The Best Long Term Care Insurance Companies Of 2021


The cost of long-term care life insurance depends on several different factors, including age, health status, gender, marital status, amount of coverage, and insurance provider. According to the American Association for Long-Term Care …

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The Best Medical Travel Insurance 2020


  • The OneTrip Prime plan from Allianz Global Assistance combines both medical travel insurance and some cancellation coverage as well
  • The maximum benefits coverage for medical care and transportation are higher than many …

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Protecting Your Kids And Home During Covid 19 Crisis


  • Steps to make your own hand sanitizer
  • Choose a container to mix and store your hand sanitizer
  • Prepare two-parts alcohol for every one-part aloe vera gel
  • For example, if you have two cups of rubbing alcohol, add it to one cup of aloe vera gel.

Covid 19 Health
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How To Support Loved Ones While Quarantining


According to a study published in Healthcare of older adults and their adoption of technology, “Frustration appeared to be a significant barrier, which led to a lack of self-confidence and motivation to pursue using the technology.” If you can overcome this barrier, it will be easier for your loved ones to learn new ways to communicate.

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Internet And Diabetes: A Practical Approach To Self


  • Improve communication and coordination of care among members of your health care team
  • This is especially important for people with diabetes, where many people are involved in your care
  • It’s important for each member of your health care team to be aware of what the others are doing
  • Provide support for self-management of your own care.

Diabetes Health
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Stress, Distracted Driving, And Frontline Workers


  • With the novel coronavirus the demand for health care is rampant
  • Frontline workers are working longer shifts and are being exposed to health risks every day
  • As health care professionals battle the pandemic, practicing stress management before driving to or from work, is more important than ever
  • We should all do our part in helping frontline workers reduce their stress levels by showing them …

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10 People You Didn’t Realize Know Where You Live And How


  • More and more people are turning to the convenience of food delivery services
  • In fact, it is estimated that by 2025, online food delivery will become a $200 billion industry
  • As soon as you start making a habit of ordering the same food or using the same delivery services, people will start to learn where you live.

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List Of Life Insurance Companies And Ratings


  • Life Insurance Companies and Ratings for 2019 We’ve been researching and reviewing life insurance for years, and our main takeaway is: It’s complicated
  • That’s why it’s good to start with the basics
  • Below, we rate core features like financial strength, coverage, and service for 20 of the most popular life insurance companies in the U.S

Life Healthcare
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Best Websites For Free Online Education


  • Sign up for their 30-day free trial to try it out
  • There are courses in personal growth, productivity, health and fitness, finance, arts, entrepreneurship, photography, psychology, professional training and many other subjects
  • InsightTimer: This free app is designed to help you improve your sleep and reduce anxiety and stress
  • InsightTimer is the world’s most extensive library of free guided …

Cats Health
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Transamerica Life Insurance Review 2021


  • Transamerica Financial Foundation IUL reviews from customers aren’t great
  • Power’s 2020 Life Insurance Satisfaction Study, it scored well below the industry average of 763 and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports more complaints than average for the company on its scale
  • That being said, Transamerica’s index universal life insurance policies may allow

Life Healthcare
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The Best Cheap Pet Insurance


  • Of the four providers on our list, Embrace offered the cheapest sample quote
  • They also offer a diminishing deductible program, which means your deductible will reduce by $50 every year you don’t file a claim
  • Best For: People looking for the cheapest insurance option.

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The Best Cheap Travel Insurance Of 2021


  • Medical coverage is the most important part of travel insurance, as U.S
  • health plans generally won’t cover you while you’re abroad
  • The travel industry experts we spoke with recommend a minimum of $50,000 in medical coverage …

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Data Privacy Laws By State


From accessing health care information to paying bills online to even tagging your location on social media, you’re sharing information that can be collected. According to a recent study, 47% of Americans were not sure they understood what was done with their personal information and 59% were confused by the privacy policy presented by companies.

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Best Life Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • The company’s direct term policy is an option for those with health issues: it’s available for anyone up to age 64 and doesn’t require a medical exam
  • Life Insurance Study, based on a 1,000-point scale

Life Healthcare
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Mutual Of Omaha Life Insurance Review


  • Mutual of Omaha offers several kinds of life insurance, including term life and permanent life insurance
  • It’s one of the most flexible providers regarding health conditions, as it will let you buy a policy if you or a loved one has had cancer before, provided you meet its eligibility requirements
  • This is an important distinction; other providers might rule you as ineligible if you’ve had cancer.

