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  • People who are reluctant to get COVID-19 vaccines could end up prolonging the pandemic, U.S
  • National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said on Thursday

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Healthcare Sector


Healthcare: Johnson & Johnson: $159.48-1.34%: UnitedHealth Group Inc: $374.50-0.47%: Abbott Laboratories: $123.01 +1.63%

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


HARIDWAR/AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) -India's new coronavirus infections hit a record on Wednesday, as crowds of pilgrims gathered for a religious …

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Healthcare Platform Agilon Valued At Around $11 Bln In


1 day ago · Healthcare platform agilon health gained a valuation of about $11 billion in its market debut on Thursday, after the company's shares opened 23% above the offer price.

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Poland Health Minister Expects COVID 19 Case Numbers To


  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Poland health minister expects COVID-19 case numbers to fall
  • Medical staff members treat patients inside the …

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German Health Minister Tells States To Tighten COVID 19


1 day ago · German Health Minister Jens Spahn urged the country's 16 federal states on Thursday to impose tougher restrictions quickly to try to slow a third wave of the coronavirus and not to wait until a

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Healthcare Collapse Imminent, Brazil's Sao Paulo Warns, As


Brazil's richest and most populous state, Sao Paulo, has warned its ability to care for seriously ill COVID-19 patients was on the verge of collapse as it ran perilously low on key drugs

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Brazil Health Regulator Lacks Data Needed To Evaluate


9 hours ago · Brazil's health regulator Anvisa lacks the information necessary to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine, the agency said in legal documents seen by Reuters on Friday.

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U.S. Calls For Pause To J&J COVID 19 Vaccine Over Rare


(Reuters) - U.S. federal health agencies on Tuesday recommended pausing the use of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine for at least a few …

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Health News Headlines Reuters


J&J COVID-19 vaccine under EU review over blood clots. (Reuters) -Europe's drug regulator said on Friday it is reviewing rare blood clots in four people in the United States who received Johnson

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Denmark Undecided On Fate Of AstraZeneca Vaccines


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals · April 16, 2021 · 9:57 PM UTC J&J scientists refute ‘class effect’ to blame for clots in those who got its COVID-19 vaccine. Scientists at Johnson & Johnson

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New York's Largest Hospital System Sets Up Mental Health


New York's largest healthcare provider Northwell Health has opened a center to offer resilience and traumatic stress services to its 76,000 healthcare

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Health Systems Urged To Develop Green Cure For Fast Rising


2 days ago · Health Care Without Harm also urged governments to track health system emissions and identify ways to reduce them under their national climate …

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Mexican Private Doctors Say They've Been Left Out Of COVID


Mexico had 964,000 healthcare personnel working in the public sector as of 2019, according to government figures. Reuters was unable to establish how many private sector health workers there are

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Norway Postpones Decision On AstraZeneca Vaccine Reuters


Norway will take more time to assess whether to resume the use of the AstraZeneca (AZN.L) vaccine against COVID-19 or stop it altogether, health minister Bent Hoeie said on Thursday.

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Top German Health Official Says Need To Break Third COVID


1 day ago · Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Biden administration to invest $1.7 billion to fight COVID-19 variants 2:48 PM UTC Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals U.S. …

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Tight Rein On Costs Helps UnitedHealth Beat Profit


Health insurers across the board will still likely remain relatively conservative around their expectations for how healthcare activity could play out over the rest of the year, Stephens analyst

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Healthcare Platform Agilon Valued At About $11 Billion In


1 day ago · Healthcare platform agilon health gained a valuation of nearly $11 billion in its market debut on Thursday, after the company's shares opened 23% above their offer price.

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Ontario Hospitals May Have To Withhold Care As COVID 19


FILE PHOTO: A health care worker looks out from the emergency entrance at Mount Sinai Hospital as the number of the coronavirus disease …

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Special Report: Pandemic Exposes Systemic Staffing


(Reuters) - One night in April, as coronavirus swept through the Hammonton Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Robyn Esaw, a double amputee, signaled for help with her bedpan.

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Pandemic Takes Its Toll On Danes' Mental Health, Insurer


Social distancing and worries over COVID-19 have caused a surge in Danes seeking professional help to ease anxiety and depression they developed …

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Native Health Providers Drive Alaska's Vaccination Success


The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp dubbed its COVID-19 vaccine-delivery system Project Togo, after a celebrated lead dog in the storied serum run. A team of healthcare

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Finland Seeking Talks With Russia Over Sputnik V Vaccine


Finland's health minister said on Thursday the Nordic country was initiating talks with Russia over buying its Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine, which has …

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PNG Reports 11 COVID 19 Deaths, Pressuring A Fragile


1 day ago · Papua New Guinea on Thursday reported 11 new deaths linked to COVID-19, a larger than usual increase for the Pacific island nation, which may support concerns that …

Covid 19 Health
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Italy Makes COVID 19 Vaccine Mandatory For All Health


  • Italy makes COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all health workers
  • ROME (Reuters) - All health workers in Italy must have coronavirus jabs

Covid 19 Health
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Romanian PM Fires Health Minister Over Handling Of COVID


2 days ago · Even before the pandemic, Romania’s health care system had been under pressure, dogged by corruption, inefficiency and politicised management split between local and central authorities.

