Connected Healthcare Products For Healthcare Systems Redox


MCG Health MCG Health provides healthcare solutions… Member since 2019; MDSave Compare local prices, save money… Member since 2017; MedBridge The Complete Digital Patient Engagement… Member since 2019; Medicom Health For 20 years, our …

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EHR Integration And Healthcare Interoperability With Redox


Connecting digital health products to provider systems is fundamental to delivering value but the industry hasn’t made that easy. Healthcare providers are running dozens of different EHRs with different protocols and it means connecting can be a tangled mess …

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EHR Integration API For Healthcare Products With Redox


  • EHR Integration API for Healthcare Products Grow your product with Redox
  • Redox ® is the most connected platform for healthcare products and services that need to integrate to provider EHRs, HIEs and networks like Carequality
  • It’s healthcare integration as a service presented as a single, standard, secure API endpoint.

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15 Books For People Who Want To Understand The Healthcare


  • Reinventing American Health Care by Ezekiel J
  • Books about health-tech and health science
  • Healthcare science and healthcare technology are fascinating fields that will only continue to evolve as medical technology advances
  • Here are some books focused on healthcare technology and healthcare science:

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Care Management Healthcare Products Redox


Ambient Clinical Analytics provides clinical analytics solutions to health systems and hospitals that reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes. Ambient uses licensed Mayo Clinic technologies, including 1,200 clinically vetted rules and algorithms, to give critical care providers situational awareness through real-time point of care

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Care Coordination Healthcare Products Redox


  • Ride Health partners with healthcare organizations and transportation providers to manage transportation benefits, strengthen enterprise transportation programs, and drive intelligent transitions of care
  • We empower care teams at hospitals and health plans to easily schedule on-demand patient transportation

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Patient Engagement Healthcare Products Redox


Patient Engagement Healthcare Products Healthcare products offering tools for patient engagement are reimagining the patient-provider relationship. Discover the incredible solutions powered by Redox that are putting patient experience at the center of care delivery.

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48 Companies Bringing AI To Healthcare Redox


  • People are taking big bets on developing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare
  • Some are seeing early returns while others are still working towards their initial traction
  • Regardless, here are the 48 most promising healthcare AI companies on our radar
  • BioBeats – Artificial Intelligence for human wellbeing.

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Vaccination Data Integration 101: What Healthcare Products


Even before the pandemic, the question of who has been vaccinated and for what has been one that policymakers, healthcare workers, and health technology developers have been working hard to answer. Today, there is a huge opportunity for digital health solutions and partners to support the rollout not only of the COVID-19 vaccinations but also

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70+ Companies Driving The Future Of Healthcare Technology


  • Zephyr Health — Zephyr helps life sciences companies engage the right physicians, accounts, and institutions using insights from global health data
  • Affectiva — Affectiva is the pioneer in Emotion AI, the next frontier of artificial intelligence
  • Affectiva’s mission is to bring emotional intelligence to the

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Medical Devices Healthcare Products Redox


Medical Devices Healthcare Products Modern Medical Devices make use of available data and are capable of interfacing with a wide range of existing systems. Get to know the medical device manufacturers powered by Redox pushing the industry forward.

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Supporting The Human Connection In Healthcare Redox


  • There is a moment in the delivery of health care that is almost magical
  • I’m referring to the intimate interactions between provider and patient
  • It’s during that time, however brief, that all the elements of medicine, communication, and human relationships come together in a blend of art and science aimed at finding what’s wrong with the

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Selling To A Health System Is Like Breaking Your Arm Redox


  • “Selling to a health system is like breaking your arm.” I’m speaking with J
  • Simpson over a Chick-fil-A in the sticky mist of the three-story fountain at MD Anderson in Houston
  • Many things purchased for UT System’s health campuses come across her desk at …

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The ABCs Of Healthcare IT (a Vocab Sheet) Redox


  • HER An auto-corrected abbreviation for Electronic Health Record
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • HIE Electronic Health Information Exchange
  • Allows healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals to access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information.

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Myth Busting: Are Health Insurance Companies Really Evil


Similarly, at some point along my healthcare technology career, I realized that health insurance companies aren’t evil and that healthcare is a business. I also learned that sustaining a successful business and caring about our fellow humans are not mutually exclusive.

