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Healthy Living
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Are These Health Care Treatments More


  • Are These Health Care Treatments More Harm than Good? By Wendy Glauser Updated: Aug
  • Think twice before agreeing to these five potentially harmful medical and diagnostic procedures: According to a recent study of Canada’s health care system, they’re over-prescribed and over-performed

Mens Health
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The Making Of A COVID 19 Vaccine Reader's Digest Canada


  • This inequality persists for those employed in the health-care system itself: according to a study of almost 100,000 health-care workers in the U.S
  • published in The Lancet, racialized workers were nearly twice as likely as their white colleagues to come down with COVID-19.

Covid 19 Health
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100 New Health Studies That Could Change Your Life


  • Health studies suggest that eating these three foods can ease knee pain as well
  • Walking Aids Help COPD Sufferers
  • For people with moderate or advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), walking can be a challenge, due to decrease lung capacity and muscle function
  • Dutch researchers recently asked

Life Healthcare
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50+ Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore Reader's Digest


  • A few flashes of light and even a couple of floaters—dark squiggly lines in your line of sight—are normal
  • According to Harvard Health Publishing, around a quarter of people in their 60s have floaters
  • That number rises to two-thirds by age 80
  • They’re also more common if …

Health Insurance
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6 Natural Remedies To Help Fight Fatigue


  • Talk with your health-care provider about which herb to try
  • Your choice depends in part on what other health conditions you have
  • Schisandra (also spelled Schizandra) is a preparation extracted from a woody vine commonly found in northern China, Russia and Korea.

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Face Shield Vs. Face Mask: Which Is Better


  • However, there are some exceptions
  • Los Angeles–based pediatric nurse practitioner Ersilia Pompilio, RN, recommends them for health care workers
  • “As one study shows, face shields substantially reduce the short-term exposure for health care workers to large infectious aerosolized particles,” she explains
  • “Thus, face shields provide a

Beauty Face
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Test Your Health IQ: 35 Medical Trivia Questions Reader


  • Health problems are called “iatrogenic” when they were accidentally caused by medical treatment
  • These include infections contracted from other people being treated at the hospital, medication side effects and surgery complications
  • Patients should always feel free to ask their doctors about the risks of proposed treatments.

Health Insurance
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50 Great Things To Do In Quarantine Reader's Digest Canada


  • Explore Egyptian relics at the Louvre, the famous spiral staircase at the Guggenheim, and the masterpieces at the Van Gogh Museum—all from the comfort of your couch
  • Canada’s Aga Khan Museum is now offering immersive 3-D tours
  • And, thanks to Google’s Arts & Culture project, the ROM’s Blue Whale exhibit, as well as hundreds more around the world, can …

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Why Women's Pain Is Dismissed, Undiagnosed And Undertreated


Health care providers can be quick to conclude that women’s pain isn’t so bad or is “all in their head”—an attitude that can lead to prolonged suffering and can put women’s health at serious risk.

Mens Health
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17 Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure Reader's


A wide body of research, including a Chinese study of more than 4,500 adults published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health, and Aging, shows that tea contributes to decreased blood pressure. For every cup of tea you drink a day, systolic blood pressure could reduce by two points and diastolic pressure by one point, according to an Australian study.

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Why Canadians Are Flocking To This Tropical Paradise For


Provincial health care coverage doesn’t extend to Health City surgeries, and most third-party health insurance providers won’t cover it either. Although this means the patient is left paying out-of-pocket, Shetty’s Health City model was designed with a number of efficiencies in mind to keep operating costs low—and the eventual bill for

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Medical News You Need To Read This Week


The health care a person receives can be compromised by their skin tone—in part because doctors don’t see many photos in their medical school textbooks of dermatological symptoms on non-white individuals. This reality makes it trickier for people of colour to get a timely and accurate diagnosis for diseases ranging from anemia to melanoma.

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9 Best Supplements To Take During Cancer Treatment


  • Take a standardized extract as directed by a health-care practitioner or following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Pills containing the crude herb (the ground root or inner bark in non-concentrated form) are often available in 500 or 1000-milligram capsules
  • Cat’s claw tea is sold in health

Mens Health
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How To Talk To Your Doctor Reader's Digest Canada


  • The health care system has changed over the past few decades
  • Hospital stays are shorter, and walk-in clinics are more frequently used, in part due to the lower number of GPs accepting new patients
  • In today’s system, you play an important role in your own care.

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Eating Healthy Vs Fast Food


A $20.99 bucket of chicken to feed four people may seem like a bargain at first glance, but when you consider the fact that junk food may be highly addictive and perpetuate a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating habits, $20 suddenly turns into $150 billion worth of health-care bills, the amount Americans pay each year as a result of obesity

Beauty Food
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13 Secrets Canadian Nurses Want To Tell You Reader's


Studies show hand hygiene—washing or sanitizing hands before and after touching a patient—is the most effective means of preventing transmission of hospital-borne infections, and nearly half of health-care workers aren’t fully compliant with protocols. Here are the diseases you can prevent just by washing your hands.