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Health Insurer Shares Pummeled By Sanders Surge, Virus


The S&P 500 managed healthcare index of health insurance stocks .SPLRCHMO tumbled over 7% early Monday afternoon, compared to a 3.5% fall for the …

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Iraq’s Healthcare System Is In Crisis. Patients Are Suffering.


To understand the collapse of Iraq’s healthcare, Reuters spoke to dozens of doctors, patients, officials and private investors and analyzed government and World Health

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Home Health Care Aides Often Face Verbal Abuse From


  • Home health care aides often face verbal abuse from clients
  • For many home healthcare aides, verbal abuse from clients or clients’ family is a real problem, a U.S

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Schools, COVID And Mental Health


In each case, school staff assessed whether they needed to contact police or find other resources to help the families with food, clothing or medical and mental health care

Covid 19 Health
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Patients Often Withhold Relevant Information From Doctors


(Reuters Health) - - Patients commonly hold back information from doctors that could help in their healthcare, which could influence the care they receive or even harm them, researchers say.

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Half Of World's People Can't Get Basic Health Services


Anna Marriott, health policy advisor for the international aid agency Oxfam, said the report was a “damning indictment” of governments’ efforts on health. “Healthcare, a basic human right

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Finland Latest To Mix COVID 19 Vaccines As AstraZeneca


2 days ago · Finland said on Wednesday people aged under 65 who got a first dose of the AstraZeneca (AZN.L) COVID-19 shot may get a different vaccine for their …

Covid 19 Health
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In Rural France, Macron Seeks Remedy For 'healthcare


When the World Health Organization conducted its only global healthcare survey in 2000, it rated France’s system the world’s best. But the aging population, tight budgets and an increase in

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'List Price' For Healthcare Treatments In The U.S. May Be


(Reuters Health) - - The “list price” for healthcare treatments can vary wildly and may not reflect what will appear on a patient’s bill, a new study finds.

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From 'Hillarycare' Debacle In 1990s, Clinton Emerged More


Conservatives and healthcare industry interests attacked it. One negative TV ad campaign paid for by health insurers memorably featured the fictional couple Harry and Louise.

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Americans Spending More Out Of Pocket On Mental Health


To take a closer look at the costs of mental health care among people with private insurance coverage, Xu and her colleagues turned to the Truven Health MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters

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Mexico Has World's Most Health Worker Deaths From Pandemic


Mexico has registered more than 610,000 cases and nearly 66,000 deaths. Mexico’s government earlier this week said 102,494 health workers had contracted coronavirus and the death toll had

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Modern Healthcare: Top Systems Often Take Centralized


(MODERN HEALTHCARE) When Banner Health began a multiyear rollout of an electronic system to monitor critically ill patients continuously from a central command center, precious time was lost while

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Informal Caregivers Often In Poor Health Themselves Reuters


A major next step, she said, is to include caregivers in electronic health records for patients, which would allow agencies and healthcare systems to identify caregivers and offer services.

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Alphabet Backed Oscar Health Eyes As Much As $6.7 Billion


Oscar Health, which serves 529,000 members, has not been profitable since its inception and reported a net loss of $406.8 million in 2020. ( company was founded by Mario

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CVS To Expand Health Hubs To 1,500 Stores By End Of 2021


NEW YORK (Reuters) - CVS Health Corp said it would offer expanded health services such as nutrition counseling and blood pressure screenings in 1,500 stores by the end of 2021, following through

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Liberian Hospital Patients Turned Away As Medical Strike


A medical workers' strike in Liberia has paralyzed the country's already faltering health care system, leaving its biggest hospitals in disarray and thousands of patients without care.

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DOJ Doubles Down In Brief To Discredit ‘Wall Street Backed


The founder of Health Choice’s parent, John Mininno, said in a declaration that he founded National Healthcare Analysis Group (Health Choice’s parent) to advise investors conducting due

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EU Allows Lesotho's MG Health To Export Cannabis Flower


MG Health currently produces around 250kg of packed cannabis flower a month on a pilot-scale production footprint of 5000 square meters. As soon as exports start, another 10,000 m2 of …

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