Life Healthcare
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Where To Put A Carbon Monoxide Detector


  • Carbon monoxide is a gas emitted in the combustion of carbon-based fuels, like wood, coal, and gasoline
  • Given the odorless and colorless nature of carbon monoxide, it’s known as the “silent killer“
  • Carbon monoxide can be released from your dryer vent, as well as your furnace, fireplace, or chimney and with a carbon monoxide alarm […]

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The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies 2021


  • Some of my clients from the healthcare insurance industry are organizing educational webinars as part of their marketing strategies
  • These webinars give them the chance to break down the complexities of health insurance quotes for prospective clients
  • To entice customers, many insurance companies are adopting a more friendly approach.

Home Healthcare
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The Best Travel Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • rates IMG as the best travel insurance company, earning a 4.75 out of 5
  • The best travel insurance companies have broad areas and limits of coverage and excellent service for the insured
  • Medical coverage and trip cancellation/interruption are must-haves when choosing the best travel insurance company.

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The Best Life Insurance Companies For Seniors


Not every life insurance policy fits every person or family's unique needs. Read our reviews to determine which insurance companies are best for you.

Life Healthcare
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The Best International Travel Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • 4.2 Reviews Score Score is based on company’s customer experience, financial stability, and coverage options.; A AM Best Rate AM Best rates insurance providers creditworthiness
  • Ratings are based on the provider’s ability to follow through with a payout when a consumer files a claim
  • $50K–$250K Medical Coverage Medical coverage is what the company will pay out to you if you were …

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The 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Is Utter Nonsense


  • Powis also noted that those particular phone networks are used by healthcare workers and emergency services
  • There is no evidence that 5G technology is dangerous, nor that it is related to the spread of COVID-19
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has firmly stated that 5G networks do not spread the virus

Coronavirus Health
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The Best Pet Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • Unfortunately, our furry friends don’t have the same protections that we do when it comes to health insurance
  • Even the best pet insurance carriers have exclusions for pre-existing conditions and even age
  • Furthermore, many pet insurance companies don’t cover preventative care like vaccinations, annual checkups, spaying, or neutering.

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Vanessa Jerusalimiec, Author At


Insurance Disclosure. All insurance products advertised on are underwritten by insurance carriers that have partnered with,, LLC may receive compensation from an insurer or other intermediary in connection with your engagement with the website.

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How To Keep Your Smart Home Secure


“Hackers can use a vulnerable smart home device to compromise other devices on your network — stealing financial information, health care records, or the equivalent sensitive information from your loved ones.” Ashkenazi agreed, saying, “What’s scary is that once they access the device, it’s not just that device that’s compromised.

Home Healthcare
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MassMutual Life Insurance Review


  • Cynthia Paez Bowman is a contributing writer for
  • Over the last two years, she has covered insurance, home security and more
  • She has been featured in MSN, Bankrate,, The Simple Dollar and GOBankingRates.

Life Healthcare
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Best Maryland Car Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • The Average Cost of Car Insurance in Maryland
  • Maryland is one of the top five most expensive states in the nation for minimum coverage — with an average of $858 per year, which is twice as expensive as many states
  • Specifically looking at the companies we compared, average rates range from $1,077 to $1,754.

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Best & Cheapest Home Insurance Companies In North Carolina


Insurance Disclosure. All insurance products advertised on are underwritten by insurance carriers that have partnered with,, LLC may receive compensation from an insurer or other intermediary in connection with your engagement with the website.

Home Healthcare
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Michigan Has A Plan To Fix Auto Insurance. Could Other


Drivers will still have access to unlimited coverage, but they’ll also have a choice of $500,000, $250,000, or $50,000 in coverage, with PIP savings ranging from 10% to 45% depending on the level of coverage selected. Seniors and people with Medicare or qualifying health insurance will be able to opt out of PIP completely.

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Ask The Experts: Is Pet Insurance Worth It


  • According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), in 2017 the average pet insurance policy in the U.S
  • cost about $536 per year for dogs and $335 for cats, which translates to around $30-$50 per month
  • Keep in mind, there’s a lot of variance in that number.