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12 Terrifying And Mysterious Symptoms—Diagnosed!


  • Beth Donaldson, medical director of Copeman Health Care in Vancouver
  • Khaled Ramadan, a hematologist at Providence Health Care in Vancouver
  • In late 2009, six months after giving birth to her son Oscar, Dr
  • Beth Donaldson, then 34, suddenly developed a deep, forceful cough
  • When it hadn’t resolved itself after a few

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This Province Has The Longest Walk In Clinic Wait Times In


According to Stats Canada, in 2017, 15.3 per cent of Canadians over the age of 12 didn’t have a regular health care provider, meaning that many Canadians rely exclusively on walk-in clinics for their health care needs. Not surprisingly, then, clinics often fill up quickly.

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True Stories: Health Care's Epic Fail


In the United States, e-health investments by major institutions are yielding better health care at lower costs – and paint a picture of what a patient-centered EHR could accomplish in Canada. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), a government-run system that serves over five million patients, experienced an extraordinary turnaround after

Health Insurance
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Pain Management Tips For Everyday Aches And Pains Reader


  • Finally, 16 years ago, Meldrum’s doctor referred him to a health care team that specialized in pain and had expertise in self-management techniques
  • It was a turning point, he says
  • “I stopped fighting and started putting my energy into living the best life I could.”

Mens Health
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How Cognitive Tests Strip Seniors Of Their Rights Reader


Being deemed incapable means that a person’s life decisions—what they spend their money on, what health care they receive, where they call home—may be delegated to another party. In some cases, that proxy is a family member; in others, it is the provincial public-guardian system, whose staff may meet with the person rarely, if ever.

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4 Home Remedies For Arthritis Symptoms


  • For precise doses, consult your health-care practitioner
  • Try 5 to 28 grams of evening primrose oil a day (0.5 to 2.8 grams GLA)
  • Dividing the daily dose into smaller doses may reduce the risk of stomach upset
  • Take evening primrose oil or other sources of GLA with meals to enhance the compound’s absorption.

Arthritis Health
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Ways Doctors Protect Themselves From Coronavirus Reader


  • Public health and other healthcare professionals aren’t panicking about the virus and neither should anyone else
  • Bhuyan finds that limiting social media is helpful in combating the “infodemic.” “We can expect more cases, more diagnoses, there will be more deaths but we need to put this in perspective,” says Dr

Coronavirus Health
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Take Charge Of Your Physical And Mental Health Care In


  • In short, electronic access to health information results in better use of resources and better care
  • Access 2022 is a movement that Canada Health Infoway is leading to create a new day for health care in Canada, one where Canadians have access to their health information and digitally-enabled solutions to better manage their care

Mens Health
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These Amazing Canadian Medical Discoveries Are Helping


  • Amazing Canadian medical discoveries 1
  • Biomedical engineer Milos Popovic is generating a great deal of buzz
  • He is the man behind a new functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapy that applies low-intensity bursts of electricity to the arms and hands of quadriplegics.

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9 Ways To Better Manage Your Medicines


  • Ask your health-care professional if there is a way to streamline the medications you take
  • Some medications can be given once a day in sustained release, rather than having to take them three times a day
  • Others can be taken once per day or in a combination product that can decrease the numbers of drugs you’re taking overall.

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Decode The Outrageous Hospital Lingo That Doctors And


Thankfully, this lingo isn’t used regularly in health-care settings, but an unflattering comment may occasionally slip out during a particularly frustrating situation. Decipher some of the more shocking slang here.

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How To Live To 100—And Love It! Reader's Digest Canada


  • A potential complication of diabetes, a disease shared by 2.3 million Canadians, is open sores on the feet
  • A 2019 Australian study linked diabetic foot ulcers to a death up to 15 years earlier than the average
  • Check your feet regularly for redness or breaks in the skin, and see a health-care professional if you have concerns.

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The Real Reason Why Norwegians Are The Happiest People In


  • The real reason why Norwegians are the happiest people in the world
  • Free education and health care are surely among the reasons why the 2017 World Happiness Report declared Norway as the happiest country in the world, but researchers attribute a Norwegian’s good cheer to one single word.
  • The word is dugnad and it means to do community work.

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Can We Cure Hospital Food


  • In 2005, Health Care Without Harm, an international group of health-care professionals, put together the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge to give hospitals guidance in improving the food they served in cafeterias and to patients
  • By the end of 2011 more than 350 U.S

Beauty Food
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Leukemia Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore Reader's Digest


What is leukemia? Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, a malignancy that causes an abnormal production of certain blood cells. As the unhealthy blood cells crowd out healthy ones, blood function begins to falter and you may notice physical symptoms.The disease may get worse quickly if you have a type known as acute leukemia; the disease may progress slowly and get worse …

Leukemia Health
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5 Myths About Canada (and Why They Need To Go Away)


  • Myths About Canada: Our Health-Care is a National Treasure
  • Universal health-care is a source of pride among Canadians
  • We prefer our health-care system to that in the United States by a rate of ten to one, according to a 2009 Harris/Decima survey.

