Healthcare And Life Sciences


The IBM Research Healthcare and Life Sciences team is dedicated to exploring and developing new methodologies and improving processes for a broad range of health care challenges. From how we can help in the diagnosis of diseases, to managing population health, or a better understanding the human genome, the team blends a broad set of disciplines such as biology, chemistry, data analytics, AI

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IBM Research Health Informatics


Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease, 2017: 2017: Machine Learning : Integrated multisystem analysis in a mental health and criminal justice ecosystem: Falconer E, El-Hay T, Alevras D, Docherty J, Yanover C, Kalton A, Goldschmidt, Rosen-Zvi: Health & Justice 5:4 2017: 2017: Machine Learning

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IBM Cancer Research


Our goal: research that improves healthcare . IBM cancer research teams are composed of scientists with backgrounds in biology, chemistry, neuroscience, physics, machine learning, data mining, statistics, visual analytics and decision science.

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Knowledge Based Decision Support In Health Care


beyond the boarders of health care institutions, but maybe still related to health care professionals in hospitals, in the context of health enabling technologies ([6]) and in order to maintain and extend independent living in our aging societies. Progress in knowledge-based decision support in health care is probably strongly

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Family Health History Workshop


Family health history remains the most unused resource in healthcare despite the fact that it is the best and least expensive genetic 'test' currently available for clinical use.

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Family Health History Workshop


Family Health History Applications in Intermountain Healthcare Grant Wood, Intermountain Healthcare With new computerized tools, the collection and use of family health history data in clinical care can be elevated to a higher level. Grant will demonstrate an Internet-based family history application for patients, and propose how the patient

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Model Based Testing: What


  • 2003 – Health care ISV 2005 – IBM Java compliance
  • ISSTA - Prtland Maine July 18 2006 IBM Haifa Labs Model Driven Engineering Technologies What is the reality? Part 1 1997 – GOTCHA for processor architecture verification Coverage driven testing Tools were used by Ph

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IBM Journal Of Research & Development


IBM Journal of Research and Development. 2020:64(1/2) - "Disaster Response and Management" Data from sources such as the EM-DAT database at the University of Louvain shows that the number of natural disasters and their cost continues to increase while the effect of climate change as determined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change indicates that the effect of the more than 7-billion

Mens Health
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Information Technology For Public Health Seminar 2006


The challenge is how healthcare information standards can be utilized in the field of public health genomics, and how human genomics data can be integrated into PHIN. In particular, the HL7 Clinical Genomics specification was explored as a standard way to transmit genotype information in the National Health and Nutritional Examination Study

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History Of Progress


IBM Research is the innovation engine of IBM. From helping the Apollo space missions land on the moon to the discovery of fractals; from the technology behind laser eye surgery to the first cognitive computing system now being applied to health care and many other industries, IBM Research continues to drive the future of technology.

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That’s Debatable


  • IBM Watson uses natural language processing capability to bring global voices to the debate
  • “That’s Debatable” is a limited series presented by Bloomberg Media and Intelligence Squared U.S
  • and sponsored exclusively by IBM—featuring industry leaders, economists, policy makers, and public intellectuals to debate some of today’s most pressing issues.

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IoT For Healthcare


IoT in healthcare is an emerging, competitive field with an increasing number of case studies driven by fast-paced sensor technology development and further boosted through strong advertisement by Amazon, Apple & Co with smart speakers and smart devices in our homes.

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IBM R&D Labs In Israel IBM Healthcare At 100


Few areas of health and medicine have gone untouched by the technology, research and innovation generated by IBM over the past century. From the first continuous blood separator which led to treatment for leukemia patients, the first heart lung machine to keep patients alive during surgery, the excimer laser used in LASIK eye surgery, to technologies of the future that will one day allow nano

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That’s Debatable


  • Universal health care would save the US economy $278 billion per year
  • Many states in the US that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act experienced employment growth that was 1.3 percent higher than in states that did not expand Medicaid
  • Higher tax rates for higher income brackets could offset tax reductions for low earners, helping

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IBM R&D Labs In Israel Colloquium Invited Speakers


  • His third book, Surviving In Health Care, received the American College of Physician Executive's Robert A
  • Henry Literary Achievement Award for its contribution to medical management
  • He received the American Society of Neuroradiology's Cornelius G
  • Dyke Award for outstanding research and was awarded 2 NIH grants for CNS research projects.

