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  • Widely used in many countries, and the preferred World Health Organization (WHO) strategy, suppression aims to reduce the infection’s spread through measures such as social distancing and sheltering at home
  • The recent SARS and MERS epidemics did …

Covid 19 Health
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Breaking Down The Pandemic

Cases Rms.com

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. In a matter of months, it has expanded from the first reported cases in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province, China, to confirmed cases in over 200 countries around the globe.

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Life Risks Solutions

Health Rms.com

  • Health Environment The availability of health care and public health standards control the living conditions that influence mortality
  • Future Drivers Regenerative Medicine New technologies such as stem-cell therapy and nanomedicine promise future mortality improvements
  • Anti-Aging Research into radical new approaches of extending healthy

Life Healthcare
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Infectious Diseases Model RMS

Infectious Rms.com

  • RMS pioneered the probabilistic quantification of the impacts of infectious disease with the release of an Infectious Diseases Model in 2006
  • This model covers influenza and emerging infectious disease pandemics, including the pathogenic virus causing COVID‑19.

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Risk And COVID 19 RMS

Hazard Rms.com

  • COVID-19 risk is determined not only by the hazard but also by mitigative actions, the susceptibility of the infected person and the level of care available
  • As the hazard levels rise, the level of care is also likely to deteriorate – whether from health workers getting ill, or from a lack of intensive care beds
  • We have already seen this in Italy.

Covid 19 Health
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RMS Risk Management Solutions, Models, Software & Services

Management Rms.com

Industry leading risk management company for catastrophe risk models, software, SaaS, APIs, and services. SaaS technology risk management solutions used by insurers, reinsurers, financial organizations and more.

Mens Health
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RMS LifeRisks RMS

Mortality Rms.com

Quantify Mortality Shocks. Including the RMS Infectious Diseases Model to help understand pandemic influenza and emerging infectious diseases, the RMS Excess Mortality Model suite provides causal analysis for mortality shock across perils, geographies, and lines of business.

Life Healthcare
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Mapping 500 Trillion Dollars Of Insured Exposure RMS

Health Rms.com

Improving medical risk models to ensure that they incorporate the potential for changes in the patterns of public health and life expectancy is a high priority for modern society, feeding into future healthcare planning, the provision of accurate advice for individual decision making and for the future financial health of our elderly population.…

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Are Fears Of A Global Ebola Pandemic Warranted

Between Rms.com

  • Based on RMS modeling, we estimate that there will be between 15 and 130 cases in the U.S
  • between now and the end of the year—less than 1 case for every 2 million people
  • Our calculations assume that American medical professionals working with infected people in West Africa will account for the majority of cases.

Ebola Health
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Managing Risk From Regulatory Requirements RMS

Telecom Rms.com

  • Prior to joining RMS in 2007, Usha worked at Oracle, IBM, and Cognizant Technology Solutions as a consultant covering varied sectors such as health insurance, supply chain, and telecom
  • Usha is an engineer by training, and holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management

Mens Health
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The Insurance Implications Of The Coronavirus

Global Rms.com

  • Robert Muir-Wood and Tim EdwardsMarch 19, 2020
  • The economic impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is clearly going to be significant, with global growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for 2020 now expected to be only half that of the three percent originally anticipated, at best
  • Relative to the US$86.5 trillion global GDP for 2019, that equates to

Cats Health
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Assessing The Risk Of A Global Ebola Pandemic RMS

Percent Rms.com

  • VirulenceVirulence is a measure of how deadly a disease is, typically measured by the case-fatality rate (CFR), which is the proportion of people who die from the disease to those who do not
  • The current Ebola CFR is 55 percent
  • For comparison, the CFR for bubonic plague typically ranges from 25 to 60 percent.

Ebola Health
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Data Flow In A Digital Ecosystem

Health Rms.com

Data is retained and shared at the individual level and combines multiple health perspectives to gain a holistic view of the patient. The sector has also overcome the data-consistency hurdle by collectively agreeing on a data standard, enabling the effective flow of information across all parties in the chain, from the health care facilities through to the services companies that support them.

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From Insurance Data Management To Data Enlightenment RMS

Insurance Rms.com

  • What can the insurance industry learn from health care? Here are four things the insurance industry can do with its own data
  • Use systems designed with a central purpose to deliver the information your teams need
  • Define analytics rules that anticipate the information needed for each role

Mens Health
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A Coup Against Flu

Reduced Rms.com

Using the RMS Infectious Disease Model, we calculated that if such vaccines were able to confer immunity to 50% of people globally, the risk of a novel flu pandemic outbreak could be reduced by as much as 75%. This would be a huge success in reducing the risk of excess mortality events and improving global health.

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Succeeding In A Changing Cyber Risk Landscape RMS

Ransom Rms.com

  • And the familiar threats remain, as data exfiltration and data breaches continue unabated with healthcare, public sector, and NGOs being targeted
  • Ransomware activity has seen a significant uptick
  • Insurer Beazley reported a 131 percent year-on-year increase in ransomware attacks, and average ransom payments were up a third to over US$110,000 for larger enterprises, according to …

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Social Change Is Outperforming Medical Science RMS

Social Rms.com

  • We are in the middle of a health awareness revolution
  • Attitudes to fitness, health, diet, and social risk factors are changing more rapidly than at any time in history
  • This has fueled a massive increase in life expectancy, particularly in better-educated social groups
  • Actions by individuals taking responsibility for their own health have outstripped the benefits of modern medicine in driving recent …

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Fighting Emerging Pandemics With Catastrophe Bonds RMS

Major Rms.com

  • Gordon Woo, catastrophe risk expert When a fire breaks out in a city, there needs to be a prompt firefighting response to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading
  • The outbreak of a major fire is the wrong time to hold discussions on the pay of firefighters, to raise money for the fire service, or to consider fire insurance

Cats Health
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Exposure Landing RMS

Cloud Rms.com

In its research of Cloud adoption rates in regulated industries, such as banking, insurance and health care, McKinsey found, “Many enterprises are stuck supporting both their inefficient traditional data-center environments and inadequately planned Cloud implementations that may not be as easy to manage or as affordable as they imagined.”

