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Health care REITs own and manage a variety of health care-related real estate and collect rent from tenants. Health care REITs’ property types include senior living facilities, hospitals, medical office buildings and skilled nursing facilities.

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Health Care Nareit



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Flagship REIT Charts A Course In Health Care Investing


  • The health care real estate sector is probably more competitive and heated than I’ve seen it in the past 20 years
  • One of the most active segments in our space is the physician-owned real estate
  • Capitalization rates are at historical lows and debt financing is extremely attractive, so real estate valuations are at …

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Global Medical REIT Nareit


Global Medical REIT seeks to acquire and support development of core health care facilities around the nation, where the health care providers are market-dominant and well established. The projected demand for all of these facilities and their clinical services is vital and sustainable.

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Healthcare Realty Trust Nareit


Healthcare Realty Trust is a REIT that integrates owning, managing, financing, and developing income-producing real estate properties associated primarily with the delivery of outpatient health care services throughout the U.S.

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Prognosis Good For Health Care REITs Nareit


However, health care REITs are looking to capture more of the market share in the property sector as they search for stable assets. “Health care REITs were under a bit of duress in 2015 because of concern about oversupply in the senior housing sector, reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid patients, and a reduced ability to raise capital,” says Jordan Sadler, managing director at KeyBanc Capital Markets.

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Healthcare Trust, Inc. Nareit


Healthcare Trust, Inc. is a public non-traded real estate investment trust which invests in healthcare real estate, focusing on seniors housing and medical office …

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Flagship Healthcare Trust, Inc. Nareit


Flagship Healthcare Trust, Inc., a private REIT that owns clinical outpatient health care assets in the United States, launched in January 2018. Known as Flagship REIT, it holds interests in more than 45 health care properties in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions valued at …

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Demographics Drive Health Care REITs’ Stability Nareit


  • Health care REITs are cautiously watching the implementation of health care reform and the impact of new development on the sector
  • In addition, Wittman says the biggest challenge to the sector is the prospect of rising interest rates
  • “Of course, just like everyone else, we’re waiting on the growth of the economy,” Wittman says.

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National Health Investors, Inc. Nareit


  • is a REIT specializing in sale-leaseback, joint-venture, mortgage and mezzanine financing of need-driven and discretionary senior housing and medical investments
  • NHI's portfolio consists of independent, assisted and memory care communities, entrance-fee communities, skilled nursing facilities, medical office buildings, and specialty hospitals.

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Healthcare Trust Of America, Inc. Nareit


  • One area of health care real estate that has been on the forefront of innovation is the life sciences segment
  • According to JLL’s 2017 Life Sciences Outlook, two REITs, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc
  • are creating “the next generation of space” intended to attract new talent, particularly millennials.

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Global Medical REIT Building Portfolio Of Medical


Larger health care REITs invest in specialized medical treatment facilities, but Global Medical REIT is the only pure-play REIT in the niche segment. Sourcing Domestic and International Capital Another aspect that sets the company apart – and the reason for its name - is its strategy of sourcing capital domestically and internationally, according to Young.

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Health Care REITs Thrive As Americans Age Nareit


Sabra Health Care REIT (NASDAQ: SBRA) is focusing on developing senior housing in lower-cost secondary and tertiary markets. “Senior housing was overbuilt in many markets and then hurt badly by the recession, but now they’ve adopted a new philosophy that these are centers for residents to age-in-place and get help with mobility and cognitive issues,” says Rick Matros, CEO of Sabra.

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Healthpeak Properties, Inc. Nareit


Healthpeak owns and develops high-quality real estate in the three private-pay health care asset classes of life science, senior housing, and medical office, designed to provide stability through the inevitable industry cycles. Healthpeak pairs its deep understanding of the health care real estate market with a strong vision for long-term growth.

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Griffin American Healthcare REIT III Nareit


However, health care REITs are looking to capture more of the market share in the property sector as they search for stable assets. “Health care REITs were under a bit of duress in 2015 because of concern about oversupply in the senior housing sector, reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid patients, and a reduced ability to raise capital,” says Jordan Sadler, managing director at …

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WebExclusives Health Care


  • Yet health care REITs overall have served as a defensive tack for investors
  • Health care assets are recession resistant,” Carfaro said
  • “Every asset type is affected by very large economic trends
  • Demand drivers in the health care space are very positive and

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Community Healthcare Trust Nareit


Community Healthcare Trust Inc. is a self-managed, fully-integrated health care real estate company that acquires, owns, or finances real estate properties that are leased to hospitals, doctors, health care systems, or other health care service providers located in geographic areas primarily outside of urban centers.