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Public Health Resources For Telehealth Companies: A Quick


The FCC is leading a $200 million initiative to help nonprofits and public health care organizations in adopting telehealth solutions. Redox customer, Mend , was chosen to serve a 17-site nonprofit in New York that also wants to integrate across 6 different EHRs.

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The Healthcare Hotspot: Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Redox


The healthcare industry is a perfect example of this: health systems are brimming with people who have incredibly deep and nuanced insight into what innovations could improve their daily workflows and deliver better patient care.

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Why Healthcare Interoperability Matters Redox


Currently, many health care systems are faced with making large, expensive decisions about investing in health applications without having the opportunity to test drive the product they’re buying. If the product falls short, they often are stuck with it for months (or even years) to either justify the purchase, or live with it until they have

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  • Optimize.Health: We Deliver Successful Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Programs
  • Designed to meet the unique demands of independent practices
  • Our turnkey platform helps you deploy RPM easily – and with little administrative time by your staff.

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Health Tech Investment In The Third Wave Redox


  • But that’s precisely the challenge; oftentimes when we find ourselves in need of health care, our health has already taken a turn
  • This is the crux of the patient engagement problem
  • However, the pandemic has been a huge boon to engagement
  • It gave us all a reason to be concerned and brought motivation beyond our own health, but the health of

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Care Coordination Vendors Addressing Social Determinants


As the healthcare industry moves forward, it’s critical that factoring in social determinants of health becomes a central part of managing and delivering care. In the meantime, companies like Signify, Roundtrip, and NowPow are laying the tracks that others can follow.

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Population Health 101 Redox


Population Health Data is emerging as a massively important vertical in healthcare, and for good reason—it supports the shift toward Value-Based Care, the idea that taking a preventative approach to healthcare will result in healthier populations which will help keep the cost of healthcare

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Healthcare Accelerators For Startups Redox


Citus Health – Citus Health offers a suite of workflow automation and remote patient support software solutions that makes home healthcare less cumbersome and stressful for patients, while enabling providers to more cost-effectively deliver …

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Provider Orgs Redox


Provider Organizations: Integrate with Digital Health Solutions Revamp legacy infrastructure for a digital world. Redox is a full-service integration solution designed to simplify how you adopt new

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Geneva Health Solutions Redox


  • Geneva Health Solutions: Remote Monitoring
  • Remote monitoring doesn’t have to cause your staff headaches
  • Geneva offers a vendor-neutral data management portal for your cardiac needs, featuring a complete service team to ease your workload.

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How To Pilot Digital Health Applications Redox


Typically, healthcare organizations have 3-5 strategic initiatives that broadly outline what’s of immediate importance to the organization. As you get to know the health system, you should be able to figure out what these are (they’re often listed publicly on their websites, too).

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Epion Health Redox


  • Epion Health: Put Patient Experience at the Center
  • Epion Health provides a Software as a Service patient engagement platform at the point of care, beginning with the patient check-in process
  • We provide a variety of mobile health applications and content using a cloud-based application and content management solution.

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Badass Women In Health Tech: Michelle Longmire, CEO Of


  • Badass Women in Health Tech: Standford educated entreprenuer Michelle Longmire is the CEO of Medable
  • Learn more about this rising Silicon Valley CEO
  • the charge to enable a band of solutions in medical data and integration for more seamless and efficient personalized health care delivery and clinical research management

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OSF HealthCare Deploys Redox Redox


  • OSF HealthCare is an integrated health system owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St
  • Francis, headquartered in Peoria, Illinois
  • OSF HealthCare employs nearly 21,000 Mission Partners in 126 locations, including 13 hospitals – 9 acute care, 4 critical access – and two colleges of nursing throughout Illinois and Michigan

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Badass Women In Health Tech: Star Cunningham, 4D


  • Former IBM executive Star Cunningham has spent over a decade building tech solutions for Fortune 500 clients
  • Today, she is the founder and CEO of 4D Healthware, a digital platform that helps patients track chronic conditions virtually through wearable devices, scales, and sensors, and share them with their healthcare providers.
  • We spoke with Star about her journey as a founder in the health

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CMS And ONC Propose New Rules On Data Exchange Redox


  • Health Care Providers (aka health systems), Health IT Developers (aka EHR vendors), Exchanges (aka HIEs), and Networks (aka Commonwell, Carequality) 2
  • EHI? What happened to PHI? The rule defines EHI to widen the umbrella of data blocking
  • While PHI can only be created by covered entities, EHI can come from anywhere, like your smartphone or

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Referrals Data Model: Patient Referral Management And


The discharging physician would request a referral for home health care, and this request would be processed through an application that provides matching services in the patient’s area. These potential match-ups would help the clinician and patient determine which agency is right for their needs.