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The Art And Science Of Loss Reserving RMS

Technologies Rms.com

  • Health environment: The availability of healthcare and public health standards controlling the living conditions that determine mortality
  • Regenerative medicine: New technologies such as stem cell therapy and nano-medicine which promise future mortality improvements

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New Lethal Coronavirus In China RMS

About Rms.com

On a global scale, according to World Health Organization, about eight thousand people worldwide became sick with SARS during the 2003 outbreak and about ten percent of them died. This caused a major healthcare crisis in Asia, resulting in damaging economic disruption, especially to travel.

Coronavirus Health
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Taking Cloud Adoption To The Core

Cloud Rms.com

In its research of Cloud adoption rates in regulated industries, such as banking, insurance and health care, McKinsey found, “Many enterprises are stuck supporting both their inefficient traditional data-center environments and inadequately planned Cloud implementations that may not be as easy to manage or as affordable as they imagined.”

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NHS Funding And The Hope Of Living Longer RMS

Spending Rms.com

  • Reminiscing of a sunnier time for the U.K
  • economy, in the Budget speech in March 2000, Gordon Brown announced a substantial increase in government spending on healthcare
  • The Chancellor’s ambitious plan was that health spending would rise by more than a third in real terms over a five-year period, by 6.1 percent per year over and above inflation.

Healthy Living
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Spread Of The New Coronavirus In The Year Of The Rat RMS

Underground Rms.com

  • On January 21, Chinese health authorities confirmed human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus
  • Fortunately, the case fatality rate seems to be quite low, just a few percent
  • Passengers crowd an underground subway railway station in Beijing, China The best protection against infection is isolation: but this is the worst weekend for isolation.

Coronavirus Health
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Advanced Risk Analytics RMS

Industry Rms.com

Insurance: The next 10 years. Mohsen Rahnama, Cihan Biyikoglu and Moe Khosravy of RMS look to 2029, consider the changes the (re)insurance industry will have undergone and explain why all roads lead to a platform Over the last 30 years, catastrophe models have become an integral part of the insurance industry for portfolio risk management.

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The Coronavirus Outbreak: Part One – Modeling “Spotting” RMS

Since Rms.com

  • Since 2017, in modeling the threat from wildfire on communities in California, the significant new RMS innovation has been in capturing the process of “spotting” (i.e
  • identifying new outbreaks of fire far from the fire-front)
  • Strong dry winds bring swarms of glowing embers from a raging wildland fire, which can travel long distances.

Coronavirus Health
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RMS Conducts Risk Analysis Of Dutch Population Longevity

Birth Rms.com

It has lower obesity levels, higher standards of health care, and a marked birth cohort effect around the birth year of 1936, some six years later than the similar cohort effect in United Kingdom. The need for longevity risk protection results from uncertainty around the future life spans of retired men and women drawing pension benefits.

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About RMS, A Catastrophe Risk Management Company RMS

Companies Rms.com

RMS is the world's leading catastrophe risk modeling company. RMS helps insurance companies, financial institutions and public agencies understand, quantify, and manage risk.

Cats Health
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Civil War Drives The Spread Of Ebola RMS

Hundred Rms.com

  • The worst outbreak of Ebola in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Africa’s second largest country by area, with a population of over 77 million, has already claimed several hundred lives, and there have been more than three hundred and fifty cases
  • Many of the Ebola cases have been in Beni (pop
  • ~230,000), a major city in North Kivu province, close to the Ugandan border.

Ebola Health
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Rmsconnect Newsletter

Compliant Forms2.rms.com

The white paper calls for a debate within the industry, similar to the experience of the health-care sector, on how to define and manage property exposure data, both to preserve data integrity and granularity and be compliant with GDPR.

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Consequences Of An Infectious Disease Pandemic In Asia

Water Forms2.rms.com

• Life & Health • Death and sickness benefits, healthcare costs • Business Interruption • Contingent BI, event cancellation, agriculture, auto • Liability • Management, government, health product etc. • Property Loss • Fire, water escape, explosion INSURANCE IMPACT ACROSS MANY LINES OF BUSINESS

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Implications Of The WannaCry Cyber Attack For Insurance RMS

Cyber Rms.com

  • The event is arguably the most significant cyber-catastrophe to date and clearly demonstrates the systemic nature of cyber risk
  • A single vulnerability was utilized to spread malware to over 300,000 machines in over 150 countries causing havoc to industries as diverse as hospitals and car manufacturers
  • The cyber extortion campaign we saw on Friday May 12, whilst unprecedented in its …

Cats Health
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New Opportunities For Investors Willing To Embrace The

Director Rms.com

This is a reprint of a “Trading Room” interview from Trading Risk magazine, please click here to visit the magazine website. Opportunities abound for investors willing to embrace the resilience gap, according to RMS global managing director Daniel Stander How does the Protection Gap offer opportunities for investors? I’m afraid you’ve pushed one of my buttons with your very first question!

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