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Griffin American Healthcare REIT II Taking Aim At


It may not be the Wild West, but fierce competition in the health care sector has left public, non-listed REIT (PNLR) Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II taking what Dan Prosky, the firm’s president and chief operating officer, describes as a “rifle shot” approach to new acquisitions. “We completed $1.5 billion in acquisitions in 2013 by doing multiple small transactions,” he says.

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NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT Nareit


NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT (TSX: NWH.UN) provides investors with access to a portfolio of high quality healthcare real estate comprised of interests in a diversified portfolio of 122 income-producing properties and 8.0 million square feet of gross leasable area located throughout major markets in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Health Care REITs Stay On The Hunt For Senior Housing Nareit


  • Health Care REIT is forecasting 5 percent SSNOI growth in 2015
  • “In 2014, both occupancy and rates drove our overall NOI performance,” says Scott Estes, Health Care REIT’s CFO
  • “Occupancy was in excess of a 1 percent improvement for the year, and we’re seeing 3 to 4 percent rate increases across” the company’s senior housing portfolio.

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CNL Healthcare Trust Anticipating Consolidation Nareit


The health care REIT sector has been a hotbed for acquisitions in 2012, and Steven Mauldin, president and CEO of CNL Healthcare Trust and CNL Lifestyle Properties, sees that as a trend that will continue. CNL Healthcare, which intends to qualify as a non-traded REIT, seeks to acquire properties in the senior housing and health care sectors.

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Medical Properties Trust Inc. Nareit


A second challenge, which Medical Properties has already begun to address, is the acquisition of 11 health care facilities operated by Steward Health Care. Aldag says the $1.5 billion Steward transaction was completed ahead of schedule and created value for shareholders.

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Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. Nareit


  • Omega Healthcare Investors is a triple-net REIT that supports the goals of skilled nursing facility and assisted living facility operators with financing and capital
  • Omega partners with more than 65 of the most future-focused, growth-oriented operators in the U.S

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Health Care Nareit


  • President Jennifer Francis said the REIT is well-diversified geographically and by property type
  • Carol Samaan of Healthpeak Properties participated in a video interview in conjunction with Nareit’s ESG JumpStart Workshop: 2021 Webinar Series.

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A Prescription For Growth Nareit


  • With more than three decades in the health care industry, Health Care REIT, Inc
  • (NYSE: HCN) Chairman, CEO and President George Chapman has learned to read the tea leaves and best position his company in the evolving health care sector
  • The company’s portfolio has transformed with more than $1 billion invested per quarter for the past 11 quarters.

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Nareit's 2020 Leader In The Light Award Winners Nareit


Health Care Kelly Meissner, Director, Sustainability Ventas, Inc. “While the 2021 outlook remains dynamic, we expect companies to continue to evolve in order to meet heightened expectations for societal engagement and corporate citizenship from all stakeholder groups.

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The Outlook For REITs During The COVID 19 Crisis Nareit


The economy shrank in the first quarter (Q1), with gross domestic product (GDP) declining at a 4.8% annualized rate. The worst-hit sectors in Q1, which again only reflect the opening weeks of the crisis, included food service and accommodations, health care, travel, auto sales, and clothing and footwear.

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2021 REIT Outlook Commercial Real Estate & The Economy


There will continue to be wide variation across property sectors in 2021, and it may well be the mirror image of 2020. Those sectors that were most directly affected by reduced travel, business closures, and social distancing, including lodging/resorts, retail, and health care REITs, may have a more robust recovery in 2021.

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Narrow Focus Propels CNL Healthcare Properties Nareit


Less than 10 months later, as key health care real estate experts joined the company, the REIT narrowed its focus to senior living and health care properties and changed its name to CNL Healthcare Trust (shortly thereafter adopting its current name).

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Senior Housing Market Expected To Remain Lively For REITs


  • Prior to RIDEA, the health care assets were operated solely within a triple-net lease structure
  • “The wagers REITs made in RIDEA senior housing have proved to be winning bets,” Knott said
  • Bernstein added that those REITs that have increased their exposure to senior housing assets due to RIDEA have been rewarded with higher valuations.

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Welltower Wants To Transform Health Care Infrastructure


  • Health care costs escalate in the later years in life
  • Welltower has positioned itself to be part of the solution for how people live by delivering wellness
  • We deliver a congregate care senior-housing concept that allows that individual to maintain good nutrition, hydration, physical mobility, social engagement—and the biggest piece—safety.

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CEO Debra Cafaro Leads The Way At Health Care REIT Ventas


Stock-market sentiment toward health care REITs has cooled a bit during the past year, However, Cafaro believes the company is poised to attract a fresh wave of capital that will help fund its growth, including a greater level of interest among generalist investors when the S&P Dow Jones Indices transitions real estate into a stand-alone sector

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The Right Prescription For Physicians Realty Trust Nareit


“As a team of health care executives with direct physician and hospital relationships and a deep understanding of health care, we have been able to grow the company … from $124 million in real estate investments and 528,000 square feet to nearly $800 million in gross real estate investments and more than 3 million square feet.”