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4 Simple Tips For Setting And Maintaining Healthy Boundaries


  • Like a lot of health-care professionals, Dr
  • Brian Goldman finds it extremely difficult to draw boundaries between his work and personal lives
  • “There’s this view that you should suck it up and do one more thing,” says the Toronto-based ER physician and host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art
  • But that “one more thing” often comes at

Health Insurance
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The Sick Reality Of Canadian Health Care


  • I’ve never been keen on the idea of a two-tiered health-care system, but then again, this is research for an article
  • I set my principles aside and, for just $295, I “purchase” a family doctor
  • Next: Bouchard consults a former ER doctor who gave up the public health system.

Health Insurance
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Health & Well Being: Healthy Living, Mental Health & Exercise


  • Discover the latest health news, along with practical tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle by improving your diet and moving more
  • Health care providers can be quick to conclude that women’s pain isn’t so bad or 3 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Person.

Healthy Living
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The Best Natural Supplements For Men Over The Age Of 50


Although some health-care practitioners recommend sipping a tea made from saw palmetto, such a brew may not contain therapeutic amounts of the active ingredients and may not provide any real benefits for the treatment of BPH. Read the label carefully when buying a “men’s formula.” Although most contain saw palmetto, they usually also

Mens Health
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Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Living Articles & Tips


Take Charge of Your Physical and Mental Health Care in 2020 with Digital Solutions Each new year, Canadians make the same old resolutions for improving health: get back to …

Healthy Lifestyle
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Can You Pass This Online Hearing Test


Taking action early is as simple as adding annual hearing tests to your health care regimen, as well as talking to loved ones who are showing signs of hearing loss. While admitting that any part of one’s body is showing signs of aging is never easy, the benefits of early detection could mean preventing or at least slowing the advance of dementia.

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If You Plan On Aging In Place, You Need To Read These


They don’t know their rights,” says Danielle Pollack, a social worker and founder of Equinoxe, a Montreal health-care-management company with a focus on geriatric care. A 2013 report by the Heart and Stroke Foundation found that during the last 10 years of life—when we deal with higher levels of disability and illness—our health is at

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Health & Well Being: Healthy Living, Mental Health & Exercise


Health Discover the latest health news, along with practical tips on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle by improving your diet and moving more . From proven home remedies to advice on managing and preventing chronic health conditions , we’ll keep you looking and feeling your best.

Healthy Living
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The New Normal Is Still Ours To Define Reader's Digest


  • Telemedicine will play a larger role in our health care
  • New companies with new ways of testing for viruses or creating vaccines will emerge
  • We may see a bigger, faster push toward the application of artificial intelligence
  • Companies, once slow to embrace the digital world, have had no choice but to transform.

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Top 3 Herbs And Supplements For Diabetes


  • * For precise doses, consult your health-care practitioner
  • For diabetes, 5 to 28 grams of evening primrose oil a day (0.5-2.8 grams GLA) are advised
  • * Dividing the daily dose into smaller doses may reduce the risk of stomach upset
  • * Many experts recommend buying evening primrose oil that contains a small amount of vitamin E.

Diabetes Health
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Do Face Shields Really Help Stop Coronavirus


In general, “systematic reviews for health care workers do demonstrate that hand hygiene coupled with the complete set of PPE, with masks, gowns, and eye protection are the most effective at preventing infections spreading from patient to provider,” Dr. Chang says.

Beauty Face
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Breathless But Hopeful: Overcoming The Burdens Of IPF


Thankfully, a new report titled The Burden of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in Canada is shedding light on major gaps in access to treatments, resources and support services, as well as significant mental, physical and economic burdens placed on the health care system and patients. Who is at risk? IPF primarily affects adults over the age of 50.

Ipf Health
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Weird Reasons Your Pee Smells Funny Reader's Digest Canada


  • Sick or elderly people with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible
  • “Once there’s a bacteria in the hospital or in the nursing home, it hangs around,” says Craig Comiter, MD, a urologist for Stanford Health Care in Palo Alto, CA
  • “Once it gets there, it stays there.

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Is Google Making Us Sick


“As health-care providers, we have a responsibility to make sure what our colleagues, patients and students read is accurate,” he says. Wikipedia is the world’s single most-used online source for health queries, often appearing in the top five results in any Google search.

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Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that give you the nutrients you need to maintain your health, feel good, and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals. Nutrition is important for everyone. When combined with being physically active...

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