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Health Care Workers From Kosovo Receive COVID 19 Vaccines

Kosovo Rferl.org

About 250 Kosovo health-care workers traveled from Kosovo to the Albanian city of Kukes on March 20 to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a health official in Kosovo said.

Covid 19 Health
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'Quietly Dying On The Streets': Medical Charity Helps The

Lacking Rferl.org

  • Lacking identification documents and insurance, the homeless and others in St
  • Petersburg struggle to get health care
  • Enter the Charity Hospital, whose volunteers deliver street medicine to those

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Ukraine's Health Care System, Economy Struggle To Cope

Ukraine's Rferl.org

Ukraine's Health-Care System, Economy Struggle To Cope With COVID-19 "It was a shock to all of us at first…we thought he was in good health," …

Healthy Economy
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Up Your Nose: Why Testing Is So Crucial For Curbing The

States Rferl.org

With a large, well-funded, modern health-care system, and some of the world's best medical universities, the United States should have been in a good position to test quickly and widely.

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Hospital Scandal Highlights Health Woes In Russia's Remote

Health Rferl.org

It was supposed to be a state-of-the-art medical center for Kamchatka, a remote Russian region in desperate need of quality health care in the best of times -- and now struggling to cope with

Health Insurance
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'All The Hospitals Are Full': Russia's Health Care System

Smaller Rferl.org

The official justification for many of the closures is a so-called “optimization” of health care into a smaller network of high-tech institutions -- but for Russia’s provinces, where many

Health Insurance
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North Macedonia's Doctors, Nurses Protest Hospital

Hundreds Rferl.org

Hundreds of health-care professionals employed in North Macedonia's public hospitals have rallied in protest of increasing verbal and physical …

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He Wanted To Buy A Prosthesis. He Uncovered A Massive

Everyone Rferl.org

Everyone knew that corruption in health care exists and thrives," Belmach explains. Balmach is convinced that, for average Belarusians struggling to …

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Real State Of Turkmen Medical Care A Far Cry From Official

Since Rferl.org

Since coming to power in 2006, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has invested tens of millions of dollars to modernize his country's health-care …

Mens Health
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Health Care Horror: Uzbek Man Blames Hospital Negligence

Equipment Rferl.org

An Uzbek man blames the death of his 27-year-old wife on doctors' negligence and a lack of basic equipment in the hospital where she died. Many Uzbeks says such problems are …

Health Insurance
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Russian Medics Take On 'Destructive' Health Care Reform

Health Rferl.org

Health professionals in Russia have launched a protest campaign against a new reform they say will mean the destruction of the country's health-care system. In Moscow, cuts, redundancies, and

Health Insurance
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Good Science, Bad Marketing

Sputnik Rferl.org

Sputnik V got a small dose of good news on April 15, when Russian news agencies reported the country’s health-care regulator, Roszdravnadzor, had not …

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'No Medical Help': Navalny's Plight Spotlights 'Very

Jailed Rferl.org

Jailed Kremlin opponent Aleksei Navalny's claims that prison authorities are deliberately harming him instead of healing him have focused attention on health care -- or the lack thereof -- in

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'He Speaks With Difficulty': Navalny's Wife Says She's

April Rferl.org

'He Speaks With Difficulty': Navalny's Wife Says She's Growing More Concerned For His Health April 13, 2021 12:56 GMT Updated April 13, 2021 16:20 GMT By RFE/RL's Russian Service

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Russian Diplomats Charged With U.S. Health Care Fraud

Fraudulently Rferl.org

U.S. prosecutors have charged 49 past or present Russian diplomats and their spouses with fraudulently claiming $1.5 million from a government health program for the poor.

Health Insurance
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Chornobyl: A Troubled Health Legacy

Thinking Rferl.org

Such self-diagnoses have led Chornobyl to play a disproportionate role in authorities' thinking on health-care matters. Johan Havenaar, a Dutch psychiatrist who …

Health Insurance
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Battling Coronavirus, Iran's Health Workers Complain Of

Iran's Rferl.org

Iran's health workers are on the front lines of the country's battle with the coronavirus, which according to official figures has claimed the lives of 234 Iranians and infected more than 7,000.

Coronavirus Health
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COVID 19: Pakistan Makes Progress In Acquiring Vaccines

Pakistan Gandhara.rferl.org

Starting next week Pakistan will use a vaccine made by the Chinese state-owned firm SinoPharm to launch a campaign to inoculate health-care workers, he said. As of January 31, Pakistan had officially reported some 530,000 cases of COVID-19 …

Covid 19 Health
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UN: WHO Analyzes Disparities In World's Health Systems

Ranks Rferl.org

The World Health Organization, known as the WHO, released a report today that for the first time ranks the world's health systems according to criteria such as availability and payment schemes.

Beauty Spa
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Afghanistan: Health Care System A Microcosm Of Nation's

During Rferl.org

The Health Ministry's Nizani said the influence of the Taliban was particularly devastating for Afghanistan's health-care system: "I have to say that during the war, this last war, and during the

Health Insurance
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Moldovan President Says Vaccines Improperly Diverted To

Moldovan Rferl.org

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has said that almost 700 doses of COVID-19 vaccines intended for health-care workers and the critically vulnerable have …

Vaccines Health
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Russian Health Care Regulator Checking Ventilators Linked

Russia's Rferl.org

Russia's health-care regulator, Roszdravnadzor, has started checking ventilation devices widely used for treating serious coronavirus cases in the country following two deadly fires allegedly

Health Insurance
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Iraq: Health Care System On Verge Of Collapse

Before Rferl.org

Before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, Iraq's health-care system was already crippled by the eight-year war with Iran, the first Gulf War in 1991, and …