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Health Care REITs Anticipating The Needs Of Aging Baby


Omega Healthcare is working with Maplewood Senior Living to develop an assisted living, enhanced care, and memory care facility on New York’s Upper East Side. This tenant niche, which has government oversight and requires licensing, is important to the nation’s health care system.

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Welltower Inc. Nareit


Welltower Inc., an S&P 500 company, is driving the transformation of health care infrastructure. The company invests with leading seniors housing operators, post-acute providers, and health systems to fund the real estate infrastructure needed to scale innovative care delivery models and improve people's wellness and overall health care experience.

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Nareit National Policy Bulletin Nareit


Health care REITs face unique problems under the foreclosure property rules when the lessee/operator of a health care facility terminates its lease, either through expiration or default. Unlike most other forms of rental properties, if a health care property lease terminates, it is extremely difficult to close the facility because medical

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Health Care REIT LTC Properties Positioned For Growth Nareit


  • Health care REITs will benefit by being patient and waiting for the cycle to run its course
  • Board diversity is a major issue across corporate America right now
  • Were you surprised when you were asked to join the LTC board almost 25 years ago?

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March 23, 2016 The Honorable Jacob J. Lew U. S. Department


  • Health care REITs are REITs that own and manage a variety of health care-related properties and collect rent from tenants
  • Health care REITs’ property types include senior living communities, hospitals, life science buildings, medical office buildings and skilled nursing facilities

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Retail Centers May Look To Medical Tenants To Capture Baby


With baby boomers spending more on health care and less on retail, Chris Macke, senior strategist with CBRE, has a solution that he says will help retailers capture some of that spending. The next evolution in shopping centers will be a strategic combination of retail and health

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What’s Next For Real Estate


Health Care REITs Face New Risks. There’s uncertainty about the impact of the virus on every property type owned by health care REITs, says Jordan Sadler, a managing director and equity research analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets.

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NorthWest Healthcare's Global Track Nareit


GHC is the only Australian-listed health care real estate owner, operator and developer. Funds were also used to support an offering by NorthWest’s New Zealand subsidiary, Vital Healthcare Property Trust, an investment trust that invests in health and medical-related properties in New Zealand and Australia.

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REIT Industry July 2020 Rent Collections Nareit


The health care sector results reflect a mix of business models, with more than 4,500 senior residential properties and more than 2,800 medical facilities including hospitals and medical office buildings. REITs in the sample held onto their gains from previous months, with July rent collections at 95%.

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“Deep Pool Of Liquidity” Aids Diversified Healthcare Trust


  • Jennifer Francis, president and COO of Diversified Healthcare Trust (Nasdaq: DHC), participated in a video interview with Nareit
  • Francis said she believes the aging of the U.S
  • population bodes well for health care real estate, including medical office, life science, and senior living real estate.

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LTC Properties, Inc. Nareit


  • is a REIT investing in seniors housing and health care properties primarily through sale-leaseback transactions, mortgage financing, joint-ventures, preferred equity, and mezzanine lending
  • Performance Details Previous trading day’s Close
  • $37.47 Current high for the day

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Lauralee Martin Brings A New Perspective To HCP Nareit


  • Lauralee Martin, president and CEO of HCP, Inc
  • (NYSE: HCP), traveled a unique route to the health care REIT’s c-suite
  • When HCP’s board of directors hired a new CEO in October 2013, it opted for a fresh start with someone from outside the REIT world.

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Health Care REITs: Steady Into 2009


  • Health care REIT stocks have done well in challenging times, so it makes sense that private health care real estate companies would come public
  • In 2009 we may also witness a resurgence of M&A in the REIT space, happening first in the health care REIT sector.

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Investment Performance By Property Sector And Subsector


Source: FTSETM, Nareit®. Notes: 1 Implied market capitalization is calculated as common shares outstanding plus operating partnership units, multiplied by share price.Data presented in thousands of Disclaimer: The FTSE Nareit US Real Estate Index Series (Indexes) is calculated by FTSE International Limited (FTSE®), which is part of the London Stock Exchange

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Social Purpose REITs Tackle Affordable Housing Challenges


  • She’s got a good job, perhaps as a home health care aide, a profession that’s in high demand
  • She’s doing something we all rely on and needs an affordable place to live near public transit, good schools, grocery stores, parks, and other amenities
  • If she has that, her family thrives
  • If she doesn’t, nothing else works,” says Anne

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