Millennium Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Health care costs are way too expensive as it is without businesses like this taking advantage of misinformed patients. The doctor even admitted to NOT requesting this so-called in depth testing, as well as all the phantom tests this business claimed to perform.

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Honor Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


The doctors at Honor Health: Scottsdale Osborne are wonderful, however once you leave the building the service goes south fast To those who run this hospital: you are going to lose patients if your patient financial service division does not become more competent and more respectful fast My payments have been misapplied at least times in the last year, which has led to a ridiculous amount of

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Abrazo Health Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Food dog would not eat I brought home from there parent would not eat either, Cold rooms No Kindness or Care takes days for an answer
  • NOTHING positive and going on 14 days
  • Not fit for the homeless cannot believe Medicare would allow this to stay open
  • Abrazio Health care is lacking in CARE.

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HealthSmart Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


the billing for services rendered by Franklin Township Fire Department in the amount of $814.37 was initially received in our office on 2/24/16. The claim was denied advising that the billing needed to be sent to the PPO Network United HealthCare for potential repricing.

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Natural Healthy Concepts Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • This company is very unprofessional in the health care field and I would strongly suggest avoiding them completely
  • If you experience a problem with an order don't count on this company helping you
  • King's Natural Medicine and they …

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Peak Performance For Men Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • After 12 treatments and wasted $6k I am still unable to engage in sexual activities
  • It troubles me greatly I wasted $6k
  • I could have spent the health care money elsewhere
  • In my opinion the guarantee is worthless
  • There's no hope I can recover any of the $6k.

Mens Health
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Dignity Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Medicare wants to know why Dignity Health Medical Foundation waited 15 months to resend out these bills
  • After multiple conversations with Dignity Health Medical Foundation and them not being honest with me, I seek help with this matter
  • When we call Dignity Health Medical Foundation, we asked if they had resubmitted claims.

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St. Luke's University Health Network Reviews, Complaints


This is an issue for these two parties to resolve.Desired Settlement: I hold St Luke's University Health Network primarily responsible for my current situation and distress since they could have utilized the same tools to pursue [redacted] Co as they've used to pursue me. It appears to me this billing issue is a dispute between St Luke's and

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Christiana Care Health System Reviews, Complaints


  • The Finance Department has agreed to take the matter out of Collections and seek payment from Medicaid
  • The mother offered to pay but Christiana Care told her to wait and they would try to get the bill covered by Medicaid
  • We understand that the financial aspects of the health care system can be very confusing to patients.

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Sutter Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Sutter Health just lost 5 new patients on 4-28-14 because "policy" is more important than "patients". I do not recommend Sutter Health, unless you have plenty of money to spare.Desired Settlement: Pay a lump sum at a reasonble rate of 25-50% of the $491 overcharge for a new patient visit and flu shot.

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Kootenai Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • That's important because self pay is 25% less than insurance paid visits
  • If you don't have health insurance you are fined by the Govt., if you do have insurance you are charged 25% more by some health care providers such as Kootenai Health
  • Most clients probably don't know that, I certainly didn't.

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Hello Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


The merchant keeps saying I signed up for their service, but the truth is I wasn't aware of the siprocessSo I visited the doctor, the front desk told me to sign in on an iPad and provide my address and credit card informationI wasn't told at all about the portal and I thought all …

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Health Companion Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Health Companion provides a personal health record for consumers and healthcare providers
  • We currently securely transfer between 700,000-1,000,0000 patient records per month
  • As you might imagine, we do receive some calls and email contacts for support every day and make every effort to reply within 1 business day.

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Kalispell Regional Medical Center Reviews, Complaints


  • I came to the hospital for a surgery and had to stay for 5 days
  • After two days I was transfered from the ICU to the Med surg unit
  • All the people were good but one stood out above the rest as the most compasionate health care worker ive ever dealt with
  • She was an RN and her name was Nicole
  • She addressed me as “my friend”.

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Griswold Home Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Over the past month Griswold's care-givers have not shown up to work 3 times
  • One time for a WEEK LONG period
  • There were no telephone calls from Griswold or the care-givers stating that they would be late or that the care-giver was not coming that day in fact, had we not called Griswold to ask where the care-givers were, they would not have known their care-givers were "no shows".

Home Healthcare
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Aurora Health Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service

[redacted] of Wisconsin January RE: Aurora Health Care complaint [redacted] personnel, We've made contact with [redacted] and her concerns center around two issues; how a visit to an Aurora clinic was processed and a how a credit was applied to her account The specific location [redacted] went to is a walk in clinic that can provide care comparable to urgent care but it is not

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Cape Cod Healthcare Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Cape Cod Healthcare accepts all insurance plans but it is up to the consumer to work with the insurance company to understand what their patient responsibility will be
  • I apologize for the delay is getting this issue addressed
  • As stated we are trying to identify any patients affected by …

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Manor Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Review: I am writing on behalf of my mother, [redacted] has been in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for several years now as the result of a stroke, which rendered her left side totally non-responsive, and devastated her financial situation, which now includes only government programs and no private or secondary insurance.