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Medical Informatics Day 2010


He holds a B.Sc in computer science from the Technion in Israel. Mr Carmeli is involved in the definition, design and implementation of IT solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences, such as Clinical Genomics Analytics (Cli-G), Health Information Exchange, the Public Health Information Affinity Domain, and the Hypergenes and EuResist EU projects.

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Clinical Genomic Analysis Workshop 2012


  • Skorecki, Director of Medical & Research Development Rambam Health Care Campus, is a clinical nephrologist who has been active in the area of human population genetics research, in the context of genealogy, history, and health
  • He has also made major contributions in cancer and stem cell research.

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The New Generation Of EHR


He has worked in e-health since 1994, when he was the technical advisor for the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project. Since 1998, he has been involved in international e-health standards development (OMG, HL7, CEN, IHTSDO), including as an IHTSDO Technical Committee member 2009-2012.

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Governance And Regulations Implications On Machine Learning


  • health care industry as it relates to digital health data
  • However, in June 2018 the state of California passed a new privacy law that will go into e ect in 2020
  • Since each state could theoretically do the same, the US could nd itself with 50 di erent privacy laws
  • As a result there are now discussions about creating

Cats Health
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Clinical Genomic Analysis Workshop 2015


  • Brook holds the Distinguished Chair in Health Care Services at the RAND Corporation, where he previously served for 19 years as vice president and director of RAND Health
  • He is also a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and professor of Medicine and Health Services at UCLA, where he directs the Robert Wood Johnson

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Family History Information Exchange Using The HL7 V3


Family History Information Exchange Using the HL7 V3 Clinical Genomics Standards Amnon Shabo (Shvo)1, Ohad Greenshpan1, Kevin Hughes2, Brian Drohan3, John Sharko3, and Chris Lawrence3 1 IBM Haifa Research Lab; 2 Massachusetts general Hospital – Partners Health Care; 3 University of Massachusetts at Lowell A number of family history applications are in use by healthcare

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Dialogue Design And Management For Multi Session Casual


  • • Dialogue systems can support people with their health care needs
  • Such systems can collect and track health information from older individuals and provide comments and advice to improve user wellness
  • They can also remind people about their medications and doctor appointments
  • • Speech-based systems can help users feel less lonely by pro-

Mens Health
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Thomas J. Watson Research Center


  • The Thomas J. Watson Research Center includes research facilities in Yorktown Heights and Albany New York as well as Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • It serves as the headquarters of IBM Research – one of the largest industrial research organizations in the world, with 12 labs on six continents
  • Experts working at the Center, and at IBM Research Labs around the globe, are pioneering scientific

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IBM Research Europe, Dublin, Ireland


  • Integrated Health, Social Care and Human Behaviour Change
  • A deeper understanding of the complex interactions between chronic conditions is key to the future sustainability of healthcare systems
  • As people age, they tend to acquire a combination of conditions such as diabetes, congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

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Single Regional Health Information Center – CMC


  • public health community leveraging important healthcare standards and the open source community
  • District and national public health organizations are significant consumers of laboratory and clinical data as well as producers of clinically relevant reports
  • By leveraging the same technical infrastructure

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IBM Researchヘルスケア・ライフサイエンス研究部門では、医療分野の多岐にわたる課題に対処するための新しい方法論の検討・開発とプロセスの改善に取り組んでいます。疾病の診断支援から公衆衛生の管理やヒト・ゲノムのより深い理解に至るまで、生物学、化学、データ分析、AI、医学などの

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IBM Science For Social Good


Launched in 2016, IBM Science for Social Good partners IBM Research scientists and engineers with academic fellows, subject matter experts from a diverse range of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public sector agencies, and social enterprises to tackle emerging societal challenges using science and technology. The Science for Social Good program is built on the premise that applied

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Consortium For Sequencing The Food Supply Chain


  • Consortium for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain - overview
  • Video source and credit: Mars, Incorporated
  • The significant threat of foodborne illness affects nearly every industry on every continent from government and healthcare to agriculture and retail, yet the massive issue continues to …

Beauty Food
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IBM Research THINKLab: Developing Solutions In Africa, For


IBM researchers are already using the hologram to explore future modes of human-machine interaction where 3D visualizations may help to overcome issues with literacy in some parts of Africa and become a powerful new way to deliver services in areas such as healthcare and financial inclusion. "Innovation is a much overused word these days.

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