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How We Make Money


TL;DR: We make money via affiliate links, which means if you click a link on our site, we may earn a commission. Any commissions we receive do not affect our recommendations, but if you want to know more about how that works, read on … Who We Are Greetings, internet …

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Guide To Approaching Life Insurance With Pre Existing


  • The Importance of Life Insurance
  • Life insurance is an important part of sound financial planning
  • We all want the best for our family, and if you were to pass away, and were therefore unable to continue to support them, a life insurance policy would provide some much-needed financial security for those dependent on you.

Life Healthcare
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The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In California


Life in Cali is pretty amazing. California ranks among the top states to live for its booming economy, great healthcare and natural resources.But living in the Golden State has many challenges, mainly because of high risks of natural disasters such as wildfires and earthquakes.

Home Healthcare
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The Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In Florida Reviews


Florida is one the favorite places to retire in the U.S., for its warm weather year-round, affordability, and quality of life. But living in the Sunshine State comes with a higher risk of being affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms, tornadoes, floods and wildfires.

Home Healthcare
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Insurance Archives


  • makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission
  • Our writers and editors create all reviews, news, and other content to inform readers, with no influence from our business team.

Hiv Health
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The Best Oregon Homeowners Insurance Company


Oregon homeowners enjoy some of the lowest home insurance rates in the country. Our top picks for Oregon homeowners insurance include some of the major insurers in the country, including Allstate, American Family, Farmers, MetLife, and State Farm.

Home Healthcare
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The Best Home Security System Of 2021


The right home security system delivers peace of mind without breaking your budget. It offers features and functions—such as home automation, high-quality image capture, or easy DIY installation—that match your preferences and protection priorities.

Home Healthcare
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Guide To Navigating Home Insurance Without Discrimination


  • The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) official website indicates that an important thing to keep in mind is that same-sex and unmarried couples do not have the same tax advantages as married couples
  • An example of this are the estate tax laws

Home Healthcare
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Best Hawaii Car Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • scores products, services and companies using five quantifiable criteria to help readers choose the best one for them
  • For the best car insurance in Hawaii, our editorial team compared affordability, customer support, coverage options, customer satisfaction scores and online resources from each company and averaged the scores to produce our very own

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Bridging The Gender Divide: Guide To Overcoming Broadband


  • Animal health/nutrition; Natural Resources Conservation and Research; Forest Sciences; For additional STEM degree ideas, reference the full STEM Designated Degree Program list
  • What to look for in a STEM school or program
  • Finding the right school for you is another important milestone, though there is a lot to consider.

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The Best Connecticut Homeowners Insurance Companies


  • Top 3 Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Connecticut
  • – $387 Vermont Mutual Insurance Co
  • – $436 National Specialty Insurance Co
  • – $512 Top 3 Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance Companies in Connecticut

Home Healthcare
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The Best South Carolina Auto Insurance Company


  • If your finances allow it, we suggest beefing up your coverage to at least 50/100/50
  • Think of how quickly $25,000 will be gone if you total a luxury car
  • Or consider the cost of healthcare today — $25,000 is likely to fall short if you found to be at fault in an accident with serious injuries.

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The Best Oklahoma Home Insurance Companies Of 2021


Oklahoma is no stranger to bad weather and adverse conditions that can damage your home and property, so finding the best homeowners insurance companies in Oklahoma is important for ensuring you’re protected. Unfortunately, due to an increased number of threats to your home in the area, the average policy cost in your state is several […]

Home Healthcare
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The Best Idaho Homeowners Insurance Company


  • Power 2020 Home Insurance Customer Satisfaction Survey, based on a 1,000-point scale
  • While not much is known about Farm Bureau Mutual of Idaho in terms of customer satisfaction, this company is certainly worth your time for its low premiums, available discounts, and coverage for ranchers and farmers.

Home Healthcare
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Auto Insurance Company Ratings


Insurance Disclosure. All insurance products advertised on are underwritten by insurance carriers that have partnered with,, LLC may receive compensation from an insurer or other intermediary in connection with your engagement with the website.

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Best Nevada Car Insurance Companies Of 2021


  • * Data provided by Quadrant, price based on the state minimum required policy
  • Nevada Car Insurance: What You Need to Know
  • Nevada is home to Sin City, so it’s no surprise that the No
  • 1 cause of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities is impaired driving.

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