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Digital Health Done Right: Healthify Redox


  • Digital Health Done Right is a Redox Blog Series that shines a light on a member of our interoperable network
  • We believe in our partners’ missions and want to share their stories and outcomes with you
  • Every great while you run into a company whose mission is so pure it stops you in your tracks.

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Flare Health Redox


  • Flare Health: The Social, Mobile Referral App
  • At Flare Health, we believe that referrals are all about relationships
  • In an environment where a physician’s awareness of his or her colleagues is lower than ever, we build tools that empower physicians to deepen their network and make better referrals.

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Orb Health Redox


Orb Health: Integrated Medical Devices. Orb Health’s Collaborative Virtual Care™ solution enables practices to seamlessly provide coordinated, patient-centric CCM as an extension of the practice without requiring additional staff, infrastructure, or office space.

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Healthify: Social Determinants Of Health Management


  • Healthify: Social Determinants of Health Management
  • Closing the loop on referrals for social services requires more than just technology
  • Without the infrastructure in place to ensure accountability in the delivery of social services, members fall through the cracks.

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Beam Health Redox


  • Beam Health: Telemedicine Software For Healthcare Providers
  • A Telemedicine platform built for ease
  • Use our telemedicine platform to have video appointments with your patients
  • Beam is the only telemedicine platform that providers can use with zero training.

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Integrating Social Determinants Of Health Data Redox


Social determinants of health (SDOH) are transcending buzzword status and emerging as a key issue in the next wave of reform and improvement in healthcare systems across the country. As we explored last time , it’s still early days for figuring out how best to design, deploy, and gauge the success of new approaches that expand healthcare into

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Oscar Health Redox


  • Oscar Health: On a mission to reinvent health insurance
  • Health care is broken; we’re trying to fix it
  • The Oscar team is focused on utilizing technology, design and data to humanize health care
  • We’re a group of technology and health care professionals who looked at the current state of the US health care system, got frustrated by the

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EHR Interoperability And Compliance At Scale Redox


Redox standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single API for exchanging healthcare data with any partner making scalable healthcare integration possible. With Redox enabled, electronic health record vendors can meet all of their growing health data exchange needs with single connection to Redox.

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What I Wish I Had Known About Selling To Health Systems


  • The Redox network of healthcare organizations provides digital health companies with access to 700+ potential customers that understand the value of these capabilities
  • When partnering with Redox, these capabilities become your capabilities
  • Smart digital health companies make them part of their sales message.

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Child Health Imprints Redox


Child Health Imprints is engaged in the development and application of cutting edge informational and computational technologies including IoT, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to the practice of medicine in neonatal intensive care units across the world with the objective of making early diagnosis of critical diseases and

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Bardy Diagnostics Redox


  • Bardy Diagnostics: Heart Monitoring
  • ( has created a new, state-of-the-art heart monitor known as Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (CAM™) that can be worn comfortably and discreetly for up to 7 days.

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Badass Women In Health Tech: Elaine Warren, Founder Of


  • Health tech is a rapidly growing field, and we’re passionate about featuring the female perspective in this industry
  • If you’d like to read about more bad ass women in health tech, be sure to check out a few past installments of this series by clicking here, here, and here
  • Want to learn about more healthcare technology leaders like Elaine?

Mens Health
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Ambient Clinical Analytics Redox


Ambient Clinical Analytics: Solving sepsis and delivering innovative bedside analytics. Ambient Clinical Analytics software provides clinical decision support and alerting tools for hospitals and health systems to reduce overall health care costs, improve patient outcomes and save lives.

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Digital Health Is Bigger In Texas Redox


From Chiron Health defining the future of intelligent telemedicine to Medici, Visible Health, and Vital Interaction each bringing a unique angle to improving patient engagement, Austin is home to many innovative health tech companies tackling one of healthcare’s biggest challenges: keeping patients healthy and out of the hospital while

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Digital Health Done Right: Twine Health Redox


For more on Twine Health, check out their website here, and c ome back next week when we spotlight another a digital health application that improves the modern healthcare experience. If you’d like to receive future installments of “Digital Health Done Right” delivered straight to your inbox, make sure to subscribe below.

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