Health Insurance
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Lives On The Line: Ukraine Mental Health Call Center Seeks

Support Rferl.org

By the time she was appointed acting health minister, the war was more than two years old -- and Suprun noticed what she said was a lack of psychological support for …

Mens Health
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Video Highlights Improper Conditions In Romanian

Light Rferl.org

A series of videos posted on social media by an opposition lawmaker has brought to light inadequate conditions and overcrowding in Romania's mental-health facilities just days after a …

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Watchdog: 'Widespread' Corruption Impacted COVID 19

Backsliding" Rferl.org

But persistent corruption has undermined health-care systems in many countries and contributed to "democratic backsliding" amid the coronavirus pandemic. "COVID-19 is not just a health

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Kosovar Medics Receive COVID 19 Vaccinations In Albania

Albania Rferl.org

Albania has started inoculating health workers from Kosovo. On March 20, about 200 Kosovar medics were bused to Kukes, an Albanian town close to the border with Kosovo, to get vaccinated against

Covid 19 Health
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EU: Report Finds New Member States, Accession Nations Must

Report Rferl.org

A new report says health-care reform in the new European Union member states and candidate countries can be delayed no longer. The report recommends that reforms aim at …

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Taliban Targets Medical Clinics In New Afghan Insurgency

Clinics Gandhara.rferl.org

But medical workers have long faced danger in a country where rebuilding health-care clinics was a key element of the international strategy to win the hearts and minds of ordinary Afghans. Militant attacks on clinics and staff have been increasing …

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Iranian Health Care Workers Risk Their Lives, Lift Spirits

Health-care Rferl.org

Health-care workers are receiving widespread praise in Iran as the outbreak of the coronavirus continues. At least one nurse has died after contracting the virus and many are reportedly working

Health Insurance
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Romania: Despite Elite Clinics, The Medical System In One

Romania's Rferl.org

Romania's health-care system is in dire need of reform. Despite a number of modern clinics with highly trained medical specialists, Romania is …

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Serbian Health Care Providers Threaten Strike Over Poor

Health-care Rferl.org

Health-care professionals at the Clinical Center of Serbia (KCS), the leading medical institution in the country, have staged a warning strike for an hour in the capital, Belgrade, against poor

Health Insurance
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Turkmenistan: Budget Cuts Will Hurt Health Sector, Schools

Turkmenistan's Rferl.org

Turkmenistan's president has recommended cuts in the country's health care and education systems as a means to help balance the state budget. But RFE/RL correspondent Bruce Pannier says the

Mens Health
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Health: Research Results In Better Treatment For Heart

Guide Rferl.org

The guide is designed to help health care professionals evaluate and treat weight problems. The guide includes detailed sections on dietary …

Heart Disease Health
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Romanian State Run Company Boss Faces Graft Charges Over

Romania's Rferl.org

Romania's health-care system has long suffered from corruption and under-investment. Over the past few months, medical staff have complained of a shortage of …

Beauty Face
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Bloomberg Ranks World's Most Efficient Health Care Systems

Ranking Rferl.org

In 2014, Singapore surpassed Hong Kong to take the top position in Bloomberg's ranking of the most efficient health-care systems among 51 countries. The ranking weighs such indicators as life

Health Insurance
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Flurry Of Hospital Tours Heralds Russian Health Care Revamp

Soviet-Era Rferl.org

Soviet-Era Health System "Gigantic sums of money are being poured into Moscow's health-care system; anyone living more than 100 kilometers away from Moscow finds it hard to comprehend such

Health Insurance
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Pictures Of Health: Real State Of Turkmen Medical Care A

Since Rferl.org

Since coming to power in 2006, Berdymukhammedov has invested tens of millions of dollars to modernize his country's health-care sector, building gleaming new …

Mens Health
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Russian Health Care Provides No Real Safety Net

Russians Rferl.org

  • Two decades after the demise of the Soviet Union, Russia still prides itself on providing cradle-to-grave health care for everyone
  • In fact, many Russians have to pay for

Health Insurance
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Central Asia/Caucasus: Countries Battle To Reform Health

London Rferl.org

London, 30 October 1996 (RFE/RL) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) says the Central Asian and Caucasus countries face an uphill struggle as they seek to reform their Soviet-era health care

Health Insurance
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'Rage Is Brewing': Navalny Warns Of Public Anger Over

Taking Rferl.org

The virus has put huge pressure on the nation’s underfunded health-care system, with dozens of doctors dying from COVID-19 and some taking …

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Ukraine's Village Doctor

Rural Rferl.org

With long-delayed reforms to Ukraine's creaking health-care system set to be rolled out, Reuters photographer Gleb Garanich documented the conditions currently faced by one rural doctor.

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Navalny's Treatment Amounts To 'Targeted Torture,' Say

Members Rferl.org

Members of the German Bundestag have described the treatment of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny as "targeted torture" and demanded the European Committee for the Prevention of …

Mens Health
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Russia: Health Ministry Considers Solutions To Population

Other Rferl.org

She also called for the improvement of pediatric health care and for the increase of the child-birth allowance by the end of 2006 to 10,000 rubles ($357). Other …

Health Insurance
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HRW Urges U.S. To Boost Afghanistan Aid After Troop Pullout

Human Gandhara.rferl.org

The U.S. government “should boost assistance for education and health, especially for girls and women, and for independent media given the threat of a widening conflict that undermines human rights gains and exacerbates the country’s humanitarian crisis,” the New York-based human rights watchdog said in a statement on April 16.

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Central Asia: Health Report Study Says Medical Service

RFE/RL Rferl.org

  • This week's RFE/RL Health Report features a World Bank study containing some interesting findings on health care in Central Asia

Health Insurance
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