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Ultimate Health Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Ultimate Medicare Advantage plan
  • Beacon Behavioral Health, the mental health provider they have contracted with is worthless
  • They have no idea what they are doing
  • I have spent almost two weeks fighting them for a facility for my husband to go to and 5 hours today
  • He has already been medically detoxed at a Hospital.

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Alignment Health Plan Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Alignment Health Plan consumer reviews, complaints, customer service
  • Customer service contacts and company information
  • Write a review In regards to my complaint about Alignment Health Care, the matter has been resolved to my satisfaction
  • It took my contacting the CEO/President of the company to do so, but he was most apologetic

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Aloha Medicinals Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • Health decisions are much too important to be made without the advice of a health care practitioner
  • As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product
  • If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using any

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Institute For Integrative Nutrition Reviews, Complaints


  • Review: I have a Bachelor's degree in a science-based health care specialty and have worked in the field for 15 years
  • I have also been successfully running a private practice for almost 10 years
  • After finishing a science-based nutrition program, I was looking for additional education in order to add health coaching to my business.

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Brite Sun Health Training Reviews, Complaints, Customer


  • Paid 1,800.00 for Medical Assisting at Brite Sun Health Training in Cary, NC
  • Only finished phlebotomy just in the nick of time since teacher all of a sudden left - Michelle Crusenberry
  • Talia Anthony, owner, cancelled all other classes and said students would receive a refund.

Beauty Training
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Neuliven Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Neuliven Health Customer Service can also be reached at [email protected] We have canceled Mr***’ subscription and initiated refund.Since 2008, Glucocil has helped tens of thousands of men and women, becoming the nation’s #comprehensive dietary supplement for promoting blood sugar levels naturally To find the closest store, please use the

Health Insurance
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ProHealth Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • contacted United Health Care as a corrected claim had been sent to them
  • United Health Care does not recognize screening codes as preventative so a corrected claim was sent with the preventative code added
  • The claim was applied to the deductible each time for both labs done that day.

Health Insurance
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Secure Care Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Review: I have purchased auto warranty from secure car care and I want to cancel my policy and get a full refund in my 30 days review and when I called them to cancel it they said I have to mail a letter stating that ,I sent it and its been more than 14 days and I haven't got my refund and when I called them to ask about my refund they said you should have it in next two weeks and when I ask

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Centura Health Corporate Reviews, Complaints, Customer


Did Centura Health think I would not notice and thereby be fooled into paying the $83 charge that had been negated by United Healthcare? The Centura Health response to the, dated September 29, 2015, is unprofessional and deceitful. Let's examine the four-sentence response in detail.

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SouthStar Urgent Care Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • As a health care provider this is unacceptable
  • They are letting people exposed to COVID-19 be in close proximity to each other and she took appointments of people not wearing a mask even though their sign says it's required
  • You will be exposed to COVID 19 if you go here.

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Senior Health Insurance Company Of Pennsylvania Reviews


  • And, just when we thought we had all the "correct" documentation for her $28,000 out-of-pocket home health care, they found other issues
  • ONE day out of the clear blue we received a check for %175.00
  • We are reporting this company to the Insurance Commissioner and the
  • I'm planning my assault on this company.

Health Insurance
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Centra Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


  • I am 63 years old with COPD and still have not been called by central health for a co-vid shot
  • Central health does not care about their patients only the Medicare money
  • I am looking for a better health care provider
  • Would not recommend central health.

Health Insurance
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Quality Healthcare Options Reviews, Complaints, Customer


  • training course is regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Health services
  • All training sites require students to pass written exams AND competency on skills as well as clinical practicum
  • [redacted] has a contract with Quality Healthcare Options in regards to the financial policies we hold

Health Insurance
9 days ago / 100 People Used See more... Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Mr [redacted] ,Thank you for letting us know about this, we have reviewed your partner status We were unaware that Accessible Home Health Care discontinued its partnership with of our parent company, A Place for MomPer our contracts, the listings of partners feature our phone number next to the agency nameNow that Accessible Home Health Care is no longer a partner, your listing will be treated

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Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Reviews, Complaints


A representative from Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare's customer service department has tried to phone the patient multiple times without reaching the patientOur rep would like to clarify the exact location of the clinic where the patient was seenCurrently, the patient is listing a healthcare

Health Insurance
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American Specialty Health Reviews, Complaints, Customer


American Specialty Health is a blood sucking leech, making profit by denying health care providers proper payment, denying patients their right to get the allotted number of visits they should have been approved for, slowing down the overall process for claim adjustment, payment, and customer/provider care, not to mention illegal business

Health Insurance
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Preferred Homecare Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service


Preferred Homecare (PHC) would like to respond to the ( patient concern regarding Ms [redacted] ’s power wheelchair (PWC) repair concern PHC did receive an order for Ms [redacted] ’s PWC repair PWC repairs require patient evaluation, coordination with parts vendors, adherence to insurance coverage guidelines, submission of repair claims and a final fitting to ensure

Home Healthcare
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