IEHP/coverage Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • I feel that that is very childish on my primary doctors half
  • I don't need a childish or a doctor who gets mad a things that don't go his way
  • I would like to change my primary doctor

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Unified Health Insurance Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • My husband and I are 58 and 61 years old we are so far healthy we take no meds etc
  • The specialist asked what kind of insurance I was looking for told him yearly physicals and any needed preventative care such as mammograms colonoscopies etc
  • Came back with a unbelievable quote of $499 a month for my husband and I combined.

Health Insurance
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NCE UNIFIED HEALTH ONE Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • I lost my healthcare coverage at the end of March/2018
  • I needed an interim healthcare plan until I could find a new job
  • I researched on the government marketplace website and before I could even finish browsing on-line, I was inundated with calls from various brokers

Health Insurance
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NCE UNIFIED HEALTH ONE Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Almost got suckered into this scam
  • Luckily I googled them, saw all the complaints, and stopped payment on my check
  • I got suspicious when I had to receive calls from about 4 different people with 4 different phone numbers
  • I was told congratulations on purchasing my life insurance plan.

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Times Midland Publications Complaints, Reviews


  • This review is a scam artist who runs advertisements to companies that extend credit
  • Then when he does not want to pay the bill, he puts up complaints to try and get the company to not go after him for the money
  • The Health Care Times gets 3 verifications before placing an advertisement
  • I know, as I am an advertiser content partner with them.

Cats Health
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Acurian Health Complaints, Reviews, & Information


I doubt that Acurian is reputable because 1) they are not in the National Institutes of Health registry ( and 2) when I went to their website one of the first questions was for my birthdate. Not my age range (typical for clinical studies), my age or my birth year.

Health Insurance
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United Health Care Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Read the latest user reviews about United Health Care in United States
  • Consumer complaints and company contact information
  • United Health Care Complaints, Reviews, & Information

Health Insurance
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My Advocate For Health Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • It's a shame, that companies like that are still working
  • Beware of them! My Advocate for Health
  • 7200 West Commercial Blvd, Lauderhill, Florida

Cats Health
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Concentra Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • I went in at 2:00pm and sat for two hours
  • Galflac came in to the room rude and disrespectful
  • The health care is below average
  • I am still in pain and the so called dr
  • Said I am ok to go back to work in pain and pulling in my neck
  • Go to your doctor by pass these place
  • Take your money and no good health care

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Affiliated Workers Association Complaints, Reviews


  • The packet says either the $10 or $20 or 50% which ever is greater
  • My meds are thousands of dollars so obviously that won't cover them
  • I just talked to the prescription provider and they aren't even covered and there is no way to get them covered!!! They will only cover $300 a year for labs, x-rays and diagnostics.

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Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Healthcare Recoveries is trying to get money out of you! Even if the INS CO has paid the claim they can still try to recoup their money
  • Example: If you fell at your mothers house they would try to sue your mothers homeowners INS CO

Health Insurance
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The pug puppy was in perfect health when you bought it and it had a health cert from a Vet to prove it, according to your own admission a few days after you bought it you took your puppy to your own vet and he also found your puppy to be in perfect health, so much that he went on and scheduled another appointment to have the puppy vaccinated again at a later date.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Head Office Complaints, Reviews


  • I have never been embarrassed in my life like I was yesterday at shoppers drug mart located at 784 Taunton Road East Oshawa ON L1H 7K5
  • I got into your store from work with my 3 children
  • I tot of stopping at shoppers to take a passport size picture that I …

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Allied Health Institute Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • They said I can enroll in a program that requires no clinicals so I am now enrolled in health-care management
  • For one, MA is something I have been wanting to do and secondly it would be cheaper but now its going to cost …

Health Insurance
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National Congress Of Employers Complaints, Reviews


  • I saw on line an offer of Healthcare insurance for under $100 a month
  • Even that amount would be a problem to find but I had to have something
  • I contacted the company and whoever I spoke to on the phone assured me this was exactly what I needed.

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Health Insurance Innovations Complaints, Reviews


  • other names they use.(nce) simple health.unified health one
  • , united states affordable health care
  • this has been the worst experience online of my life!

Health Insurance
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YOR Health Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • I believe YOR Health care about their product and their customers
  • Having written all this, I will not be completely reassured until I get confirmation that I have been completely refunded
  • I also believe that no scammer will go beyond what is expected of them in making things right with their customer, or would not care what ratings and complaints are pressed on them.

Health Insurance
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Ready Debit Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Xenith LLC has developed an innovative helmet technology that reduces the risk and severity of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Founded in 2004, and based in Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Xenith is working to address the issues of sports safety, activity and health through innovation and education.

