrition, and exercise, on the adolescent brain. So far, more than

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How To Find A Better Doctor

Care Rd.com

If your doctor doesn't measure up it's time to find a professional who offers quality care. Here are a few ways to take charge of your health care.

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Special Report: Why A Hospital Bill Costs What It Costs

Here Rd.com

  • Here, four eye-opening facts about medical bills—and how to use that knowledge to save money on your health care
  • Hospital prices are shockingly complex

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A Lesson In Medicare For Caregivers

Medicare Rd.com

  • This is an alternative to Part A
  • The copayments for this plan are lower, although like an HMO, the patient can go only to certain doctors or hospitals.

Medicare Health
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Ridiculous Office Rules That Companies Used To Enforce

Office Rd.com

Some office rules go too far. One of the hardest office rules to decipher is what exactly a business casual dress code means.But office rules go well beyond the …

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Incredible Ways Drones Are Helping Save Lives Reader's

Health Rd.com

Sean Mccabe for Reader's Digest Delivering Medication to Rural Americans. More than two years ago, as part of a study to demonstrate that such flights are safe, a group of research and health

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New Data Shows Older Americans Are Concerned About Taking

Educating Rd.com

  • Educating healthcare professionals and patients about non-opioid options is an important step in the right direction,” said Dr
  • Bishai, an orthopedic surgeon and advocate for Choices

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This Is The Most Expensive Prescription Drug In America

Acthar Rd.com

  • Most drugs with jaw-dropping price tags are approved to treat rare conditions, though a couple medications for common health conditions also made the list

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Things The Red Cross Wants You To Know Reader's Digest

Neighborhoods Rd.com

They install free smoke alarms. At the Red Cross’s “Sound the Alarm” events, volunteers team up with local fire departments to canvass neighborhoods in at …

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Caregivers: Is A 'Granny Pod' What You Need

Living Rd.com

You grow up living with your parents, but what if, when they get older and need care, they end up living with you? A Virginia-based company, N2Care, …

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What You Never Knew About Festivus Reader's Digest

Here’s Rd.com

Here’s the story of Festivus, a holiday tradition that was publicized on 'Seinfeld' but invented by a 'Reader's Digest' editor back in 1966.

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This Cancer Treatment Doubles Your Risk Of Death Reader

Found Rd.com

fototip/Shutterstock Disease cures and treatments are often found on accident, or in places one may not suspect. The cure for polio was found thanks to …

Mens Health
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Here’s How To Skip The Line At The Emergency Room

Manuscript Rd.com

She covers life and style, popular culture, law, religion, health, fitness, yoga, entertaining and entertainment. Lauren is also an author of crime fiction; her first full-length manuscript, The

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Bringing Home Her Brothers' Dogs From Iraq Reader's Digest

Carey Rd.com

Carey Neesley considered her younger brother, Peter, her best friend, and as a single mom, she relied on him as a father figure to her nine-year-old son, Patrick.

Beauty Dogs
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