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Health Connexxtions Complaints, Reviews, & Information


Beware of Mark Ellis - this person is unprofessional and he is working for Health Connexxtions. Avoid their services because you may loose your money with them and damage your health! Such people as Mark Ellis are unprofessional and have no idea how to help people and in a healthcare.

Health Insurance
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Aspen Dental Complaints, Reviews, & Information


I was told by the office manager, who has NO background in health care, not to mention dentistry, that before anything can be done I had to pay an additional $1600 for work I did not need, did not ask for, and was not required. I told the "office manager" I …

Dental Healthcare
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North American Spine Institute Complaints, Reviews


  • Hi! I'm in Hawaii, where health care kinda sucks
  • Specialists don't choose our state, because they can usually make more than double in any other state in the Union USA
  • Therefore, due to much Neck Pain, now going on 4 years, I did research for some kind of pain relief
  • I just want my life back! Then I found NORTH AMERICAN SPINE INST

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Dcf Complaints, Reviews, & Information


If I had proper health care that could had taken care of my eye problem I could had been making enough money as to not have to use the system (health care should be free as it is in many other country and then maybe we would not have so many people impaired not able to work not saying that this is the only problem but it’s one of them.

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Bernard Tyson And Kaiser Permanente Complaints, Reviews


Bernard Tyson, Bernard Tyson, Tyson, kaiser permanente, kaiser, kaiser hospitals, kaiser plan, kp, kaiser national, kaiser permanente Health Plan and Hospital Operations, kaiser Health Plan and Hospital Operations, kaiser permanente Health Plan, kaiser permanente Hospital Operations, President, kaiser president, kaiser chief operating officer, kaiser coo, coo, chief operating officer, senior …

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Debbie Mottahedeh Complaints, Reviews, & Information


ladies and gentlemen iv been educated 1000x over with 7 years of fine grooming traing in great eastern securities rake finacial , precision financial health and life direct over 30 careers as a broker, negotater trained by the cheif exeutive offcer every time. now your dealing w the mentors johb dabel, loyed knip alex rudsky

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Novant Health Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Read the latest user reviews about Novant Health in 6805 Dennis Rd 6805 Dennis rd, United States, North Carolina, Walnut Cove
  • Consumer complaints and company contact information
  • Novant Health Complaints, Reviews, & Information

Health Insurance
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Baptist Hospital Miami Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Jan 10, 2012 Left my mother stranded for over four hours in nearly empty emergency room
  • Keldishe, please email us at [email protected] We respect your privacy and would like to address your concerns
  • - Baptist Health South Florida.

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Sovereign Health,tonmoy Sharma, Vicky Hartman Complaints


  • Consumer reviews about sovereign health,tonmoy sharma, vicky hartman
  • sovereign health,tonmoy sharma, vicky hartman
  • We have had a more than difficult time with
  • Vicki Hartman and Sovereign Health
  • This is the clinic that brought me into treatment.

Health Insurance
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Total Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Medical Health Service and Insurance: All expatriates shall be entitled to a comprehensive health care service, which are to be administered by Medical Experts on Job locations through the company medical facility
  • In a case of emergency situation, an expatriate will be flown to …

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Convergent Healthcare Recoveries ,Inc. Complaints, Reviews


  • Convergent Healthcare Recoveries ,Inc
  • United States: Tweet: Consumer reviews about Convergent Healthcare Recoveries ,Inc
  • Sep 21, 2012 I think this is a scam
  • They have informed me that they have bought the place and that I have to pay them
  • And if I would pay up immediately, they would give me a discount.

Health Insurance
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  • Free health care, if anything happen to me my wife gets $500, 000 Why lie I could care less about your opinion
  • Dec 10, 2011 They don't pay their technicians! Rick, There a trash man pickup job in Blue Ash with your namebetter run down …

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Humana Medicare Part D Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Humana is the worst, most bureaucratic, dogmatic service operation ever devised
  • When requesting to speak to a management level person to resolve a botched electronic enrollment, Humana had no system that would ever allow a person to speak to a manager.

Medicare Health
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6051 Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • 4164711737 1512 - 33 Falby Ct, Canada, Ontario
  • Hi, On May 2, 2014 I visit the Shoppers Home Health Care locate in Kendalwood Park Plaza, 1801 Dundas St East, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2L3, with my doctor prescription to buy some CPAP accessories, the CPAP Specialist propose to me to buy (2) CPAP Mask Resmed Airfit N10 for the value of $ 350.00 dollar …

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Aarp Medicare Rx Plan Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • The gauntlet of pushing buttons to talk to a real person when you call them is frustrating
  • When you finally do get to talk to someone they are very poor speakers and not very knowledgeable
  • I am in the process of filing a complaint with United Health Care and you can be sure that I will never sign up with this plan again.

Medicare Health
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Laser Spine Institute Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • They did tell me that they needed 18,000 up front to do the work on me but my insurance would not cover it
  • Knowing that I simply tore up all their literature
  • Today however I discovered from a friend that I could petition my health care providers to pay for it and I was just going to email the Laser Spine Institute for another information packet.

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Lighthouse Softwre Cebu Inc Complaints, Reviews, & Information


No salaries for 480 employees says Willem Geert Lagemaat. Mactan KPO company Lighthouse IP Group risks penalties CEBU CITY -- A knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company operating in the Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ) II risks penalties for failing to pay its employees a total of P2.7 million in wages and benefits, a regional official of the Labor department said yesterday.

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Mulberry Outlet Complaints, Reviews, & Information


A great deal of offered small children, the advance connected with surname does not have any come near, but instead several weeks amount, each be replaced title, original documents also known as NO ., graduation bank cards, use bank cards will all the breaking down, ruin your day, and for the past charge card, health insurance, medical

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Au Pair International Complaints, Reviews, & Information


We found out, after the fact, that the larger au pair agencies actually work with licensed mental health care professionals to obtain au pair background checks. Larger au pair agencies will provide au pair personality test/psychometric screening results to inquiring families.

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Apollo Hospital Complaints, Reviews, & Information


On the other side hospital has vision and mission statement which mentions “human touch” and “we touch lives” etc which is completely missing and surprised to see the flash at hospital website being awarded best quality award "ACE 25 PARAMETER" (Apollo Clinical Excellence) with BSR Healthcare Group figures in health care magazine as

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Ocean Dental Cancun Dentistar Cancun Complaints, Reviews


  • Before going, I was so nervous, but it is the best health care decision I have made in my 60 years
  • Stay at the Avalon Grand, one half mile up the road for good prices
  • I saved so much money and had such high quality work, I would do it again at the drop of a hat
  • Sep 25, 2017 50% veneer failure rate.

Dental Healthcare
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Pepperdine University Complaints, Reviews, & Information


Reid Poole was injured as a Pepperdine athlete and had to sue Pepperdine University for health-care. There is even a guy named Pepperdine in Europe who was charged with murder way back! Instead of networking events and a job they’ll throw you a …

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Since nobody in this company can recognize insurance fraud, I will define it for you: Insurance fraud occurs when companies, agents, adjusters, health care providers, or consumers intentionally deceive others or misrepresent facts for financial gain.

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Total Oil And Gas Company Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • Medical Health Service and Insurance: All expatriates shall be entitled to a comprehensive health care service, which are to be administered by Medical Experts on Job locations through the company medical facility
  • In a case of emergency situation, an expatriate will be flown to …

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Deep Blue Publications Group Complaints, Reviews


Deep Blue Publications Group. The phrase “low-risk wealth creation”, in describing stock investing, seems to provide a positive motivation for anxious beginners in spite of the initial statement that it is a rather difficult endeavor.

Cats Health
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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Complaints, Reviews, & Information


And you'll see an extensive list of links, when you click on the links you'll be redirected to either 1) the Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy page that has been spammed repeatedly in emails, 2) a related online pharmacy, the Canadian Health & Care Mall, 3) a free trial for Viagrow, or 4) a scam on getting rich quick by working at home.

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Petronas Oil Company Malaysia Complaints, Reviews


Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive Health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family. Computer resources: Laptop Computer, 1.6 GHz Processor, 256 MB RAM, 24XCD-RW, 30GB Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Integrated Network Adapter, Internal 56K Modem

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ViSalus Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • for those that didnt get success using this product maybe its not design for everyone and will not work for everyone
  • Ps i dont really like diet products but have research and found this to be very healthy ..btw im a health care practioner and will recommend this to my clients also.

5 days ago / 111 People Used See more...

Petronas Berhad Malaysia Complaints, Reviews, & Information


Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive health care for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family The first monthly salary shall be paid in advance before Employee embarks on journey to assume duty.

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Willow River Farm Complaints, Reviews, & Information


  • It is a beautiful property were the dogs are turned out in huge fenced areas to run and play
  • It is unfortunate that this particular puppy that was mentioned in the rip report was sick
  • However I also am very aware of the Health Guarantee that is signed by all individuals purchasing a puppy from Willow River Farm.

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Total Complaints, Reviews, & Information


Total Oil and Gas company. 33 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PW United Kingdom Tell: + (44)203- 287-3006, Fax: + (44)208-585-5929 OFFICE …

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